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Jay Oakerson Pic American actor, comedian, Oakerson Jay 
George Oakes American journalist, Oakes George 
John Bertram Oakes Pic American journalist, editor, Oakes John Bertram
Obadiah minor prophet (Hebrew Bible, Christian Old Testament) Obadiah MinorProphets
Eric Ober American president of CBS, Ober Eric 
Ken Ober Pic American actor, comedian, game show host, Ober Ken 
Louis Oberdorfer Pic American judge,  Oberdorfer Louis 
Fred Oberlander Pic Austrian-born Canadian wrestler, Oberlander Fred 
Cornelia Oberlander Pic German-born Canadian landscape architect, Oberlender Cornelia 
Peter Oberlander Pic Austrian-born Canadian architect, Oberlender Peter 
Elijah Oberman Pic American violinist, bassist, The Shondes, Oberman Elijah
Tracy-Ann Oberman RWF Pic British stage/television/radio actress, playwright, Oberman Tracy-Ann 
Arthur Obermayer Pic American entrepreneur, philanthropist, Obermayer Arthur 
Jacob Obermeyer German oriental researcher, Obermeyer Jacob 
Meyera Oberndorf Pic American mayor of Virginia Beach 1988-2009, Oberndorf Meyera
Jona Oberski Pic Dutch writer, nuclear physicist, Oberski Jona
Eli Oberstein Pic American record producer, music executive, Oberstein Eli
Maurice Oberstein Pic American-born British  music busness executive, Oberstein Maurice 
Arch Oboler Pic American novelist, playwright, screentwriter, producer, director,  Oboler Arch 
Logan O'Brien Pic American film/television child actor, singer, O'Brien Logan 
Lynda Obst Pic American producer, head of Lynda Obst Productions Obst Lynda 
Maurice Obstfeld RWF Pic American economist, Obstfeld Maurice 
Ric Ocasek Pic American vocalist, guitarist, record producer, The Cars, Ocasek Ric 
Daniel Och Pic Amerivan businessman, Och-Ziff Capital Management, Och Daniel 
Mariya Ocher Pic Russian-born Israeli singer/songwriter, poet, director, artist, Ocher Mariya
Mikhail Ocheret RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military, hero of Soviet Union, Ocheret Mikhail 
David Ochmanek Pic American Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Development, Ochmanek David 
Adolph Ochs HW Pic American owner of The New York Times, Ochs Adolph 
Elinor Ochs American anthropologist, ??? Ochs Elinor 
Jacques Ochs HW Pic French-born Belgian epee, foil fencer, painter, Ochs Jacques 
Peter Ochs Pic American Jewish studies scholar, Ochs Peter 
Phil Ochs Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Ochs Phil 
Julius Ochs Adler RWC Pic American publisher/journalist, The New York Times, major general, Ochs Adler Julius 
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Pic American publisher of The New York Times, Ochs Sulzberger Arthur 
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr Pic American publisher 1992/chairman 1997 of The New York Times, International Herald Tribune,  (Jewiush father) Ochs Sulzberger, Jr Arthur 
Leonard Ochtman RWF Pic Dutch-born American artist, ??? Ochtman Leonard 
Mike Ockrent Pic British stage director, Ockrent Mike 
Des O'Connor Pic British radio personality, comedian, singer, (Jewish mother) O'Connor Des
Cardinal archbishop John Joseph O'Connor Pic American archbishop of New York, (Jewish mother) O'Connor John Joseph
Clifford Odets Pic American playwright, screenwriter, Odets Clifford 
Adolfo Odnoposoff Pic Argentine-born American cellist, Odnoposoff Adolfo 
Adolpho Odnoposoff Pic Argentine-born American cellist, Odnoposoff Adolpho
Theodore Odrach Pic Belarusian-born Ukrainian writer, Odrach Theodore 
Gustav Oelsner RWF Polish-born German Turkish architect, Oelsner Gustav
Jutta Oesterle-Schwerin Pic Israeli-born German MP 1987-90 Green Party Oesterle-Schwerin Jutta 
John Oesterreicher Czech-born Roman Catholic Theologian,   Oesterreicher John 
Rachel Oestreicher Bernheim Pic American human rights activist, Oesterreicher Bernheim Rachel
Paul Oestreicher Pic British CEO of British section of Amnesty International, (Jewish father) Oestreicher Paul 
Joseph Oettinger Polish historian of medicine, Oettinger Joseph 
Abi Ofarim RWF Pic Israeli singer, dancer, Ofarim Abi
Esther Ofarim RWF Pic Israeli singer, actress, "ESC" second place 1963, Ofarim Esther 
Gal Ofarim HW Pic German-born singer, actor, Ofarim Gal
Gil Ofarim HW Pic German actor, singer/songwriter,   Ofarim Gil 
Avraham Ofek Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli sculptor, muralist, painter, printmaker, Ofek Avraham 
Avraham Ofer RWC HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,  Minister of Housing, Ofer Avraham 
Eyal Ofer RWC Pic Israeli busnessman,The Israel Corporation, Israel Chemical Corp., Haifa Oil Refinery, Ofer Eyal 
Idan Ofer RWC Pic Israeli busnessman,The Israel Corporation, Israel Chemical Corp., Haifa Oil Refinery, Ofer Idan 
Liora Ofer RWC Pic Israeli businesswoman, Ofer Liora 
Mordechai Ofer HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician,   Ofer Mordechai 
Sammy Ofer RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli owner of Ofer Brothers Group, Royal Caribean Cruises, Ofer Sammy 
Yuli Ofer RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli owner of Ofer Brothers Group, Royal Caribean Cruises, Ofer Yuli 
Zvi Ofer RWC HW Pic Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Ofer Zvi 
Jacques Offenbach RWF HW Pic German-born French composer, cellist, Offenbach Jacques 
Rik Offenberger Pic American comic book journalist, Offenberger Rik 
Avner Offer Pic Israeli-born British economic historian,   Offer Avner 
Vince Offer Pic Israeli-born American screenwriter, film director, comedian,   Offer Vince 
Morris Offit Pic American co-CEO of Offit Hall Capital Management Offit Morris 
Gabi Ofir RWC Pic Moroccan-born Israeli military commander, major general, Ofir Gabi 
Julius Ofner Pic Czech-born Austrian lawyer, politician, Ofner Julius
Goy Ogalde Pic Argentine folk singer, Ogalde Goy 
Matthew Ogens Pic American film director, producer, photographer, artist, Ogens Matthew
Isaiah Oggins Pic American-born spy for the Soviet Union, Ogins Isaiah
Uri Ohad HW Pic Israeli mayor of Petah Tikva 2013, Ohad Uri 
Daniella Ohad Smith Pic American historian, Ohad Smith Daniella
Amir Ohana RWC Pic Israeli politician, lawyer, Ohana Amir 
Asher Ohana Pic Moroccan-born Israeli civil cervant, Minister of Religiuous Affairs 2001-03, Ohana Asher
Claudia Ohana Pic Brazilian stage/film/television actress, Ohana Claudia 
Eli Ohana Pic Israeli football player, Ohana Eli
Maurice Ohana RWC Pic Moroccan-born French composer,    Ohana Maurice 
Hodaya Ohayon Pic Israeli model, Ohayon Hodaya
Michele Ohayon Pic Moroccan-born Israeli film director/producer, screenwriter, Ohayon Michele
Shimon Ohayon RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Ohayon Shimon
Yitzhak Ohayon HW Pic Israeli mayor of Petah Tikva 1999-2013, Ohayon Yitzhak 
Caitlin O'Heaney Pic American stage/film/television actress, ??? O'Heaney Caitlin 
Fred Ohebshalom Pic Iranian-born American real estate developer, Empire management, Ohebshalom Fred 
Don Ohlmeyer Pic American television producer, executive, Ohlmeyer Don 
Nathan Ohrbach American founder 1923 of Ohrbach's, Ohrbach Nathan 
Valery Oif Pic Russian busnessman, politician, Sibneft, senator, Oif Valery 
Grigory Oiks RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, metallurgist, Oiks Grigory 
Alan Oirich Pic American writer, animator, director, producer, Oirich Alan 
Freida Oisher RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born American actress, Oisher Freida
Moshe Oisher RWF Pic Moldovan-born Canadian American cantor, singer, Oisher Moshe 
Andrei Oisteanu HW Pic Romanian historian, ethnologist, cultural anthropologist, literary critic, Oisteanu Andrei 
Valery Oisteanu Pic Kazakhstan-born Romanian American poet, art critic, essayist, photographer, Oisteanu Valery 
David Oistrakh RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet violinist, conductor, Oistrakh David 
Igor Oistrakh RWF HW Pic Russian violinist, conductor, (Jewish father) Oistrakh Igor 
Isidor Oivin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet physiologist, radiobiologist, Oivin Isidor
Teodor Oizerman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian philosopher,   Oizerman Teodor 
Steven Oken Pic American murderer,  Oken Steven 
Nikolay Okerblom RWJ Russian engineer,  Okerblom Nikolay 
Mikhail Okhitovich Pic Soviet sociologist, town planner, architectual teorist, Okhitovich Mikhail
Simon Okker Dutch Olympic epee/foil fencer, Okker Simon 
Tom Okker RWE Pic Dutch tennis player, (Jewish father) Okker Tom 
Sophie Okonedo RWF HW Pic British actress, singer, (Jewish mother) Okonedo Sophie 
Lev Okrent RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet actor, choreographer, Okrent Lev
Yulian Oksman RWF Ukrainian-born Russian screenwriter, literary scholar,  Oksman Yulian 
Arthur Okun RWF Pic American economist, Okun Arthur 
Daniel Okun Pic civil engineering, ??? Okun Daniel 
Herbert Okun Pic American ambassador to German Democratic Republic 1980-83, Deputy US Ambassador to UN 1985-89, Okun Herbert 
Herbert Okun RWF Pic Soviet military designer, Okun Herbert 
Lev Okun RWF Pic Russian nuclear physicist, Okun Lev 
Abram Okunchikov RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet theatrical director, teacher, Okunchikov Abram 
George Olah RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American chemist, Nobel Prize (1994) Olah George 
Ben Olan Pic American sports writer, editor, Olan Ben 
Donald Olander Pic Electric Power, ??? Olander Donald 
Marvin Olasky Pic American journalist, madazine editor, political writer, Olasky Marvin 
Ivan Olbracht Pic Czech novelist, politician, journalist, translator, (Jewish mother) Olbracht Ivan 
Joanna Olczak-Roniker Pic Polish writer, screenwriter, Olczak-Roniker Joanna
Murray Olderman Pic American sports journalist, cartoonist, author, Olderman Murray 
Andrew Oldham RWF Pic British impresario, rock and roll producer, author, (Jewish mother), The Rolling Stones, Oldham Andrew 
Alon Olearczyk HW Pic Israeli bass composer, guitarist, vocalist, Kaveret, (Jewish father) Olearczyk Alon 
Edward Olearczyk HW Pic Polish Israeli composer, Olearczyk Edward 
Boris Olenin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet actor, theatrical director, Olenin Boris 
David Olere HW Pic Polish-born French painter,    Olere David 
Daniel Olesker RWC Pic Uruguayan economist, politician, Minister of Public Health, Olesker Daniel 
Naum Olev RWF Pic Russian lyricist, songwriter: lyricist, Olev Naum 
Mark Olevsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military executive, colonel, Olevsky Mark 
Ilya Oleynikov RWF Pic Modovan-born Soviet/Russian comic actor, presenter, Oleynikov Ilya
Yuri Oleynikov Soviet/Russian actor, ??? Oleynikov Yuri 
Mark Olf Pic Belarusian-born American folksinger, Olf Mark 
Moissaye Joseph Olgin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American writer, journalist, translator,   Olgin Moissaye Joseph
Baldi Olier Pic Romanian-born Israeli guitarist, flamenco, Olier Baldi
Bob Olin Pic American boxer, Olin Bob 
Ken Olin Pic American actor, director, producer, Olin Ken 
Roxy Olin Pic American actress, socialite, (Jewish father) Olin Roxy
Yekaterina Olitskaya RWF Russian recolutionery, Olitskaya Yekaterina
Jules Olitski RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born American painter, sculptor, Olitski Jules 
Aryeh Olitzki HW Pic German-born Israeli bacteriologist, Olitzki Aryeh 
Abraham de Oliveira Dutch gymnast, Oliveira Abraham de
Joe Oliver RWC Pic Canadian politician, MP 2011- Minister of Natural Resources, Minister of Finance 2014-15, Oliver Joel 
Vic Oliver Pic Austrian-born British film actor, radio comedian, Oliver Vic
Betty Olivero Pic Israeli educator, composer, Olivero Betty
Adolfo Olivetti RWC Italian lieutenant general, Olivetti Adolfo 
Adriano Olivetti Pic Italian engineer, politician, industrialist, Olivetti Adriano 
Angelo Oliviero Olivetti Pic Italian lawyer, journalist, politican activist, fascist, Olivetti Angelo Oliviero
Camillo Olivetti Pic Italian founder 1908 of Olivetti & Co., Olivetti Camillo 
Gino Olivetti Pic Italian lawyer, economist, politician, Olivetti Gino
Debora Olivieri Pic Brazilian film/television actress, Olivieri Debora
Karen Olivo Pic American stage/television actress, ??? Olivo Karen 
Jane Olivor Pic American cabaret singer, Olivor Jane 
Roman Olkhovsky RWJ Latvian-born Russian veterinarian, Olkhovsky Roman 
Franz Ollendorff HW Pic German-born Israeli physicist,   Ollendorff Franz 
Bertell Ollman Pic American political scientist, Ollman Bertell 
Samuel Olman RWE Pic Ukrainian-born British composer, Olman Samuel 
Aliza Olmert Pic German-born Israeli artist, photographer, author, social worker, Olmert Aliza
Dana Olmert RWC Pic Israeli left-wing activist, literary theorist, editor, Olmert Dana
Ehud Olmert RWF HW Pic prime minister of Israel 2005-08 Olmert Ehud 
Mordechai Olmert HW Pic Russian-born Israeli politician,   Olmert Mordechai 
Edward Olmos RWF Pic American actor, (Jewish paternal grandparent) Olmos Edward 
Robert Olnick American real estate developer, Olnick Organization, Inc, New York, Olnick Robert 
Sonya Olschanezky RWC Pic French resistance member, Olschanezky Sonya 
Tillie Olsen Pic American writer,    Olsen Tillie 
Yitzhak Olshan RWF Pic Lithuanian-born President of Supreme Court of Israel 1954-65 Olshan Yitzhak 
Alexander Olshanetsky RWE Pic Ukrainian-born American composer, conductor, violinist, Olshanetsky Alexander 
Boris Olshansky RWM Pic Soviet military executive, major general, Olshansky Boris 
Igor Olshansky HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian football player, Olshansky Igor 
Jay Olshansky Pic American biogeronthologist, demographer, ??? Olshansky Jay 
Vladimir Olshansky RWF Pic Soviet-born American actor-clown, director, Olshansky Vladimir
Ilya Olshvanger RWF Pic Soviet/Russian theater/film director, Olshvanger Ilya
Bogdan Olteanu RWC Pic Romanian politician, lawyer, (Jewish mother) Olteanu Bogdan 
Enrique Oltuski Pic Polish-born Cuban revolutionary, politician, Minister, Oltuski Enrique
Paul Olum Pic American mathematician, administrator, Olum Paul 
Joanna Olczak-Ronikier Pic Polish writer, screenwriter, Olzcak-Ronilier Joanna
Zack O'Malley Greenburg Pic American writer, journalist, editor, child author, (Jewish father) O'Maley Greenburg Zack
Donn O'Meara Pic American author, linguist, anthropologist, O'Meara Donn
Benny Omer Israeli ambassador to Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo Omer Benny 
Dvora Omer HW Pic Israeli writer, Omer Dvora
Mordechai Omer Pic Israeli museum director, Omer Mordechai 
Omri  HW Pic Sixth king of the northern Israelite Kingdom, 876-869 BC Omri  KingsKI
Onan the second son of Judah Onan BibFigures
Don Juan de Onate RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, governor of New Mexico 1598-1608, (Jewish mother) Onate Juan de
Ryan O'Neal Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish maternal grandmother) O'Neal Ryan 
April O'Neil Pic American pornographic actress, (half-Jewish paternal grandmother) O'Neil April
Oneohtrix Point Never Pic American keyboardist, experimental musician, Oneohtrix Point Never
Danny Opatoshu Pic American screenwriter, Opatoshu Danny
David Opatoshu Pic American stage/film/television actor,     Opatoshu David 
Joseph Opatoshu RWF HW Pic Polish-born American Yiddish novelist, journalist, Opatoshu Joseph 
Shaike Ophir HW Pic Israeli film actor, mime, comedian, Ophir Shaike 
Marcel Ophuls HW Pic German-born French documentary filmmaker, Ophuls Marcel 
Max Ophuls RWF HW Pic German-born American French director, screenwriter, Ophuls Max 
Marvin Opler Pic American anthropologist, social psychiatrist, Opler Marvin 
Morris Opler American anthropologist, Opler Morris 
George Oppen Pic American poet, Oppen George 
Baron Abraham Oppenheim Pic German partner 1821-78 of Sal. Oppenheim, Jr & Cie,     Oppenheim Abraham
Alan Oppenheim Pic American engineer, signal modeling, Oppenheim Alan 
Albert Oppenheim German banker, Oppenheim Albert 
Baron Albert Oppenheim Oppenheim Albert 
Alfred Oppenheim German chemist, inventor, Oppenheim Alfred 
Baron Alfred von Oppenheim Pic German partner 1864-93 of Sal. Oppenheim, Jr & Cie,     Oppenheim Alfred von
Antoni Oppenheim Pic Polish-born Brirish American mechanical engineering, ??? Oppenheim Antoni 
David Oppenheim American poker player, Oppenheim David 
Dennis Oppenheim RWF Pic American conceptual artist,  Oppenheim Dennis 
Eduard Oppenheim German banker, Oppenheim Eduard
Franz Oppenheim Oppenheim Oppenheim Franz 
Baron Friedrich Carl von Oppenheim Oppenheim Friedrich Carl von
George Oppenheim American co-founder 1925 of Viking Press, Oppenheim George 
Harry Oppenheim British shareholder of London Daily News, Oppenheim Harry 
Heinrich Oppenheim German publicist, philosopher, MP 1874-77, Oppenheim Heinrich 
Hermann Oppenheim Pic German neurologist, Oppenheim Hermann
Irwin Oppenheim Pic American chemist, Oppenheim Irwin 
Jeffrey Oppenheim Pic American neuroscientist, politician, Oppenheim Jeffrey 
Lassa Oppenheim Pic German-born British  jurist,  international law, Oppenheim Lassa 
Leo Oppenheim Austrian-born American assyriologist,    Oppenheim Leo
Baron Max von Oppenheim Pic German ancient historian, archaeologist, Oppenheim Max von
Menashe Oppenheim Pic Polish singer, composer, songwriter, cabaret performer, Oppenheim Menashe 
Meret Oppenheim RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss surrealist painter, photographer, Oppenheim Meret 
Moritz Oppenheim RWF HW Pic German painter, Oppenheim Moritz 
Moritz Oppenheim Austrian dermotologist,    Oppenheim Moritz 
Nicholas Oppenheim British businessman, leisure, Oppenheim Nicholas 
Paul Oppenheim German chemist, philosopher, indusrialist, Oppenheim Paul 
Phillip Oppenheim Pic British Exchequer Secretary of Treasury 1995-97, MP 1983-97, Oppenheim Phillip 
Rob Oppenheim Pic American professional golfer, Oppenheim Rob 
Samuel Oppenheim  Czech-born Austrian astronomer, Oppenheim Samuel 
Oppenheim family Darmstadter Bank Oppenheim  Family
Salomon Oppenheim, Jr Pic German founder 1789 of Sal. Oppenheim, Jr & Cie, Oppenheim, Jr Salomon 
Errers, Oppenheim, Stern, Sulbach Belgian founders 1821 of Banque of Brussel, Oppenheim,Stern,Sulbach
Baroness Sally Oppenheim-Barnes Pic Minister of State for Consumer Affairs 1979-82 Oppenheim-Barnes Sally
Alan Oppenheimer Pic American film/television actor,     Oppenheimer Alan 
Andres Oppenheimer Pic Argentine-born American journalist, Oppenheimer Andres 
Sir Bernard Oppenheimer Pic South-African British diamond merchant,   Oppenheimer Bernard 
Carl Oppenheimer German biochemist, Oppenheimer Carl 
Chanan Oppenheimer HW German-born Israeli agriculture scholar,  Oppenheimer Chanan 
David Oppenheimer RWC Pic German-born Canadian mayor of Vancouver 1888-91, Oppenheimer David 
Deborah Oppenheimer Pic American documentary filmmaker, producer, Oppenheimer Deborah 
Sir Ernest Oppenheimer Pic South African entrepreneur, financier, philanthropist, politician, MP 1924-38, Oppenheimer Ernst 
Frank Oppenheimer RWF Pic American physicist, Oppenheimer Frank 
Franz Oppenheimer RWF HW Pic German-born American physician, political economist, sociologist, Oppenheimer Franz 
George Oppenheimer American screenwriter,    Oppenheimer George 
Harry Oppenheimer Pic South African-born Anglo-American Corporation, De Beers Consolidated Mine, MP 1948-57, Oppenheimer Harry 
Hillel Oppenheimer HW Pic German-born Israeli botanist, Oppenheimer Hillel 
Jane Oppenheimer Pic American embyologist, historian, ??? Oppenheimer Jane 
Jerry Oppenheimer Pic American author, biographer, ??? Oppenheimer Jerry 
Jess Oppenheimer Pic American film producer, screenwriter, director, Oppenheimer Jess 
Joel Oppenheimer Pic American poet, Oppenheimer Joel 
Jonathan Oppenheimer Pic South African businessman, Oppenheimer Jonathan 
Joseph Oppenheimer Pic financied war for the Hupsburg Empire against Louis 14 1688 executed Oppenheimer Joseph 
Joshua Oppenheimer RWF Pic American film director, Oppenheimer Joshua
Michael Oppenheimer Pic American geophysicist, Oppenheimer Michael 
Peter Oppenheimer American senior VP/SFO of Apple, Inc, Oppenheimer Peter 
Ralph Oppenheimer British businessman, Stemcor Holdings Ltd, Oppenheimer Ralph 
Robert Oppenheimer RWF HW Pic American physicist, administrator, atomic bomb, Oppenheimer Robert 
Samuel Oppenheimer Pic German banker, imperial court factor, military supplier, Oppenheimer Samuel 
Sarah Oppenheimer Pic American visual artist, ??? Oppenheimer Sarah
Simon Wolf Oppenheimer German banker, Oppenheimer Simon Wolf
Ernst Oppert RWF Pic German traveler, Oppert Ernest
Gustav Solomon Oppert Pic German indologist, Oppert Gustav Solomon
Jules Oppert RWF HW Pic German-born French orientalist, assyriologist Oppert Jules 
Julius Oppert RWF HW Pic German-born French orientalist, assyriologist, Oppert Julius
Edwin Oppler Pic German architect, Oppler Edwin 
Ernst Oppler RWF Pic German painter, etcher, Oppler Ernst 
Shimrit Or HW Pic Israeli songwriter:lyricist, Or Shimrit 
Theodor Or HW Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Or Theodor 
Ori Or RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, major general,   Or Uri 
Yakov Or RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Or Yakov 
Michael Oratovsky RWF Pic Israeli chess grandmaster, Oratovsky Michael 
Jerry Orbach RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Orbach Jerry 
Maurice Orbach Pic British politician, Labour MP 1945-59 1964-79, Orbach Maurice 
Susie Orbach HW Pic British psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, social critic, Orbach Susie
Uri Orbach RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, columnist, Minister of   2013- , Orbach Uri 
Arpad Orban Pic Hungarian footballer, Orban Arpad 
Desiderius Orban Pic Hungarian-born Australian painter, Orban Desiderius 
David Orbansky Pic American recipient of Congressional medal of Honour, Orbansky David 
Milton Orchin Pic American chemist, Orchin Milton 
Jeannette Ordman HW Pic Istaeli balet dancer, teacher, Ordman Jeannette
John Ordroneaux RWC Pic French-born American naval commander, Admiral, Ordroneaux John 
David Oreck Pic American founder/CEO of Oreck Vacuums, Oreck David 
Giacomo Orefice Pic Italian composer, pianist,   Orefice Giacomo
Vittorio Orefice Pic Italian journalist, political commentator, Orefice Vittorio
Baruch Oren HW Pic Israeli educator,  Oren Baruch 
Dan Oren Israeli businessman, Oren Dan 
Daniel Oren HW Pic Israeli conductor, (Jewish mother) Oren Daniel 
Menachem Oren Pic Polish-born mathematician, chess master, Oren Menachem
Michael Oren HW Pic American-born Israeli historian, author, ambassador to United States 2009- , Oren Michael 
Moshe Oren HW Pic Polish-born Israeli biochemist, cancer researcher, Oren Moshe 
Ram Oren Pic Israeli author, Oren Ram 
Rony Oren Pic Israeli animator, Oren Rony
Shmuel Oren Pic Israeli-born American engineering scholar, Oren Shmuel 
Donna Orender Pic American president of WNBA, Orender Donna 
Henry Orenstein Pic Polish-born American poker player, inventor, Orenstein Henry 
Israel Orenstein Pic Ukrainian-born Russian Yiddish novelist, Orenstein Israel
Oscar Orenstein Canadian mayor of Ottawa, Ontario 1972 Orenstein Oscar 
Peggy Orenstein Pic American writer, journalist,    Orenstein Peggy 
Walter Orenstein American vaccinologist, Orenstein Walter 
David Orentlicher Pic American legal scholar, educator, politician, Orentlicher David
Diane Orentlicher Pic American legal scholar, Orentlicher Diane 
Carl Orff Pic German composer, (Jewish grandparent) Orff Carl 
Ben-Zion Orgad HW Pic Israeli composer, Orgad Ben-Zion 
Eto Orgad Israeli model, Miss Israel 1971, Orgad Eto 
Leslie Orgel RWF Pic British chemist, Orgel Leslie 
Stephen Orgel American language/literary scholar, ??? Orgel Stephen 
Samuel Orgelbrand RWF Pic Polish publisher of Encyklopedia Powszechna, Orgelbrand Samuel 
Jacob Orgen American gangster,  Orgen Jacob 
Rodrigo de Orgono RWC Spanish conquistador, Orgono Rodrigo de
Amos Ori Pic Israeli physicist, Ori Amos 
Shelly Oria Pic American-born Israeli author, teacher, creative coach, Oria Shelly
Gordon Orians Pic American ornithologist, ecologist, ??? Orians Gordon 
Deborah Orin Pic American journalist, Orin Deborah 
Jon Oringer Pic American founder, CEO of Shutterstock, Oringer Jon
Ezra Orion Pic Israeli artist, Orion Ezra 
Yeimy Oritz Pic Israeli model, Oritz Yeimy
Istvan Orkeny Pic Hungarian writer, Orkeny Istvan
Harvey Orkin Pic American television writer, theater agent, Orkin Harvey 
Stuart Orkin Pic American geneticist, pedeartician, Orkin Stuart 
Yaakov Orland RWE HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli poet, songwriter:lyricist, translator, Orland Yaakov 
Uri Orlev RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli children's books author, translator, Orlev Uri 
Zevulun Orlev RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Leader of Mafdal - National Religious Party Orlev Zevulun 
Emil Orlik RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian German painter, etcher, lithographer, Orlik Emil 
Aleksandr Orlikov RWM Pic Ukrainian-born hero Of Soviet Union, Orlikov Aleksandr 
David Orlikow Pic Canadian politician, MP 1962-88, cabinet minister Monitoba, Orlikow David 
Wilhelm Orlik-Ruckemann RWC Pic Polish military commander, brigadier general, Orlik-Ruckemann Wilhelm 
Harry Orlinsky Canadian American Bible translator, Orlinsky Harry 
Chana Orloff RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli figurative sculptor, Orloff Chana 
Rich Orloff Pic American playwright, Orloff Rich 
Alexander Orlov RWF Pic Belarusian-born detected to USA general in KGB USSR Orlov Alexander 
Mark Orlov RWE Soviet architect, Orlov Mark 
Naum Orlov RWC Soviet military, political figure, Orlov Naum 
Yuri Orlov RWF Pic Russian zoologist, (Jewish mother) Orlov Yuri
Efim Orlovich Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer,   Orlovich Efim
Theodor Orlovich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, executive, Orlovich Theodor
Edward Orlowska Polish politician, MP 1945-47, 1952-56, Orlowska Edward 
Avram Orly RWC Pic Chech-born Israeli military commander, major general, Orly Avram 
Suze Orman HW Pic American television personality, financial advicer, writer, Orman Suze 
Eugene Ormandy RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American conductor, violinist, Ormandy Eugene 
Haim Ormian HW Pic Polish-born Israeli psychologist, educator, Ormian Haim 
Cyril Ornadel Pic American composer,  songwriter,  conductor,  Ornadel Cyril 
Uzzi Ornan Pic Israeli linguist, social activist,    Ornan Uzzi 
Zigu Ornea Pic Romanian historian, literary critic, book publisher, Ornea Zigu
Eva Orner Pic Australian film producer,     Orner Eva 
Ota Ornest Pic Czech playwright, theater director, actor, Ornest Ota
Samuel Ornitz Pic American screenwriter, Ornitz Samuel 
Donald Ornstein Pic American mathematician, differential geometry complex analysis Ornstein Donald 
Jonathan Ornstein American chairman/CEO of Mesa Ait Group, Inc, Ornstein Jonathan 
Leo Ornstein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American composer, pianist, Ornstein Leo
Leo Ornstein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American composer, pianist, Ornstein Leo 
Leonard Ornstein HW Pic Dutch physicist, Ornstein Leonard 
Norman Ornstein Pic American political scientist, columnist, Ornstein Norman 
Severo Ornstein RWF Pic American computer scientist, Ornstein Severo
Amira Oron RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Turkey, Oron Amira 
Benjamin Oron Israeli ambassador to Argentina,    Oron Benjamin 
Haim Oron RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Leader of Meretz-Yachad Party 2008-11 Oron Haim 
Egon Orowan RWF Pic Hungarian-born British American physicist, Orowan Egon 
Yitzhak Orpaz-Auerbach RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli writer,   Orpaz-Auerbach Yitzhak 
Aki Orr Pic German-born Israeli writer, political activist, Orr Aki
Aki Orr Pic Israeli writer, political activist, Orr Aki
Corinne Orr Pic Canadian-born American stage/radio/film/television actress, Orr Corinne
Caesar Orshansky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet director, animator, Orshansky Caesar
Mollie Orshansky Pic American economist, statistician, Orshansky Mollie
Princess Martine Orsini-Bernheim Pic Italian aristocrat, Orsini-Bernheim Martine
Maria Orska Pic Ukrainian-born Polish German stage/film actress, Orska Maria 
Jonathan Orszag Pic American economist,   Orszag Jonathan 
Peter Orszag HW Pic American economist, Director of Management and Budget Office 2009- Obama Orszag Peter 
Steven Orszag Pic American mathematician, Orszag Steven 
Garcia de Orta Pic Portuguese-born Indian botanist, pharmacologist, physician, (converso) Orta Garcia de
Jiri Orten Pic Czech poet, Orten Jiri 
Arthur Ortenberg Pic American co-founder Liz Claiborne, Inc, Ortenberg Arthur 
David Ortenberg RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet executive, major general, political commissar, Ortenberg David 
Tom Ortenberg Pic American film studio executive, Open Road Films, Ortenberg Tom 
Dujovne Ortiz Pic Argentine writer, journalist, Ortiz Dujovne
Sherry Ortner Pic American cultural anthropologist, Ortner Sherry 
Ostap Ortwin Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Polish journalist, literary critic, Ortwin Ostap
Miles Orvell Pic American literary critic/cultural historian, Orvell Miles 
Angiolo Orvieto Pic Italian poet, publisher, Orvieto Angiolo
Maria Orwid Pic Polish psychiatrist, Orwid Maria 
Mayrycy Orzech Pic Polish economist, journalist, politician, bindist, Orzech Mayrycy
Max Osborn Pic German art critic, journalist, Osborn Max 
Buzz Osborne Pic American vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, Osborne Buzz 
Dave Osborne Pic American comic, (character created/played by Bon Einstein), Osborne Dave 
Ralph Bernal Osborne Pic British Liberal MP 1841-74 (Jewish father) Osborne Ralph Bernal
Sharon Osbourne RWF Pic British-born television talkshow host, (Jewish father) Osbourne Sharon 
Guy Oseary Pic Israeli-born American talent manager, investor, writer,  businessman, Oseary Guy 
Bernard Oser American biochemist, food scientist, ??? Oser Bernard 
Efi Oshaya HW Pic Israeli politician, Oshaya Efi 
Bernard Osher Pic American businessman, co-owner of Golden West Financial, Osher Bernard 
Stanley Osher Pic American mathematician, Osher Stanley
Abraham Osheroff Pic American documentary filmmaker, social activist, Osheroff Abraham 
Douglas Osheroff RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1996),superfluidity in Hellium-3, (Jewish father) Osheroff Douglas 
Matvey Osherovsky RWE Soviet/Russian actor, director, RWN Osherovsky Matvey 
David Oshinsky Pic American historian, Oshinsky David
Kenneth Oshman RWF Pic American businessman, electronics engineering, Echelon, Oshman Kenneth 
Kobi Oshrat Pic Israeli songwriter, conductor, Oshrat Kobi 
Ellen Osiier RWC HW Pic Danish foil fencer, Osiier Ellen 
Ivan Osiier HW Pic Danish fencer, Osiier Ivan 
Naum Osipovich RWF Ukrainian-born Russian writer, revolutionery, Osipovich Naum 
Lee Oskar Pic Danish harmonica player, Oskar Lee 
Baruch Osnia RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician, Osnia Baruch 
Aileen Osofsky Pic American community leader, philanthropist, bridge player, Osofsky Aileen
Reine Colaco Osorio-Swaab Pic Dutch composer, translator, Osorio-Swaab Reine Colaco
Alexander Osovtsov RWF Pic Russian politician, Osovtsov Alexander 
Moshe Osrov-Henzin Israeli rabbi,   Osrov-Henzin Moshe 
Glenn Osser Pic American songwriter, orchestra leader, musical arranger, Osser Glenn
Elyakum Ostashinski Pic Israeli mayor of Rishon LeZion 1950-51, Ostashinsli Elyakum
Grigory Oster RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian author, screenwriter, Oster Grigory 
Harry Oster Pic American folklorist, musicologist, Oster Harry 
Donald Osterbrock Pic American astronomer, ??? Osterbrock Donald 
Michael Osterholm American public health scientist, biosecurity expert, ??? Osterholm Michael 
Lester Osterman Pic American theater producer, Osterman Lester 
Natan Osterman RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, Osterman Natan 
Micheline Ostermeyer Pic French athlete, consert pianist, Ostermeyer Micheline 
Nissen Osterneck Pic American mixed marital arts fighter, Osterneck Nissen
Joseph Osterreicher Hungarian physician, chief physician of Imperior Francis Osterreicher Joseph 
Baron Tobias von Osterreicher RWC Austrian military, Rear Admiral, gidrographer, cartographer, Osterreicher Tobias von 
Barbara Ostfeld-Horowitz Pic American cantor, (reform) Ostfeld-Horowitz Barbara
Mo Ostin RWF Pic American producer, director, Sire Records, Ostin Mo 
Micol Ostow Pic American author, editor, educator, (Jewish father) Ostow Micol
Simon Ostrach Pic American mechanical/aerospace engineer,  Ostrach Simon 
Eli Ostreicher Pic British-born American entrepreneur, Ostreicher Eli
Jacob Ostreicher Pic American entrepreneur, flooring contractor, Ostreicher Jacob 
Harry Ostrer Pic American genetisist, Ostrer Harry 
Alicia Ostriker Pic American poet, Ostriker Alicia 
Jeremiah Ostriker Pic American astrophysicist, Ostriker Jeremiah 
Dawn Ostroff Pic American television executive, The CW, Ostroff Dawn
Eugene Ostroff Pic American historian, curator of photography, Ostroff Eugene 
Moisey Ostrogorsky Pic Belarusian-born public figure, sociologist, 1st Duma Ostrogorsky Moisey 
Elinor Ostrom RWF HW Pic American political scientist, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2009), (Jewish father) Ostrom Elinor 
David Ostrosky Pic Mexican film/television actor, Ostrosky David 
Aleksandr Ostrovsky RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, kombrig, Ostrovsky Aleksandr 
Anton Ostrovsky Pic Russian-born Israeli actor, rapper, Ostrovsky Anton
Arkady Ostrovsky RWF Pic Russian songwriter:composer, Ostrovsky Arkady 
Baruch Ostrovsky Pic Ukrainian-born American Israeli zionist, mayor of Ra'anana 1931-55 1957-59, Ostrovsky Baruch 
Iosif Ostrovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet NKVD officer, komdiv, Ostrovsky Iosif 
Mikhail Ostrovsky RWF Russian physiologist, Ostrovsky Mikhail
Rafail Ostrovsky Pic American computer scientist, algorithms, cryptography, Ostrovsky Rafail
Simon Ostrovsky Pic Russian-born Ameican journalist, director, producer, Ostrovsky Simon
Victor Ostrovsky Pic Canadian-born Israeli agent, defector, Ostrovsky Victor 
Herman Ostrow Ostrow Property Management Ostrow Herman 
Saul Ostrow American art critic, art historian, curator,    Ostrow Saul 
Saul Ostrow American owner, Sealy,mattress, Ostrow Saul 
Stuart Ostrow Pic American theatrical producer, director, author, Ostrow Stuart 
Fayga Ostrower Pic Polish-born Brazilian engraver, painter, designer, illustrator, art theorist, Ostrower Faiga
Alexander Ostrowski Pic Ukrainian-born German Swiss mathematician, Ostrowski Alexander 
Avi Ostrowsky Pic Israeli music director, Ostrowsky Avi
Ido Ostrowsky Pic Israeli-born American film producer,    Ostrowsky Ido 
Bernard Ostry Pic Canadian author, Ostry Bernard 
Sylvia Ostry Pic Canadian economist, chairman of Economic Council of Canada 1978-79 Ostry Sylvia 
Abraham Ostrzega HW Pic Polish sculptor, Ostrzega Abraham 
Martin Ostwald Pic German-born American classical scholar, Ostwald Martin 
Erno Osvat Pic Hungarian editor, writer, Osvat Erno
Gerd Oswald Pic German-born American film/television director, Oswald Gerd
Marianne Oswald Pic French singer, actress, Oswald Marianne
Richard Oswald Pic Austrian film director, producer, screenwriter, Oswald Richard 
Martin Otelsberg manager of Bo Diddley Otelsberg Martin 
Othniel Pic the first of the Biblical Judges Othniel Judges
Reuben Ottenberg Pic American physician, hematologist, Ottenberg Reuben 
Marcus Otterbourg American ambassador to Mexico 1867, Otterbourg Marcus 
Sharon Otterman American VP/chief marketing officer of  MSNBC, Otterman Sharon 
Albert Ottinger New York Attorney General 1925-28 Ottinger Albert 
Richard Ottinger Pic American representative 1965-71 1975-1985, legal scholar, Ottinger Richard 
Paul Otto Pic German film actor/director, Otto Paul 
Carla Ottolenghi Pic Italian film/stage/television actress, Ottolenghi Carla
Emanuele Ottolenghi Pic Italian political scientist, Ottolenghi Emanuele
Count Emilio Ottolenghi Italian philanthropist, Ottolenghi Emilio
Giuseppe Ottolenghi RWC HW Pic Italian Leutenant General, Minister of War 1902-03, Ottolenghi Giuseppe 
Count Leonetto Ottolenghi Ottolenghi Leoneto
Salvatore Ottolenghi Pic Italian lawyer, politician, senator, Ottolenghi Salvatore
Vittoria Ottolenghi Pic Italian writer, journalist, Ottolenghi Vittoria
Yotam Ottolenghi Pic Israeli-born chef, cookery writer, restaurant owner, Ottolenghi Yotam
Earl Ottolenghi di Vallepiana Ottolenghi de Vallepiana
Rob Oudkerk Pic Dutch politician, MP (Jewish father) Oudkerk Rob 
Guy Ourisson Pic French chemist, (Jewish father) Ourisson Guy 
Gerard Oury HW Pic French actor, screenwriter, producer, director, Oury Gerard 
Maria Ouspenskaya Pic Russian film/stage actress, acting teacher, ??? Ouspenskaya Maria 
Ecstreya Ovadia RWC Pic Yugoslavian resitance fighter, Ovadia Ecstreya 
Moni Ovadia HW Pic Bulgarian-born Italian actor, singer, playwright, Ovadia Moni 
Leopold Ovary Hungarian historian,    Ovary Leopold 
Ettore Ovazza Pic Italian businessman, politician, Ovazza Ettore 
Yaacov Oved Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli historian, Oved Yaacov
Julius Christiaan van Oven RWC Pic Dutch jurist, politician, Minister of Justice 1956- , Oven Julius Christan van
Oren Overman Pic Israeli American filmmaker, screenwriter, journalist, Overman Oren 
Michael Ovitz Pic American founder 1975 of Creative Artist Agency, Ovitz Michael 
Harvey Ovshinsky Pic American documentary filmmaker, journalist, Ovshinsky Harvey 
Stanford Ovshinsky Pic American inventor, Ovshinsky Stanford 
Lucy Owen Pic British television presenter, Owen Lucy 
Peter Owen German-born British publisher, Peter Owen Publishers, Owen Peter 
Ronn Owens Pic American radio talk show host, Owens Ronn 
Catherine Oxenberg RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father) Oxenberg Catherine 
Neri Oxman RWC Pic Israeli architect, designer, Oxman Neri
Rivka Oxman Pic Israeli architect, researcher, author, Oxman Rivka
Stephen Oxman Pic chairman of Princeton University Board of Trustees Oxman Stephen 
Moishe Oysher RWF HW Pic Romanian-born American actor, cantor, Oysher Moishe 
Amos Oz RWF HW Pic Israeli writer, journalist, intellectual, Oz Amos 
Avraham Oz Pic Israeli theater director, translator, peace activist, Oz Avraham 
Frank Oz HW Pic British-born American film director, actor, pupetter, (Jewish father) Oz Frank 
Kobi Oz RWC HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Oz Kobi 
Frederic Ozanam Pic Italian-born French literary critic, historian, Ozanam Frederic 
Jacques Ozanam French mathematician,  Ozanam Jacques 
Ahuva Ozeri Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, composer. Ozeri Ahuva 
Yigal Ozeri Pic Israeli-born American painter, Ozeri Yigal
Cynthia Ozick RWF Pic American writer, Ozick Cynthia 
Daniel Ozmo Pic Bosnian painter, printmaker, Ozmo Daniel
Robert Ozn Pic American producer, screenwriter, stage actor, pop musician, Ozn Robert 
Fania Oz-Salzberger Pic Israeli historian, writer, Oz-Salzberger Fania