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Michal Na'aman HW Pic Israeli painter, Na'aman Michal 
David Naar American mayor of Elizabeth, 1850-52, Naar David 
David Nabarro Pic British biologist,   Nabarro David 
Frank Nabarro Pic British-born South African physicist, Nabarro Frank 
Sir Gerald Nabarro Pic Conservative MP 1950-64 1966-73 Nabarro Gerald
Ilya Nabatov RWN Pic Ukrainian-born comedian, entertainer, Nabatov Ilya
Bob Naboicheck president of Gold Bond Matress, Naboicheck Bob 
Dmitri Nabokov RWF Pic German-born American opera singer, translator, (Jewish mother) Nabokov Dmitri 
Vera Nabokov RWF Pic Russian-born editor,translator, Nabokov Vera
Valentin Naboth German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, Naboth Valentin 
Tivadar Nachez Pic Hungarian-born British  violin vertuoso, composer, Nachez Tivadar 
Gerald Nachman American author, columnist, critic, Nachman Gerald 
Ralph Nachman American medical scholar, Nachman Ralph 
Ron Nachman HW Pic Israeli politician,   Nachman Ron 
Nachman of Breslav RWF HW Pic Ukrainian Hasidic ''rebbe'' and mystic, founder of Breslov hasidic movement, Nachman of Breslav
Werner Nachmann Pic President of Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland 1969-88 Nachmann Werner
Dave Nachmanoff Pic American singer/songwriter, Nachmanoff Dave
Elena Nachmanoff American VP of NBC News, Nachmanoff Elena 
Jeffrey Nachmanoff RWF Pic American screenwriter, film director,   Nachmanoff Jeffrey 
David Nachmansohn RWF Pic Ukrainian-born German American biochemist, Nachmansohn David 
Jacob Nachmias Pic American psychologist, Nachmias Jacob 
Yosef Nachmias RWC HW Pic inspector general of the Israeli Police, 1958-64, Nachmias Yosef
Shuli Nachshon Pic Moroccan-born Israeli video/istallation artist, Nachshon Shuli
Hilla Nachshon HW Pic Israeli television host, actress, model, Nachshon  Hilla
Marius Nacht HW Pic American entrepreneur, Check Point Software Technologies Nacht Marius 
Leo Nachtlicht German architect, Nachtlicht Leo
Amir Nachumi HW Pic Israeli fighter ace, brigadier general, Nachumi Amir 
Nadab HW Pic  901-900 BC Nadab KingsKI
Amos Nadai Pic Romanian-born Israeli ambassador to China,  2007-12 , Nadai Amos 
Haim Nadal RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Nadal Haim 
Peter Nadas Pic Hungarian playwright, writer, essayist, Nadas Peter 
Serge Nadaud Pic Russian-born French stage/film actor, Nadaud Serge
Arthur Nadel Pic American fraudster, hudge fund manager, Scoop Management Co. Nadel Arthur 
Ira Nadel Canadian literary scholar, biographer, Nadel Ira 
Norman Nadel civil engineering, ??? Nadel Norman 
Siegfried Nadel Pic Ukrainian/Polish-born British anthropologist, Nadel Siegfried 
Elie Nadelman Pic Polish-born American sculptor, Nadelman Elie 
Stefan Nadelman Pic American film director, animator,   Nadelman Stefan 
Carol Nadelson Pic American psychiatrist, Nadelson Carol 
Reggie Nadelson Pic American novelist,   Nadelson Reggie 
Nadezhda Nadezhdina RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian choreographer, dancer, Nadezhdina Nadezhda 
Moyshe Nadir Pic Ukrainian-born American yiddish writer, satirist, Nadir Moyshe
Farhat Nadira Pic Indian actress, Bollywood star,   Nadira Farhat 
Raphael Nadjari Pic French-born Israeli  film/television director, screenwriter,   Nadjari Raphael 
Gerald Nadler Pic industrial, manufacturing & operational systems, ??? Nadler Gerald 
Jeffrey Nadler Pic American Infectious Deseases expert, Nadler Jeffrey 
Jerrold Nadler HW Pic American representative, 1992- , Nadler Jerrold 
Mark Nadler Pic American cabaret performer, actor, comedian, Nadler Mark 
Eitan Naeh RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Azerbajan 2001-05, Naeh Eitan 
Naftali Tribe of Naftali Naftali 12Tribes
Peretz Naftali RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli politician, Naftali Peretz 
Arthur Naftalin RWC Pic American political scientist, politician, mayor of Minneapolis, Naftalin Arthur 
Mark Naftalin Pic American blues keyboardist, composer, producer, Naftalin Mark 
Ronny Naftaniel Pic Dutch political activist, Naftaniel Ronny
Lilith Nagar RWC Pic Israeli singer, actress,  Nagar Lilith 
Lilith Nagar RWC Pic Israeli-born television host, actress, singer, Nagar Lilith 
Ernest Nagel RWF Pic Slovak-born American philosopher of science, Nagel Ernest 
Ivan Nagel Pic Hungarian theater scientist, critic, theater director, Nagel Ivan
Jack Nagel American president of Nagel Construction Company, Los Angeles, Nagel Jack 
Sidney Nagel Pic American physicist, Nagel Sidney 
Theodore Nagel American Electric Power Service Corporation, ??? Nagel Theodore 
Thomas Nagel RWF Pic Serbian-born American philosopher, Nagel Thomas 
Joseph ibn Naghrela RWC Spanish vizier, Naghrela Joseph ibn
Samuel ibn Naghrela Pic Spanish poet, Naghrela Samuel ibn
Barney Nagler Pic American sports journalist, author, Nagler Barney 
Gerald Nagler Pic Austrian-born Swedish businessman, human rights activist, Nagler Gerald
Avraham Neguise RWC HW Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli politician, Nagosa Abraham 
Adam Nagourney Pic American journalist,     Nagourney Adam 
Bela Nagy Pic Hungarian actress, Nagy Bela
Endre Nagy Pic Hungarian journalist, writer, announcer, cabaret director, Nagy Endre
Istvan Nagy Hungarian architect, Nagy Istvan
Eszter Nagy-Kalozy Pic Hungarian actress, ??? Nagy-Kalozy Eszer 
Nicholas Nagy-Talavera Pic Hungarian-born American dissident, historian, writer, Nagy-Talavera Nicholas
Stu Nahan Pic American sportscaster, Nahan Stu 
Meshulam Nahari RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,   Nahari Meshulam 
Oren Nahari HW Pic Israeli world affairs analyst, commentator, Nahari Oren 
Ohad Naharin HW Pic Israeli dancer, choreographer, Naharin Ohad 
Benjamin Nahawandi karaite scholar, Nahawandi Benjamin 
Fiodor Nahimson RWC Latvian-born Soviet judge, Nahimson Fiodor 
David Nahmad RWC Pic Levanon-born  art dealer, Nahmad David 
Ezra Nahmad RWC Pic Levanon-born  art dealer, Nahmad Ezra
Giuseppe Nahmad Pic Syrian-born art dealer, Nahmad Giuseppe
Nelly Nahmad Pic British art dealer, London Nahmad Nelly 
Nelly Nahmad Pic American art dealer,  New-York Nahmad Nelly 
Nahmanides RWE Pic Spanish and Holy Land mystic, talmudist, pilosopher, kabbalist, Nahmanides
Aharon Nahmias RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Nahmias Aharon 
Hanny Nahmias RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, film/stage/television actress, television personality, children's star, Nahmias Hanny 
Yaakov Nahmias Pic Israeli American research scientist, biologist, tissue engineer, Nahmias Yaakov 
Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin RWC HW Pic Israeli lawyer, politician, Nahmias-Verbin Ayelet
Isaac Nahon RWC Pic Brazilian Army commander, Nahon Isaac 
Nahum Minor Prophet  740 BC Nahum MinorProphets
Amir Nahumi HW Nahumi Amiram
Itshak-Asher Naidich RWE Belarusian-born industrialist, philanthropist, zionist, Naidich Itshak-Asher 
Moises Naim RWC Pic Libyan-born Venezuelan Minister of Trade and Commerce 1989-90, Naim Moises 
Ra'anan Naim RWC HW Pic Libyan-born Israeli politician, Naim Ra'anan 
Yael Naim RWC HW Pic French-born Israeli singer/songwriter,  Naim Yael 
Arnold Naimark Canadian medical scientist, Naimark Arnold 
Mark Naimark RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician,  Naimark Mark 
Yury Naimark RWE Ukrainian-born archirect, artist, Naimark Yury
Moisey Naish RWE Pic Ukrainian-born engineer, Naish Moisey
Moisey Naish RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, inventor, Naish Moisey
Naum Naish RWF Pic Russian-born Ukrainian engineer, Naish Naum
Raphael Najari Pic French-born Israeli writer, film/television director, Najari Raphael
Marcel Najder Polish politician, MP 1957-61 Najder Marcel 
Miguel Najdorf RWF HW Pic Polish-born Argentine chess grandmaster, Najdorf Miguel 
Evgeniy Najer RWE HW Pic Russian chess grandmaster, Najer Evgeniy 
Valentina Najus-Smolar Polish historian, Najus-Smolar Valentina
Alfred Nakache HW Pic Algerian-born French swimmer, Nakache Alfred 
Geraldine Nakache RWC Pic French film/television actress, film director, screenwriter, Nakache Geraldine
Olivier Nakache RWC Pic French director, screenwriter, actor, Nakache Olivier 
Joe/Ari/Ralph Nakash Pic American co-founders of Jordache Clothing Company, Nakash Joseph
Shlomo Nakdimon HW Pic Israeli journalist, political commentator, Nakdimon Shlomo 
Isai Nakhanovich RWF Pic Russian revolutionery, ??? Nakhanovich Isai
Semion Nakhimson Pic Latvian-born Soviet revolutionery, Nakhimson Semion
Reggie Nalder Pic Austrian film/television character actor, ??? Nalder Reggie 
Anna Nalick Pic American singer/songwriter, pop guitarist, Nalick Anna 
Jerome Namias Pic American geophysicist, research administrator, Namias Jerome 
Sir Lewis Namier Polish-born British historian, Namier Lewis
Mordechai Namir RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli General secretary of Histadrut 1950-56, Minister of Labour 1956-59, Namir Mordechai 
Ora Namir RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Environment/Labour and Social Walfare, Namir Ora 
Adam Namm acting director of the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations 2009- Namm Adam 
Ruth Nanda Anshen American philosopher, author, editor, Nanda Anshen Ruth 
Fatos Nano RWE Pic prime minister of Albania 1991 1997-98 2002-05 Nano Fatos 
Mikhail Nanos State Prize Sc 1985 Nanos Mikhail 
Jim Nantz Pic American sportscaster, Nantz Jim 
Naomi RWE Pic American pornogaphic actress, Naomi
Assaf Naor Pic Czech Israeli American mathematician, computer scientist, Naor Assaf
Avi Naor Israeli co-founder/president/CEO 1995-2002 of Amdocs, Naor Avi 
Avinoam Naor HW Israeli industrialist, philanthropist, Naor Avinoam
Miriam Naor HW Pic Israeli president of Supreme Court of Justice 2015- ,  Naor Miriam 
Moni Naor HW Pic Israeli cryptographer, Naor Moni
David Nalin Pic American physiologist, Naor Moni
Shira Naor Pic Israeli voice actress, Naor Shira
Yigal Naor RWC Pic Israeli film/television actor,    Naor Yigal 
Yosef Naor HW Pic Naor Yosef 
Yehudit Naot RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, microbiologist, Minister of Environment, Naot Yehudit 
Jean-Charles Naouri Pic Algerian-born French founder/chairman of Casino Group, Naouri Jean-Charles 
Jean-Yves Naouri Pic French COO of Publicis Groupe, Naouri Jean-Yves 
Laurent Naouri RWF Pic French opera singer, bass-baritone, Naouri Laurent 
Arthur Naparstek Pic American social work scholar, Naparstek Arthur 
Sir David Napley Pic British solicitor, Napley David 
Johnette Napolitano Pic American singer/songwriter, bassist, vocalist, Concrete Blonde, Napolitano Johnette 
Samir Naqqash Pic Iraqi-born Israeli novelist, playwright, Naqqash Samir
Samir Naqqash Pic Iraqi-born Israeli novelist, playwright, Naqqash Samir
Alfred Naquet  Pic French chemist, politician,  MP Naquet  Alfred 
Raymond-Elie Naquet-Laroque RWE French military, lieutenant general, Naquet-Laroque Raymond-Elie 
Samuel Paul Naquet-Laroque RWC French military, lieutenant general, Naquet-Laroque Samuel Paul
Claudio Naranjo Pic Chilean-born psychiatrist, Naranjo Claudio 
Boris Naravtsevich RWN Pic Soviet theater director, Naravtsevich Boris
Nahum Nardi Ukrainian-born Israeli songwriter, pianist, Nardi Nahum 
Lior Narkis RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, Narkis Lior 
Bezalel Narkiss HW Pic Israeli art scholar,   NarkisS Bezalel 
Uzi Narkiss RWC Pic Israeli military, major general, Narkiss Uzi
Zvi Narkis Pic Romanian-born Israeli designer,    Narkiss Zvi 
Daniel Naroditsky Pic American chess grandmaster, prodigy, Naroditsky Daniel 
Jose Narosky Pic Argentine writer, notary, Narosky Jose
Tito Narosky Pic Argentine orhithologist, writer, Narosky Tito 
Lyudmila Narusova Pic Russian politician, (Jewish father) Narusova Lyudmila 
Bruce Nash Pic American television producer,    Nash Bruce 
Jack Nash Pic German-born American money manager, Odissey Partners, Nash Jack 
Raymond Nasher Pic American art collector, art sponsor, Texas Rangers, Nasher Raymond 
Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi RWF HW Pic Portugalian-born Turkish patroness of schollars, Nasi Gracia Mendes
Don Joseph Nasi RWC HW Pic Portugese-born Turkish diplomat, administrator, Nasi Joseph 
Lea Nass RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,   Nass Lea 
Cecil Nat Blankstein RWF Canadian-born Israeli architect, Nat Blankstein Cecil 
Bernard Natan Pic Romanian-born French film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, Natan Bernard 
Shuli Natan RWF HW Pic British-born Israeli singer, Natan Shuli 
Georgy Natanson RWF Pic Soviet/Russian  film/theater director, screenwriter, playwright, cinematographer, Natanson Georgy
Isidor Natanson RWE Pic Swiss-born Russian mathematician, Natanson Isidor 
Marc Natanson shareholder of Charter Communications, Natanson Marc 
Mark Natanson RWF Pic Lithuanian-born founder of Land and Liberty, Natanson Mark 
Maurice Natanson Pic American philosopher,   Natanson Maurice 
Wolf Zelig Natanson Polish founder 1866 of S. Natanson and Sons Bank, Natanson Wolf Zelig
Gil Natanzon HW Pic Israeli actor, model, Natanzon Gil 
Matvey Natanzon Pic Russian-born Israeli American backgammon player, Natanzon Matvey
Inga Nataya Pic Uzbek-born American fashion designer, Nataya Inga 
Abie Nathan Pic Israeli humanitarian, peace activist, Nathan Abie
Benjamin Nathan American investor, philanthropist, stockbroker, Nathan Benjamin 
Nathan Pic prophet in time of King David Nathan BibFigures
Carl Nathan Pic American microbiologist, ??? Nathan Carl 
Sir Charles Nathan Australian businessman, politician, philanthropist, Nathan Charles 
David Nathan Pic American pediatrician, hematologist, Nathan David 
David Nathan British-born New Zealand retailer, Nathan David 
Ernesto Nathan HW Pic British-born Italian mayor of Rome, 1907-13, Nathan Ernesto
Fritz Nathan RWF German architect, Nathan Fritz 
George Nathan Pic American co-founder 1924 of The American Mercury, editor, drama critic, Nathan George 
Baron Harry Nathan RWC Pic British politician, solicitor, Minister for Civil Aviation 1946-48, Nathan Harry
Henry Nathan German director 1925- of Drezden Bank, Nathan Henry 
Howard Nathan Australian Supreme Court of Victoria Justice, Nathan Howard 
Isaac Nathan HW Pic British-born Australian composer, musicologist, journalist,   Nathan Isaac 
Jared Nathan Pic American child television actor, Nathan Jared 
Joan Nathan HW Pic American television producer, cookbooks author, Nathan Joan 
John Nathan Pic American writer, translator, film director, japanologist, Nathan John 
Joseph Nathan Pic British-born New Zealand founder founder 1873 of GlaxoSmithKline, Nathan Joseph 
Sir Matthew Nathan RWC Pic British Governor of Hohg Kong 1904-07 Sierra Leone 1899-1900  Nathan Matthew 
Maud Nathan Pic American social worker, labour activist, suffragist, Nathan Maud 
Melissa Nathan Pic British journalist, Nathan Melissa
Michael Nathan CEO of Nanoplex Technologies, Nathan Michael 
Nancy Nathan American executive producer of NBC News, Nathan Nancy 
Nathaniel Nathan chief justice of Triniad and Tobago Nathan Nathaniel 
Otto Nathan Pic German-born American economist, Nathan Otto 
Robert Nathan Pic American novelist, poet, Nathan Robert 
Baron Roger Nathan British solicitor, Nathan Roger 
Baron Rupert Nathan British lawyer, politician, Nathan Rupert
Syd Nathan RWF Pic American founder of King Records, Nathan Syd 
Henry Nathan, Jr Pic British-born Canadian politician, MP  1872- Nathan, Jr Henry 
Daniel Nathans RWF HW Pic American microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1978), first genetic map of DNA Nathans Daniel 
Jeremy Nathans Pic American microbiologist, geneticist, Nathans Jeremy 
Henri Nathansen Pic Danish writer, stage director, playwright, Nathansen Henri 
Abraham Nathanson Pic American graphic designer, Bananagrams, Nathanson Abraham 
Bernard Nathanson Pic American medical doctor, Nathanson Bernard
Danny Nathanson Canadian mayor of New Waterfold, Nova Scotia 1960-70, Nathanson Danny 
Hilton Nathanson Australian businessman, Nathanson Hilton 
Ira Nathanson American surgeon, ??? Nathanson Ira 
Jacob Nathanson Polish chemist,   Nathanson Jacob 
Matt Nathanson Pic American singer/songwriter, Nathanson Mat
Michael Nathanson American CEO of MGM Pictures, Nathanson Michael 
Moshe Nathanson Pic Israeli lyricist, singer,    Nathanson Moshe 
Nathaniel Nathanson American lawyer, ??? Nathanson Nathaniel 
Stanley Nathenson Pic American immunologist, Nathenson Stanley 
Mika Natif Pic Israeli-born American art scholar, Natif Mika
Moshe Nativ RWC Pic Romanian-born Israeli military, major general, Nativ Moshe 
Neama Nativ Pic Israeli actress, model, Nativ Neama 
Nissan Nativ HW Pic Dutch-born Israeli actor, director acting teacher, Nativ Nissan 
Sergiu Natra Pic Romanian-born Israeli composer, Natra Sergiu
Dan Naturman Pic American stand-up comedian, Naturman Dan 
Gertrud Natzler Pic Austrian-born American ceramisist, Natzler Gertrud
Otto Natzler Pic Austrian-born Amercan ceramic glazing expert,   Natzler Otto 
Max Naumann Pic German politician, lawyer, Naumann Max
Michael Naumann Pic German politician, publisher, journalist, Secretary of Culture 1998-2001, Naumann Michael 
Samuel Naumbourg Pic French composer, cantor, Naumbourg Samuel 
Elkan Naumburg RWF Pic German-born American musicologist, philanthropist, Naumburg Elkan
Elsie Naumburg Pic American ornithologist, Naumburg Elsie 
Walter Naumburg RWF Ameican banker, Naumburg Walter 
Vitaly Naumkin Pic Soviet/Russian orientalist, Corr Naumkin Vitaly 
Vladimir Naumov RWF Pic Russian/Soviet film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, Naumov Vladimir 
Salomao Nauslausky Brazilian Army commander, Nauslausky Salomao 
Victor Navasky Pic American journalist, editor, (Jewish mother) , The Nation, Navasky Victor 
Victor Navasky Pic American editor, publisher, Navasky Victor 
Avner Nave Israeli fighter ace, Nave Avner 
Dan Naveh RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Health,    Naveh Dan 
Yair Naveh RWC Pic Israeli general, major general, Naveh Yair 
Yosef Naveh HW Czech-born Israeli epigrapher, palaeographer, Naveh Yosef 
Jean Navin American VP/fashion director of Lord & Taylor, Navin Jean 
Lior Navok Pic Israeli composer, conductor, Navok Lior
Arie Navon HW Pic Israeli stage designer, Navon Arie 
Benjamin Navon RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Germany 1988-93, Navon Benjamin 
David Navon HW Pic Israeli psychologist, Navon David 
Dov Navon Pic Israeli actor, Navon Dov 
Gad Navon RWC Pic Israeli military rabbi, major general, Navon Gad 
Joseph Navon Pic Israeli businessman, Jaffa-Jerusalem railway, Navon Joseph 
Ofira Navon Pic Israeli psychologist, wife of president of Israel Yitzhak Navon, Navon Ofira 
Ruthi Navon HW Pic Israeli singer, actress,  Navon Ruti 
Yitzhak Navon RWF HW Pic  5th President of Israel 1978-83 Navon Yitzhak 
Suzie Navot Pic Uruguay-born Israeli legal scholar, legal commemtator, Navot Suzie
Eliyahu Nawi HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli mayor of Beersheba 1963-86, Nawi Eliyahu
Ezra Nawi Pic Israeli human rights activist, Nawi Ezra
Boris Nayfeld Pic Belarusian-born American  mobster, heroin smuggler, Nayfeld Boris 
Izak Nazarian Iranian-born co-founder, shareholder of Qualcomm Nazarian Izak 
Sam Nazarian RWF Pic Iranian-born American entrepreneur, Nazarian Sam 
Younes Nazarian Iranian-born co-founder, shareholder of Qualcomm Nazarian Younes 
Alla Nazimova RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American film/stage actress, screenwriter, producer, Nazimova Alla 
Yfrah Neaman Pic Lebanese-born British violinist, teacher, Neaman Yfrah 
August Neander Pic German theologian, church historian,    Neander August 
Long John Nebel Pic American talk radio show host, Nebel Long John
Yitzhak Nebenzahl German-born Israeli State Comptroller 1961-81, Nebenzahl Yitzhak 
Seymour Nebenzal Pic German-born American film producer, Nebenzal Seymour 
Boris Nebilitsky RWF Pic Soviet camera operator, documentary filmmaker, Nebilitsky Boris 
Necro Pic American rapper, record producer, Necro
David Nederlander American founder 1912 of Nederlander Organisation, Nederlander David 
Eric Nederlander American president of Nederlander Organisation, Nederlander Eric 
Gladys Nederlander Pic American theater/television producer, Nederlander Gladys
James L. Nederlander Pic American president of Nederlander Organization, Nederlander James L.
James M. Nederlander Pic American founder/chairman of Nederlander Organisation, Nederlander James M.
Robert Nederlander Pic American president of Nederlander Organisation, general manager of New York Yankees, Nederlander Robert 
Robert Nederlander, Jr American president of  Interactive Concepts Unlimited, Nederlander, Jr Robert 
Alan Needleman Pic American scholar, mechanical engineering, Needleman Alan 
Deborah Needleman Pic American publishiung executive, Needleman Deborah
Herbert Needleman Pic American pediatrician, child psychologist, ??? Needleman Herbert
Katherine Needleman Pic American oboist, (Jewish father) Needleman Katherine 
Philip Needleman Pic American pharmacologist, Needleman Philip 
Yaakov Neeman RWF HW Pic Israeli lawyer, Justice Minister 1996 2009-13, Minister of Finance 1997-98, Neeman Yaakov 
Yehuda Judd Neeman HW Pic Israeli film director/producer, Neeman Yehuda 
Ari Ne'eman Pic American autism rights activist, Ne'eman Ari
Yuval Ne'eman RWF HW Pic Israeli physicist, politician, Ne'eman Yuval 
Amnon Neeman Pic Australian mathematician,   ???  Neeman  Amnon 
Lucas Neff Pic American television actor, (Jewish mother) Neff Lucas 
Moshe Negbi Pic Israeli legal scholar, legal commentator,  Negbi Moshe 
Stephen Negoesco Pic American soccer player, coach, Negoesco Stephen 
Pola Negri RWF HW Pic Polish actress, (Jewish descent) Negri Pola 
Michal Negrin Pic Israeli fashon designer, Negrin Michal 
Ze'ev Nehama HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Ethnix, Nehama Ze'ev 
Alexander Nehamas Pic Greek-born American philosopher, (Jewish father) Nehamas Alexander 
Zeev Nehari Pic German-born Israeli mathematician, Nehari Zeev
Nehemiah prophet and leader of the Exile (along with Daniel) and Return to Zion Nehemiah BibFigures
Aryeh Nehemkin RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,  Minister of Agriculture 1984-88 Nehemkin Aryeh 
Andre Neher RWF HW Pic German/French-born French Israeli philosopher,  Neher Andre
Ido Nehoshtan RWF HW Pic Israeli 16th Air Force Commander, 2008-12, Nehoshtan Ido
Ya'akov Nehoshtan RWF HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli politician, ambassador to Netherlands 1982-85, Nehoshtan Ya'akov 
Alexander Neibaur Pic American dentist, Neibaur Alexander 
Al Neiburg American composer, songwriter:lyricist, Neiburg Al 
Aryeh Neier Pic German-born American president of Open Society Institute,  Neier Aryeh 
Solomon Neifakh RWC Pic Belorusian-born Soviet biochemist,  Neifakh Solomon 
Raphaela Neihausen Pic American filmmaker, producer, Neihausen Raphaela 
Vladimir Neiland RWF Pic Russian engineering scholar, Neiland Vladimir 
Julia Neilson Pic British stage actress, (Jewish mother) Neilson Julia 
Abram Neiman RWF RWF Moldovan-born German/French inventor, entrepreneur, Neiman Abram
Abraham Neiman Pic American co-founder of Neiman-Marcus Co., Neiman Al/Carrie
Carry Neiman Pic American businessperson, Neiman Carry
Isaak Neiman RWF Pic Soviet engineering scholar, Neiman Isaak 
Isak Neiman Neiman Isak 
Matvey Neiman RWF Pic Soviet stage actor, Neiman Matvey 
Mikhail Neiman RWF Pic Soviet physicist, karaim, Neiman Mikhail 
Moisey Neiman Soviet chemist, Neiman Moisey 
Susan Neiman Pic American moral philosopher, cultural commentator, essayist, Neiman Susan
Susan Neiman American philosopher, Neiman Susan
Victor Neiman RWF Soviet okeanologist, Neiman Victor 
Yakov Neishtadt RWF Pic Russian-born Israeli chess master, Neishtadt Yakov
Albert Neisser RWF Pic Polish-born German physician, bacteriologist, gonorrhoea, Neisser Albert 
Ulric Neisser RWF Pic German-born American cognitive psychologist, (Jewish father), Neisser Ulric 
Casey Neistat Pic American filmmaker, Neistat Casey 
Van Neistat Pic American filmmaker, Neistat Van 
Ernst Neizvestny RWF Pic Russian-born American sculptor, Neizvestny Ernst 
Nikita Nekrasov Pic Russian-born American mathematical physicist, Nekrasov Nikita
Nikita Nekrasov Pic Soviet-born French American mathematical physicist, string theorist, Nekrasov Nikita 
Emmanuil Nelin RWF Pic Soviet actor, Nelin Emmanuil 
Nina Nelina RWF Pic Soviet opera singer, soprano, (Jewish father) Nelina Nina 
Maud Nelke Pic British sociality, art patron, Nelke Maud 
Margarita Nelken Pic Spanish feminist, writer, Nelken Margarita
Stacey Nelkin Pic American film/television actress, Nelkin Stacey
Bob Nelson Croatian painter, director stage designer, costume designer, cartoonist, Nelson Bob
Ian Nelson Pic American film/television actror, Nelson Ian 
Joshua Nelson Pic American gospel singer, Nelson Joshua
Judd Nelson Pic American film/stage/television actor, Nelson Judd 
Julio Jorge Nelson Pic Argentine tango musician, Nelson Julio Jorge
Leonard Nelson Pic German philosopher, mathematician, Nelson Leonard
Nathan Nelson Pic Israeli molecular biologist, biochemist, Nelson Nathan
Rudolf Nelson Pic German composer, kabarettist, Nelson Rudolf
Sandy Nelson Pic American session drummer, Nelson Sandy 
Zara Nelsova Pic Canadian-born American cellist, Nelsova Zara
Iosif Neman RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet airplane designer, Neman Iosif 
Mark Nemenman Pic Belarusian-born Soviet computer scientist, Nemenman Mark 
Leonid Nemenov RWE Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian physicist, (Jewish father) Nemenov Leonid 
Mikhail Nemenov RWM Pic Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, Nemenov Mikhail 
Gerta Nemenova RWE German-born Russian painter, (Jewish father) Nemenova Gerta
Ambrus Nemenyi Hungarian politician, journalist, MP 1887-92, Nemenyi Ambrus
Paul Nemenyi RWC Pic Croatian-born Hungarian American physicist, Nemenyi Paul 
Peter Nemenyi Pic German-born American mathematician, statistician, Nemenyi Peter 
Charles Nemeroff Pic American psychiatrist, Nemeroff Charles 
Alexander Nemerov Pic American art historian, Nemerov Alexander 
Howard Nemerov HW Pic American poet, author, editor, Nemerov Howard 
Endre Nemes Pic Hungarian-born Swedish artist, Nemes Endre
Laszlo Nemes Pic Hungarian-born film director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) Nemes Laszlo 
Abraham Nemeth Pic American mathematician, inventor, Nemeth Abraham 
Nathan Nemetz Pic Canadian Chief Justice in British Columbia, Nemetz Nathan 
George Nemhauser Pic American operations researcher, Nemhauser George
Robert Nemiroff American librettist, Nemiroff Robert 
Arkadi Nemirovski Pic Russian-born Israeli scientist, Nemirovski Arkadi 
Alexander Nemirovsky RWE Pic Moldovan-born Soviet/Russian historian, translator, Nemirovsky Alexander 
David Nemirovsky Canadian ice hockey player, Nemirovsky David 
Irene Nemirovsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born French novelist, biographer, Nemirovsky Irene 
Yakov Nemirovsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Nemirovsky Yakov 
Marty Nemko Pic American career coach, author, columnist, Nemko Marty 
Oscar Nemon Pic Croatian-born British sculptor, Nemon Oscar 
Boris Nemtsov RWF HW Pic Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, (Jewish mother) Nemtsov Boris 
Ian Nepomniachtchi Pic Russian chess grandmaster, Nepomniachtchi Ian
Mikhail Nepomnyashchi RWE Pic Russian military, hero of Soviet Union, Nepomnyashchi Mikhail 
Albert Nerenberg Pic Canadian documentary filmmaker, actor, journalist,    Nerenberg Albert 
Moshe-Zvi Neria HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, educator, founder/head of Bnei Akiva movement, Neria Moshe-Zvi 
Yuval Neria RWC HW Pic Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, psychiatrist, Neria Yuval 
Neriah and his son [[Baruch]] the scribe of [[Jeremiah (prophet)|Jeremiah]] Neriah BibFigures
Marc Nerlove RWF Pic American economist, econometrics, Nerlove Marc 
Peter Nero Pic American pianist,  pops conductor, Nero Peter
Derren Nesbitt Pic British film/television actor, Nesbitt Derren 
John Neschling RWF Pic Brazilian conductor, composer, Neschling John 
Pedro Neschling Pic Brazilian actor, director, writer, (Jewish father) Neschling Pedro
Avi Nesher RWF HW Pic Israeli film director, producer, screenwriter,    Nesher Avi 
Doron Nesher HW Pic Israeli actor, entertainer, radio broadcaster, television presenter, screenwriter, dorector, Nesher Doron 
Alexander Nesis RWF Pic Rassian founder of ICT Group, Nesis Alexander 
Mike Ness Pic American guitarist, vocalist, Social Destortion, Ness Mike 
Norman Ness Pic American geophysicist, ??? Ness Norman 
Count Karl Nesselrode RWC Pic Portugese-born Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs 1814-56, (Jewish mother) Nesselrode Karl
Ron Nessen Pic American journalist, White House Press Secretary 1974-77 Ford Nessen Ron 
Barbara Nessim Pic American artist, illustrator, teacher, Nessim Barbara 
Netanela HW Pic Israeli singer, songwriter, Netanela
Benjamin Netanyahu RWF HW Pic Israeli prime minister of Israel 1996-99 2009- Netanyahu Benjamin 
Benzion Netanyahu RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli historian,  Netanyahu Benzion
Elisha Netanyahu RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli mathematician,   Netanyahu Elisha
Iddo Netanyahu HW Pic Israeli radiologist, doctor, author, playwright,   Netanyahu Iddo
Yonatan Netanyahu RWF HW Pic American-born Israeli military officer, Operation Entebbe, Netanyahu Jonatan
Nathan Netanyahu HW Pic Israeli computer scientist, Netanyahu Nathan
Sara Netanyahu Pic Israely psychologist, wife of Prime Minister, Netanyahu Sara 
Sarah Netanyahu Pic Israeli psychologist, Netanyahu Sarah
Shoshana Netanyahu HW Pic German/Polish-born Israeli Supreme Court Justice 1982-93 , lawyer, Netanyahu Shoshana 
Yoni Netanyahu Pic Israeli commander of Operation Entebbe, killed in action Netanyahu Yoni 
Hankus Netsky Pic American klezmer musician, teacher, composer, Netsky Hankus 
Charles Netter HW Pic French zionist, founding member of Alioance Israelite Universelle, Netter Charles 
Claude Netter RWC Pic French foil fencer, Netter Claude 
Paul Nettl Pic Czech musicologist, Nettl Paul 
Amnon Netzer Pic Iranian Israeli historian ,linguist, iranologist, Netzer Amnon
Dvora Netzer RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Netzer Dvora 
Effi Netzer HW Pic Israeli composer, songwriter, Netzer Efi
Ehud Netzer Pic Israeli architect, archaeologist, Netzer Ehud
Michael Netzer Pic American Israeli artist, (convert to Judaism) Netzer Michael 
Keren Neubach Pic Israeli journalist, television presenter,  Neubach Keren 
Keren Neubach HW Pic Israeli journalist, television presenter,  Neubach Keren 
Adolf Neubauer HW Pic Hungarian-born British librarian, bibliographer, Neubauer Adolf 
Joseph Neubauer Pic Israeli-born American CEO/chairman of Alamark Corporation, Neubauer Joseph 
Carl Neuberg RWF Pic German biochemist, Neuberg Carl 
Adolf Neuberger Pic Slovak-born British librarian, Neuberger Adolph
Albert Neuberger Pic German-born British biochemist, Neuberger Albert 
Anthony Neuberger Pic British finance scholar, Neuberger Anthony 
Baron David Neuberger Pic Brirish President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom 2012- , Neuberger David 
James Neuberger Pic British physician, medical scientist, Neuberger James
Baroness Julia Neuberger Pic British Reform rabbi, Neuberger Julia
Leah Neuberger Pic American tennis player, Neuberger Leah 
Michael Neuberger Pic British biochemist, immunologist, Neuberger Michael 
Richard Neuberger Pic American senator, 1955-60, Neuberger Richard 
Roy Neuberger Pic Anmerican financier, art collector, arts patron, Neuberger & Berman, Neuberger Roy 
Bert Neuborne Pic American civil liberties defender, Neuborne  Bert 
Victor Neuburg British historian, literary critic, Neuburg Victor
Victor B. Neuburg Pic British poet, writer, Neuburg Victor B.
Max Neuburger RWF Pic Austrian-born medical historian, Neuburger Max
Hillel Neuer Pic Canadian executive director of UN Watch, Neuer Hillel 
Elizabeth Neufeld HW Pic American geneticist, Neufeld Elizabeth 
Henry Neufeld HW Pic Israeli cardiologist, Neufeld Henry 
Josh Neufeld Pic American alternative cartoonist, commercial illustrator, Neufeld Josh 
Mace Neufeld Pic American film/television producer,    Neufeld Mace 
Peter Neufeld Pic American co-founder 1992 of The Innocence Project, Neufeld Peter 
Bernice Neugarten Pic American psychologist, Neugarten Bernice 
Gerald Neugebauer Pic German-born American astronomer, Neugebauer Gerald 
Otto Neugebauer RWF Pic Austrian-born American mathematician, historian of science, Neugebauer Otto 
Jay Neugeboren Pic American writer, Neugeboren Jay 
Joachim Neugroschel Pic Austrian-born American translator, poet, Neugroschel Joachim
David Neuhaus Pic South African-born Israeli Roman Catholic priest, Neuhaus David 
Heinrich Neuhaus RWF Pic Russian/Soviet pianist, (Jewish mother) Neuhaus Heinrich
Fritz Neuland Pic German lawyer, senator 1951-69, Neuland Fritz 
Baron Adolf Neuman Hungarian manufacturer, Neuman Adolf
Andres Neuman Pic Argentine writer, poet, translator, columnist, blogger, (Jewish father) Neuman Andres
Molly Neuman Pic American rock drummer, Neuman Molly 
Shlomo Neuman Pic Czech-born American hydrologist, earth resources engineering, Neuman Shlomo 
Abraham Neumann Pic Polish painter, Neumann Abraham 
Adam Neumann Pic Israeli-born American co-founder of WeWork, WeWork Neumann Adam 
Adi Neumann HW Pic Israeli model, Neumann Adi
Alfred Neumann Pic German writer, playwright, screenwriter, translator, Neumann Alfred 
Angelo Neumann HW Pic Austrian-born theater director, impresario, singer, Neumann Angelo 
Bernhard Neumann Pic German-born British mathematician, Neumann Bernhard 
Elsa Neumann RWC Pic German physicist, Neumann Elsa
Erich Neumann RWF Pic German-born Swiss Israeli psychologist, philosopher, Neumann Erich 
Franz Neumann Pic Polish/German-born German American political scientist,  Neumann Franz 
Gerhard Neumann Pic German-born American aviation engineer, Neumann Gerhard 
Hans Neumann German philologist, Neumann Hans
Hugo Neumann Pic German jurist, politician, Neumann Hugo
Hugo Newman Pic German pediatrician, Neumann Hugo
Isidor von Neumann Pic Austrian dermatologist, Neumann Isidor von
John von Neumann RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American mathematician, game theory, linear programming,computer science, Neumann John von
Karl Neumann Pic German historian, orientalist, translator, Neumann Karl 
Karl Eugen Neumann Pic Austrian translator, Neumann Karl Eugen
Michael Neumann Pic Canadian philosopher, Neumann Michael 
Paul Neumann Pic German-born Attorney General of Kingdom of Hawaii 1883-86 1892 Neumann Paul 
Paul Neumann HW Pic Austrian swimmer, Neumann Paul 
Rivka Neumann Pic Israeli stage/film/television actress, Neumann Rivka 
Robert Neumann Pic Austrian-born American politician, diplomat, ambassador to Afganistan, Morocco , Saudi Arabia, Neumann Robert 
Ronald Neumann Pic American ambassador to Afghanistan 2005-07, Bahrain 2001-07, Algeria 1994-97, Neumann Ronald 
Sigmund Neumann Pic German politicak scientist, sociologist, Neumann Sigmund 
Victor Neumann HW Pic Romanian historian, political analyst,  Neumann Victor
Heinrich Neumann von Hethars Pic Hungarian/Slovak ear, nose, throat physician, Neumann von Hethars Heinrich
Marina von Neumann Whitman RWF Pic American economist, company executive, Neumann Whitman Marina  von
Daniel Neumark Pic American chemist, ??? Neumark Daniel 
David Neumark RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born American philosopher, Neumark David 
Zach Neumeyer American co-founder 1984/chairman of Sage Hospitality Resources, Neumeyer Zack 
Eduardo Augusto Neuparth RWC Pic Portuguese military, politician, Navy Minister, Vice Admiral, Neuparth Eduardo Augusto
Hans Neurath RWF Pic Austrian-born American biochemist, Neurath Hans
Otto Neurath RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British philosopher of science, sociologist, political economist, (Jewish father) Neurath Otto 
Walter Neurath Austrian-born British founder 1949 of Thames and Hudson Ltd. Neurath Walter 
Wilhelm Neurath Slovakian-born Austrian political economist, Neurath Wilhelm
Neurath von Neudenegg Neurath von Neudenegg
Norman Neureiter American  science policy advicer, ??? Neureiter Norman 
Kornel Neuschloss-Knusli Hungarian architect, Neuschloss-Knusli Kornel
Jacob de Neuschotz HW Pic Romanian banker, Neuschotz Jacob de
Ernst Neuschul Pic Czech-bprn German painter, dancer, Neuschul Ernst
Jacob Neusner Pic American biblical scholar, prolific writer,     Neusner Jacob 
Bernardo Neustadt Pic Romanian-born Argentine journalist, Neustadt Bernardo 
Lucien Neustadt German-born French American engineering scholar, Neustadt Lucien
Scott Neustadter Pic American screenwriter, producer, Neustadter Scott
Joshua Neustein Pic Polish-born Israeli American visual artist, Neustein Joshua
Marian Neuteich Pic Polish conductor, cellist, composer, Neuteich Marian 
Dion Neutra Pic American architect, Neutra Dion
Richard Neutra RWF Pic Austrian-born American architect, Neutra Richard 
Bebe Neuwirth RWF HW Pic American theater, television/ film actress, singer, dancer, Neuwirth Bebe 
Paul Nevai Pic American mathematician, Nevai Paul 
Lob Nevakhovich RWE HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian writer, educator, translator, Nevakhovich Lob
Nikolai Nevakhovich RWC Russian military commander, lieutenant general, ??? Nevakhovich Nikolai 
Eitan Neveh Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Neveh Eitan 
Louise Nevelson RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American sculptor, Nevelson Louise 
Anita Neville Pic British Liberal MP 2000-11, Neville Anita 
Al Nevins Pic American guitarist, record producer, Aldon Music, Nevins Al 
David Nevins Pic American producer, executive, screenwriter, Imagine Entertainment, Showtime Networks, Nevins David 
Joseph Nevins American geneticist, molecular biologist, ??? Nevins Joseph 
Sheila Nevins Pic Ameican television producer, executive, HBO Documentary Films, Nevins Sheila
Aviv Nevo Pic Romanian-born Israeli venture capitalist, major shareholder of Time-Warner, Nevo Aviv 
Daniel Nevo RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Jordan 2009- , Nevo Daniel 
Eran Nevo Pic Israeli mathematician, Nevo Eran 
Eshkol Nevo Pic Israeli writer,    Nevo Eshkol 
Eviatar Nevo HW Pic Israeli evolutionary biologist, Nevo Evitar
Ruth Nevo HW South African-born Israeli scholar, English literature, Nevo Ruth 
Yehuda Nevo Israeli archaeologist, orientalist, Nevo Yehuda 
David Nevstruyev RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military factory director, major general, Nevstruyev David 
Semyon Nevstruyev RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military factory director, Nevstruyev Semyon 
Isaak Nevyashsky RWF Polish-born Soviet radio technician, engineering scholar, Nevyashsky Isaak 
Leonid Nevzlin RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli president of Russian Jewish Congress 2001-04, Yukos, Nevzlin Leonid 
Andrew Newberg Pic American neuroscientist, Newberg Andrew 
Rich Newberg Pic American television journalist, news anchor,   Newberg Rich 
Rebecca Newberger Goldstein RWF HW Pic American writer, philosopher,  Newberger Goldstein Rebecca 
Stuart Newblatt American federal judge,  Newblatt Stuart 
Michael Newdow Pic American attorney, emergency medicine physician, Newdow Michael 
Jack Newfield Pic American journalist, writer, Newfield Jack 
Sam Newfield Pic American director, producer,    Newfield Sam 
Alana Newhouse Pic American writer, editor, Newhouse Alana
Donald Newhouse Pic American co-owner of Advance Publications, Newhouse Donald 
Joseph Newhouse Pic American economist, health policy scholar, Newhouse Joseph 
Samuel Newhouse Pic American entrepreneur, mining magnate, Bingham Canyon Mine, Newhouse Samuel 
Samuel Newhouse, Jr Pic American chairman/CEO of Advance Publications, Newhouse, Jr Samuel 
Samuel Irving Newhouse, Sr Pic American founder of Advance Educations, Newhouse, Sr Samuel Irving
Annalee Newitz Pic American journalist, writer, Newitz Annalee 
Anthony Newley RWF Pic British actor, singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) Newley Anthony 
Tara Newley Pic British singer, (half-Jewish mother & father) Newley Tara 
Alfred Newman RWF HW Pic American film score composer, conductor, Newman Alfred 
Arnold Newman Pic American photographer,   Newman Arnold 
Barnett Newman Pic American artist, sculptor, anarchist, Newman Barnett 
Barry Newman Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Newman Barry 
Charles Newman Pic American mathematician, physicist, Newman Charles 
Charles Newman American guitarist, songwriter, record producer, Newman Charles 
Colin Newman Pic British guitarist, vocalist, record producer/label owner, Newman Colin
David Newman Pic British-born Israeli political geographer, Newman David 
David Newman Pic American composer,  conductor , (Jewish father) Newman David 
Ed Newman Pic American football player, Newman Ed 
Edwin Newman Pic American journalist, writer, television anchor, Newman Edwin 
Emil Newman Pic American composer, conductor, Newman Emil
Fred Newman Pic American philosopher, psychotherapist, playwright, political activist, International Workers Party, Newman Fred
Gary Newman American co-chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, Newman Gary 
Herb Newman American co-founder 1955 of Liberty Records, Newman Herb 
Hillel Newman Israeli ambassador to Uzbekistan,    Newman Hillel 
Immanuel Newman American president of American Zionist Organization 1956-58, Newman Immanuel 
Isidore Newman American philanthropist, founder 1897 of Maison Blanche department store, Newman Isidore
Jaime Ray Newman RWF Pic American film/television actress, jazz singer, Newman Jaime Ray
James Newman Pic American actor, Newman James 
Jay Newman Pic American-born Canadian philosopher, Newman Jay 
Jeff Newman Pic American baseball player, Newman Jeff 
Joey Newman American film composer,arranger, conductor, Newman Joey
Jon Newman American appeals judge,  Newman Jon 
Jonathan Newman British film director, Newman Jonathan 
Joseph Newman Pic industrial, manufacturing & operational systems, ??? Newman Joseph 
Laraine Newman RWF Pic American film/television actress, comedian,   Newman Laraine 
Leopold Newman RWC American military commander, brigadier general, Newman Leopold 
Leslea Newman Pic American author, editor, Newman Leslea 
Lionel Newman HW Pic American film score composer, conductor, pianist, Newman Lionel 
Lotte Newman Pic German-born president of Royal College of General Practitioners Newman Lotte 
Maria Newman Pic American musician, composer, (Jewish father) Newman Maria 
Marvin Newman Pic American artist, photographer,   Newman Marvin
Maurice Newman Pic British-born Australian Chancellor of Macquarie University   -2008, Newman Maurice 
Max Newman RWF Pic British mathematician, codebreaker, (Jewish father) Newman Max
Melvin Newman Pic American organic chemist, Newman Melvin 
Otto Newman Pic Austrian-born British American sociologist, Newman Otto
Paul Newman RWF HW Pic American actor, film director, (Jewish father) Newman Paul 
Pauline Newman Pic Lithuanian-born  American organizer of International Ladies Garment Workers Union Newman Pauline 
Peter Newman Pic Austrian-born Canadian journalist, author, Newman Peter 
Phyllis Newman Pic American actress, singer, Newman Phyllis 
Randy Newman RWF HW Pic American film scores composer, singer/songwriter, pianist, Newman Randy 
Ryan Newman Pic American actress, singer, model, (half Jewish) Newman Ryan
Scott Newman Pic American film/television actor, stunman, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Newman Scott
Stanford Newman Pic American chairman of J.C. Newman Cigar Co., Newman Stanford 
Sydney Newman Pic Canadian film/television producer, director,      Newman Sydney 
Thomas Newman RWF HW Pic American film score composer, singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Newman Thomas 
Tracy Newman Pic American producer, television writer, singer/songwriter, Newman Tracy
Walter Newman American philanthropist,   Newman Walter 
Andy Newmark Pic American session drummer, (Jewish father), Sly and the Family Stone, Newmark Andy 
Brooks Newmark RWC Pic British Conservative MP 2005- , Newmark Brooks 
Craig Newmark HW Pic American Internet entrepreneur, blogger, writer, Craiglist, Newmark Craig 
David Neumark Pic American economist, Newmark David 
Harris Newmark Pic German-born American businessman, philanthropist, historian, Newmark Harris
Nathan Newmark Pic American engineer, civil engineering,  Newmark Nathan 
Arthur Newmyer American newspaper publisher, Newmyer Arthur 
John Newsinger Pic British historian, Newsinger John
John Newsinger Pic British historian, Newsinger John
Helmut Newton RWE Pic German-born Australian nudes photographer, Newton Helmut 
Juice Newton Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Newton Juice 
Olivia Newton-John RWF Pic British born Australian actress, singer, (Jewish mother 37.5%) Newton-John Olivia 
Alexander Ney HW Pic Russian-born American painter, sculptor, Ney Alexander 
Nora Ney Pic Polish film actress, Ney Nora
Morteza Neydavoud Pic Iranian musician, composer, Neydavoud Morteza
Eva Neymann RWF Pic Ukrainian German film director, Neymann Eva 
Sloan Nibley Pic American screenwriter, (Jewish grandmother) Nibley Sloan 
Pete Nice Pic American rapper, 3rd Bass, Nice Pete
Dan Nichols Pic American singer/songwriter, (convert to Judaism) Nichols Dan
Marisol Nichols Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father) Nichols Marisol 
Mike Nichols RWF HW Pic German-born American film director, producer, writer, actor, comedian, Nichols Mike 
Rachel Nichols Pic American sportswriter, broadcaster, Nichols Rachel 
Arthur Nicolaier Pic German internist, Nicolaier Arthur 
Alexandru Nicolschi RWC Pic Romanian security officer, lieutenant general, Deputy Minister, Nicolschi Alexandru
Jean Nidech Pic American co-founder of Weight Watchers, Nidech Jean 
Thomas Nides Pic Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources 2009- Nides Thomas 
Jean Nidetch Pic American entrepreneur, co-founder of Weight Watchers, Nidetch Jean 
Galt Niederhoffer Pic American film producer, novelist, Niederhoffer Galt 
Roy Niederhoffer Pic American hedge fund manager, Niederhoffer Roy 
Victor Niederhoffer Pic American fund manager, Niederhoffer Victor 
Xavier Niel HW Pic French internet entrepreneur, (Jewish mother) Niel Xavier 
Carl Niemann American chemist, ??? Niemann Carl 
Oscar Niemeyer RWF HW Pic Brazilian architect, Niemeyer Oscar 
Jacob Niemirower HW Pic Romanian senator 1927- , rabbi Niemirower Jacob 
William Nierenberg American physicist, ocanographer, administrator, ??? Nierenberg William 
Leonardo Nierman Pic Mexican painter, sculptor, Nierman Leonardo 
Frederik van Nierop Pic Dutch banker, politician, MP 1899-1922, Nierop Frederik van
David Nieto Pic Italian-born British rabbi, Nieto David 
Isaac Nieto British rabbi, Nieto Isaac
Shmuel Niger Pic Belarusian-born Yiddish writer, literary critic, historian, Niger Shmuel
Candice Night Pic American vocalist, lyricist, Night Candice 
Lea Nikel RWE HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli painter, Nikel Lea 
David Nikhamin RWC Pic Belarusian-born Soviet fighter ace, Nikhamin David 
Roy Nikisch RWC Pic Argentine Governor of Chaco 2003- , Nikisch Roy 
Genia Nikolajewa Pic Russian-born German film actress, Nikolajewa Genia
Paul Nikolaus Cossmann Pic German journalist, Nikolaus Cossmann Paul 
Rina Nikova Pic Russian-born Israeli dancer, choreographer, Nikova Rina
Solomon Nikritin RWE Pic Ukrainian-born painter, graphic artist, designer, author, Nikritin Solomon
Lev Nikulin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet writer, journalist, Nikulin Lev 
Valentin Nikulin RWN Pic Soviet/Russian Israeli stage/film actor,   Nikulin Valentin 
Yury Nikulin RWN Soviet playwright, Nikulin Yury
David Niles Pic Presidential aide Roosevelt Truman Niles David 
Prescott Niles Pic American rock bassist, The Knack, Niles Prescott
Matthew Nimetz Pic American diplomat, Nimetz Mathew
Riva Nimitz Pic Brazilian film/television actress, Nimitz Riva 
Avi Nimni Pic Israeli footballer, Nimni Avi 
Adam Nimoy Pic American television director, Nimoy Adam
Jeff Nimoy Pic American voice actor, writer, television producer,  Nimoy Jeff 
Leonard Nimoy RWF HW Pic American film/television actor/director, poet, photographer, Nimoy Leonard 
Ofer Nimrodi HW Pic Iranian-born Israeli businessman, publisher, Nimrodi Ofer
Yaakov Nimrodi HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli businessman, Maariv, Nimrodi Yaakov 
Aron Nimzowitsch RWE HW Pic Latvian-born Danish  chess player, pioneer of hypermodern style, Nimzovich Aron 
Achinoam Nini RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, Nini Achinoam 
Anat Ninio Pic Israeli psychologist, cognitive scientist, Ninio Anat
Henry Ninio Pic Egyptian-born Australian mayor of Adelaide 1993-97, Ninio Henry
Amiram Nir Pic Israeli journalist,  Nir Amiram
Avi Nir Israeli ambassador to Cameroon, Nir Avi 
Dov Nir HW Pic Israeli geographer, Nir Dov 
Nahum Nir RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician,   Nir Nahum 
Zvi Nir Pic Romanian-born Israeli lawyer, politician,   Nir Zvi 
Romeo Niram Pic Romanian painter, magazine editor,    Niram Romeo 
David Nirenberg Pic American historian, Nirenberg David 
Louis Nirenberg RWF Pic Canadian-born American mathematician, Nirenberg Louis 
Marshall Nirenberg RWF HW Pic American biochemist, geneticist, Nobel Prize (1968) medicine, breaking of genetic code, Nirenberg Marshall 
Sheila Nirenberg Pic American neuroscientist, Nirenberg Sheila 
Pola Nirenska Pic Polish-born American choreographer, teacher, Nirenska Pola 
Fiamma Nirenstein HW Pic Italian journalist, politician, MP 2008- Nirenstein  Fiamma 
Mordechai Nisan Pic Israeli historian, Nisan Mordechai 
Noam Nisan HW Pic Israeli computer scientist, Nisan Noam
God Nisanov RWF Pic Russian businessman, Nisanov God 
Esther Nisenthal Krinitz Pic Polish artist, Nisenthal Krinitz Esther 
Zvi Nishri Pic Russian-born Palestinian/Israeli educator, Nishri Zvi
Eliahu Nisim president of Open University of Israel , Nisim Eliahu 
Arnaldo Niskier HW Pic Brazilian journalist, writer,   Niskier Arnaldo
Arnaldo Niskier HW Pic Brazilian author, Niskier Arnaldo 
Alberto Nisman Pic Argentine prosecutor, Nisman Alberto
Daniel Nisman American-born Israeli journalist, political commentator, Nisman Daniel
Alfred Nisonoff Pic American immunologist, Nisonoff Alfred 
Siegmund Nissel Pic Austrian-born British violinist, Nissel Siegmund 
Lazar Nisselevich RWE Pic Latvian-born politician, public figure, lawyer, MP 1907- Duma, Nisselevich Lazar 
Aleksandr Nisselson RWE Soviet/Russian architect, Nisselson Aleksandr 
Rudolph Nissen Pic Polish-born surgeon, Nissen Rudolph
Henriette Nissen-Saloman Pic Swedish opera singer, soprano, stage actress, Nissen-Saloman Henriette 
Hugh Nissenson Pic American writer, actor, Nissenson Hugh 
Kobbi Nissim Pic Israeli computer scientist, Nissim Kobbi 
Moshe Nissim RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance, Nissim Moshe 
Yosha Nissim HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Cyprus, Ivory Coast, Macedonia, Nissim Yosha 
Nissim of Gerona Spanish talmudist, bible commentator, physician, astronomer, Nissim of Gerona
Abraham Nitzan HW Pic Israeli physical chemist, Nitzan Avraham
Meir Nitzan RWF Pic Romanian-born Israeli mayor of Rishon Lezion 1983-2008, Nitzan Meir
Shlomo Nitzan HW Pic Israeli actor, broadcaster, entertainer, Nitzan Shlomo 
Shlomo Nitzani RWC HW Pic Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Nitzani Shlomo 
Yaakov Nitzani RWF HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli politician, Nitzani Yaakov 
Yair Nitzani HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, musician, comedian, television host, Nitzani Yair 
Alexander Nitzberg RWF Pic Soviet/Russian poet, translator, Nitzberg Alexander 
Julien Nitzberg Pic American film/theater director, sreenwriter, Nitzberg Julien 
Amnon Niv RWF Pic Israeli architect, urban designer, Niv  Amnon
Lisa Niver Rajna Pic American travel writer/broadcaster, travel agent, Niver Rajna Lisa
Alessandro Nivola Pic American actor, producer, (Jewish father) Nivola Alessandro 
Paul Nizan RWF Pic French philosopher, writer, Nizan Paul
Louis Nizer American trial lawyer,   Nizer Louis 
Yael Nizri Israeli model, Miss Israel 2006, Nizri Yael 
Manfred Noa German film director, production designer, Noa Manfred 
Manuel Noah HW Pic American politician, journalist, diplomat, playwright, Noah Manuel 
Peter Noah Pic American television writer/producer, (Jewish father) Noah Peter 
Timothy Noah Pic American journalist, (Jewish father) Noah Timothy 
Timothy Noah Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish father) Noah Timothy 
Eli Noam RWF Pic Israeli-born American finance scholar, Noam Eli
Amanda Noar Pic British actress, choreographer, producer, Noar Amanda 
David Noble Pic Canadian historian of technology, Noble David 
Shy Nobleman Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist, record producer, actor, Nobleman Shy 
Linda Nochlin HW Pic American art historian, Nochlin Linda 
Wolph Nodel RWC Pic Belarusian-born People's Commissar of Belarusian Soviet Republic 1922-24, Nodel Wolph 
Martin Nodell Pic American cartoonist, Nodell Martin 
A.A. Nodelman Soviet military factory director, Nodelman A.A. 
Leo Noe HW Pic British real estate investor, partner of REIT Asset Management, Noe Leo 
Emmy Noether RWF HW Pic German mathematician, high algebra, Noether Emmy 
Fritz Noether RWF Pic German-born mathematician, Noether Fritz 
Max Noether RWN Pic German mathematician, algebraic geometry Noether Max
Akiva Nof HW Pic Israeli politician,   Nof Akiva 
Bernardino Nogara Pic Italian economist, fonancial adviser to the Vatican 1929-54, Nogara Bernardino 
Lev Nogid RWC Polish-born Soviet engineer, shipbuilder, Nogid Lev 
Jean-Pierre Noher Pic French stage/film/television actor, Noher Jean-Pierre
Romi Noimark HW Pic Israeli radio broadcaster, television news presenter, Noimark Romi 
Orit Noked RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, lawyer, Noked Orit 
Kenneth Noland Pic American abstract painter, ??? Noland Kenneth 
Dietter Noll Pic German writer, (Jewish maternal grandparent) Noll Dieter
Roni Noma RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Noma Roni 
Hirsz Nomberg HW Pic Polish politician, Nomberg Hirsz 
Ebrahim Daoud Nonoo Pic member of National Assembly of Bahrain 2000 Nonoo Ebrahim Daoud
Houda Ezra Nonoo HW Pic member of National Assembly of Bahrain, human rights activist Nonoo Houda Ezra
Diane Noomin Pic American cartoonist, Noomin Diane 
Pierre Nora RWF Pic French historian, Nora Pierre
Max Nordau RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born co founder of World Zionist Organisation 1905-11, Nordau Max 
Albert Norden Pic German politician, Norden Albert 
Denis Norden Pic British television presenter, writer, playwright, Norden Denis 
Eduard Norden RWF HW Pic German linguist, hisorian of religion, Norden Eduard 
Mark Nordenberg Pic Chancellor of University of Pittsburgh 1995- Nordenberg Mark 
Helena Nordheim RWF Pic Dutch gymnast, Nordheim Helena 
Lothar Nordheim Pic German-born American theoretical physicist, Nordheim Lothar 
Issac Nordheimer German-born American biblical scholar, Nordheimer Isaac
Eduard Nordman RWC Pic Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, ??? Nordman Eduard 
Armand von Nordmann RWC French-born Austrian general, Field Marshall, Nordmann Armand von
Leon Nordmann Swiss co-founder 1902 of Manor AG, Nordmann Leon 
Philippe Nordmann Swiss chairman of Manor AG, Nordmann Philippe 
Andy Narell Pic American jazz composer,  Norell Andy 
Norman Norell Pic American fashion designer, Norell Norman 
Amikam Norkin RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Norkin Amikam 
Dorothy Norman Pic American photographer,  editor, writer, arts patron, Norman Dorothy
Howard Norman American writer, educator, translator, Norman Howard 
Monty Norman HW Pic British lyricist, film composer, singer,   Norman Monty 
Monty Norman HW Pic British-born singer, film score composer, Norman Monty 
Paul Norman American pornographic director, Norman Paul
Fernao de Noronho Portuguese explorer, Noronho Fernao de
Henry Norr Pic American technology journalist, Norr Henry 
Hannah Norsa Pic British actress,   Norsa Hannah 
Harold Norse Pic American poet, Norse Harold 
Yuri Norstein RWF Pic Soviet/Russian animator, Norstein Yuri 
Alex North HW Pic American film composer, (Jewish father) North Alex 
Mieczyslaw Norwid-Neugebauer RWC Pic Polish Minister of Public Works 1930-32, major-general, Norwid-Neugebauer Mieczyslaw 
Harry Norwitch Pic Ukrainian-born American labor organazer, politician, Norwitch Harry 
Jack Norworth Pic American singer/songwriter, vaudeville performer, Norworth Jack 
Guy Nosbaum French rower, coxed-fours, Nosbaum Guy 
Anton Nosik RWE Pic Russian-born Israeli journalist, entrepreneur, public activist, Nosik Anton
Charles Noski American executive VP/CFO 2010- of Bank of America, Noski Charles 
Naum Noskovich RWM Pic Soviet military executive, major general, Noskovich Naum 
Rolf Noskwith Pic German-born British cryptographer, businessman, Noskwith Rolf
Naum Nosovsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet factory executive, major-general, Nosovsky Naum 
Sir Gustav Nossal Pic Austrian-born Australian biologist, (Jewish father) Nossal Gustav
Nancy Nossal Pic American biochemist, molecular biologist, ??? Nossal Nancy 
Max Nosseck Pic German film director, actor, screenwriter, Nosseck Max
Alfred Nossig RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born  sculptor, musician, writer, public activist, Nazi collobarator, Nossig Alfred 
Michel Nostradamus RWF Pic French physician, astrologer, seer of the Future, Nostradamus Michel 
Frank Notestein Pic American demographer, ??? Notestein Frank 
Johann Benjamin Nothnagel Pic German painter, Nothnagel Johann Benjamin
Iosif Notkin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, historian of architecture, Notkin Iosif 
Nicolas Notovich Pic Russian aristocrat, spy, journalist, Notovich Nicolas
Osip Notovich Pic Russian author, journalist, publisher, Notovich Osip
Ramsey Nouah Pic Nigerian actor, (Jewish father) Nouah Ramsey
Louise Noun Pic American feminist, social activist, philanthropist, civil libertarian, Noun Louise 
Debi Nova RWC Pic Costa Rican-born American singer/songwriter, Nova Debi 
Ana Novac HW Pic Romanian-born French playwright, author, Novac Ana 
George Novack Pic American communist politician, marxist theoretican, Novack George
Ken Novack American lawyer,  Novack Ken 
Shelly Novack Pic American actor, football player, Novack Shelly 
B.J. Novak RWF HW Pic American actor, stand-up comedian, television writer, producer, Novak B.J.
Grigory Novak RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian weightlifter, middle-heavy Novak Grigory 
Robert Novak Pic American journalist, television commentator, Novak Robert 
Eva Novakova Pic Czech politician, Novakova Eva 
David Novarchuk RWC Soviet military executive, major general, Novarchuk David 
Alexander Nove Pic Russian-born British economic historian, Nove Alexander 
Charles Nove Pic British journalist, radio/television announcer, Nove Charles 
Brett Novek Pic American fashion model, actor, Novek Brett 
Bill Novey Pic American special effects guru, cinema, Novey Bill 
Seva Novgorodsev Pic Russian-born British radio presenter,    Novgorodsev Seva 
Enrique Novi Pic Mexican fim/television actor, Novi Enrique
Aaron Novick Pic American molecular biologist, Novick Aaron 
Peter Novick Pic American historian, Novick Peter
Naomi Novik Pic American novelist, (Jewish father) Novik Naomi 
Alex Novikoff Pic Ukrainian-born American biologist, Novikoff Alex
Feliks Novikov RWE Pic Azerbajani-born Soviet/Russian architect, Novikov Feliks
Felix Novikov RWF Pic Azerbajani-born Soviet architect, Novikov Felix 
Yudim Novikov RWM Pic Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, Novikov Yudim 
Klara Novikova RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian actress, comedian, Novikova Klara 
Anita Novinsky HW Pic Brazilian historian, Novinsky Anita
Mark Novitsky RWF Pic Soviet actor, Novitsky Mark 
Lev Novobratsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet NKVD officer, major general, Novobratsky Lev 
Moshe Novomeysky RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli public figure,  pioneer of chemical industry, Novomeysky Moshe 
Brent Novoselsky Pic American football player, Novoselsky Brent
Lev Novoselsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet executive, major general, Novoselsky Lev 
Lev Novozenov RWE Soviet/Russian journalist, moderator, Novozenov Lev 
Jim Novy Pic Polish-born American businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Novy Jim
David Nowakowsky HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian composer, choirmaster, music teacher, Nowakowsky David 
Dov Noy HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli literature scholar, Noy Dov 
Pinchas Noy RWF HW Pic Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Noy Pinchas 
Yamit Noy Israeli model, Miss Israel 1987, Noy Yamit 
Zachi Noy Pic Israeli film/television/stage actor, Noy Zachi
Michael Noyk Lithuanain-born Irish solicitor, politician, Noyk Michael 
Adi Noyman Pic Israeli actress,  Noyman Adi
Stewart Nozette Pic American spy against USA, Nozette Stewart 
Robert Nozick RWF HW Pic American political philosopher, libertarianism, Nozick Robert 
Danny Nucci Pic Austrian-born American film/television actor, Nucci Danny 
Ida Nudel Pic Russian-born Israeli activist, Nudel Ida
Aleksandr Nudelman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian miltary constructor, administrator, Nudelman Aleksandr 
Helman Nudelman Nudelman Helman 
Michael Nudelman RWE HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Nudelman Michael 
Julio Nudler Pic Argentine economic journalist, Nudler Julio
Abraham Nuger RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet actor, theater director, Nuger Abraham 
Sherwin Nuland Pic American surgeon, writer, Nuland Sherwin 
Victoria Nuland RWF HW Pic American Ambassador to NATO 2005-08, Nuland Victoria 
Lev Nuller RWC Pic Soviet ambassador to Mongolia  1935- , Nuller Lev 
Julio Numhauser Pic Chilean singer/songwriter,   Numhauser Julio
Franco Nunes RWC Italian admiral, Nunes Franco 
John Nunes Jamaician destiller, Nunes John 
Pedro Nunes RWF HW Pic Portuguese mathematician, cartographer, Nunes Pedro 
Emanuel Nunes Carvalho Pic British-born American lexicographer, rabbi, Nunes Carvalho Emanuel
Geula Nuni RWC Pic Israeli actress,  Nuni Geula 
Alan Nunnelee Pic American representative 2010- , (Jewish descent) Nunnelee Alan 
Santori Nuorteva Pic Finish-born Soviet journalist, MP 1907-08 1909-10, (Jewish mother) Nuorteva Santeri 
Amos Nur Pic Israeli-born American geophysicist, earth resources engineering,  Nur Amos 
Amshey Nurenberg RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet painter, graphic artist, art critic, memorist, Nurenberg Amshey
Meyer Nurenberger Pic Polish-born Canadian journalist, author, publisher, editor, Nurenberger Meyer 
Nathan Nurgitz Pic Canadian senator 1979- , Nurgitz Nathan 
Max Nurock Irish-born Israeli ambassador to Australia,    Nurock Max 
Mordechai Nurock RWF HW Pic Latvian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Postal Services, MP 1922- Nurock Mordechai 
Aaron Nurok Latvian politician, rabbi, MP Nurok Aaron
Aryeh Nusbacher Pic American military historian. Nusbacher Aryeh
Moshe Nusbaum HW Pic Israeli crime reporter, Nusbaum Moshe 
Isaak Nusinov RWF Soviet literary critic/scholar, linguist, Nusinov Isaak 
Arthur Nussbaum Pic German-born American jurist, Nussbaum Arthur 
Bernard Nussbaum Pic American White House Counsel, Clinton Nussbaum Bernard 
Bruce Nussbaum American editor of BusinessWeek, Nussbaum Bruce 
Edward Nussbaum Pic German-born American mathematician, Nussbaum Edward 
Edward Nussbaum Pic German-born American theoretical mathematician, Nussbaum Edward 
Emily Nussbaum Pic American television critic, Nussbaum Emily 
Felix Nussbaum RWF HW Pic German painter, Nussbaum Felix 
Henry Nussbaum Poish neurologist, physiologist, philosopher of medicine, Nussbaum Henry
Hilary Nussbaum Polish journalist, historian, social activist, Nussbaum Hilary
Joe Nussbaum Pic American film/television director, screenwriter, Nussbaum Joe
Martha Nussbaum RWF HW Pic American philosopher, lawyer, (convert to Judaism) Nussbaum Martha 
Mike Nussbaum Pic American film/television actor, director, Nussbaum Mike 
Robert Nussbaum Pic American geneticist,  hereditary disorders, Nussbaum Robert 
Tsvi Nussbaum Pic Polish-born Israeli otolaryngologist, Nussbaum Tsvi
Herch Moyses Nussenzveig Pic Brazilian physicist,  Nussenzveig Hech Moyses 
Michel Nussenzweig Pic American immuniologist, Nussenzweig Michel 
Ruth Nussenzweig Pic Austran-born American parasitologist, Nussenzweig Ruth 
Victor Nussenzweig Pic Austrian-born Brazilian American biomedical scientist, Nussenzweig Victor 
Lev Nussimbaum RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Azerbajani writer, journalist, orientalist, Nussimbaum Lev 
Noel Nutels Pic Ukrainian-born Brazilian physician, surgeon, Nutels Noel
Dhu Nuwas RWC Pic last King in Yemen Nuwas Dhu 
Andy Nyman Pic British film/television actor, magician, Nuyman Andy 
Carlos Nuzman Pic Brazilian President of Organizing of Summer Olympic Games 2016- , Nuzman Carlos
Nyanda RWC Pic Jamaican singer, rapper, Nyanda
Rene Nyberg Pic Finnish ambassador to Russia 2000- ,  Germany 2004- , Nyberg Rene
Bill Nye Pic American comedian, television host, science educator, engineer, Nye Bill 
Louis Nye Pic American actor, comedian, Nye Louis 
Joseph Nye, Jr American political scientist, administrator, Nye, Jr Joseph 
Reszo Nyers Pic Hungarian Minister of Finance 1960-62 Nyers Reszo 
Ervin Nyiregyhazi Pic Hungarian-born American pianist, composer,    Nyiregyhazi Ervin 
Janos Nyiri Pic Hungarian theater director, playwright, Nyiri Janos
Miklos Nyiszli Pic Hungarian physician, Auschwitz survivor, Nyiszli Miklos
Michael Nyman RWF Pic British composer, Nyman Michael 
Michael Nyman Pic American film score composer, Nyman Michael 
Laura Nyro Pic American singer/songwriter, composer, pianist, (not Jewish paternal grandfather) Nyro Laura 
Eric Nystrom Pic American hockey player, (Jewish mother) Nystrom Eric