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Dora Maar RWF HW Pic French photographer, painter, poet, lover of Pablo Picasso, (Jewish father) Maar Dora 
Nahum Ma'arabi Moroccan poet, translator, Ma'arabi Nahum
Abe/Isaac Maas American founders 1886 of Maas Brothers, Maas Abe/Isaac 
Joseph Maas British opera singer, tenor, Maas Joseph 
Paul Maas Pic German classical scholar, byzantist, Maas Paul
John Maatta Pic American COO of CW Television Nework, Maatta John 
Aviv Maayan Pic Israeli-Welch professional wrestler, Maayan Aviv 
Fiona Maazel Pic American novelist, Maazel Fiona
Lincoln Maazel Pic American singer, stage/film actor, Maazel Lincoln
Lorin Maazel RWF HW Pic French-born American conductor, composer, violinist, Maazel Lorin 
Tony Macaulay Pic British author, composer, songwriter, record producer, (Jewish descent) Macaulay Tony
Judas Maccabeus Judean leader of Maccabees against ancient Greeks, Maccabeus Judas 
Hyam Maccoby Pic British scholar, historian, writer, Maccoby Hyam
Neil Macdonald Pic Canadian journalist, (Jewish mother) Macdonald Neil
Norm Macdonald Pic Canadian comedian, author, writer, producer, actor, television anchor, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Macdonald Norm 
Ali MacGraw RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (Jewish mother) MacGraw Ali 
Judith Macgregor Pic British ambassador to Slovakia 2004-07, Mexico ,??? Macgregor Judith 
Mark Machina American economist, company executive, ??? Machina Mark 
Jacob ben Machir ibn Tibbon French-born Spanish translator, mathematician, astronomer,  Machir ibn Tibbon Jacob ben
Marcelle Machluf Pic Moroccan-born Israeli physician, biochemist, Machluf Marcelle
Fritz Machlup RWF Pic Austrian-born American economist, Machlup Fritz 
Daniel Machover Pic British lawyer, Machover Daniel
Moshe Machover Pic Israeli-born British mathematician, philosopher, Machover Moshe 
Tod Machover Pic American composer, Machover Tod 
David Macht Pic Russian-born American pharmocolgist, Macht David 
Gabriel Macht RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, Macht Gabriel 
Stephen Macht Pic American television/film actor, Macht Stephen 
Lothar Machtan Pic German historian, author, Machtan Lotar
Amit Machtinger Pic Israeli model, Machtinger Amit
Enrico Macias RWE HW Pic Algerian-born French singer, Macias Enrico 
Bert Mack American real estate developer, The Mack Company, Mack Bert 
David Mack Pic American businessman, The Mack Company Mack David 
Earle Mack Pic American businessman, diplomat,  Mack Earle 
Jerome Mack Pic American banker, real estate investor, philanthropist, Mack Jerome
Julian Mack RWE HW Pic American Circuit Court of appeals judge, first president of American Jewish Congress 1918- , Mack Julian 
Karen Mack Pic American television producer, author, Mack Karen
Max Mack Pic German film director/producer,  screenwriter, Mack Max 
Philip Mack American owner of Minnesota Twins, Mack Philip 
Reid Mack Pic American financier, commercial banker, Mack Reid
Kenneth MacKenna Pic American actor, film director, (Jewish father) MacKenna Kenneth
Sir Charles Mackerras RWF HW Pic Australian conductor, (Jewish descent) Mackerras Charles
Ruth Macklin Pic American philosopher, Macklin Ruth 
Harry Macklowe Pic American real estate developer, investor, Maclowe Properties, Macklowe Harry 
Julie Macklowe Pic American hedge fund manager, investor, socialite, Macklowe Julie 
William Macklowe American real enstate developer, investor, Maclowe Properties, Macklowe William 
Ottilie Maclaren Pic British sculptor, (Jewish mother) Maclaren Ottilie 
Aline MacMahon RWF Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish mother) MacMahon Aline 
John Macsai Pic Hungarian-born American architect, Macsai John
Bill Macy Pic American stage/film/television actor, Macy Bill 
Baron Julius Madarassy-Beck Hungarian founder 1869 of Hungarian Mortage and Credit Bank, Madarassy-Beck Julius 
Baron Marcel Madarassy-Beck Hungarian Hungarian Discount and Exchange Bank Madarassy-Beck Marcel
Baron Maximilian Madarassy-Beck Hungarian Discount and Exchange Bank Madarassy-Beck Maximilian
David Madden president of Fax Television Studios Madden David 
Steve Madden Pic American founder/CEO of Steven Madden Ltd, footwear, (Jewish mother) Madden Steven
Elliott Maddox Pic American baseball player, (convert to Judaism) Maddox Elliott 
Francisco Madero Pic Mexican President of Mexico 1911-13, (Jewish descent) Madero Francisco 
Holly Madison Pic American author, model, showgirl, television personality, ??? Madison Holly 
Noel Madison Pic American character actor, Madison Noel 
Bernard Madoff RWF HW Pic American businessman, stockbroker, financier, criminal, Madoff Bernard 
Peter Madoff Pic American chief compliance officer, Madoff Peter 
Shana Madoff Pic American attorney, Madoff Shana
Madragana RWC Portuguese mistress, of King Alfonso III of Portugal, Madragana
Marcelo Madureira Pic Brazilian actor, comedian,   Madureira Marcelo
George Maduro Pic Curacao-born Dutch officer, Maduro George
Nicolas Maduro RWC Pic president of Venezuela 2013, Minister of Foreign Affairs 2006-13, (Jewish father) Maduro Nicolas
Ricardo Maduro RWC HW Pic Panamian-born President of Honduras 2002-06, Maduro Ricardo 
Aren Maeir Pic American-born Israeli archaeologist, Maeir Aren
Joel Mael Pic American Vice Chairman of Miami Marlins, Mael Joel 
Ron Mael Pic American songwriter, keyboardist,    Mael Ron 
Russell Mael Pic American singer/songwriter, Mael Russell 
Denise Maerker Pic Mexican journalist, Televisa Nightly News Anchor, Maerker Denise 
Kurt Maetzig Pic German film director, (Jewish mother) Maetzig Kurt 
Max Maevsky RWC Pic Soviet Attorney General, jurist, Maevsky Max 
Yinon Magal RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, journalist, news anchor, Magal Yinon
Sofia Magarill Pic Russian actress, Magarill Sofia 
John Magaro Pic American stage/film/television actor, (Jewish mother) Magaro John 
David Magarshack Pic Latvian-born British translator, biographer, Magarshack David 
Boris Magasanik Pic Ukrainian-born American microbiologist, biochemist, Magasanik Boris 
Lev Magazanik RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian neurophysiologist, Magazanik Lev 
Ira Magaziner Pic American chief Internet policy advicer to Clinton,   Magaziner  Ira 
Mary Magdalene Pic follower of Jesus Christus Magdalene Mary 
Daniel Magder Pic Canadian film/television actror, Magder Daniel 
Harry Magdoff Pic American commentator, economist, Magdoff Harry 
Amos Magee Pic American head coach, Magee Amos 
David Magen RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Minister of Economics and Planning, Magen David 
Kalman Magen RWC Pic Austrian-born Israeli military commander, major general, Magen Kalman 
Myron Magen Pic American medical scholar, Magen Myron 
Yoed Magen Israeli ambassador to Colombia,     Magen Yoed
Zvi Magen HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli ambassador to Ukraine 1993- , Moldova 1993- , Russia 1998-99, Magen Zvi 
Artur Mager Pic aerospace engineering, ??? Mager Artur 
Maxim Mager RWC Pic Soviet military commander, major general, komkor, Mager Maxim 
Hillel Maggid Pic Lithuanian-born Russian genealogist, historian,  Maggid Hillel
Elliot Maggin Pic American comic book writer, television writer, novelist, Maggin Elliot 
Ze'ev Maghen Pic Israeli historian, Maghen Ze'ev
Magic Dick Pic American harmonica player,drummer, The J. Gails Band, Magick Dick
Amiram Magid Pic Israeli ambassador  Magid Amiram 
Isador Magid Australian businessman, Twisties, Magid Isador 
Moisey Magid RWF Pic Russian cinematographer,    Magid Moisey 
Robert Magid Pic Chinese-born Australian property developer, publisher, Magid Robert 
Menachem Magidor HW Pic Israeli president of Hebrew University, 1997-2009, Magidor Menachem
Boris Magidov RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet revolutionery, political functionery, People's Commissar of Ukraine, Magidov Boris 
Yehuda Magidovitch RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli architect, Magidovitch Yehuda
Herb Magidson Pic American songwriter/lyricist, lyricist, Magidson Herb 
Mark Magidson RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian cinematographer,  Magidson Mark 
Onisim Magidson Belarusian-born Soviet physician, pharmacologist,    Magidson Onisim
Onisim Magidson RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet organic chemist, Magidson Onisim 
Mikhail Magin RWC Soviet military commander, major general, Magin Mikhail 
Anna Magnani RWF HW Pic Egyptian-born Italian stage/film actress, (Jewish mother) Magnani Anna 
Martin Magner German-born American theater/radio/television director, (Jewish mother) Magner Martin 
Judah Magnes HW Pic co-founder, first chancellor 1918, president 1935-48 of Hebrew University, Magnes Judah 
Cyril Magnin Pic American businessman, Magnin Cyril
Edgar Magnin Pic American rabbi, spiritual leader, Magnin Edgar
Isaac Magnin Dutch-born American carver, gilder, (Jewish father) Magnin Isaac 
Joseph Magnin Joseph Magnin Companies Magnin Joseph 
Mary Ann Magnin Pic American founder 1876 of I.Magnin, Magnin Mary Ann
Eduard Magnus Pic German painter, Magnus Eduard 
Heinrich Magnus RWF Pic German chemist, physicist,    Magnus Heinrich 
Ludwig Magnus Pic German mathematician, Magnus Ludwig
Marcus Magnus court jew of king Frederick William I, Magnus Marcus 
Philip Magnus Pic British educational reformer, politician, Magnus Philip
Robert Magnus Pic American military, Marine Corp general, Magnus Robert 
Rudolf Magnus Pic German pharmacologist, physiologist, Magnus Rudolf 
Sir Philip Magnus-Allcroft Pic British historian, biographer,  Magnus-Allcroft Philip
Adolf Magnus-Levy Pic German physiologist, Magnus-Levy Adolf 
Daniel Magon Pic Israeli child actor, Magon Daniel
Erman Magon RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Magon Erman 
Seymour Magoon American gangster,  Magoon Seymour 
Karin Magrizo HW Pic American-born Israeli presenter, model, Magrizo Karin 
Balint Magyar Pic Hungarian politician, MP 1990-, Minister of Education 1996-98 2002- (Jewish mother) Magyar Balint 
Lajos Magyar Pic Hungarian journalist, sinologist, Magyar Lajos
Mehdi Mahboubian Iranian-born American art dealer, Mahboubian Mehdi
Bill Maher RWF HW Pic American producer, comedian, writer, actor, (Jewish mother) Maher Bill 
Raphael Maher RWE HW Pic Polish-born Israeli historian,    Maher Raphael 
Anna Mahler Pic Austrian sculptor, (Jewish father) Mahler Anna
Arthur Mahler Czech archaeologist,   Mahler Arthur 
Bruce Mahler Pic American film/television actor, producer, writer, Mahler Bruce 
Eduard Mahler HW Pic Slovak-born Hungarian/Austrian orientalist, archaeologist, Mahler Eduard 
Gustav Mahler RWF HW Pic Austrian/Czech-born Austrian composer,conductor, Mahler Gustav 
Kurt Mahler RWF Pic German-born British Australian mathematician, Mahler Kurt 
Margaret Mahler RWC HW Pic Hungarian-born American psychologist, Mahler Margaret 
Raphael Mahler HW Pic Polish-born Israeli historian,    Mahler Raphael
Uzi Mahnaimi Pic Israeli-born British journalist, Mahnaimi Uzi
Paul Maibaum Pic American cinematographer, Maibaum Paul
Richard Maibaum Pic American producer, playwright, screenwriter, Maibaum Richard 
Charles Maier American historian,  Maier Charles 
Georgy Maikapar RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, aircraft designer, Maikapar Georgy 
Kate Mailer Pic American stage/film actress, (Jewish father) Mailer Kate 
Norman Mailer RWF HW Pic American novelist, social critic, Mailer Norman 
Stephen Mailer Pic American stage/film actror, (Jewish father) Mailer Stephen 
Abraham Mailman American co-founder 1953 of Mailman Corporation, Mailman Abraham 
Joseph Mailman Pic American co-founder 1953 of Mailman Corporation, Mailman Joseph 
Kobi Maiman HW Pic Israeli businessman, Merhav Group, Maiman Kobi 
Theodore Maiman RWF HW Pic American physicist, first operable laser, Maiman Theodore 
Yossi Maiman Pic German-born Israeli businessman, Merhav Group, Maiman Yossi 
Ada Maimon RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli politician,  Maimon Ada 
Amir Maimon RWC Pic Israeli ambassador to Lithuania 2015- , Maimon Amir 
Arie Maimon HW German/Polish-born historian, Maimon Arie
David Maimon RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Maimon David 
Moshe Maimon RWE HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian painter, Maimon Moshe 
Salomon Maimon RWF HW Pic Lithuanian/Belarusian-born German philosopher, Maimon Salomon 
Shiri Maimon RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, actress, presenter, Maimon Shiri 
Yakov Maimon Latvian-born Israeli Hebrew stenography inventor, Maimon Yakov 
Yehuda Leib Maimon RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli politician,  Maimon Yehuda Leib
Zuri Maimon Israeli director/producer, screenwriter, Maimon Zuri 
Moses Maimonides RWF HW Pic Spanish physicain, philosopher, rabbi, (Ben-Maimon Moshe Rambam) Maimonides Moses 
Mike Mainieri Pic American jazz vibraphonist, Mainieri Mike 
Yevgeny Maiorov RWC Pic Soviet military executive, lieutenant general, Maiorov Yevgeny 
Grigory Mairanovsky RWF Pic Georgian-born Soviet biochemist, poison developer, Mairanovsky Grigory 
Herman Maisel Pic Ameircan real estate developer, Maisel Herman
Ivan Maisel Pic American senior writer, ESPN, Maisel Ivan 
Jay Maisel Pic American photographer, Maisel Jay
Mordecai Maisel Czech-born mayor of Prague, Maisel Mordecai 
Sergei Maisel RWF Soviet physicist, Maisel Sergei
Ivan Maisky RWF Pic Soviet Ambassador to Finland 1929-32 UK 1932-43 Maisky Ivan 
Mischa Maisky RWF HW Pic Latvian-born Israeli cellist, Maisky Mischa 
Kayla Maisonet Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) Maisonet Kayla 
Emily Maitlis Pic British journalist, newscaster, Maitlis Emily
Peter Maitlis Pic Britisn chemist, Maitlis Peter 
Boris Maizel RWF Soviet composer, Maizel Boris 
Gersh Maizel State Prize Sc 1981 Maizel Gersh 
Sergey Maizel RWF Soviet physicist, Maizel Sergey 
Bohdana Majda Pic Polish film/television/stage actress, Majda Bohdana
Andrew Major Pic Hungarian-born American businessman, Major Andrew 
Emil Makai Pic Hungarian poet, journalist, playwright, translator, Makai Emil 
Yulia Makarenkova Pic Ukrainian-born draughts World Champion,  Makarenkova Yulia 
Alexei Makarevich RWF Pic Soviet/Russian musician, songwriter, artist, Makarevich Alexei 
Andrei Makarevich RWF HW Pic Russian Belarusian singer, composer, poet, writer, producer, (Jewish mother) Makarevich Andrei 
Julius Makarewicz Polish lawyer, jurist, ??? Makarewicz Julius 
Igor Makarov RWC Pic Soviet-born Russian engineering scholar, Makarov Igor 
Stepan Makarov RWC Pic Russian military, Vice Admiral, ??? Makarov Stepan 
Sari Makeover-Belikov HW Pic Israeli journalist, Makeover-Belikov Sari 
Wendy Makkena Pic American stage/film/television actress, Makkena Wendy 
Mordechai Maklef RWF HW Pic Israeli Chief of Staff 1952-53, Maklef Mordechai 
Uri Maklev RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, rabbi, Maklev Uri 
Raphael Maklouf Pic Israeli-born British sculptor, Maklouf Raphael
Mikhail Maklyarsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet screenwriter, NKVD officer, colonel, Maklyarsky Mikhail 
Abraham Makov HW Pic Polish-born Israeli Makov Abraham 
Israel Makov Israeli CEO -2006 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd, Makov Israel 
Samuil Makover Polish-born Russian astronomer, Makover Samuil 
Gyula Makovetz Hungarian journalist, chess player, Makovetz Gyula 
Iosif Makovsky RWM Pic Soviet commander of a tank regiment, hero of Soviet Union, Makovsky Iosif 
Veniamin Makovsky RWF Pic Russian engineer, Metropoliten, Makovsky Veniamin 
Maksim Maksimov RWE Pic Russian actor, director,  Maksimov Maksim 
Sergey Maksimov Ukrainian businessman, Va-Bank, Maksimov Sergey 
Iosif Maksimovich RWC Soviet military commander, major general, Maksimovich Iosif 
Ray Mala Pic American film actor, cinematographer, (Jewish father) Mala Ray
Yoel de Malach Pic Israeli desert researcher,   Malach Yoel de
Malachi Malachi MinorProphets
Abraham Malamat Pic Austrian-born Israeli biblical investigator, corresponding Malamat Abraham 
David Malament American philosopher, ??? Malament David 
Bernard Malamud RWF Pic American writer, Malamud Bernard 
Tosia Malamud Pic Ukrainian-born Mexican sculptor, Malamud Tosia 
William Malamud psychiatrist, hospital administrator, ??? Malamud William 
Vladimir Malaniuk RWF Pic Ukrainian chess grandmaster, Malaniuk Vladimir 
Samuel Malavsky HW Pic Ukrainian-born American cantor, Malavsky Samuel
Ivan Maisel Pic American senior writer, ESPN, Malavsky Samuel 
Ilyas Malayev Pic Uzbek musician, poet, Malayev Ilyas
Esperanza Malchi Ottoman kira, economic agent of the Valid Sultan Safiye, Malchi Esperanza
Janet Malcolm Pic Czech-born American journalist, writer, Malcolm Janet 
David Malden American president of Fox Television Studios, Malden David 
Francisco Maldonado da Silva Argentine physician, martyr, (converso) Maldonado da Silva Francisco
Maleczkyne Ellinger Jozefa Pic Hungarian opera singer, soprano, Maleczkyne Ellinger Jozefa
Dean Malenko Pic American professional wrestler, Malenko Dean 
Zvi Malhin HW Pic Malhin Zvi 
Maria Malibran Pic French-born opera singer, mezzo-soprano, Malibran Maria 
Jacob Malik RWF Pic Soviet politician, President of the Security Counsil UN, ambassador to the United Nations, Malik Jacob 
Irving Malin American literary critic, Malin Irving 
Joseph Malin British founder of Fish and Chips, Malin Joseph 
Joshua Malina RWF Pic American film/stage actor, Malina Joshua 
Judith Malina RWF HW Pic German-born American stage/film actress, writer, director,  Malina Judith 
Max Malini Pic American magician,    Malini Max 
Arie Maliniak Pic Israeli sports journalist, basketbal player, radio broadcaster, Maliniak Arie
Rodion Malinovsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian Minister for Defense, Marshall of the Soviet Union, (karaite father) Malinovsky Rodion 
Vladimir Malinovsky Russian geophysicist,   Malinovsky Vladimir 
Yulia Malinovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, (Jewish mother) Malinovsky Yulia 
Daniil Malivanov RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet mauntain engineer, Malivanov Daniil 
Amos Malka RWC HW Pic Israeli Head of A'man 1998-2002, Malka Amos 
Shlomit Malka HW Pic Israeli fashion model, Malka Shlomit
Burton Malkiel Pic American economist, Malkiel Burton 
Maria Rosa Lida de Malkiel Pic Argentine philologist, Malkiel Maria Rosa Lida de
Yakov Malkiel RWF Ukrainian-born American linguist, etymologist,   Malkiel Yakov 
Anatoliy Malkin RWE Soviet/Russian film direvtor/producer,  Malkin Anatoliy
Irad Malkin HW Pic Israeli historian, Malkin Irad 
Jacques Malkin RWF Ukrainian-born Ameican violinist, Malkin Jacques
Joseph Malkin RWF Ukrainian-born American violinist, Malkin Joseph
Judd Malkin American businessman, JMB Realty, Malkin Judd 
Manfred Malkin RWF Ukrainian-born Ameican pianist, Malkin Manfred
Peter Malkin RWN Pic Polish-born Israeli secret agent,    Malkin Peter 
Peter Malkin American real estate developer, W & M Properties, Malkin Peter 
Scott Malkin Pic American founder of Value Retail Plc, Malkin Scott
Victor Malkin RWC Pic Soviet/Russian physiologist, Malkin Victor 
Vitaly Malkin RWF Pic Russian businessman, Rossiiiski Kredit Bank, Malkin Vitaly 
Yaakov Malkin Pic Israeli educator, writer, literary critic,  Malkin Yaakov
Anat Malkin-Almani HW Pic Israeli-born American violinist, Malkin-Almani Anat 
Georges Malkine RWE Pic French visual artist, Malkine Georges 
Robert Malley Pic American lawyer, political scientist, special assistant to Arab-Israeli Affairs 1998-2001, Malley Robert 
Simon Malley Pic Egyptian-born journalist,    Malley Simon 
Bruce Malmuth Pic American actor, film director, Malmuth Bruce 
Bela Malnai Hungarian architect, Malnai Bela
Alvin Malnik Pic American businessman, entrepreneur, attorney, philanthropist, Malnik Alvin
Zvi Malnovitzer Pic Israeli painter, Malnovitzer Zvi 
Isaac Maloshitsky RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Maloshitsky Isaac 
David Malouf Pic Australian writer, (Jewish mother) Malouf David 
Joseph Malovany HW Pic Israeli-born American cantor,   Malovany Joseph 
Fee Malten Pic German fim actress, Malten Fee
Leonard Maltin RWF Pic American film critic, film historian, Maltin Leonard 
Albert Maltz Pic American author, screenwriter, Maltz Albert 
Benjamin Maltz American chairman of City National Bank, Maltz Benjamin 
Carlos Maltz Pic Brazilian drummer, Engeiheros do Hawaii, Maltz Carlos
Yaakov Maltz HW Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Maltz Yaakov 
Max Maltzman Pic Ukrainian-born American architect, Maltzman Max 
Rahamim Malul RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, mayor of Rehovot, Malul Rahamim 
James Malvano Pic Italian politician, diplomat,   Malvano James
Steve Malzberg Pic American radio broadcaster, sports announcer, political commentator, Malzberg Steve 
Aharon Maman HW Israeli linguist, Maman Aharon 
Mor Maman Pic Israeli beauty pageant titleholdrer, 2014, Maman Mor
Mor Maman Pic Israeli model, Miss Israel 1969, Maman Mor 
Saoul Mamby Pic American WBC light welterfeight boxing champion, Mamby Saoul 
Clara Mamet RWF Pic American actress,  Mamet Clara
David Mamet RWF HW Pic American playwright, screenwriter, director, poet, novelist, Mamet David 
Lynn Mamet Pic American theater director, playwright, screenwriter, television producer, Mamet Lynn 
Noah Mamet Pic American ambassador to Argentina 2014- , Mamet  Noah
Zosia Mamet HW Pic American television actress, (Jewish father) Mamet  Zosia
Esti Mamo HW Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli model, actress, Mamo Esti 
Rouben Mamoulian Pic Georgian-born American film director, Mamoulian Rouben 
Alain Mamou-Mani RWC Pic Tunisian-born French film producer, writer,    Mamou-Mani Alain 
Alexander Mamut RWF Pic Russian businessman, Mamut Alexander 
Tal Man HW Pic Israeli model, broadcaster, presenter, Man Tal 
Juliet Man Ray Pic American dancer, model, Man Ray Juliet 
Moishe Mana Pic Israeli-born American entrepreneur, real estate developer, Mana Moishe 
Sarah Manahimova Pic Russian singer, Jasmine, Manahimova Sarah 
Manasseh Tribe of Manasseh Manasseh 12Tribes
Ezekiel Manasseh Pic Indian-born British opium merchant, hotelier, Manasseh Ezekiel 
Manasseh HW Pic 14th King of the Kingdom of Judah,  697-642 BC Manasseh KingsKJ
Mana-Zucca Pic American actress, singer, pianist, composer, Mana-Zucca
Udi Manber RWC Pic Israeli computer scientist, VP of Google, VP of Amazon.com Manber Udi 
Melissa Manchester Pic American singer/songwriter, stage/film/television actress, Manchester Melissa 
Baron Benjamin Mancroft Pic British businessman, politician, (Jewish father) Mancroft Benjamin 
Baron Stormont Mancroft Samuel Pic British Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department 1954-57, Mancroft Samuel Stotmont
Joe Mande Pic American stand-up comedian, television writer, actor, internet personality, Mande Joe 
Babaloo Mandel Pic American screenwriter, Mandel Babaloo 
Eli Mandel Pic Canadian poet, Mandel Eli 
Ernest Mandel RWE HW Pic German-born Belgian marxist economist, Mandel Ernest 
Frank Mandel American librettist, director, playwright, producer,   Mandel Frank 
Gabriele Mandel Pic Italian psychologist, sufi artist, Mandel Gabriele
Gail Mandel scientist,  ??? Mandel Gail 
Georges Mandel RWC HW Pic French journalist, politician, Minister of Posts 1934-35  Colonies 1938-40  Interior  Mandel Georges 
Harvey Mandel Pic American blues/rock guitarist,  Mandel Harvey 
Howie Mandel Pic Canadian comedian, actor, Mandel Howie 
Jeanne Mandel Pic American wife of governor Marvin Mandel, (convert to Judaism) Mandel Jeanne
Johnny Mandel Pic American film score composer, songwriter:music,  Mandel Johnny 
Joseph Mandel Pic American mayor of West Palm Beach, Florida 1923-24 Mandel Joseph
Leonard Mandel Pic German-born British physicist, quantum optics, Mandel Leonard 
Marvin Mandel RWC Pic American governor, 1969-77 79  convicted for corruption Mandel Marvin 
Michael Mandel American mayor of Albuquerque, Mandel Michael 
Morris Mandel Pic Polish-born American educator, journalist, Mandel Morris
Morton Mandel Pic American chairman/CEO of Premier Industries, Mandel Morton 
Rose Mandel Pic Polish-born American photographer, Mandel Rose 
Ruth Mandel American political scholar, Mandel Ruth 
Semion Mandel RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet film/stage artist, Mandel Semion 
Stephen Mandel RWC Pic Canadian politician, mayor of Edmonton, Mandel Stephen 
Stewart Mandel Pic American sportswriter, journalist, Mandel Stewart 
Stephen Mandel, Jr Pic American chairman of Dartmouth College Board of Trustees, Lone Pine Capital, Mandel, Jr Stephen 
Allen Mandelbaum Pic American scholar, poet, translator, Mandelbaum Allen 
Fredericka Mandelbaum HW Pic German-born American mob boss, Mandelbaum Fredericka
Joel Mandelbaum Pic American music composer, teacher, Mandelbaum Joel 
Mark Mandelbaum geologist, State Prize 1994 Mandelbaum Mark 
Maurice Mandelbaum Pic American philosopher, Mandelbaum Maurice 
Samuel Mandelbaum Pic Russian-born American lawyer, politician, federal district judge, Mandelbaum Samuel 
B Mandelberg Russian public figure, 2nd Duma Mandelberg B 
Victor Mandelberg Russian politician, 2nd Duma Mandelberg Victor
Nimrod Barkan RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Canada 2016- , Mandelblit Avichai 
Avichai Mandelblit RWC Pic Israeli Attorney General 2016- , Mandelblit Avichai 
Pavle Marinkovic RWC Pic Serbian politician, Minister of Education, ambassador to Bulgaria 1901-03, Mandelblit Avichai 
Avichay Mandelblit RWC Pic Israeli Attorney General 2016- , major general, Mandelblit Avichay 
Szolem Mandelbrojt RWF HW Pic Polish-born French mathematician, Mandelbrojt Szolem 
Benoit Mandelbrot RWF HW Pic Polish-born French American mathematician, fractal geometry,    Mandelbrot Benoit 
Salomon Mandelkern HW Pic Ukrainian poet, writer, talmudist, Mandelkern Salomon
Arnold Mandell Pic American neuroscientist, psychiatrist, ??? Mandell Arnold 
Gerald Mandell American medical scholar, Mandell Gerald 
Sammy Mandell Pic American boxer, lightweight Mandell Sammy 
Mikhail Mandelshtam RWF Russian-born lawyer, writer, politician, Mandelshtam Mikhail
Peter Mandelson RWF Pic British Labour Party ideiologue Trade and Industry Secretary, European Commisioner Mandelson Peter 
Joel Mandelstam Pic South African-born British microbiologist, Mandelstam Joel 
Leonid Mandelstam RWF Pic Belarusian-born Ukrainian Russian physicist, Mandelstam Leonid 
Nadezhda Mandelstam RWF HW Pic Russian writer, Mandelstam Nadezhda 
Osip Mandelstam RWF HW Pic Polish-born Russian poet, novelist, translator, critic, Mandelstam Osip 
Sergei Mandelstam RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian physicist, Mandelstam Sergei 
Stanley Mandelstam RWF Pic South African-born British American theoretical physicist, Mandelstam Stanley 
Yuri Mandelstam RWF Belarusian-born Russian poet, novelist, literary critic, Mandelstam Yuri 
Paul Mandelstamm RWF Pic Lithuanian-born  Latvian architect,  Mandelstamm Paul
Jerry Mander Pic American activist,  author, Mander Jerry 
Tobias Manderson-Galvin Pic Australian actor, satirist, poet, dadaist, playwright, Manderson-Galvin Tobias 
Gyula Mandi Pic Hungarian-born soccer coach, Mandi Gyula 
Imre Mandi Pic Hungarian boxer, Mandi Imri
David Mandie Australian businessman, Mandie David 
Daniel Mandl Czech-born Austrian engineer, inventor,   Mandl Daniel 
Felix Mandl Croatian businessman, entrepreneur, Mandl Felix 
Friedrich Mandl Pic Austrian businessman, (Jewish father) Mandl Friedrich
Herbert Mandl Pic Slovak-born philosopher,violinist, inventor, author,   Mandl Herbert 
Abraham Mandler RWC Pic Austrian-born Israeli military commander, major general, Mandler Abraham 
George Mandler Pic Austrian-born American psychologist,  Mandler George 
Katya Mandoki Pic Mexican writer, artist, Mandoki Katya 
Luis Mandoki Pic Mexican film director, Mandoki Luis 
Donato Manduzio Pic Italian mystic, Manduzio Donato
Norman Manea RWF HW Pic Romanian American writer, intellectual, Manea Norman 
Emmanuel Mane-Katz RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born French Israeli painter, Mane-Katz Emmanuel 
Bernard Manekin Americal real estate developer, Manekin Corporation, Baltimore, Manekin Bernard 
Alexander Manevich RWF Soviet composer, Manevich Alexander
Iosif Manevich RWE Soviet cinematographer, screenwriter, critic, art scholar, Manevich Iosif 
Lev Manevich RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian spy, colonel Manevich Lev 
Berta Manevich-Kaplan RWN Pic Soviet/Russian cinema artist, Manevich-Kaplan Berta
Albert Manfred RWE Pic Russian historian,   Manfred Albert
Itzik Manger RWF HW Pic Ukrainian/Romanian-born Yiddish poet, playwright, writer, Manger Itzik 
Robert Mangold Pic American minimalist artist, ??? Mangold Robert 
James Mangold Pic American film director, screenwriter, ??? Mangold  James
Jeff Mangum Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, Mangum Jeff 
Avro Manhattan Pic Italian-born writer, philosopher, Manhattan Avro
Camryn Manheim RWF HW Pic American actress, Manheim Camryn 
Ernest Manheim Pic Hungarian-born American sociologist, anthropologist, composer, Manheim Ernest 
Karl Manheim American legal scholar,     Manheim Karl 
Ralph Manheim Pic American translator, Manheim Ralph 
Elihau Mani HW Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Mani Elihau 
Ezra Mani HW Iraqi-born Israeli lexicographer, Arabic linguistics, Mani Ezra 
Melhior Mani HW Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Mani Melhior 
Moshe Mani HW president of Tel Aviv University 1983-91, Mani Moshe 
Barry Manilow RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, arranger, producer, conductor, actor, (not Jewish paternal grandfather) Manilow Barry 
Lewis Manilow RWF Pic American arts patron, real estate developer, attorney, Manilow Lewis 
Daniele Manin RWC Pic President of Venetian republic (1848) (Jewish father) Manin Daniele 
Yuri Manin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, research administrator, (Jewish mother) Manin Yuri 
Allan Manings Pic American television producer, comedy writer, Manings Allan
Handsome Dick Manitoba Pic American punk rock musician, lead singer, radio personality, Manitoba Handsome Dick
James Mankey Pic American guitarist, Concrete Blonde, Sparks, Mankey James 
Ben Mankiewicz Pic American radio/television personality, film critic, (Jewish father) Mankiewicz Ben 
Czeslaw Mankiewicz RWC Polish military commander, general, Mankiewicz Czeslaw 
Czeslaw Mankiewicz RWC Polish military commander, lieutenant general, Mankiewicz Czeslaw 
Don Mankiewicz Pic German-born American television writer, Mankiewicz Don 
Frank Mankiewicz Pic American journalist, president of National Public Radio, Mankiewicz Franc 
Francis Mankiewicz Pic Chinese-born Canadian film director, screenwriter, producer, Mankiewicz Francis 
Frank Mankiewicz Pic American journalist, Mankiewicz Frank 
Herman Mankiewicz RWF Pic American screenwriter, Mankiewicz Herman 
John Mankiewicz Pic American film/television executive producer, screenwriter, Mankiewicz John
Joseph Mankiewicz RWF HW Pic American producer, screenwriter, director, Mankiewicz Joseph 
Josh Mankiewicz Pic American journalist, Mankiewicz Josh
Tom Mankiewicz Pic American producer, screenwriter, director, Mankiewicz Tom 
Valentin Mankin HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian yachtsman, tempest class Mankin Valentin 
Rebeca Mankita Pic Mexican actress, Mankita Rebeca 
Doug Mankoff Pic American film producer, Mankoff Doug 
Gered Mankowitz Pic British photographer, Mankowitz Gered 
Wolf Mankowitz Pic British writer, playwright, screenwriter, Mankowitz Wolf 
Jessica Manley Pic British film/stage/television actress, Manley Jessica 
Abby Mann Pic American screenwriter, film producer, Mann Abby 
Alfred Mann Pic American founder/owner of Mannkind Corporation, Mann Alfred 
Amir Mann Pic Israeli American filmmaker, Mann Amir
Anthony Mann RWF Pic Austrian-born American film/stage actor, film director, (Jewish mother) Mann Anthony 
Barry Mann RWF Pic American songwriter, Mann Barry 
Daniel Mann Pic American film/television director,  Mann Daniel 
David Mann American songwriter, Mann David 
Delbert Mann RWF Pic American film/television director, Mann Delbert 
Emily Mann Pic American artistic director, playwright, Mann Emily
Erika Mann RWF HW Pic German actress, writer, (Jewish mother) Mann Erika
F. A. Mann Geman-born lawyer, Mann F. A.
Franceska Mann Pic Polish dancer, Mann Francesca
Frederick Mann HW Pic Belarusian-born American ambassador to Barbados 1913-16, Mann Frederick 
Gabriel Mann Pic American film/television actor, model, Mann Gabriel 
Golo Mann RWF HW Pic German-born American historian, essayist , writer, (Jewish mother) Mann Golo
Henry Mann Pic Austrian-born American mathematician, statistician, Mann Henry 
Herbie Mann RWF Pic American jazz flautist, Mann Herbie 
J.Keith Mann Pic American legal scholar,  ??? Mann J.Keith 
Jonathan Mann Pic Canadian television journalist, Mann Jonathan 
Kal Mann Pic American songwriter:lyricist, Mann Kal 
Kalman Mann Pic Israeli physician, pulmonology, Mann Kalman
Klaus Mann RWF HW Pic German writer, (Jewish mother) Mann Klaus 
Larry Mann Pic Canadian film/television/voice actor, broadcaster, Mann Larry 
Louis Mann Pic American film/stage actor, Mann Louis 
Manfred Mann Pic South-African-born British keyboardist, Mann Manfred 
Michael Mann RWF HW Pic American film director, screenwriter, producer, Mann Michael 
Michael Mann RWF Pic American climatologist, Mann Michael 
Monika Mann Pic German novelist, (Jewish mother) Mann Monika
Olly Mann Pic British writer, presenter, gadget correspondent, Mann Olly
Paul Mann Pic Canadian film/stage actor, Mann Paul 
Robert Mann Pic American violinist, composer, conductor, Mann Robert 
Stanley Mann RWF Pic Canadian-born film/television writer, playwright, Mann Stanley 
Theodore Mann RWF Pic American theatrical producer, theater director, Mann Theodore 
Theodore Mann American head of American Jewish Congress, Mann Theodore 
Theodore Mann Pic American mayor of Newton Mass. 1972-94, Mann Theodore 
Robert Manne Pic Australian political scientist, Manne Robert 
Shelly Manne Pic American jazz drummer, Manne Shelly 
David Mannes Pic American violinist, conductor, educator, Mannes David 
Leopold Mannes Pic American musician, inventor, Kodachrome, (Jewish father, 1/4 Jewish mother) Mannes Leopold 
Marya Mannes Pic American author, critic, (Jewish father, 1/4 jewish mother) Mannes Marya
Amedee Mannheim RWC Pic French mathematician, inventor of slide rule 1859, Mannheim Amedee 
Bilhah Mannheim HW Pic Israeli sociologist, Mannheim Bilhah
Hermann Mannheim German-born British lawyer,  criminologist,    Mannheim Hermann 
Karl Mannheim RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born German British philosopher, sociologist, Mannheim Karl 
Lucie Mannheim Pic German singer, stage/film actress, Mannheim Lucie 
Fritz Mannheimer Pic German-born banker, art collector, Mannheimer Fritz 
Max Mannheimer Pic Czech-born German auhor, painter, Mannheimer Max 
Bernard Manning Pic British comedian, nightclub owner, (Jewish father) Manning Bernard
Bob Manning Pic American pop singer, Manning Bob 
David Manning Pic British ambassador to United States 2003-07 Israel 1995-98 Manning David 
Dick Manning Pic American composer, lyricist, Manning Dick 
Hugo Manning Pic British poet, humanist, Manning Hugo 
Toni Mannix Pic American film actress, dancer, (Jewish father) Mannix Toni 
Mordechai Mano Pic Greek-born Israeli businessman, Seagull Maritime, Mano Mordechai 
Hillel Manoah HW Pic Romanian politician, Manoah Hillel 
Arnold Manoff Pic American screenwriter, Manoff Arnold 
Dinah Manoff RWF Pic American stage/film/television film actress, Manoff Dinah 
Bernice Manoherian American president of AIPAC 2003- , Manoherian Bernice 
Amos Manor RWF HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli Head of the Shin Bet  1953-63, Manor Amos 
Ehud Manor RWF HW Pic Israeli songwriter:lyricist, translator, Manor Ehud 
Eviatar Manor HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Sweden 2004-08, Manor Eviatar 
Ilan Manor RWF Pic Israeli chess grandmaster, Manor Ilan 
Natasha Manor RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli actress, singer, journalist, talk show host, (convert to Judaism) Manor Natasha
Uzi Manor Israeli ambassador to Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Myanmar, Nepal, Manor Uzi 
Yair/Gideon/Nurit Manor Hamburger Israeli businessmen, Harel Investments (40%) Manor Hamburger Yair/Gideon/Nurit 
Lev Manovich Pic Russian-born American literary critic, artist, Manovich Lev 
Harry Manoy New Zealand merchant, sports administrator, Manoy Harry 
Jorge Manrique Pic Spanish poet, Manrique Jorge 
Alfred Mansfeld RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli architect,    Mansfeld Alfred
Ben Manski Pic American activist,    Manski Ben 
Charles Manski RWF Pic American economist, Manski Charles 
Sarah Manski Pic American journalist, activist, ??? Manski Sarah
Vitaly Mansky Pic Ukrainian-born Russian filmmaker, Mansky Vitaly 
Maurice Manson Pic Canadian-born American film/television actor, Manson Maurice 
Pamela Manson Pic British film/stage/television actress, Manson Pamela 
Joyce Mansour Pic British-born Egyptian French poet, Mansour Joyce
Joe Mansueto Pic American businessmam, Morningstar, Inc, ??? Mansueto Joe 
Guido Mantega Pic Italian-born Brazilian Minister of Finance 2006-15, Lula da Silva Mantega Guido 
George Mantello Pic Romanian-born diplomat, Mantello George
Jacob Mantino ben Samuel Italian scholar, physician, Mantino ben Samuel Jacob 
Eugene Manuel Pic French poet, Secretary General  of Minister of Public Instruction 1870, Manuel Eugene 
Frank Manuel Pic American historian, Manuel Frank 
Efrim Menuck Pic Canadian musician, guitarist, Goodspeed You! Black Emperor, Manuk Efrim
Lajos Manyai Pic Hungarian actor,   Manyai Lajos
Zsuzsa Manyai Pic Hungarian actress, Manyai Zsuzsa
Anat Maor RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Maor Anat 
Eli Maor Pic Israeli mathematician, historian, Maor Eli
Galia Maor Pic Israeli businesswomen, CEO of National Bank, Maor Galia 
Eyal Maoz Pic Israeli-born American guitarist, bandleader, composer, Maoz Eyal
Samuel Maoz Pic Israeli film director, Maoz Samuel 
Shlomo Maoz HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli economical commentator, economist, Maoz Shlomo 
Abraham Mapu RWF HW Pic Lithuanian novelist, Mapu Abraham 
Yehiel Mar HW Pic Polish-born Israeli poet, sohgwriter:lyricist, Mar Yehiel
Lya Mara Pic Latvian-born Polish German actress, ??? Mara Lya 
Karl Maramorosch RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born American viorologist, entomologist, plant pathologist, Maramorosch Karl 
Berta Marantz RWF Pic Soviet/Russian pianist, pedagogue, Maramtz Berta
Josie Maran Pic American model, actress, (Jewish father) Maran Josie 
Paulo Marani RWC Italian Vice Admiral, Marani Paulo 
David Maraniss Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish father) Maraniss David 
Moissaye Marans RWF Pic Moldovan-born American sculptor, Marans Moissaye
Saul Marantz Pic American audio engineer, inventor, founder of Marantz Co., Marantz Saul 
Dave Marash Pic American television journalist, television news anchor, Marash Dave 
Patrick Marber Pic British playwright, comedian, director, actor, screenwriter, Marber Patrick 
Otto Marburg Austrian neurologist, Marburg Otto 
Moses Marburger court jew Marburger Moses 
Marcel Marceau RWF HW Pic French actor, mime, Marceau Marcel 
Richard Marceau Pic Canadian politician, MP 1997-2006 (convert to Judaism) Marceau Richard 
Gabriel Marcel RWF Pic French philosopher, playwright, music critic, (Jewish mother), Marcel Gabriel 
Hal March Pic American comedian, actor, show host, March Hal 
Meche Marchand Pic Puetro Rican radio/stage/television actress, writer, Marchand Meche
Stephen Marche Pic Canadian novelist, columnist, Marche Stephen 
Grigori Marchenko Pic Kazakh financier, banker, poitician, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazahstan 2004, Marchenko Grigori
Albert Marchinsky Pic Polish-born British magician, illusionist, Marchinsky Albert 
Steve March-Torme Pic American singer/songwriter, March-Torme Steve 
Armand Marciano Pic American co-founder Guess?, Marciano Armand 
Georges Marciano Pic American co-founder Guess?, Marciano Georges
Maurice Marciano Pic American co-chairman, co-CEO Guess?, Marciano Maurice 
Paul Marciano Pic Moroccan-born American fashion designer, co-chairman, co-CEO of Guess? Marciano Paul 
Saadia Marciano RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, social activist, Marciano Saadia 
Yoram Marciano RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Marciano Yoram 
Max Marcin Pic German/Polish-born American screenwriter, film director, Marcin Max 
Wilhelm Marckwald German actor, film/theater director, Marckwald Wilhelm 
Willy Marckwald Pic German-born chemist, polonium Marckwald Willy 
Talmon Marco RWC Pic Israeli-born American businessman, entrepreneur, Marco Talmon
Sol Marcosson Pic American violinist, Marcosson Sol 
Louis Marcoussis Pic Polish French painter, engraver, Marcoussis Louis 
Carol Marcovici HW Pic Romanian singer, stage actor, Marcovici Carol 
Carol Marcovici HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli singer, stage actor, Marcovici Carol 
Silvia Marcovici HW Pic Romanian violinist, Marcovici Silvia 
Smil Marcovici Romanian communist activist, Marcovici Smil
Artur Marcowicz Pic Polish realist painter, Marcowicz Artur
Adam Marcus RWF Pic American mathematician, ??? Marcus Adam 
Bernard Marcus Pic American businessman, Home Depot, Marcus Bernard 
D Marcus Hungarian Hugh Court Justice,   Marcus D 
David Marcus Pic Irish editor, author,    Marcus David 
David Marcus RWF Pic American-born first Israeli brigadier general, Marcus David 
Frank Marcus Pic German/Polish-born British playwright, Marcus Frank 
Gary Marcus Pic American cognitive scientist, Marcus Gary 
George Marcus Pic American anthropologist, Marcus George 
George Marcus Hungarian-born Australian philosopher, Marcus George 
Gill Marcus RWC Pic South African politician, Deputy Minister for Finance 1996-99, Marcus Gill 
Greil Marcus Pic American author, music journalist, cultural critic, Marcus Greil 
Herbert Marcus Pic American co founder 1913/chairman of Neiman Marcus Co. Marcus Herbert 
Jacob Marcus Pic Swedish businessman, Marcus Jacob 
Jeffrey Marcus American CEO/president of Chancellor Media, Marcus Jeffry 
Joyce Marcus Pic American anthropologist, epigrapher, ??? Marcus Joyce 
Lawrence Marcus Pic American businessman, Marcus Lawrence
Louis Marcus Pic American mayor of Salt Lake City Utah, 1932-36, Marcus Louis
Michael Marcus Pic American commodities trader, Marcus Michael 
Mickey Marcus RWC Pic American-born Israeli first israeli Brigadier general, Marcus Mickey 
Mitch Marcus Pic American computer scientist, Marcus Mitch 
Moses Marcus German co-founder 1798 of M.M. Warburg & Co, Marcus Moses 
Rudolph Marcus RWF HW Pic Canadian-born American chemist, Nobel Prize (1992), Marcus Rudolph 
Ruth Marcus RWC Pic American philosopher, logician, Marcus Ruth 
Ruth Marcus Pic American journalist, columnist, Marcus Ruth 
Shahar Marcus Pic Israeli performance artist, Marcus Shahar
Siegfried Marcus HW Pic German-born Austrian inventor, engineer, Karl Benz combustion engine 1875, Marcus Siegfried 
Solomon Marcus HW Pic Romanian mathematician, computer scientist, Marcus Solomon 
Stanley Marcus American appeals judge, Marcus Stanley 
Stanley Marcus Pic American businessman, Neiman Marcus, Marcus Stanley 
Steven Marcus American literary critic, Marcus Steven 
Tatyana Marcus RWN Pic Ukrainian resistance member, Marcus Tatyana
Harold Marcuse HW Pic American art historian, Marcuse Harold
Herbert Marcuse RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss American philosopher, sociologist, political scientist, Marcuse Herbert 
Irene Marcuse Pic American novelist,   Marcuse Irene
Ludwig Marcuse Pic German philosopher, Marcuse Ludwig
Max Marcuse German dermatologist, sexologist, Marcuse Max 
Peter Marcuse Pic German-born American lawyer, urban planner, Marcuse Peter 
Theo Marcuse Pic American character actor, Marcuse Theo
Nathan Marcuvitz Pic American electrical engineer, physicist, Marcuvitz Nathan 
Sam Marcy Pic Russian-born American marxist, founder of Workers World Party, Marcy Sam
Henrik Marczali Pic Hungarian historian,  Marczali Henrik 
Edward Marczewski RWF Pic Polish mathematician,    Marczewski Edward 
Guy Mardel Pic Algerian-born French singer, Mardel Guy
Abram Marder RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, architecture scholar, Marder Abram
Eve Marder Pic American neuroscientist, ??? Marder Eve 
Irving Maretsky Canadian baseball player, Maretsky Irving 
Max Maretzek Pic Czech-born American composer, impresario, opera manager, Maretzek Max 
Yoram Margalioth Pic Israeli-born American legal scholar, Margalioth Yoram 
Avishai Margalit RWC HW Pic Israeli philosopher,    Margalit Avishai 
Dan Margalit RWE HW Pic Israeli television news presenter, journalist, Margalit Dan 
Eitan Margalit Israeli ambassador to Netherland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines,  Margalit Eitan 
Erel Margalit RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, entrepreneur, Margalit Erel
Gilad Margalit Pic Israeli historian, writer, Margalit Gilad
Israela Margalit Pic Israeli-born American concert pianist, recording artist, playwright, television writer, Margalit Israela
Malka Margalit Pic Israeli education scholar, Margalit Malka 
Meir Margalit HW Pic Polish-born Israeli stage actor, Margalit Meir 
Anton Margaritha German hebraist, Margaritha Anton 
Mojsije Margel Pic Croatian rabbi, lexicographer, hebrew scholar, Margel Mojsije
Ya'akov Margi RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Minister of Religious Services 2009-, Margi Ya'akov 
Ede Margin Hungarian sculptor, Margin Ede
Stephen Marglin Pic American economist, socialist, Marglin Stephen 
Cecil Margo South African Supreme Court judge,  Margo Cecil 
Yaron Margolin Pic Israeli dancer, choreographer, Margoin Yaron
Emanuel Josef Margold Pic Austrian-born designer, Margold Emanuel Josef
Emanuel Josef Margold Pic Austrian-born German architect, designer, graphic artist, Margold Emanuel Josef
David Margolese Pic Canadian-born Israeli entrepreneur, co-founder of Sirius XM Radio, Margolese David
Faranak Margolese Pic British-born American Israeli writer, Margolese Faranak
Emanuel Margoliash Egyptian-born American biochemist, molecular biologist, Margoliash Emanuel 
Moses Margolies Lithuanian-born commentator of Jerusalem Talmud, Margolies Moses 
Reuvein Margolies HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli rabbinical scholar, rabbi, Margolies Reuvein 
Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky Pic American representative, 1993-1995, Margolies-Mezvinsky Marjorie 
Anna Margolin HW Pic Belarusian-born American Yiddish poet, Margolin Anna
Arnold Margolin American producer, screenwriter, director,  Margolin Arnold 
Arnold Margolin Pic Ukrainian-born lawyer, public figure, writer,   Margolin Arnold 
Bessie Margolin Pic American attorney, (Us Department of Labor) Margolin Bessie
Janet Margolin Pic American stage/television/film actress, Margolin Janet 
Julius Margolin RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli writer,    Margolin Julius 
Lev Margolin RWF Pic Soviet economist, agronomy, Margolin Lev
Stuart Margolin Pic American film/television actor, director, Margolin Stuart 
David Margoliouth RWC Pic British orientalist, translator, Margoliouth David 
Ashley Margolis Pic British actor, Margolis Ashley 
Cindy Margolis RWF Pic American model, actress, Margolis Cindy 
David Margolis Pic American industrialist, Colt Industries, Margolis David 
Eric Margolis Pic American-born Canadian journalist, (Jewish father) Jamieson Laboratories, Margolis Eric 
Eva Margolis RWC Pic Soviet choreographer, Margolis Eva 
Henry Margolis American theatrical producer, industrialist, philantropist, Aero-Flow Dynamics Corporation, Margolis Henry 
Joseph Margolis Pic American philosopher, Margolis Joseph
Leo Margolis Pic Canadian parasitologist, ??? Margolis Leo 
Mark Margolis RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, Margolis Mark 
Max Margolis HW Pic Lithuanian-born American linguist, philologist, translator, Margolis Max 
Nahman-Idel Margolis RWC Soviet engineering scholar, Margolis Nahman-Idel 
Seth Margolis Pic American author, (Jewish father) Margolis Seth 
Sherry Margolis Pic American television anchor, Margolis Sherry
Heda Margolius Kovaly Pic Czech wtiter, translator, Margolius Heda
Ivan Margolius Pic Czech-born British architect,  author, Margolius Ivan 
Ivan Margolius Pic Czech-born British architect,    Margolius Ivan 
Rudolf Margolius Pic Czech politician, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade 1948-52, Margolius Rudolf 
Norman Margolus Pic American Canadian computer scientist,  physicist. Margolus Norman 
Miriam Margolyes HW Pic British-born Australian  character actress, Margolyes Miriam 
Steve Margoshes Pic American composer, conductor, Margoshes Steve 
Jason Marguis Pic American baseball player, Marguis Jason 
De Hirsh Margules Pic Romanian-born American painter, Margules De Hirsch
Ludwik Margules Pic Mexican theater/opera/film director, Margules Ludwik 
Max Margules Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian meteorologist,    Margules Max 
Ben Margulies American songwriter, record producer, ??? Margulies Ben 
David Margulies Pic American stage/film/television actor, Margulies David 
Donald Margulies Pic American playwright, Margulies Donald 
Eliott Margulies American geneticist, ??? Margulies Eliott
Emil Margulies Pic Polish-born Czech politician, Margulies Emil
Joseph Margulies Pic Austrian-born American painter, printmaker, Margulies Joseph 
Julianna Margulies RWF HW Pic American stage/film/television actress, Margulies Julianna 
Lazar Margulies Pic Poish-born American obsterizian, gynecologist, inventor, Margulies Lazar 
Leo Margulies American editor, publisher, Margulies Leo
Roni Margulies Pic Turkish-born British poet, author, translator, political activist, Margulies Roni
Alexander Margulis American radiologist, ??? Margulis Alexander 
David Margulis RWF Pic Ukrainian-born hero of Soviet Union, Margulis David 
Evgeny Margulis RWF Pic Russian rock/blues musician, Mashina Vremeni, Margulis Evgeny
Grigory Margulis RWF Pic Russian-born American mathematician, Fields Medal (1978) Margulis Grigory 
Lynn Margulis RWF HW Pic American microbiologist, Margulis Lynn 
Max Margulis Pic American jazz musician, record producer, photographer, Margulis Max 
N Margulis Ukrainian physicist, Margulis N 
Usher Margulis RWC Pic Soviet physicist, Margulis Usher 
Lev Margulyan RWF Ukrainian-born hero of Soviet Union, Margulyan Lev 
Alfons Maria Jakob Pic German neurologist, Maria Jakob Alfons 
Mariamne I Pic second wife of Herod the Great, Mariamne I
Avanti Marianne Pic Miss Sri Lanka 2014, Marianne Avanti
Eli Marienthal Pic American film/stage actor, Marienthal Eli 
Bill Marimow Pic American journalist,    Marimow Bill 
Alexandru Marin Pic French-born American physicist, Marin Alexandru
David Martin Hungarian-born Australian poet, Marin David
Fania Marinoff RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American stage/film actress,   Marinoff Fania 
Abram Marinov sverdlovenergo Marinov Abram 
Amnon Marinov Pic Israeli nuclear physicist, Marinov Amnon
Claude Marinower Pic Belgian politician, Liberal MP Marinower Claude 
Jacob Marinsky RWF Pic American chemist, co-discovered promethium, Marinsky Jacob 
Mikhail Marisi Ornstein Pic American actor, painter, (Jewish father) Marisi Ornstein Mikhail 
Raissa Maritain RWC Pic Ukrainian-born French philosopher, poet, Maritain Raissa 
Herve Mariton Pic Algerian-born French politician,  MP 2007- , Mariton Herve 
Edward Maritz founder 1894 of Maritz Corp, Maritz Edward 
Paul Maritz Pic Rhodesian-born American senior executive of Microsoft,  Maritz Paul 
Adolph Marix RWC Pic German-born American Navy Admiral, Marix Adolph
Adolph Marix RWC Pic American military commander, Vice Admiral, Marix Adolph 
Reginald Marix RWC Pic British military, vice-marshall  aviation, Marix Reginald 
Herman Mark RWF HW Pic Austrian-born German American chemist, polymer science, (Jewish father) Mark Herman 
Isaac Mark Pic American film/television producer,    Mark Isaac 
Lajos Mark Hungarian painter, graphic artist, Mark Lajos
Mary Mark Pic American photographer, Mark Mary 
Mitchell Mark American co-founder of Vitascope Theater, Mark Mitchell 
Moe Mark American co-founder of Vitascope Theater, Mark Moe 
Reuben Mark American chairman/CEO of Colgate-Palmolive, Mark Reuben 
Tony Mark Pic American film producer, director, screenwriter, Mark Tony 
Mark the Evangelist founder of church of Alexandria Mark the Evangelist
Lester Markel Pic American journalist, editor, Markel Lester 
Jack Markell RWF HW Pic American governor 2009- , Markell Jack 
Boris Markenson RWC Pic Brazilian Navy Admiral, Markenson Boris 
Roger Markfield American president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc, Markfield Roger 
Wallace Markfield Pic American comic novelist, Markfield Wallace 
David Markin Pic American chairman of US Tennis Association, Markin David 
Morris Markin RWC Pic Russian-born American founder 1922 of Cheker Motors Corporation, Markin Morris 
Peretz Markish RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Yiddish poet, playwright, novelist, Markish Peretz 
Ellen Markman Pic American developmental psychologist,     Markman Ellen 
Ivan Marko Pic Hungarian dancer, choreographer, ballet director, Marko Ivan
John Markoff Pic American writer, journalist, Markoff John 
George Markos Pic Hungarian actor, comedian, parodist, Markos George 
Joseph Markos Pic Hungarian artist, actor, comedian, Markos Joseph 
Albert Markov Pic Russian-born American violinist, composer, conductor, Markov Albert 
Alexander Markov Pic Russian-born American violinist, Markov Alexander 
Moisey Markov RWF Pic Soviet nucelar physicist, Markov Moisey 
Dame Alicia Markova Pic British prima balerina, Markova Alicia
Yael Markovich Pic Israeli American model,   Markovich Yael 
Aaron Markovich of Wilna Polish court jew of King Wladislaw IV Vasa Markovich of Wilna Aaron 
Andrei Markovits Pic Romanian-born American political scientist, sociologist, Markovits Andrei
Daniel Markovits Pic American legal scholar, ??? Markovits Daniel 
Rodion Markovits Pic Romanian-born Hungarian journalist, novelist, lawyer, Markovits Rodion
Amanda Markowitz Pic American actress, model, Markowitz Amanda 
Arnold Markowitz Pic American social worker, psychotherapist, social critic, researcher, Markowitz Arnold 
Deborah Markowitz Pic American Secretary of State of Vermont 1999- , Markowitz Deborah 
Donald Markowitz RWC Pic American composer, musician, songwriter, Markowitz Donald 
Harry Markowitz RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (1990), Markowitz Harry 
Leon Markowitz South African mayor of Cape Town, 1985-87, Markowitz Leon
Marky Markowitz Pic American jazz trumpeter, Markowitz Marky 
Mitch Markowitz Pic Canadian film/television executive, producer, screenwriter, film/television actor, Markowitz Mitch 
Riff Markowitz Pic American theater/television director, television writer/producer, clown, Markowitz Riff
Victor Markowitz Pic Israeli-born American computer scientist, data management, Markowitz Victor
Henry Markram Pic South African-born Israeli neuroscientist, neorologist, Markram Henry 
Adolf Marks Pic Polish-born Russian journalist, publisher, Marks Adolf
Andrew Marks Pic American cardiologist, physiology metabolism, Marks Andrew 
Bruce Marks Pic American dancer, chgoreographer, Marks Bruce 
David Marks Pic American vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish father) Marks David 
Debora Marks Pic American computational biologist, ??? Marks Debora 
Edward Marks American songwriter, Marks Edward 
Florine Marks American CEO/president of Weight Watchers International  WW Group, Marks Florine 
Gerald Marks Pic American composer, songwriter:lyricist, Marks Gerald 
Gil Marks Pic American food writer, historian, Marks Gil
Hannah Marks Pic American actress, writer, director, (Jewish father) Marks Hannah 
Harrison Marks Pic British glamour photographer, pornographer, Marks Harrison
Harry Marks Pic British founder 1884 of Financial News, Marks Harry 
Howard Marks Pic American co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, Marks Howard 
Hugo Marks American founder of Whitehall Jewelers, Inc, jewelery chain, Marks Hugo 
Isaac Marks Pic South African-born British psychiatrist, Marks Isaac
John Marks Pic British chairman of British Medical Association 1984-90 Marks John 
Johnny Marks Pic American songwriter, Marks Johnny 
Jon Marks American sports commentator, Marks Jon 
Lana Marks Pic South African-born American handbags designer, Marks Lana 
Leo Marks Pic British cryptographer, screenwriter, playwright, Marks Leo 
Lionel Marks American mechanical engineer, ??? Marks Lionel 
Marc Marks Pic American representative, 1977-1983, Marks Marc 
Michael Marks RWF Pic Polish-born British co-founder/chairman 1884-1967 of Marks & Spencer, Marks Michael 
Baron Michael Marks Marks Michael 
Paul Marks Pic American cancer researcher, geneticist, Marks Paul 
Rudolph Marks American playwright, songwriter, comedian, Marks Rudolph 
Sammy Marks Pic Lithuanian-born South African industrialist, financier, Marks Sammy
Shula Marks Pic South African British historian, Marks Shula 
Baron Simon Marks Pic British co-founder of Marks & Spencer, Marks Simon
Stan Marks Pic British-born Australian writer, journalist, Marks Stan
Stephen Marks Pic British founder of FCUK, Marks Stephen 
Tobin Marks RWF Pic American chemist, founder of nonequilibrium thermodinamics, Marks Tobin 
Walter Marks American musical theater composer, lyricist, Marks Walter 
Walter Marks Pic Australian Nationalist MP 1919-31, Marks Walter 
Abram Markson RWF Russian/Soviet conductor, violinist, Markson Abram 
George Markstein Pic German-born British journalist, television producer, screenwriter,    Markstein George 
Alfred Markus Hungarian composer, film scores, operettas, Markus Alfred
Dezso Markus Hungarian conductor, theater director, Markus Dezso
Geza Markus Pic Hungarian architect, Markus Geza
Hazel Markus Pic British-born American psychologist, (Jewish father) Markus Hazel 
Maximilian Markus Hungarian journalist, newspaper editor, Markus Maximilian
Rixi Markus Pic Romanian-born British bridge player, Markus Rixi 
Tatyana Markus RWC Pic Ukrainian resistance fighter, hero of Ukraine, Markus Tatyana 
Samuil Markushevich RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Markushevich Samuil 
Neal Marlens Pic American television producer/writer,  Marlens Neal 
Bob Marley RWF HW Pic Jamaican singer/sonqwriter, guitarist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Marley Bob 
John Marley Pic American actor, Marley John 
Abrabia Marmarli Turkish politician, MP 1935- Marmarli Abrabia 
Atara Marmor French historian, Marmor Atara
Judd Marmor Pic American President of American Educational Research Association 1964-65, Marmor Judd 
Alexander Marmorek Pic Ukrainian-born bacteriologist, tuberculosis, Marmorek Alexander 
Oskar Marmorek HW Pic Polish-born Austrian journalist, architect, zionist, Marmorek Oskar 
Sir Michael Marmot Pic British epidemiologist, Marmot Michael 
Geza Maroczy RWF Pic Hungarian chess grandmaster, Maroczy Geza
Eli Marom RWF HW Pic Israeli 17th Commander of Navy, 2007-11, major general, Marom Eli
Oded Marom HW Israeli fighter ace, Marom Oded 
Sara Marom-Shalev RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli politician, Marom-Shalev Sara 
Endre Marton Hungarian film/theater director, Maron Endre
Hanna Maron RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli stage actress, Maron Hanna 
Marc Maron Pic American comedian, radio host, actor, director, producer, Maron Marc 
Maya Maron RWC HW Pic Israeli film/television actress, Maron Maya 
Menahem Maron RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Maron Menahem 
Geza Maroti Pic Hungarian architect, sculptor, painter, Maroti Geza
Didier Marouni Pic French composer,    Marouni Didier 
Mikhail Marov RWC Pic Soviet/Russian astronomer, astrophysicist, Marov Mikhail 
Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Pic American federal judge, Marovitz Abraham Lincoln
Erika Marozsan RWF Pic Hungarian actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) Marozsan Erika 
Mike Marqusee Pic American-born British writer, journalist, political activist, Marqusee Mike
Heinrich Marr Pic German actor,   Marr Heinrich 
Sir Alan Marre British Parlamentary Commisioner of Administration 1971-76, Marre Alan
Albert Marre Pic American stage director/actor, choreographer, producer, Marre Albert
Albert Marrin Pic American historian, Marrin Albert
Andrew Marriner Pic British clarinetist, Marriner Andrew 
Sir Neville Marriner RWF Pic British conductor, violinist, Marriner Neville
Andre Marrou Pic American representative, 1985-87, Marrou Andre 
Alfred Marrow Pic American industrial psychologist, civil rights activist, philanthropist, Marrow Alfred 
Michael Marrus Pic Canadian Holocaust historian, Marrus Michael 
Bruno Mars RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, composer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Mars Bruno
Kenneth Mars Pic American television/film actor, Mars Kenneth 
Jacob Marschak RWF Pic Ukrainian-born British American economist, Marschak Jacob 
Benjamin Marsh co-founder 1841 Jordan, Marsh and Co, 1935 Allied Stores Corporation, ???  Marsh Benjamin 
Leonard  Marsh American co-founder 1972 Snapple Beverage Corporation, Marsh Leonard 
Boris Marshak RWF Pic Russian archaeologist, art historian,  orientalist, Marshak Boris 
Emmanuel Marshak RWF Soviet physicist, translator, Marshak Emmanuel 
Moisey Marshak Belarusian-born Soviet physiologist,  Marshak Moisey
Robert Marshak RWF Pic American physicist, Marshak Robert 
Samuil Marshak RWF HW Pic Soviet poet, satirist, translator, Marshak Samuil 
Barak Marshall Pic American-born Israeli choreographer, dancer, singer, Marshall Barak
Betty Marshall Pic American politician, mayor of York, Pennsylvania, Marshall Betty
Bob Marshall Pic American conservationst, forrester, Marshall Bob 
Charlyn Marshall Pic American singer/songwriter, Marshall Charlyn 
Dan Marshall Pic Israeli-born actor, Marshall Dan
David Marshall RWC HW Pic First Chief Minister in Singapore 1955-56 Marshall David 
Jack Marshall Pic American author, poet, Marshall Jack 
James Marshall Pic American actor, (Jewish father), Marshall James 
Joshua Marshall Pic American political journalist, writer, Marshall Joshua 
Lawrence Marshall Pic American legal scholar,     Marshall Lawrence 
Louis Marshall RWE HW Pic American corporate/constitutional lawyer, public figure, Marshall Louis 
Tom Marshall RWC Pic Prime Minister of Newfounland and Labrador 2014, Marshall Tom 
Alexander Marten Polish film/stage ator, film director, Marten Alexander 
Bill Martens American VP of CBS News, ??? Martens Bill 
David Martin Hungarian-born Australian poet, Martin David
Gail Martin Pic American developmental biologist, Martin Gail 
Hyman Martin American mobster, Martin Hyman 
Jacob Martin American songwriter, Martin Jacob 
Jill Martin Pic American sportscaster, television personality,    Martin Jill 
Joel Martin American co-founder 1998/CEO/president of Quantum Dot Corporation, Martin Joel 
Judith Martin Pic American journalist, author, Martin Judith 
Kellie Martin RWF Pic American film/television actress, ??? Martin Kellie 
Paul Martin Pic American physicist, Martin Paul 
Quinn Martin Pic American television producer,    Martin Quinn 
Ross Martin Pic Polish-born American stage/film/television actor, Martin Ross 
Tony Martin Pic American actor, pop singer, Martin Tony 
Ida Mae Martinez RWC Pic American  professional wrestler, (convert to Judaism) Martinez Ida Mae
Tomas Martinez RWC Pic President of Nicaragua 1857-67, (Jewish father) Martinez Tomas 
German Martinez Hidalgo Pic Mexican physicist, mathematician, chemist, astronomer, columnist, (Jewish mother) Martinez Hidalgo German 
Ida Martinson American nursing scholar, ??? Martinson Ida 
Akos Marton Hungarian architect, Marton Akos
Andrew Marton Pic Hungarian-born American film director, producer, editor, Marton Andrew 
Erno Marton HW Romanian politician, MP 1932- , Marton Erno 
Ervin Marton Pic Hungarian artist, photographer, photojournalist, Marton Ervin
Kati Marton Pic Hungarian-born American journalist, author, Marton Kati 
Andrew Marton Pic Hungarian-born American film director, producer, editor, Marton Marton
Julius Martov RWF HW Pic Turkish-born Russian Menshevik Party Leader, Martov Julius 
Doug Martsch Pic American lead singer/songwriter, lead guitarist, Martsch Doug 
Aleksandr Martynov RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet journalist, Martynov Aleksandr 
Keren Martziano HW Pic Israeli journalist, economic commentator, Martziano Keren 
Ludwig Marum HW Pic German politician, MP 1928-33 Marum Ludwig 
Adolf Bernhard Marx Pic German composer, musical theorist, critic,   Marx Adolf Bernhard
Alexander Marx HW Pic German-born American historian, bibliographer, librarian, Marx Alexander
Anthony Marx Pic American president of Amherst College 2003-11, Marx Anthony 
Arthur Marx Pic American screewriter, Marx Arthur
Brett Marx Pic American film/television actor, film producer, Marx Brett 
Chico Marx Pic American vaudeville/film comic actor, Marx Chico 
Dick Marx Pic American jazz pianist, arranger, film score composer, Marx Dick 
Eleanor Marx RWF Pic British political activist, author, (Jewish father) Marx Eleanor 
Emanuel Marx HW Pic Israeli social anthropologist,   Marx Emanuel 
Enid Marx British painter, designer, Marx Enid 
Gregg Marx American televicion actor, Marx Gregg
Groucho Marx RWF HW Pic American vaudeville/film comic actor, Marx Groucho 
Guido Marx German-born American mayor of Toledo, 1875-77 Marx Guido
Gummo Marx Pic American vaudeville actor, Marx Gummo
Harpo Marx RWF HW Pic American vaudeville/film comic actor, Marx Harpo 
Harry/Marcus Marx American founders of Hartmarx, Marx Harry/Marcus 
Heinrich Marx RWF German lawyer, father of Karl Marx, Marx Heinrich 
Herbert Marx Pic Canadian lawyer, legal scholar, politician, judge, Marx Herbert 
Jeff Marx Pic American composer, lyricist, songwriter, Marx Jeff 
Karl Marx RWF HW Pic German-born philosopher, political economist, historian, sociologist, Marx Karl 
Karl Friedrich Heinrich Marx German physician, medical historian, Marx Karl Friedrich Heinrich
Laura Marx Pic German socialist, activist, (Jewish father) Marx Laura
Leo Marx American scholar, historian, literary critic, Marx Leo 
Lisa Marx Pic Canadian rock guitarist, keyboardist, pianist, Kittie, Marx Lisa
Louis Marx Pic American toys inventor, Louis Marx and Company, Marx Louis 
Melinda Marx Pic American television actress, singer, musician, (Jewish father) Marx Melinda
Minnie Marx Pic German-born American manager of Marx Brothers, Marx Minnie
Miriam Marx American author, Marx Miriam 
Morris Marx Pic American president of University of West Florida 1988-  , Marx Morris 
Richard Marx RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, musician, record producer, (Jewish father) Marx Richard 
Sam Marx RWF Pic American vaudeville performer, Marx Sam
Samuel Marx American producer, screenwriter, author, Marx Samuel 
Samuel Marx Pic American architect, designer, interior decorator, Marx Samuel 
Samuel Marx American politician, MP 1922- , Marx Samuel 
Thierry Marx Pic French chef, Marx Thierry
Walter Burle Marx Pic Brazilian conductor, composer, pianist, Marx Walter Burle
Zeppo Marx Pic American vaudeville/film comic actor, Marx Zeppo 
Patricia Marx Ellsberg Pic American activist, anti-nuclear weapons, Marx Ellsberg Patricia
Barbara Marx Hubbard HW Pic Ameican futurist, author, public speaker, Marx Hubbard Barbara 
Virgin Mary RWF HW Pic mother of Jesus Christus, Mary Virgin 
Mary Pic mother of Jesus Christ Mary
Hannah Mary Rothschild Pic British writer, philanthropist, filmmaker, Mary Rothschild Hannah 
Mary the Jewess RWF HW Pic ancient alchemist, Mary the Jewes
Leonid Maryagin RWE Pic Soviet/Russian film director, screenwriter, Maryagin Leonid 
Mark Maryanovsky RWN Latvian-born Russian/Soviet composer, Maryanovsky Mark
Moisey Maryanovsky RWM Pic commander of a tank battalion, hero of Soviet Union, Maryanovsky Moisey 
Aleksandr Maryasin RWC Belarusian-born Soviet factory director, Maryasin Aleksandr 
Lev Maryasin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet chairman of the Gosbank 1934-36, Deputy People's Commissar for Finance, Maryasin Lev
Penette Maryse Pic Minister of Justice of Haiti, Maryse Penette 
Moshe Marzouk Pic Israeli spy against Egypt,  Marzouk Moshe 
Marian Marzynski Pic American documentary filmmaker, Marzynski Marian 
Jonathan Mas RWC HW Pic German-born Israeli engineer, Mas Jonathan 
Jamie Masada Pic Iranian-born American nightclub owner, television producer, publisher, Masada Jamie
Masahod Kogen Maxim RWC Moroccan diplomat, ambassador to Great Britain 1813- , Masahod Kogen Maxim 
Fay Maschler Pic British journalist, restaurant critic, Maschler Fay 
Michael Maschler HW Pic Israeli mathematician, game theory, Maschler Michael 
Tom Maschler Austrian-born American founder of Booker Price, Maschler Tom 
Eric Maschwitz Pic British lyricist, screenwriter, broadcaster, Maschwitz Eric 
J Mascis Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, Mascis J 
Pierre Mascovici RWC Pic French politician, Minister of European Affairs 1997-2002  Jospin Mascovici Pierre 
Danny Maseng HW Pic Israeli American singer/songwriter, actor, (Jewish mother) Maseng Danny 
Anna Masevich RWC Pic Georgian-born Soviet astronomer, Masevich Anna 
Boris Mashendzhinov RWC Pic Soviet military commander, major general, Mashendzhinov Boris 
Shabtai Mashkautsan RWE Pic Moldovan-born hero of Soviet Union, Mashkautsan Shabtai 
Alexander Mashkevich RWF HW Pic Kyrgizian-born president of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, Alferon Management, Mashkevich Alexander 
Mikhail Mashkovsky RWF Pic Soviet physician, pharmacologist, Mashkosky Mikhail
Shabsai Moshkovsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet epidiomologist, Mashkosky Shabsai
Yakov Mashkovsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born pilot, Mashkosky Yakov
Swede Masin Pic American basketball player, Masin Swede
Aleksandr Maskalik RWC Pic Belarusian-born Soviet engineer, shipbuilder, Maskalik Aleksandr 
Anatoly Maskileison RWF Soviet engineer, Maskileison Anatoly 
Aaron Maskin HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli stage actor,    Maskin Aaron 
Eric Maskin RWF HW Pic Amerian economist, Nobel Prize (2007) Maskin Eric 
Janet Maslin Pic American journalist, literary/music critic, Maslin Janet 
Sophie Masloff Pic American mayor of Pittsburgh 1988-94, Masloff Sophie
Abraham Maslow RWF HW Pic American psychologist, humanistic psychology, Maslow Abraham 
Arcadi Maslow Pic Ukrainian-born German politician, Maslow Arcadi
James Maslow RWF HW Pic American actor, singer, dancer, Maslow James 
Sophie Maslow Pic American choreographer, dancer, Maslow Sophie 
Wili Maslow Pic American lawyer, civil rigths leader, Maslow Wili 
Will Maslow RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American prsident of American Jewish Congress 1960-72, Maslow Will
Andrew Mason RWC Pic American founder/CEO of Groupon, Mason Andrew 
Dan Mason American president/CEO of CBS Radio Network, Mason Dan 
Jackie Mason RWF HW Pic American comedian, actor, Mason Jackie 
Paul Mason Pic British journalist, broadcaster, Mason Paul
Edward Masry Pic American lawyer, partner of law firm Masry & Vititoe, Masry Edward 
Marvin Mass mechanical systems in building industry, ??? Mass Marvin 
Vladimir Mass RWF Pic Russian author, playwright, lyricist, poet, Mass  Vladimir 
Adisu Massala RWC HW Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli politician,   Massala Adisu 
Fritzi Massary Pic Austrian operetta singer, actress, Massary Fritzi 
Pierre Masse Pic French economist,   Masse Pierre 
Pierre Masse Pic French politician, lawyer, Under Secretary of State 1912-17, Masse Pierre 
Joseph Massel Pic Lithuanian-born British writer, poet, translator, zionist, Massel Joseph
Sam Massell Pic American mayor of Atlanta, Georgia 1970-74, Massell Sam
Marshal Andre Massena RWF Pic Commander-in-Chief of Italian Army, Napoleon Massena Andre
Duchess Paula Massena Pic French aristocrat, (Paula Heine-Furtada) Massena Paula
Michael Masser Pic American songwriter:composer, record producer, Masser Michael 
Jules Masserman Pic Polish-born American psychologist, Masserman Jules 
Edith Massey Pic American actress, singer, Massey Edith 
Jeffrey Masson Pic American author, Masson Jeffrey 
Nicolas Massu Pic Chilean tennis player, Massu Nicolas 
Sivan Mast HW Pic Israeli model, actress, Mast Sivan 
Jules Mastbaum Pic American movie theater magnate, philanthropist, Mastbaum Jules 
Edith Master American equestian, Master Edith 
Joe Masteroff Pic American playwright, librettist, Masteroff Joe 
Chris Masters Pic American professional wrestler, Masters Chris
Mark Masters Pic American president/CEO of Talk Radio Network, Masters Mark 
Roy Masters Pic British-born American broadcaster, talk radio show, Masters Roy
Chiara Mastroianni RWF Pic French-born Italian actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Mastroianni Chiara 
Marcello Mastroianni RWF HW Pic Italian film actor, (Jewish mother) Mastroianni Marcello 
Richard Masur Pic American film/television actor, 1995-99, Masur Richard 
Doron Matalon Pic Israeli model, Miss Israel 2014, Matalon Doron
Eli Matalon Pic Jamaician mayor of Kingston 1971- , Minister of Justice 1975-80, Matalon Eli
Moshe Matalon RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Matalon Moshe 
Ronit Matalon Pic Israeli fiction writer, Matalon Ronit
Ronit Matalon Pic Israeli fiction writer, Matalon Ronit 
Nadia Matar Pic Belgian-born Israeli activist, Matar Nadia
David Matas Pic Canadian lawyer, Matas David
Niccolo Matas Italian architect, Matas Niccolo
Edward Matasek Egyptian architect, Matasek Edward 
Ekhiil Matatov RWC Russian-born Soviet Attorney General, Matatov Ekhiil 
Gabor Mate Pic Hungarian-born Canadian physician, health activist, Mate Gabor
Moina Mathers Pic Swiss-born British artist, occultist, Mathers Moina
Susan Matheson Pic South African-born fashion designer, Matheson Susan 
Irving Mathews American speciality retail executive, Frost Bros., chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Mathews Irving
Sidney Mathias Pic American mayor of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Mathias Sidney
Myron Mathisson Pic Polish physicist, Mathisson Myron
Matisyahu RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, rapper, Matisyahu
Eldad Matityahu RWC Pic Israeli-born American founder/chairman of Net Opticsop, Matityahu Eldad
Marlee Matlin RWF HW Pic American actress, Matlin Marlee 
Jonah Matranga Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Matranga Jonah 
Maria Matray Pic German screenwriter, film actress, choreographer, (Jewish father) Matray Maria
Grigori Mats RWM Pic Ukrainian-born hero of Soviet Union, Mats Grigori 
Savas Matsas Pic Greek philosopher, politician, writer, Matsas Savas
Yakov Matskin RWF Pic Latvian-born Soviet ship designer, Matskin Yakov 
Abram Matskovsky RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet farm chairman, Matskovsky Abram 
Harold Matson American co-founder of Mattel, Matson Harolds 
Melina Matsoukas Pic American director of commercials, videos, television shows, (Jewish father) Matsoukas Melina 
Danny Matt RWC Pic German-born Israeli major general, Matt Danny
Mattathias Pic   170-167 BC Mattathias KingsKJO
Janet Mattei RWC Pic Turkish-born American astronomer, Mattei Janet
Charles Matthau Pic American film/television director, actor, Matthau Charles
Walter Matthau RWF HW Pic American actor, Matthau Walter 
David Matthews Pic American author, (Jewish mother) Matthews David 
Jessie Matthews Pic British dancer, actress, singer,  Matthews Jessie 
Liesel Matthews RWF Pic American child actress, Matthews Liesel 
Bernd Matthias Pic German-born Swiss American physicist, superconductivity, (not Jewish maternal grandparent) Matthias Bernd 
Yossi Matias RWC HW Pic Israeli computer scientist, Mattias Yossi
Daniel Mattis Pic Belgian-born American physicist, Mattis Daniel 
Mattisyahu RWE Pic American rock singer, rapper, reggae artist, Mattisyahu
Rose/Reuben Mattus Pic American founders of Haagen-Dazs, Mattus Rose /Reuven
Mikhail Matusovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet singer/songwriter,    Matusovsky Mikhail 
Mike Matusow Pic American professional poker player, Matusow Mike 
Wladislaw Matwin Polish mathematician, politician, MP 1961-65 Matwin Wladislaw 
Debbie Matz Pic Chairman, National Credit Union Administration Matz Debbie 
Howard Matz American federal judge, Matz Howard 
Israel Matz Lithuanian-born American founder 1906 of Ex-Lax, drugstore chain, Matz Israel 
Peter Matz Pic American composer, conductor, Matz Peter 
Joshua Matza RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Health,    Matza Joshua 
Margaret Matzenauer Pic Hungarian/Romanian-born American opera singer, soprano, Matzenauer Margaret
Meyer Matzkin Pic Lithuanian-born American sculptor,   Matzkin Meyer 
Rina Matzliach HW Pic Tunisian-born Israeli journalist, television presentor, Matzliach Rina 
Nissim Matzliah Turkish politician, MP  Matzliah Nissim 
Boaz Mauda RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Mauda Boaz 
Ted Mauerberger South African mayor of Cape Town, 1977-79, Mauerberger Ted
John Maurer Pic American bass guitarist, Social Distortion, Maurer John
Jose Maurer HW Pic Ukrainian-born Argentine Israeli stage/film actor, Maurer Jose
Isaac Pesaro Maurogonato Italian minister of Finance,    Maurogonato Isaac Pesaro
Isaco Maurogonato Pesaro RWC Italian politician, senator, Maurogonato Pesaro Isacco
Andre Maurois RWF HW Pic French author, Maurois Andre 
Ernest/Henri Maus Swiss co-founders 1902 of Manor AG, Maus Ernest/Henri
Marcel Mauss RWF HW Pic French sociologist, anthropologist, Mauss Marcel 
Adolf Ignaz Mautner Czech-born Austrian industrialist, founfer Mauthner Adolf Ignaz
Fritz Mauthner RWF Pic Czech-born German philosopher, writer, theater critic, satirist, Mauthner Fritz 
Ludwig von Mauthner Pic Czech-born Austrian ophthalmologist, neuroanatonomist,    Mauthner Ludwig von
Philipp von Mauthner Mauthner Philipp von
Adolf Ignaz Mautner Czech-born Austrian industrialist, founfer Mautner Adolf Ignaz
Amora Mautner Pic Brazilian television director, actress, (Jewish father) Mautner Amora 
Jorge Mautner Pic Brazilian writer, singer, composer, (Jewish father) Mautner Jorge 
Menachem Mautner Pic Israeli legal scholar,     Mautner Menachem 
Wilhelm Mautner Austrian-born German economist, art colector, Mautner Wilhelm 
Max Maven HW Pic American magician, mentalist, Maven Max 
Art Max American columnist, Max Art 
Edouard de Max Pic Romanian-born French stage/film actor, Max Edouard  de
Fat Max Pic American vocalist, bass player, Max Fat 
James Max Pic British journalist, television presenter, Max James 
Leon Max Pic Russian-born American fashion designer, rertailer, Max Leon 
Peter Max Pic German-born Israeli American artist, illustrator, Max Peter 
Marina Maximilian RWC HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli singer, actress, model, Maximilian Marina 
Ghislaine Maxwell Pic British businesswoman, (Jewish father) Maxwell Ghislaine
Ian Maxwell Pic British businessman, (Jewish father) Maxwell Ian
Isabell Maxwell Pic president of CommTouch, (Jewish father) Maxwell Isabell 
Kevin Maxwell Pic British businessman, (Jewish father) Maxwell Kevin
Robert Maxwell RWF Pic Czech-born British media proprietor, Labour MP 1964-70 Maxwell Robert 
Robert Maxwell Joffe American radio/television producer, ??? Maxwell Joffe Robert 
M.H. Maxy HW Pic Romanian cubist painter, Maxy M.H. 
Clifford May Pic American columnist, magazine editor, May Clifford 
David May Pic British chip designer, computer scientist, ??? May David 
David May American co-founder 1877 of May Department Stores, May David 
Edgar May Pic Swiss-born American politician, journalist, May Edgar
Elaine May Pic American stage/film actress, film director, screenwriter, May Elaine 
Ernst May RWF Pic German architect, city planner, May Ernst
Eva May Pic Austrian film actress, (Jewish father) May Eva 
Hans May Austrian-born British composer, May Hans 
J. M. May French-born American medical geographer, May J. M.
Jacquetta May Pic British actress, screenwriter, theater director, May Jacquetta 
Joe May Pic Austrian-born German film director, producer, May Joe 
Kurt May German-born director of United Restitution Organisation, May Kurt
Lewis May founder of May & King, May Lewis 
Mathilda May Pic French film actress, (Jewish father) May Mathilda
Mitchell May Pic American representative, 1899-1901, New York State Supreme Court justice 1922-40, May Mitchell 
Morton May American CEO/chairman 1951-72 of May Department Stores, May Morton 
Paul May Belgian ambassador to United States, May Paul 
Robert May Dutch co-owner of Lippmann, Rosenthal & Co, May Robert 
Moshe Maya HW Pic Israeli politician, Maya Moshe 
Ignaz Maybaum Pic Austrian-born British theologian, Maybaum Ignaz
Dan Maydan Pic Israeli-born engineer, president of Applied Materials, Maydan  Dan 
Abraham Mayer German-born Belgian physician, Mayer Abraham 
Albert Mayer American architect, city planner, Mayer Albert 
Arno Mayer Pic Luxembourgian-born American historian, Mayer Arno 
Carl Mayer RWF Pic Austrian screenwriter,  Mayer Carl 
Daniel Mayer Pic French public/political figure, president of Constitional Counsil 1983-86 Mayer Daniel 
Edwin Justus Mayer American screenwriter, Mayer Edwin Justus
Egon Mayer Pic Swiss-born American sociologist, Mayer Egon
Emil Mayer German politician, Mayer Emil 
Franz Mayer Pic German-born Mexical financier, photogtapher, art collector, Mayer Franz
Frederick Mayer German-born agent for the United States, Mayer Frederick
Hans Mayer Pic German literary critic, writer, Mayer Hans 
Helene Mayer RWC HW Pic German fencer, (Jewish father) Mayer Helene 
Herschel Mayer court jew, war contractor, Mayer Herschel 
Jane Mayer Pic American investigative journalst, writer, (Jewish father) Mayer Jane
John Mayer HW Pic American singer/songwriter, recording artist, record producer, (Jewish father) Mayer John 
Leo Aryeh Mayer RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli orientalist, art scholar, Mayer Leo Aryeh
Lise Mayer Pic American-born British screenwriter, television writer, Mayer Lise 
Louis Mayer RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born American producer, movies mogul, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Mayer Louis 
Max Samuel von Mayer Pic German legal scholar, Mayer Max Samuel von
Moshe Mayer Pic Romanian-born Israeli architect, real estate developer, businessman, Mayer Mayer
Meinhard Mayer Pic Romanian-born American physisist, mathematician, Mayer Meinhard
Michael Mayer Pic American stage/film director, Mayer Michael 
Mihaly Mayer Pic Hungarian water polo player, Mayer Mihaly 
Milton Mayer Pic American journalist,    Mayer Milton 
Moshe Mayer Mayer Moshe
Paul Avila Mayer Pic German American television writer, producer, (Jewish father) Mayer Paul Avila
Peter Mayer American publisher 1971- of The Overlook Press, Mayer Peter 
Rene Mayer RWF HW Pic French prime minister of France 1953, Mayer Rene 
Rina Mayer co-founder 1961 Clore Mayer Corporation, Mayer Rina 
Sir Robert Mayer Pic German-born British businessman, philanthropist, co-founder of London Philarmonic Orchestra Mayer Robert 
Roger Mayer president Turner Entertainment Mayer Roger 
Sheldon Mayer Pic American comic book writer, Mayer Sheldon 
Siegmund Mayer German physiologist, histologist, Mayer Siegmund
Teodoro Mayer Pic Italian journalist, politician, banker, senator, Mayer Teodoro
Uri Mayer HW Pic Romanian-born Canadian violist, conductor, Mayer Uri 
Walther Mayer Pic Austrian mathematician, Mayer Walther
Walther Mayer Pic Austrian mathematician, Mayer Walther 
William Mayer Pic American composer, Mayer William 
Yitzhak Mayer Israeli ambassador to Austria,   Switzerland, Mayer Yitzhak 
Irene Mayer Selznick Pic American theatrical producer, sociality, Mayer Selznick Irene 
Isaak Mayergoyz Ukrainian-born geograher, economist, Mayergoyz Isaak 
Georg Mayer-Marton Pic Hungarian-born Austrian painter, Mayer-Marton Georg 
Harry Mayerovitch Pic Canadian architect, artist, illustrator, author, cartoonist, Mayerovitch Harry 
Stella Mayhew Pic Russian-born American stage actress, singer, Mayhew Stella 
Samuel Maykapar RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian composer, pianist, Maykapar Samuel 
Joyce Maynard Pic American writer, (Jewish mother) Maynard Joyce 
Belinda Mayne Pic British film/television actress,   Mayne Belinda 
Ferdy Mayne Pic German actor,   Mayne Ferdy 
Seymour Mayne HW Pic Canadian poet, translator, Mayne Seymour 
Clara Mayo Austrian-born American social psychologist, (Jewish father) Mayo Clara 
Evgeny Mayorov RWM Pic Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, Mayorov Evgeny 
Mikhail Mayorov RWC Pic Belarusian-born Peope's Commissar of Ukrainian Soviet Republic 1931-32, Mayorov Mikhail 
Melanie Mayron RWF Pic American actress, film director, Mayron Melanie 
Taylor Mays Pic American football player, (Jewish mother) Mays Taylor 
Albert Maysles Pic American documentary filmmaker, Maysles Albert
David Maysles Pic American documentary filmmaker, Maysles David 
Amihai Mazar RWC HW Pic Israeli archaeologist, Mazar Amihai 
Benjamin Mazar HW Pic Polish-born Israeli archaeologist, Mazar Benjamin 
Debi Mazar RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father), Mazar Debi 
Doron Mazar Pic Israeli singer, Mazar Doron 
Eilat Mazar RWC Pic Israeli archaeologist, Mazar Eilat 
Shimon Mazeh RWC Pic Belarusian-born Israeli general, major general, agronomist, Mazeh Shimon 
Zvi Mazel RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Romania, Egypt 1997-2001, Sweden 2002-04, Mazel Zvi 
Adam Mazer Pic American screenwriter, Mazer Adam
Bill Mazer Pic Ukrainian-bormn American sportscaster, Mazer Bill 
Dan Mazer RWC Pic British screenwriter, comedian, television/film producer, Mazer Dan 
Anatoly Mazhenstein RWM Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Mazhenstein Anatoly 
Aaron Mazia HW Pic Belarusian-born linguist, Mazia Aaron 
Daniel Mazia HW Pic American cell biologist, Mazia Daniel 
Craig Mazin RWC Pic American screenwriter, film director, Mazin Craig 
Grigory Mazin RWM Pic Soviet military executive, major general, Mazin Grigory 
Maria Mazina RWE Pic Russian epee fencer, Mazina Maria 
Bruce Mazlish HW Pic American historian, Mazlish Bruce 
Alec Mazo Pic Belarusian-born American ballroom dancer, Mazo Alec 
Dmitri Mazo RWF Pic Russian-born Israeli architect, Mazo Dmitri 
Phil Mazo Pic American stand-up comedian, Mazo Phil 
Solomon Mazo RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet NKVD commissar 3rd rank, lieutenant general, Mazo Solomon
Adam Mazor HW Pic Polish-born Israeli architect, Mazor Adam 
Dalia Mazor HW Pic Israeli television presenter, Mazor Dalia 
Eliyahu Mazor HW Pic Polish-born Israeli activist, politician, Mazor Eliyahu 
Gaby Mazor Pic Israeli archaeologist, Mazor Gaby
Moran Mazor RWF Pic Israeli singer, Mazor Moran
Sandro Mazor HW Israeli ambassador to Romania,     Mazor Sandro 
Stanley Mazor RWF Pic American engineer, co-inventor of the microprocessor, Mazor Stanley 
Yehudit Mazor Pic Israeli model, Miss Israel 1962, Mazor Yehudit 
David Mazouz Pic American child film/television actor, Mazouz David 
Mark Mazower Pic British American historian, Mazower Mark 
Barry Mazur RWF HW Pic American mathematician, algebraic geometry, number theory, Mazur Barry 
Epic Mazur Pic American rapper, record producer, Crazy Town, Mazur Epic 
Eric Mazur Pic Dutch-born physicist, Mazur Eric
Jonathan Mazur Pic American legal scholar,     Mazur Jonathan 
Joseph Mazur Pic American mathematician, science journalist, Mazur Joseph
Monet Mazur HW Pic American actress, model, musician, (Jewish father) Mazur Monet 
Peter Mazur Pic Austrian-born Dutch physicist, co-founder of nonequilibrium thermodinamics, Mazur Peter 
Yehuda Mazur HW Pic Polish-born Israeli chemist,   Mazur Yehuda 
Zelik Mazur HW Pic Belarusian-born Brazilian writer, Mazur Zelik 
Paul Mazurkiewicz Pic American drummer, Cannibal Corpse, Mazurkiewicz Paul
Paul Mazursky RWF HW Pic American director, producer, actor, screenwriter, Mazursky Paul 
Menachem Mazuz RWE HW Pic Tunisian-born Israeli Attorney General 2004-10, Mazuz Menachem
Moran Mazuz RWC Pic Israeli singer, Mazuz Moran 
Yaron Mazuz RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Mazuz Yaron
Vladimir Mazya RWF Pic Russian-born Swedish mathematician, Mazya Vladimir 
Eliahu Mazza HW Israeli Supreme Court Justice 1991-2005,  Mazza Eliahu 
MC Serch Pic American rapper, producer, MC Serch
Jane McAdam Freud Pic British artist, McAdam Freud Jane
Megan McArdle Pic American journalist,  blogger, McArdle Megan 
James McBride HW Pic American journalist, writer, saxophonist, composer, (Jewish mother) McBride James 
John McCarthy RWF HW Pic American computer scientist, Lisp, artificial intelligence, (Jewish mother) McCarthy John 
Kevin McCarthy HW Pic American stage/film/television actor, (Jewish maternal grandmother) McCarthy Kevin 
Heather McCartney Pic British artist, designer, (Jewish mother) McCartney Heather
James McCartney Pic British musician, songwriter, sculptor, (Jewish mother) McCartney James 
Linda McCartney RWF HW Pic American-born photographer, keyboardist, vocalist, McCartney Linda 
Mary McCartney British photographer, (Jewish mother) McCartney Mary
Stella McCartney RWF HW Pic British fashion designer, (Jewish mother) McCartney Stella 
Grayson McCouch Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) McCouch Grayson 
Jamie McCourt Pic American attorney, Los Angeles Dodgers, McCourt Jamie 
Al McCoy Pic American boxer, middleweight, McCoy Al 
Country Joe McDonald Pic American lead singer, (Jewish mother), Country Joe and the Fish, McDonald Country Joe
Thomas McDonell Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) McDonell Thomas 
Bruce McGill HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) McGill Bruce 
Matt McGorry HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) McGorry Matt 
Zach McGowan Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) McGowan Zach
Jennifer McGuire Pic American jewellery designer, McGuire Jennifer 
Michael McIntyre Pic British comedian, presenter, (Jewish maternal grandfather) McIntyre Michael 
Benjamin McKenzie Pic American actor, producer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) McKenzie Benjamin 
Kim Moon Mclagan Pic British model, McLagan Kim 
Malcolm McLaren HW Pic British impresario, musician,  McLaren Malcolm 
Andrea McLean Pic British television presenter, journalist, (Jewish father) McLean Andrea
Daska McLean Pic Croatian-born British woman, (Jewish father) McLean Daska
Amos Mcmullian chairman/CEO of Flowers Foods, Inc, Mcmullian Amos 
Sam McMurray Pic American film/television/voice actor, (Jewish mother) McMurray Sam 
Don McNeill Pic American radio personality, (Jewish mother) McNeill Don
Lynne Meadow Pic American theater director/producer, Meadow Lynne 
Jill Meager Pic British film/television/stage actress, potrait painter, Meager Jill 
Anne Meara RWF Pic American actress, comedian, (convert to Judaism) Meara Anne 
Sir Frank Mears Pic British city planner, Mears Frank
Moritz Mebel Pic German urologist, researcher, Mebel Moritz 
David Mechanic American social scientist, academic administrator, ??? Mechanic David 
Sofia Mechetner Pic Israeli model, Mechetner Sofia
Zoltan Mechlovits Pic Hungarian table tennis player, Mechlovits Zoltan 
Scott Mechlowicz HW Pic American film/television actor, Mechlowicz Scott 
Jordan Mechner Pic American video game designer, author, screenwriter, filmmaker, Mechner Jordan 
Ilya Mechnikov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1908), (Jewish mother) Mechnikov Ilya 
Raphael Mechoulam RWF HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli biochemist, Mechoulam Raphael 
Henry Mechoulan Pic French philosopher, Mechoulan Henry 
Nancy Meckler Pic American British stage/film director,   Meckler Nancy 
Yisrael Medad Pic American-born Israeli journalist, Medad Yisrael
Peter Medak Pic Hungarian-born British director, Medak Peter 
Stan Medalie South African businessman, electrical engineer, Medalie Stan
Mike Medavoy RWF Pic American co-founder 1990 of Orion Pictures, Medavoy Mike 
Manuel de Medeiros RWC Spanish conquistador, mayor of Monerrey, Nuevo Leon 1601-05 Medeiros Manuel de
Vladimir Medem RWF HW Pic Latvian-born co founder of Bund, Medem Vladimir 
Manuel de Mederos RWC Spanish conquistador, mayor of Monerrey, Mederos Manuel de
Alajos Medgyes Hungarian architect, Medgyes Alajos
Elia del Medigo Pic Italian medieval philosopher, Medigo Elia del
Avihu Medina RWC HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Medina Avihu 
Jeffi Medina Pic Turkish advertising businessman, Medina Jeffi 
Sir Solomon de Medina British army contractor, Medina Solomon de
Leandra Medine Pic American author, fashion blogger, journalist, Medine Leandra
Joe Medjuck Pic Canadian-born American film producer, Medjuck Joe 
Mikhail Mednikov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born bundist, military commander, komdiv, Mednikov Mikhail
Mark Medoff Pic American playwright, screenwriter, film/theater director, actor, Medoff Mark 
Boris Medovar RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet metallurgist, Medovar Boris 
Harry Medovy Pic Russian-born Canadian pediatrician, Medovy Harry
Hank Medress Pic American singer, record producer, Medress Hank 
David Medved American physicist, entrepreneur, astronaut, Medved David
Michael Medved Pic American radio talk show host, film critic, author, Medved Michael 
Dmitry Medvedev RWM Pic Russian/Soviet partizan commander, (Jewish mother) Medvedev Dmitry 
Mikhail Medvedev RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Russian opera singer, Medvedev Mikhail 
Samuil Medvedevsky RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, komdiv, Medvedevsky Samuil
Benjamin Meed Pic Polish-born American resistance fighter, Meed Benjamin 
Vladka Meed RWF Pic Polish resistance fighter, bundist, Meed Vladka
Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger Pic Romanian-born German language poet,   Meerbaum-Eisinger Selma 
Abel Meeropol HW Pic American writer, poet, songwriter, Meeropol Abel 
Ivy Meeropol Pic American documentary filmmaker, Meeropol Ivy 
Michael Meeropol Pic American economist, Meeropol Michael 
Robert Meeropol Pic Americal writer, Meeropol Robert
Mikhail Meerovich RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian composer, Meerovich Mikhail 
Alejandro Meersohn Schajris RWC Pic Puetro-Monta, Chili 1963-67 Meersohn Schajris Alejandro 
Andrei Meerson RWE Soviet architect, Meerson Andrei 
Andrey Meerson RWF Soviet/Russian architect, Meerson Andrey
Felix Meerson RWC Pic Soviet pathophysiologist, Meerson Felix 
Grigory Meerson RWF Pic Soviet engineering scholar, Meerson Grigory 
Lazare Meerson RWF Pic Polish-born French British art director, Meerson Lazare 
Iosif Meerzon RWF Belarusian-born Soviet architect, Meerzon Iosif
Aharon Megged RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli author, playwright, Megged Aharon 
Daniel Megiddo Israeli ambassador to Ireland, Singapore, Megiddo Daniel 
Nimrod Megiddo Pic American Israeli mathematician, computer scientist, operations researcher, Megiddo Nimrod
Sigismund Megyesi Hungarian politician, journalist, lawyer, MP Megyesi Sigismund 
Ami Mehl Israeli ambassador to Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan,    Mehl Ami 
Barry Mehler Pic Secretary pf Anti-Deflamation Leage, Mehler Barry 
Barry Mehler Pic American academic, Mehler Barry 
Miriam Mehler Pic Spanish-born Brazilian film/television actress,   Mehler Miriam 
Peter Mehlman Pic American television writer/producer, Mehlman Peter 
Ken Mehlman Pic American chairman of  Republican National Comittee 2005- , Mehlman  Ken 
Hjalmar Mehr Pic Swedish politician, mayor of Stockholm 1958-66 1970-71, Mehr Hjalmar
Walter Mehring Pic German-born American  writer, satirist, Mehring Walter 
Yisrael Mei Ami Israeli ambassador to Ukraine 2006- , Kazahstan Mei Ami Yisrael 
Donald Meichenbaum Pic Canadian psychotherapist, Meichenbaum Donald 
Else Meidner Pic German painter, Meidner Else 
Ludwig Meidner Pic Polish-born German expressionist painter, Meidner Ludwig 
Rudolf Meidner Pic German/Polish-born Swedish economist, Meidner Rudolf 
Deborah Meier Pic American educator, writer, blogger, Meier Deborah 
Julius Meier RWC Pic American governor, 1931-35, Oregon, businessman, civic leader, Meier Julius 
Paul Meier Pic American statistician, ??? Meier Paul 
Richard Meier RWF HW Pic American architect, Meier Richard 
Julius Meier-Graefe Pic Hungarian/Romanian-born German art critic, novelist, Meier-Graefe Julius 
Zigfrids Anna Meierovics RWF Pic Latvian politician, diplomat, Prime Minister 1921-23 1923-24 (Jewish father) Meierovics Zigfrids Anna
Ischa Meijer Pic Dutch journalist, author, actor, television presenter, Meijer Ischa
Jonas Meijer Dutch lawyer, Meijer Jonas 
Sal Meijer Pic Dutch painter, Meijer Sal 
Eduard Meijers Pic Dutch lawyer, legal scholar, Meijers Eduard
Nadia Meikher Pic Ukrainian singer/songwriter, actress, poet, television personality, fashion designer, (Jewish father) Meikher Nadia 
Ellen Meiksins Wood Pic American marxist historian, political theorist, Meiksins Wood Ellen 
Boris Meilakh RWF Belarusian-born Soviet literary critic,    Meilakh Boris 
Naum Meiman RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet Israeli mathematician, physicist,  Meiman Naum
Rudolf Meinert Pic Austrian screenwriter, film producer/director, Meinert Rudolf 
Peter Meinig Pic chairman of Cornell Board of Trustees 2002- Meinig Peter 
Julius Meinl I. Czech-born Austrian businessman, founder of Julius Meinl AG, Meinl I.    Julius 
Julius Meinl V Austrian-born British businessman, Julius Meinl AG, Meinl V Julius 
Jerrold Meinwald Pic American organical chemist, Meinwald Jerrold 
Elchanan Meir HW Pic Israeli psychologist, Meir Elchanan
Gideon Meir HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Italy/Malta 2006-12, Meir Gideon 
Golda Meir RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli 4th Prime Minister 1969-74 Meir Golda 
Jessica Meir RWC Pic American astronaut, marine biologist, Meir Jessica
Jessica Meir RWC Pic American astronaut, marine biologist, Meir Jessica 
Nati Meir RWC HW Pic Israeli-born Romanian MP 2004-08 Meir Nati 
Orana Meir Israeli ambassador to China,  Colombia, Congo, Ciprus, Czech Republic, Meir Orana 
Yaron Meir HW Israeli ambassador to Myanmar,    Meir Yaron 
Yigal Meir Pic Israeli physicist, Meir Yigal 
Udi Meirav nanoelectronics Meirav Udi 
Raz Meirman HW Pic Israeli game show host, model, television personality, Meirman Raz 
Hagai Meirom HW Pic Israeli politician,   Meirom Hagai 
Shmuel Meirom Israeli ambassador to Croatia,     Meirom Shmuel 
Mordecai Meirowitz Pic Israeli inventor, Meirowitz Mordecai 
Edmund Meisel Pic Austrian-born composer,  Meisel Edmund
Hana Meisel Pic Belarusian-born Israeli agronomist, feminist, Meisel Hana
Hilde Meisel Pic Austrian-born German socialist, journalist, Meisel Hilde
Joel Meisel American real estate developer, Washington, Meisel Joel 
Mordecai Meisel RWE Czech philantropist, community leader, Meisel Mordecai 
Noah Meisel Pic Latvian politician, MP 1922-31, Meisel Noah 
Seymour Meisel Pic chemical engineering, ??? Meisel Seymour 
Steven Meisel Pic American photographer, Meisel Steven 
John Meisel Pic Austrian-born Canadian political scientist, Meisel  John
Susan Meiselas Pic American documentary photographer, Meiselas Susan 
Tamar Meisels Pic Israeli political scientist, Meisels Tamar
Georg Meisenbach Pic German engraver, inventor, entrepreneur, Meisenbach Georg 
Hugo Meisl Pic Czech-born Austrian General Secretary 1920-30 of Austrian Soccer Association, Meisl Hugo 
Willy Meisl Pic Austrian-born British sports journalist, writer,   Meisl Willy
Frank Meisler RWE Pic German-born Russian Israeli sculptor, architect, Meisler Frank 
Maurice Meisner Pic American historian, Meisner Maurice 
Randy Meisner Pic American lead singer/songwriter, rock bass guitarist, Meisner Randy 
Sanford Meisner Pic American actor, acting teacher, Meisner Sanford 
Alfred Meissner RWC Pic Czech politician, Minister ofJustice, Walfare, MP 1920-39, Meissner Alfred
Herman Meissner chemical engineer, ??? Meissner Herman 
Alton Meister Pic American molecular biologist, Meister Alton 
Robert Meister vice chairman of Aon Risk Services & Co, Meister Robert 
Larry Meistrich Pic American film producer, studio executive,   Meistrich Larry 
Zvi Meitar Pic Israeli lawyer, Meitar Zvi 
Shmuel Meitar Pic Meitar Zvi/Shmuel 
Lise Meitner RWF HW Pic Austrian German Swedish physicist, nuclear fission, Meitner Lise 
Yuly Meitus RWF Pic Ukrainian composer,  Meitus Yuly
Aryeh Mekel HW Pic Israeli journalist, ambassador to Greece 2010- , Mekel Aryeh 
Gal Mekel Pic Israeli basketball player, Mekel Gal
Lev Mekhlis RWF Pic Soviet Chief political Commissar of the Army, Goscontrol Minister 1946-50 Mekhlis Lev 
Haim Mekler RWF Polish/Lithuanian-born Soviet architect, Mekler Haim 
Isaac Mekler RWC Pic Peruvian politician, MP 2006-11, Mekler Isaac
Joseph de Melach Israeli desert sciences Melach Joseph de
Yefim Melakh RWF Pic Ukrainian-born pilot, hero of Soviet Union, Melakh Yefim 
Tsega Melaku RWC Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli artist, choreographer, Melaku Tsega
Avraham Melamed HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli politician, Melamed Avraham 
Ezra Melamed Israeli biblical commentator,    Melamed Ezra 
Ezra Zion Melamed HW Pic Iranian-born Israeli biblical/talmudic scholar, lexicographer, Melamed Ezra Zion
Fred Melamed RWC Pic American actor, writer, Melamed Fred 
Guy Melamed Pic Israeli footballer, Melamed Guy 
Ilya Melamed RWF Pic Latvian-born Soviet executive, factory, Melamed Ilya 
Leo Melamed Pic Polish-born American chairman of Chicago Merchantile Exchange, Melamed Leo 
Leonid Melamed Pic Russian businessman, RAO UEP, Melamed Leonid 
Leonid Melamed RWF Pic Russian businessman, RAO UEP, Melamed Leonid 
Marina Melamed RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli actress, singer, author, Melamed Marina 
Michel Melamed Pic Brazilian theater director, presenter, playwright, Melamed Michel 
Moshe Melamed Israeli ambassador to Mexico, Melamed Moshe 
Nathan Melamed American physicist, ??? Melamed Nathan 
Samuel Melamed HW Lithuanian-born American journalist,    Melamed Samuel 
Tatiana Melamed RWF Pic Ukrainian-born German chess grandmaster, ??? Melamed Tatiana 
Alexander Melamid Pic Russian-born painter, performance artist, Melamid Alexander 
Ari Melber Pic American journalist, Melber Ari 
Hanan Melcer HW Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice 2007- ,  Melcer Hanan 
Martin Melcher Pic American film producer, Melcher Martin 
Arne Melchior RWC Pic Danish MP, transportation minister, Melchior Arne 
Bent Melchior Pic Danish chief rabbi, Melchior Bent
Carl Melchior Pic German partner of M.M. Warburg & CO, Melchior Carl 
Israel Melchior Pic Danish engineer, manufacturer,  photographer, Melchior Israel 
Michael Melchior HW Pic Danish-born Israeli politician, Minister of Social & Diaspara Affairs, Melchior Michael 
Melchizedek Pic King of Salem at the time of Abraham Melchizedek BibFigures
Igor Melchuk Pic Ukrainian-born linguist, translator, Melchuk Igor
Abraham Melden Pic Canadian-born American philosopher, Melden Abraham 
Raphael Meldola HW Pic British chemist, entomologist, Meldola Raphael 
Eleazar Meletinsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian art/literary critic, philologist, Meletinsky Eleazar 
Myra Melford Pic American composer, jazz pianist, Melford Myra
Dina Melicov Pic American sculptor, painter, Melikov Dina
Gilbert Melki Pic French film actor, Melki Gilbert
Luisa Mell Pic Brazilian actress, television presenter, model, Mell Luisa
Amos Meller Pic Israeli composer, conductor, Meller Amos
Marcin Meller Pic Polish historian, journalist, editor, Meller Marcin
Stefan Meller RWC Pic Polish Foreign minister 2005-06, Meller Stefan 
Sunnyi Melles Pic Luxembourgian-born German television actress, Melles Sunnyi 
Arthur Mellinger Hungarian architect, Mellinger Arthur 
Michael Mellinger Pic German-born film/television actor,   Mellinger Michael 
Roberto Melli Pic Italian painter, sculptor, Mellinkoff Roberto
Sherman Mellinkoff American medical scholar, Mellinkoff Sherman 
Ira Mellman Pic American cell biologist, Mellman Ira 
Kay Mellor Pic British actress, screenwriter, director, (Jewish mother) Mellor Kay 
Billie Melman RWC HW Pic Israeli historian, Melman Billie 
Marian Melman RWE Pic Polish actor, director, Melman Marian 
Seymour Melman Pic American economist, engineer, operation research scholar, Melman Seymour 
Yossi Melman HW Pic Israeli writer, journalist, historian, Melman Yossi
Grigory Melnichansky RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet revolutionery, proffesional union figure, Melnichansky Grigory
Daniel Melnick Pic American film producer, studio executive, Columbia Pictures, Melnick Daniel 
Joseph Melnick Pic American epidemiologist, virologist, vaccinologist, Melnick Joseph 
Linda Melnick American songwriter, Melnick Linda 
Mitch Melnick Pic Canadian sports broadcaster, Melnick Mitch 
Peter Melnick Pic American composer, Melnick Peter 
Sergio Melnick RWC Pic Chilean Minister of Planning 1987-89 Melnick Sergio
Boris Melnik RWC Soviet Deputy People's Commissar for the chemical industry 1941-53, Melnik B.D. 
Marion Melnik Pic Finnish opera singer, Melnik Marion 
Moshe Melnik HW Pic Israeli fighter ace, brigadier general, Melnik Moshe 
Benjamin Melniker Pic American film producer, ??? Melniker Benjamin 
Nikolai Melnikov Russian water polo player, Melnikov Nikolai 
Faina Melnyk RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Russian athlete, discus thrower, Melnyk Faina 
Boyd Melson Pic American boxer, middleweight, Melson Boyd
Barry Melton Pic American guitarist, (Jewish mother), Country Joe and the Fish, Melton Barry 
Florence Melton Pic American inventor, Melton Florence
Kate Melton Pic American film/television actress, Melton Kate 
Sid Melton Pic American film/television actor, Melton Sid 
Michael Meltsner Pic American legal scholar,  Meltsner Michael 
Paul Meltsner Pic American artist, Meltsner Paul 
Albert Meltzer Pic British anarcho-communist activist, wrirter, Meltzer Albert 
Allan Meltzer RWF Pic Amerian economist, historian,    Meltzer Allan 
Bernard Meltzer Pic American lawyer, Meltzer Bernard 
Bernard Meltzer Pic American radio pesonality, Meltzer Bernard 
Daniel Meltzer Pic American legal scholar,     Meltzer Daniel 
Dave Meltzer American journalist, professional wrestling, Meltzer Dave 
David Meltzer Pic American sports journalist, Meltzer David 
David Meltzer Pic American medical scholar, ??? Meltzer David 
Francoise Meltzer Pic American literary critic, philosopher of religion, Meltzer Francoise 
Harold Meltzer Pic American composer, ??? Meltzer Harold 
Howard Meltzer Pic American television producer, Meltzer Howard 
Jacob Meltzer New Zealand lawyer, unionist, coroner, community leader, Meltzer Jacob 
Milton Meltzer Pic American historian, author, Meltzer Milton
Richard Meltzer Pic American rock music critic,  co-manager of Dictators Meltzer Richard 
Samuel Meltzer RWF Pic Russian-born American physician, physiologist, Meltzer Samuel 
Samuel Meltzer RWC Pic American physiologist, Meltzer Samuel 
Andrew Meltzoff Pic American cognitive-developmental psychologist, Meltzoff Andrew 
Jean-Pierre Melville HW Pic French film director, actor, screenwriter, Melville Jean-Pierre 
Lewis Melville British author, biographer, Melville Lewis 
Allan Melvin Pic American actor, Melvin Allan 
Eric Melvin Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Melvin Eric 
Jeff Melvoin Pic American film producer, writer, Melvoin Jeff 
Shimshon Melzer HW Israeli poet, translator, Melzer Shimshon 
Albert Memmi RWF HW Pic Tunisian-born French novelist, sociologist, Memmi Albert 
Alexander Men RWF Pic Russian philospher, christian priest, (Jewish father) Men Alexander 
David Mena RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Mena David 
Juan de Mena Pic Spanish poet, (converso) Mena Juan de
Menahem HW Pic Seventeenth king of the northern Israelite Kingdom,  745-738 BC Menahem KingsKI
Ayelet Menahemi Pic Israeli film director, producer, writer, editor, actress, Menahemi Ayelet
Alexandr Menaker RWF Pic Russian/Soviet comedian, actor, Menaker Alexandr 
Daniel Menaker American executive editor-in-chief of Harper Collins Menaker Daniel 
Isaak Menaker RWF Russian/Soviet film director, Menaker Isaak 
Leonid Menaker RWF Pic Russian/Soviet film director, screenwriter, Menaker Leonid 
Michael Menaker physiologist, neurobiologist, ??? Menaker Michael 
Carmela Menashe RWC HW Pic Israeli radio military reporter, journalist, Menashe Carmela 
Chico Menashe HW Pic Israeli diplomatic commentator, Menashe Chico 
Linet Menashe RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, Menashe Linet 
Oded Menashe HW Pic Israeli  television actor, magician, television presenter, Menashe Oded
Samuel Menashe Pic American poet, Menashe Samuel
Robert Menasse RWF Pic Austrian writer, Menasse Robert 
Arthur Mendel American musicologist, ??? Mendel Arthur 
Emanuel Mendel HW Pic Polish-born German neurologist, psychiatrist, politician, MP 1877-81, Mendel Emanuel 
Hermann Mendel German music publisher, writer,  music encyclopedy, Mendel Hermann 
Lafayette Mendel Pic American biochemist,    Mendel Lafayette 
Nate Mendel Pic American bassist, Mendel Nate 
David Mendelblatt American opthalmologist,  Mendelblatt David 
Yulia Mendeleva RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet pediatrician, co-founder of Soviet pediatric school, Mendeleva Yulia
Isaak Mendelevich RWF Soviet sculptor, Mendelevich Isaak
Lev Mendelevich RWF Soviet ambassador to Denmark 1984-86,  Mendelevich Lev 
Yosef Mendelevitch RWE Pic Latvian-born Russian/Soviet refusenik, Mendelevitch Yosef
Alfred Mendelsohn HW Pic Romanian composer, conductor, Mendelsohn Alfred
Carol Mendelsohn RWF Pic American television writer, film producer, Mendelsohn Carol 
Daniel Mendelsohn RWF HW Pic American author, journalist, critic, Mendelsohn Daniel 
Doron Mendels Pic Israeli historian, Mendelsohn Doron
Eric Mendelsohn Pic American film director, screenwriter, Mendelsohn Eric 
Erich Mendelsohn RWF HW Pic German-born British Israeli architect, Mendelsohn Erich 
Everett Mendelsohn historian, ??? Mendelsohn Everett 
Ezra Mendelsohn Pic Polish historian of the Jewish community in Poland. Mendelsohn Ezra
Heinrich Mendelsohn biologist Mendelsohn Heinrich 
John Mendelsohn Cancer therapy, ??? Mendelsohn John 
John Mendelsohn Pic American writer, music journalist, rock drummer, graphic designer, Sparks, Mendelsohn John 
Baron Jonathan Mendelsohn British lobbist, political organiser, Mendelsohn Jonathan 
Joseph Mendelsohn German co-founder of Mendelsohn & Co., Mendelsohn Joseph 
Matthew Mendelsohn Pic Canadian political scientist, civil servant, deputy minister of Ontario, Mendelsohn Matthew 
Nathan Mendelsohn Pic American-born Canadian mathematician, Mendelsohn Nathan 
Oskar Mendelsohn Pic Norwegian educator, non-fiction writer, historian, Mendelsohn Oskar 
Robert Mendelsohn Pic American enviromental economist, Mendelsohn Robert 
Samuel Mendelsohn American inventor, manufacturer, ??? Mendelsohn Samuel
Usler Mendelsohn Polish politician, senator 1930-35, Mendelsohn Usler 
Charlotte Mendelson Pic British novelist, editor, Mendelson Charlotte
Edward Mendelson Pic American literary scholar, Mendelson Edward 
Lee Mendelson Pic American television producer, Mendelson Lee
Moris Mendelson RWN Ukrainian-born Soviet literary scholar, Mendelson Moris
Sarah Mendelson Pic American diplomat, US Ambassador to US Economic and Social Council 2015- , Mendelson Sarah 
Stanislaw Mendelson Pic Polish socialist politician, publicist, Mendelson Stanislaw 
Abraham Mendelssohn German co-founder of Mendelsohn & Co., Mendelssohn Abraham 
Alex Mendelssohn Pic Australian artist, Mendelssohn Alex 
Anna Mendelssohn Pic British writer, poet, political activist, Mendelssohn Anna
Arnold Mendelssohn Pic German composer, Mendelssohn Arnold
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy RWF HW Pic German romantic composer, conductor, Mendelssohn Felix 
Franz Viktor Mendelssohn RWC German military engineer, Mendelssohn Franz Victor
Joseph Mendelssohn HW Pic German founder of Mendelssohn banking house, Mendelssohn Joseph
Kurt Mendelssohn RWF Pic German-born British medical physicist, cryogenic engineering  Mendelssohn Kurt 
Moses Mendelssohn RWF HW Pic German philosopher, translator, Mendelssohn Moses 
Abraham Mendelssohn Bartholdy HW Pic German banker, Mendelssohn Bartholdy Abraham 
Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy Pic German chemist, (Jewish father), AGFA,  Mendelssohn Bartholdy Paul 
Rebecka Mendelssohn Bartholdy Pic younger sister of Felix/Fanny Mendelssohn Mendelssohn Bartholdy Rebecka
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel RWF HW Pic German pianist, composer, Mendelssohn Hensel Fanny 
Charles Mendenhall American physicist, academic administrator, ??? Mendenhall Charles 
Bob Mendes Pic Belgian writer, accountant, (Jewish descent) Mendes Bob 
Catulle Mendes Pic French poet, librettist, (Jewish father) Mendes Catulle 
Lothar Mendes Pic German screenwriter, film director, Mendes Lothar
Lucas Mendes Pic Brazilian journalist, television presenter,   Mendes Lucas 
Sam Mendes RWF HW Pic British stage/film director, (Jewish mother) Mendes Sam 
Mendes army supplier France in Canada Mendes
Maurice Mendes de Leon Pic Dutch physician, gynecologist, Mendes de Leon Maurice 
Marie-Claire Mendes France Pic French journalist, Mendes France Marie-Claire
Pierre Mendes France RWF HW Pic French prime minister of France 1954-55, Mendes France Pierre 
Paul Mendes-Flohr Israeli historian, philosopher of Judaism, Mendes-Flohr Paul
Luis Gerardo Mendez Pic Mexican film/television actor, producer, Mendez Luis Gerardo
Benjamin Mendez Seixas American co-founder of New York Stock Exchange, Mendez Seixas Benjamin 
Bernard Mendik Pic American real instate developer, Mendik Company, Mendik Bernard 
Juan Alvarez Mendizabal RWC Pic Spanish economist, politician, Prime Minister of Spain 1835-36, Mendizabal Juan Alvarez
Menahem Mendl Kasher RWE HW Pic Polish-born Israeli rabbi, rabbinic literature, Mendl Kasher Menahem 
Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz Pic Hungarian-born American head of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in the US Mendlowitz Shraga Feivel
Antonio de Mendoza RWC Pic viceroy of New Spain 1535-49, Peru 1550-51, Mendoza Antonio de
Daniel Mendoza RWE HW Pic British boxer, Mendoza Daniel 
Mark Mendoza Pic American bassist, songwriter, Mendoza Mark 
Mike Mendoza Pic British radio presenter, Mendoza Mike 
Sasha Meneghel Pic Brazilian actress, model, (Jewish father) Meneghel Sasha 
Menelik I RWC Emperor of Ethiopia (Jewish father) Menelik I
Christianne Meneses Jacobs Pic Nicaraguan-born American writer, editor, teacher, (convert to Judaism) Meneses Jacobs Christianne
Willem Mengelberg Pic Dutch-born American conductor,   Mengelberg Willem 
Karl Menger Pic Austrian-born American mathematician, (Jewish mother) Menger Karl 
Sue Mengers Pic German-born American talent agent, Mengers Sue 
Georgy Menglet RWF Pic Russian actor, Menglet Georgy 
Maya Menglet RWF Pic Russian actress, (Jewish father) Menglet Maya 
Anton Raphael Mengs RWF Pic Czech-born German painter, Mengs Anton Raphael
Bernard Meninsky Pic Ukrainian-born British painter, printmaker, Meninsky Bernard 
Adah Menken Pic American actress, painter, poet, (convert to Judaism) Menken Adah 
Alan Menken RWF HW Pic American composer, songwriter,  Menken Alan 
Helen Menken Pic American stage/film  actress, Menken Helen 
Solomon Menken American atorney, founder of National Security Leage, Menken Solomon
Sigmund Menkes RWE Pic Polish/Ukrainan born French American painter, Menkes Sigmund 
Suzy Menkes Pic British-born American fashion reporter, (Jewish father, convert to Judaism) Menkes Suzy 
Didi Menosi Pic Israeli writer, journalist, poet, playwright, lyricist, satirist, Menosi Didi
Peter Mensch Pic American music manager, AC/DC, Mensch Peter 
Count Albert Mensdorf Pic Austrian ambassador to United Kingdom, ??? Mensdorf Albert 
Alan Menter Pic British-born South African dermatologist, rugby union player, Menter Alan 
Efrim Menuck Canadian musician, guitarist, anarchist, Menuck Efrim 
Gerard Menuhin Pic American British violinist, Menuhin Gerard 
Hephzibah Menuhin RWE HW Pic British concert pianist, Menuhin Hephzibah 
Jeremy Menuhin Pic American-born British pianist, Menuhin Jeremy
Moshe Menuhin Pic Belarusian-born American anti-zionist, Menuhin Moshe 
Yaltah Menuhin Pic American pianist, artist, poet, Menuhin Yaltah 
Baron Yehudi Menuhin RWF HW Pic American-British violinist, conductor, educator, Menuhin Yehudi 
Idina Menzel RWF HW Pic American stage/film actress, singer/songwriter, Menzel Idina 
Gideon Mer HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli medical doctor, malariologist, Mer Gideon
Paul Merage Pic Iranian-born American entrepreneur, Chef America Inc, Merage Paul 
Merage Family Pic Iranian-born American co-founders of Chef-America Inc, Merage Family
Icchokas Meras Pic Lithuanian writer, Meras Icchokas
Ilana Mercer Pic South African-born American columnist, writer, blogger, Mercer Ilana 
James Mercer Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, The Shins, Mercer James 
Larry Merchant Pic American sportswriter, boxing analyst, Merchant Larry 
Michael Mercier Pic French-born Israeli hairdresser, businessman, entrepreneur, Mercier Michael 
Doron Merdinger Pic Israeli-born American tableware/jewelry designer, Merdinger Doron 
Ferenc Merei Pic Hungarian psychologist, educator, Merei Ferenc
Lewis Merenstein Pic American record producer, Merenstein Lewis 
Irving Merezky Canadian basketball player, Merezky Irving 
Frank Mergenthaler American executive VP of Interpublic Group of Companies, Mergenthaler Frank 
Ottmar Mergenthaler RWF Pic German-born American inventor of Linotype machine, 1884 Mergenthaler Ottmar 
Arie Mergi co-founder of M-Systems, Mergi Arie 
Dina Merhav Pic Croatian-born Israeli sculptor, Merhav Dina
Reuven Merhav Pic Israeli diplomat, intelligence officer, Merhav Reuven
Dan Meridor RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Finance Minister 1996-97, Justice Minister 1988-92 Meridor Dan 
Eliyahu Meridor RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli politician,    Meridor Eliyahu 
Sallai Meridor RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to United States 2006-09, Meridor Sallai 
Ya'akov Meridor RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, Minister of Economics & Inter-Ministry Coordination, Meridor Ya'akov 
Philip Merill American publisher of Capital-Gazette Communications Inc, Merill Philip 
Saul Merin Pic Polish-born Israeli ophthalmologist, Merin Saul
Elyada Merioz Pic Israeli art collector, gallery owner, artist, Merioz Elyada
Arna Mer-Khamis Pic Israeli political/human rights activist, Mer-Khamis Anna
Juliano Mer-Khamis RWF Pic Israeli-born Israeli/Palestinian actor, director, filmmaker, (Jewish mother) Mer-Khamis Juliano
Daphne Merkin American literary critic, essayist, novelist, Merkin Daphne 
Ezra Merkin Pic American partner of Gabriel Capital Group, Merkin Ezra 
Hermann Merkin Pic German-born American businessman, philanthropist, Merkin Hermann 
Michele Merkin RWC Pic American model, television host, (Jewish father) Merkin Michele 
Richard Merkin Pic American painter, illustrator, Merkin Richard 
Ursula Merkin Pic German-born American author, philanthropist, Merkin Ursula
Vladimir Merkin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet engineer, Merkin Vladimir 
Melanie Merkovsky Pic Canadian actress, ??? Merkovsky Melanie 
David Merkow Pic American golfer, Merkow David 
Joanna Merlin Pic American stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) Merlin Joanna 
Shmuel Merlin RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli politician,  Merlin Shmuel 
Grigory Merlinsky RWE Soviet/Russian stage actor, Merlinsky Grigory 
Thomas Mermal Pic Ukrainian/Hungarian-born American hispanist, Mermal Thomas
Thomas Mermall Pic Hungarian/Ukrainian-born American literary scholar, spanish literature, Mermall Thomas 
Edward Mermelstein Pic Ukrainian-born attorney, consultant, developer, Mermelstein Edward 
Mel Mermelstein Pic Hungarian-born Auschwitz survivor; reward-winner: Institute for Historical Review Mermelstein Mel 
David Mermin RWF Pic American physicist, condensed matter physics, Mermin David 
Stephen Mernick Canadian real estate developer, Mernick Stephen 
Laszlo Mero Pic Hungarian research psychologist, popular science author, Mero Laszlo
Marc Mero Pic American wrestler WCW, WWF, TNA, Mero Marc 
Szaba Mero Pic Hungarian amateuor Go player, Mero Szaba
Yolanda Mero Pic Hungarian-born American pianist, opera/theater impresario, philanthropist, Mero Yolanda
Peter Merom HW German-born Israeli photographer, Merom Peter 
Ohad Meromi Pic Israeli sculptor, Meromi Ohad
Dan Meron Israeli literary critic, translator, Meron Dan 
Moshe Meron HW Pic German-born Israeli politician,   Meron Moshe 
Natan Meron Israeli ambassador to Russia, Austria, Senegal, Croatia, Meron Natan 
Reuven Meron Israeli ambassador to Colombia, Bolivia, United Nations 2010- Meron Reuven 
Roni Meron Pic Israeli-born American model, Meron Roni 
Theodor Meron Pic Polish-born president of International Criminal Tribunal for the Yugoslavia, Meron Theodor 
Gay Meroz HW Pic Israeli journalist, television presenter, Meroz Gay 
Yohanan Meroz RWC HW Pic German-born Israeli ambassador to Germany 1974-81, Switzerland, Meroz Yohanan 
David Merrick RWF Pic American theatrical producer/director, Merrick David 
Laurence Merrick RWF Pic American film director, producer, author, Merrick Laurence
Judith Merril HW Pic American Canadian science fiction writer, Merril Judith 
Judith Merril HW Pic American Canadian science fiction writer, science fiction critic, Merril Judith 
Alan Merrill Pic American vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, Arrows, Merrill Alan 
Bob Merrill Pic American composer, lyricist, sonwriter, Merrill Bob 
Daniel Merrill American ambassador to Bangladesh 1994-97, Merrill Daniel 
Robert Merrill RWF HW Pic American opera singer, bariton, Merrill Robert 
Stephin Merritt Pic American singer/sondwriter, multi-instrumentalist, The Magnetic Fields, Merritt Stephin 
Gillian Merron RWC Pic British Labour MP 1997-, Minister of State for Public Health 2009- , Merron Gillian 
Robert Merton RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (1997), (Jewish father) Merton Robert 
Robert K Merton RWF HW Pic American sociologist, historian of science, Merton Robert K
William Merton German businessman, co-founder of Mettalgesellschaft, Frankfort Metal Bank, Merton William 
Edwin Mertz Pic American chemist, biochemist, ??? Mertz Edwin
Janet Mertz Pic American biochemist, molecular biologist, cancer researcher, Mertz Janet 
Carolyn Mervis Pic American cognitive psychologist, developmental neuroscientist, Mervis Carolyn 
Ivan Merz Pic Croatian catholic activist, (Jewish mother) Merz Ivan
Eugen Merzbacher Pic German-born American physicist, Merzbacher Eugen 
Paul Merzbach Pic Austrian screenwriter, film director, Merzbacher Paul 
Dennis Merzel Pic American Zen buddhist teacher, Merzel Dennis
Michael Merzenich Pic American neuroscientist, ??? Merzenich Michael 
Abram Merezhin RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet journalist, bundist, hebraist, Merzhin Abram
Matthew Meselson RWF Pic American geneticist, molecular biologist, Meselson Matthew 
Grigorij Meseznikov Pic Russian-born Slovak political scientist, Meseznikov Grigorij
Yeruham Meshel HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician, General secretary of Histadrut 1973-86, Meshel Yeruham 
I. P. Meshkovsky Soviet Central Committee member, Meshkovsky I. P.
Uzi Meshulam Pic Israeli yemenite radical rabbi, criminal, Meshulam Uzi
Haviva Mesika HW Pic Tunisian-born actress, singer, Mesika Haviva 
Miri Mesika RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, actress, Mesika Miri 
Liraz Mesilaty Pic Israeli model, Mesilaty Liraz