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Rulers, presidents Jewish Spouces
Prince Albert I of Monaco Pic tenth reigning Prince of Monaco Princess Alice Heine Pic
Andronikas IV Palaiologos Pic Byzantine Emperor 1376-79 Keratsa-Maria Pic Jewish mother
Tzar Ivan Alexander Pic Tzar of Bulgaria 1331 - 71  Sarah-Theodora Pic
Glafcos Clerides Pic President of Cyprus Lilla Irene Clerides
Jozef Cyrankiewicz RWF Pic Polish Prime Minister 1954-70 1947-52  Ioanna Galina Munk
King John I of Portugal Pic King of Portugal and Algrave 1357-1433, (lovers) Ines Pires Esteves
Carol II Pic King of Romania 1930-40 Magda Lupescu Pic
Rodrigo Duerte Pic president of the Philippines 2016- Elizabeth Zimmerman Pic
Heinz Fischer RWF Pic federal president of Austria 2004-16, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Margit Fischer Pic
Prince Franz I  RWF Pic Prince of Lichtenstein 1929-38 Elisabeth von Gutmann Pic
Fuad II of Egypt Pic Last King of Egypt, Princess Dominique-France Picard Pic
Glaphyra RWC Anatolian princess from Cappadocia, Alexander
Herod Archelaus
Wladyslaw Gomulka Pic First Secretary of Polish Worker's Party 1956-70 Zofia Gomulkowa Pic
Olafur Ragnar Grimsson Pic Iceland politician, President of Iceland, Dorrit Moussaieff Pic
Admiral Miklos Horthy RWF Pic Hungarian statesman, prince regent of the Kingdom of Hungary, 1920-44, Magdolna Purgly Pic Jewish descent
Imran Khan Pic president of  Pakistan  2002-07 Jemima Goldsmith Pic
Bronislaw Komorowski Pic Polish politician, historian, President of Poland 2010- , Anna Komorowska Pic Jewish mother
Luis Alberto Monge Pic president of Costa Rica 1982-86 Doris Yankelewitz Beger Pic
King Monobaz I 1st century monach, Quenn Helena of Adiabene Pic
Mateusz Morawiecki RWC Pic Polish Premier Minister 2017,  two aunts converted to Judaism
Muhammad Pic founder of the religion of Islam Safiyya bint Huyayy
Rayhana ???
Ibrahim I Pic Sultan of Ottoman Empire 1640-48, Hatice Muazzez Sultan Pic
Cheddi Jagan Pic President of Guyana  Janet Jagan Pic
Jose Mujica Pic president of Uruguay 2010- , Lucia Topolansky Pic
Sultan Murad I Pic Ottoman ruler 1359-89 Kera Tamara Jewish mother
Saparmurat Niyazov Pic president of Turkmenistan 1990-2006, Muza Sokolova
Edward Ochab Pic First Secretary of Polish United Worker's Party 1956 Rachela Silbiger
Nicolas Sarkozy RWF Pic French politician, President of France 2007-12, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Cecilia Attias Pic Jewish father
Levon Ter-Petrossian Pic President of Armenia 1991-98 Lyudmila Ter-Petrossian
Alasane Quattara Pic president of Ivory Coast  2011- Dominique Folloroux-Quattara
Joseph Stalin HW Pic Soviet dictator, wife / lover ??? Ana Rubinstein ExLink
Gustav Stresemann RWF Pic German Chancellor, Foreign Secretary 1923-29 , Nobel Peace Prize 1926 Kate Kleefeld Pic
Alejandro Toledo Pic president of Peru 2001-06 Eliane Karp Pic
Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth Pic Swedish Minister of Culture and Sports 2006-14, Ulf Adelsohn Pic Jewish father
Austen Albu Pic British Minister of State for Economic Affairs Marie Jahoda Pic
Carla Anderson Hills Pic US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 1975-77 Roderick Hills Pic
Baron Wilfrid William Ashley Pic British politician, Minister of Transports 1924-29 Maud Cassel Jewish father
Sir Nicholas Baker British politician, MP 1979-97, Minister, Carol d'Abo
Ernst Bassermann Pic German politician, leader of National Liberal Party Julie Ladenburg
Tom Birmingham Pic American politician, lawyer, scholar, Selma Botman Pic
Sir Francis Dillon Bell Pic French-born New Zealand Finance Minister  Margaret Hort
Suzanne Bonamici Pic American politician, representative 2012- , Michael Simon Pic
Jean-Louis Borloo Pic French politician , Minister of Economy ans Finance 2007, Beatrice Schonberg Pic
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Pic UN Secretary General 1992-97 Leah Nadler
Jonathan Brewster Bingham Pic American politician, representative 1965-83, June Bingham Birge Pic
Esther Brimmer Pic Assistant Secretary of State for International Organisation Affairs 2009- Steven Beller
Marquess Fernand de Brinon Pic French lawyer, journalist, politician, Nazi colloborator, Lisette de Brinon Pic
Earl Browder Pic General Secretary of Communist Party USA 1934-45 Raissa Berkmann
Phillip Burton Pic American representative, Sala Burton Pic
Viscount Charles Bathurst Pic British politician, Bertha Susan Lopes
Kim Campbell Pic Prime Minister of Canada 1972-83 Nathan Divinsky 1972-83 Pic
Gaston Caperton Pic American governor of West Virginia 1990-97 Rachael Worby Pic
Julia Carabias Pic Secretary of the Environment Mexico 1994-2000 Jose Woldenberg Pic
Jorge Castaneda y Alvarez de la Rosa Pic Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs 1979-82, Neoma Gutman
Linda Chavez Pic Secretary of Labour / USA Chris Gersten
Jean-Pierre Chevenement Pic French minister, Nisa Grunberg
Baron John Copley Pic British politician, Lord Chancellor of England, Georgiana Goldsmith ExLink
Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi Pic International President of the Paneuropean Union 1926-72 Ida Roland Pic
Marquess Robert Crewe-Milnes Pic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lady Margaret Crew Jewish mother
Danielle Crittenden RWC Pic Canadian-born American journalist, (convert to Judaism) David Frum Pic
John Cryer Pic British politician, Labour MP Ellie Reeves
1st Marquess George Curzon Pic British statesman, Viceroy of India, Foreign Secretary Baroness Mary Victoria Curzon  Pic Jewish father
Baron Ralf Dahrendorf RWF Pic German-born British sociologist, philosopher, politician, Baroness Ellen Dahrendorf
Howard Dean Pic American politician, governor of Vermont 1991-2003 Judith Steinberg Dean
Kazimierz Dejmek Pic Polish actor, politician, Minister of Culture, Danuta Mniewska-Dejmek Pic
Rosa Delauro Pic American representative 1991- , Stanley Greenberg Pic
Thomas Downey Pic American politician, representative 1975-93, Carol Browner Pic
Baron Thomas Driberg Pic British journalist, politician, MP Ena Mary Binfield
Jack Dromey Pic British politician, trade unionist, MP 2010- Harriet Harman Pic
Michael Dukakis RWF HW Pic American presidential candidate, Governor of Massachusetts Kitty Dukakis Pic
Willi Eichler Pic German journalist, politician, Susanne Miller
Arthur Ewert RWF Pic German revolutionery, politician, MP, Elise Ewert RWF
Edgar Faure Pic French politician, Prime Minister of France 1952 Lucie Faure Pic
Baron Cyril Flower Pic British politician, patron of art Constance de Rothschild Pic
Doug Ford, Jr Pic Canadian businessman, politician, Karla Middlebrook Jewish mother
Viscount William Gage Pic British politician, Elizabeth Gideon
Hugh Gaitskell Pic British politician, Leader of Liberal Party 1955-63, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1950-51, Baroness Dora Gaitskell Pic
Timothy Geithner RWF Pic American Secretary of Tresuary 2009- Carole Sonnenfeld Pic
Pavel Grudinin RWF Pic Russian politician, entrepreneur, (Jewish maternal grandmother)
Ferenc Gyurcsany Pic Hungarian Prime Minister, 2004-09, Klara Dobrev Pic
Baron Leslie Haden-Guest Pic British journalist, author, politician, (convert to Judaism) Muriel Goldsmid
George Harcourt Pic British politician,  Countess Frances Braham Pic Jewish father
Floyd Haskell Pic American senator, Nina Totenberg Pic
Karl Haushofer Pic German general, geographer, geopolitician, Martha Haushofer Jewish father
Prince Henri French politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elisabeth Berthier de Wagram Jewish mother
Evelyn Herfkens Pic Dutch politician, Minister of Development Cooperation, Ed van Thijn Pic
Baron Terence Higgins British politician, Financial Secretary of the Treasury 1972-74, Baroness Rosalyn Higgins Pic
Harry Hopkins Pic UN Secretary of Commerce 1938-40 Ethel Gross
Baroness Margaret Jay Pic British politician, daughter of British Prime Minister James Callaghan 1976-79 Michael Adler
Lionel Jospin Pic French Prime Minister 1997-2002 Sylviane Agacinski Pic ???
Henri de Jouvenel Pic French minister of Overseas France, ambassador, Sarah Boas
Juan Justo Pic Argentine politician, founder/leader of Socialist Party, Mariana Chertkoff
Karl Kautsky RWF Pic Czech-born German theoretician of social democracy,  Louise Ronsperger RWF
Cameron Kerry RWC Pic American lawyer, politician, (Jewish father) (convert to Judaism) Kathy Weinman Pic
Wilhelm Kristiansen Pic Chairman of Norwegian Communist Party 1931-34 Mirwam Rathaus
Karl Liebknecht RWF HW Pic German politician, co-founder of Communist Party of Germany Julia Paradies
German politician, co-founder of Communist Party of Germany Sophie Ryss Pic
Francis Lucas British politician, Alice de Stern
Baron Leonard Lyle Pic British industrialist, politician,  Levy ???
Herve de Lyrot Pic French banker, politician, Emilie De Villahermose Jewish father
Andre Malraux RWF HW Pic French writer, Minister of Cultural Affairs Minister of Information Claira Goldschmidt
Richard Marceau Pic Canadian politician, MP 1997-2006 (convert to Judaism) Lori Beckerman
Louise Mensch Pic British author, politician, MP, Peter Mensch Pic
Hans van Mierlo Pic Dutch Minister of Defence, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Connie Palmen Pic
Thomas Mulcair Pic Canadian politician, Catherine Pinhas Pic
Maurine Neuberger Pic American senator 1951-55, Oregon Richard Neuberger Pic
William O'Brien Pic Irish politician, journalist, social revolutionery, Sophie Raffalovich
Edward Ochab Pic Polish politician, General Secretary of Polish Communist Party 1956 Liwa
Baron Chichester Parkinson-Fortescue Pic British statesman, MP, Chief Secretary for Ireland, Countess Frances Braham Pic Jewish father
Peter Peterson Pic American Secretary of Commerce 1972-73 Joan Ganz Cooney Pic Jewish father
Luis Carlos Prestes Pic Secretary General of Brazilian Communist Party Olga Benario Prestes Pic
Lord Archibald Primrose RWF Pic British Prime Minister 1984-95, Hannah de Rothschild Pic
Robert Rae RWC Pic Canadian politician, Premier-Minister of Ontario, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Arlene Rae Pic
1st Viscount Herwald Ramsbotham Pic British politician, Governor-General of Ceylon Doris Violet de Stein
Bruce Rauner Pic American businesman, philanthropist, politician, 42nd governor of Illinois 2015- , Diana Rauner Pic
Baroness Patricia Rawlings Pic British politician, Baron David Wolfson Pic
Paul Zuckerman
John Reid Pic British politician, Home/Defence/Health Secretary, Carine Adler Pic
Nicolas Repetto Pic Argentine politician, physician, leader of the Socialist Party of Argentina, Fenia Chertkoff Pic
Michel Rocard RWF Pic French politician, Prime Minister 1998-91, ??? Sylvie Pellisier Pic
Baron William Rogers Pic British politician,
Otto Ruhle Pic German politician, MP, Alice Ruhle-Gerstel Pic
Baron Maurice Towneley-O'Hagan Pic British politician, Frances Maddalena Strachey Jewish maternal great grandfather
Baroness Pamela Sharpless Pic Ukrainian-born British writer, revolutionary terrorist, Deputy War Minister Patrick de Laszlo Jewish father
Radek Sikorski RWF Pic Polish politician, Minister of National Defense 2005- Anne Applebaum Pic
Anatoli Sobchak Pic Russian polirician, mayor of Saint Petersburg 1991-96, Lyudmila Narusova Pic Jewish father
Altiero Spinelli RWF Pic Italian politician, political theorist, Ursula Hirschmann Pic
Earl Arthur Stuart Pic British peer, politician, Countess Eleonor May Guggenheim Pic
Marta Suplicy Pic Brazilian politician, mayor of San Paulo Brazil, Minister of Tourism 2007-08, Luis Favre Pic
Prince Ernst von Starhemberg Pic Austrian politician, Vice Chansellor of Austria 1934-36, Nora Gregor Pic
Hans Staudinger Pic German politician, MP 1932-33, economist,
Richard Swett Pic American politician, representative, ambassador to Denmark, Katrina Swett Pic
Marcin Swiecicki Pic Polish politician, Minister of Foreign Economic Relations,  mayor of Warshaw 1994-99, Joanna Maria Szyr
Kelvin Thomson Pic Australian politician, Marsha Thomson Pic
Jeremy Thorpe Pic British politician Leader of Liberal Party 1967-76 Marion Stein Pic
Palmiro Togliatti Pic Italian politician, Secretary General of Italian Communist Party 1927-64, Rita Montagnana Pic
Filippo Turati RWF Pic Italian co-founder of Inited Socialist Party in Italy Anna Kuliscioff Pic
Manuel Valls Pic French Prime Minister 2014- Anne Gravoin Pic
Boleslaw Wieniawa-Dlugoszlowski Pic Polish general, politician, diplomat, poet, Bronislawa Wieniawa-Dlugoszowska Pic
Rama Yade HW Pic Senegal-born French politician, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 2007-09, Joseph Zimet Pic
Janusz Zarzycki Polish general, Mayor of Warshaw 1960-67, Krystyna Zielinska-Zarzycka
Eka Zguladze RWF Pic Georgian-born Ukrainian government official, Raphael Glucksmann Pic
Russian/Soviet politicians
Andrey Andreyev RWF Pic Soviet politician, Deputy Prime Minister Dora Khazan Pic RWF
Nikolai Avksentyev RWF Pic Russian politician, SR party, chairman of Temporary Soviet of Russian Republic, Maria Zetlina RWF Tumarkin
Nikolai Bukharin RWF Pic Russian revolutionary, politician, Anna Larina Pic
Nikolai Bulganin Pic Soviet Prime Minister 1955-58 Minister of Defense 1953-55 Nadezhda 
Felix Dzerzhinsky RWF HW Pic Polish-born Russian/Soviet revolutionary, director of Secret Police, Sofia Dzerzhinskaya Pic ExLink
Mikhail Kalinin Pic Chairman of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, Yekaterina Lorberg Pic
Sergey Kirov Pic Russian/Soviet Bolshevik leader, Mariya Markus ExLink
Alexander Kosarev Komsomol First Secretary 1936, ExLink
Peter Kropotkin RWF Pic Russian anarchist, Sophie Ananiev
Valerian Kuibyshev Pic Soviet politician, Yevgenia Kogan Pic RWF
Anatoly Lunacharsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet Commissar of Education (first), Natalya Rosenel RWF
Vyacheslav Molotov RWF HW Pic Soviet Prime Minister Polina Zhemchuzhina Pic
Anatoly Sobchak Pic Soviet politician, Mayor of Saint Peterburg, Lydmila Narusova
Ivan Peresypkin Pic People's Commissar of Signal Corps, marshall, ???
Mikhail Pervukhin RWF Pic First Deputy Chairman of Council of Ministers 1956-57
Georgi Plekhanov RWF Pic Russian revolutionary, philosopher, narodnik, Rosaliya Bograd RWN
Alexander Poskrebyshev Pic Stalin's personal assistant Bronislava Poskrebysheva Pic
Vitaly Primakov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Red Army commander, Lilya Brik Pic
Alexey Rykov Pic Soviet politician, revolutionary, Prime Minister of Soviet Russia 1924-30, Iofan
Andrei Sannikov Pic Belarusian politician,activist, Iryna Khalip Pic
Boris Savinkov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian writer, revolutionary terrorist, Evgenia Silberberg
Nikolay Shchors RWF Pic Russian hero of Russian civil war, Fruma Khaikina Pic
Pavel Sudoplatov RWF Pic Soviet security service general Emma Kaganova Pic RWC
Kliment Voroshilov RWF Pic Soviet Minister of Defense,  President of Soviet Union Catherine Gorbman Pic RWF
Count Sergei Witte RWF Pic Georgian-born 1st Prime Minister of Imperial Russia Matilda Lisanevich Pic ExLink
Nikolai Yezhov RWF HW Pic head of Soviet secrete police, People's Commissar for Internal Affairs Yevgenia Feigenburg RWF
Princess Olimpia Anna Aldobrandini RWF Pic Italian member of Papal Family, David Rene de Rothschild Pic
Prince Alberto Barganza Brazilian lawyer, scholar, Prince of Orleans-Broganza Maritza Ribas Bokel
Don Fabricio Alfonso de Castile Spanish illegitimate son Ferdinand VI of Castille, father of Alonso Enriquez, Paloma
Prince Jean Victor de Bragie French nobleman, Margarite Berthier de Wagram Jewish mother
Prince Louis Philippe Berthier French nobleman, art collector, Bertha Clara von Rothshild
Prince Roland Bonaparte Pic French geographer, (great-nephew of Napoleon), Marie-Felix Blanc Pic Jewish father
Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski Pic Polish Spanish aristocrat, maternal first cousin King Juan Carlos I of Spain, Nora Piciotto
Marguess George Cholmondeley Pic British Lord Great Chamberlain Marchioness Sybil Sassoon
Earl William Cuffe Pic Irish arictocrat, Countess Ellen Cuffe Pic
Vicountess Mary Anne Disraeli Pic British peeress, socialite, Earl Benjamin Disraeli Pic
Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia Pic Yugoslav Princess, Howard Oxenberg
Viscount Galway Pic British nobleman, Countess Elizabeth Villa-Real Pic
Princess Alexandra Ghica Romanian noble family, Paul-Louis Weiller Pic
Marchioness Stella Isaacs Pic British political/military figure, Marquess Rufus Isaacs Pic
7th Earl George Lascelles Pic British grandson of King George V, son of Princess Mary, daughter of King George V, Marion Stein Pic
5th Prince Victor Massena French aristocrat (Jewish paternal grandfather) Duchess Paula Massena Pic
Lord John McLaren Pic British politician, judge, Ottilie Schwabe
Duke de Montesquiou-Fesensac Victoire Massena Jewish mother/paternal grandfather)
Earl Louis Mountbatten Pic British admiral, statesman,    Countess Edwina Mountbatten Pic Jewish maternal grandfather
Duke Michel Ney French aristocrat, Duchess Paula Massena Pic
Prince Paul of Thurn and Taxis Pic Elise Kreuzer
Earl Lawrence Parsons Pic British peer,   Countess Anne Messel Pic
Baroness Podmahiszky Hungarian aristocrat, Baron Frigyes Harkanyi Pic
4th Duke Louis Joseph Suchet French aristocrat, Anna Massena Jewish mother/paternal grandfather)
Public Figures
Prince Aly Khan Pic Vice President of United Nations General Assembly Rita Hayworth Pic Jewish father
Evan Ryan Pic American Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Caltural Affairs, Antony Blinken Pic
Mathilde Krim RWC Pic Founder and Head of American Fund  For Aids Research (converted to Judaism) Arthur Krim Pic
Anthony Lake RWC Pic American National Security Adviser (1993-97), (convert to Judaism) Julie Katzman ExLink 
Wilhelm Marr RWF Pic German agitator, publicist, Bertha Callenbach half-Jewish ExLink
Helene Behrend
Jenny Kornick half-Jewish
Pavel Nakhimov RWF Pic Russian Admiral, Aeshya
Hetman Pylyp Orlyk Pic Belarusian-born Hetman, Hanna Hertsyk
Robin Raphel Pic American diplomat, ambassador, Arnold Raphel Pic
Thomas Southorn Pic British colonial administrator, governor of the Gambia, Bella Sidney Woolf Pic
Count Franz Graf fon Wimpffen Pic Austrian Admiral Field Marshall of Artillery Countess Maria Anna von Eskeles
Walter Francis White Pic African-American civil rights activist, Poppy Cannon Pic
Natan Rybak RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet author,  
Relatives of Prominent Gentiles Jewish Spouces
Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen Pic daughter of founder of Fiat Giovanni Agnelli, Alain Elkann Pic
Leyla Aliyeva Pic daughter of Azerbajani president Ilham Aliyev Emin Agalarov Jewish mother
Svetlana Allilueyva RWF Pic daughter of Stalin Grigory Morozov RWE RWN
Ivan Svanidze RWE Jewish mother
Baron Wilfred Ashley Pic grandson of 7th Earl of Shutsbury Amalia Cassel Jewish father
Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski Pic sister of German SS-OberGruppenFuhrer Owsey Schwiff
12th Osborne de Vere Baucllerk British military, Jewish maternal grandfather
10th Duke William Beauclerk Pic British politician, Grace Bernal-Osborne Jewish father
Beau Biden Pic Attorney General of Delaware, son of Vice President Joe Biden Hallie Berger Pic Jewish mother
Omar bin Laden  Pic 4th son of Osama bin Laden Jane Felix-Browne Pic Jewish maternal grandfather
daughter of Friedrich Bessel RWF Pic German mathematician, astronomer, Georg Adolf Erman Jewish mother
Rabbi Joshua Boettiger Pic great grandson of president Franklin Delano Roosevelt,  ExLink
Eugenie Bonaparte daughter of 5th Prince de Canino et Musignano 8th Duke of Richelieu Jewish mother
Princess Lavinia Borromeo Pic descendant of cardinal Charles Borromeo John Elkann Pic Jewish father
Evelyn Bostwick Pic American socialite, daughter of Jabez Bostwick, Serge Voronoff Pic
Lauren Bush Pic American fashion model, designer, granddauther of George H. W. Bush, David Lauren Pic
Lucy Beall Candler Pic American daughter of Coca-Cola Company co-founder Asa Griggs Candler, Enrico Leide Pic
Anna Beatriz Cardoso Pic Brazilian daughter of president Fernando Henrique Cardoso David Zilbersztajn
Lord Charles Cavendish Pic British aristicrat, son of Victor Cavendish, (9th Duke of Devanshire) Adele Astaire Pic Jewish father
Lord Richard Cavendish Pic British aristocrat, politician, grandson of 7th Duke of Devanshire Lady Moyra Beauclerck Jewish paternal grandgather
Lady Jeanne Campbell Pic British socialite, journalist, granddaughter of Lord Beaverbrook, Norman Mailer Pic
Sarah Churchill Pic British actress , dancer, daughter of Winston Churchill, Vic Oliver Pic
Yacov Dzhugashvili Pic Georgian-born son of Stalin, Julia Meltzer
Marta Casals Istomin Pic wife of Pablo Casals Eugene Istomin Pic Jewish mother
Angela Chao Pic sister of Elain Chao, United States Secretary of Labor 2001-09 Bruce Wasserstein Pic
Hannah Chaplin Pic British-born entertainer, mother of Charlie Chaplin, Leo Dryden Pic
Aleksander Chekhov RWF Pic Russian-born brother of playwright Anton Chekhov, Natalya Golden
Marquess George Cholmondeley Pic British peer, descendant of Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole, Marchioness Sybil Sassoon Pic
Baron Thomas Cholmondeley Pic British peer, Ruth Mary Clarisse Ashley Pic Jewish paternal grandgather
Paul Clemenceau Pic brother of French Prime Minister George Clemenceau, Sophie Szeps
Clara Clemens Pic American-born concert singer, daughter of Mark Twain, Ossip Gabrilowitsch Pic
Chelsea Clinton Pic daughter of Bill & Hillary Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky Pic
Maria Cooper Janis Pic daughter of actor Gary Cooper Byron Janis Pic
Sofia Coppola RWF HW Pic American film director, daughter of Francis Ford Coppola Spike Jonze Pic Jewish mother
6th Earl William Robert Craven British peer,    Gwendoline Irene Meyrick
Lindsay Crouse HW Pic American actress,  daughter of Russel Crouse David Mamet Pic
Maria Cuomo Pic daughter and sister of governor of New York Kenneth Cole Pic
Mary Louise Curtis Pic daughter of newspaper magnate Cyrus Curtis, Efrem Zimbalist, Sr Pic
2nd Viscount Richard Curzon   1898-1977 Ottilie Margarete Julie Pretzlik
Wilhelm Dilthey daughter of philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey, Georg Misch
Catherine Duff sister of 5th Earl James Duff John Lewis Ricardo
Lady Albertha Edgcumble daughter o Earl William Edgcumble Baron Henry Lopes
Helene Ehrenberg daughter of legal historian Rudolf von Ihering Victor Ehrenberg Pic
Princess Esmeralda RWF Pic Princess Esmeralda (sister of King of Belgium) Sir Salvador Moncada Pic
Bridget Fonda RWF HW Pic American actress, grandaughter of Henry Fonda Danny Elfman Pic
Elena Franchuk RWE Pic daughter of Ukrainian Ex-president Leonid Kuchma Victor Pinchuk Pic
15th Lord Simon Fraser Pic Chief of British comando ??? Rosamond Broughton Jock Delves Broughton
granddaughter of James Garfield granddaughter of James Garfield - 20th president of USA Herbert Feis Pic
Marquess Robert Gascoyne-Cecil Pic British politician, grandson of prime minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil Elizabeth Vere Cavendish descendant of Bernal Osborne
Baron Rayner Goddard Pic Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Marie Schuster
Marquise Luisa Gonzalez Obregoso granddaughter of Lois Jose de Obergoso, president of Peru 1833-36, Auguste Dreyfus Pic
7th Duke Charles Gordon-Lennox British politician, Amy Mary Percy Ricardo
Karenna Gore Schiff Pic American author, journalist, daughter of Al Gore Andrew Schiff Pic one-quarter Jew
Christine Gouze-Renal Pic French producer, sister-in-law of president of France Francois Mitterrand, Roger Hanin Pic
Deborah Greenwood daughter of Viscount Hamar Greenwood Patrick de Laszlo Jewish father
1st Baron Arthur Greer British lawyer, judge, Katherine van Noorden ???
Lucy Madeleine Guinness Pic sister of Henry Guinness Philip de Laszlo Pic
Lady Margaret Hardy daughter of Earl Gathorne-Hardy 2nd Viscount George Joachim Goschen
son of Gerhart Hauptmann Pic son of German novelist, dramatist, Nobel Prize (1912) Eva Bernstein daughter
11th Marquess George Hay British aristocrat,   Marjorie Helen Wagg ???
Elizabeth Heald daughter of Sir Lionel Heald, Attorney General of England and Wales, George Lane Pic
Christie Hefner Pic chairman, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, daughter of Hugh Hefner, William Marovitz Pic
Katrin Himmler RWF German author, granddaugher of brother of Heinrich Himmler, Dani
Linda Hope daughter of Bob Hope Nathaniel Lande Pic
19th Earl Henry Howard British peer, Margaret Leiter Jewish father
Victor Hugo RWF Pic French athlete, Olympic champion, great-niece of Victor Hugo, Micheline Ostermeyer Pic
9th Duke George Innes-Ker Pic British peer, Dutchess Mary Innes-Ker Jewish maternal grandmother
Baroness Margaret Jay Pic British politician, daughter of British Prime Minister James Callaghan 1976-79 Michael Adler
Joseph Jefferson Pic daugther of actor Joseph Jefferson Benjamin Farjeon Pic
Katharine Ann Johnson daughter of billionaire Anne Cox Chambers Jesse Kornbluth Pic
Aleksandr Kalinin RWF son of Soviet president Mikhail Kalinin Nataliya Gukovskaya RWF
Eugenia Katayev Pic daughter of Soviet/Russian novelist, playwright, Aron Vergelis Pic
Caroline Kennedy RWF Pic daugther of JF Kennedy Edwin Schlossberg Pic
Jacqueline Kennedy Pic wife of JF Kennedy Maurice Tempelsman Pic
Lady Cynthia Keppel Pic daughter of 9th Earl of Aldemarle Sir Michael Postan Pic
12th Baron Kenneth Kinnaird Frances Victoria Clifton Pic Clifton of Treves
Oleksandr Korniychuk RWF Pic sister of Ukrainian Soviet playwright, literary critic, state official, Natan Rybak
Sir William Lambton son of George Lambton 2nd Earl of Dunham Lady Katherine Beauclerck Jewish paternal grandgather
1st Baron Miles Lampson Pic British diplomat, Jaqueline Castellani ???
David Lansbury Pic nephew of actress Angela Lansbury Ally Sheedy Pic Jewish mother
7th Earl Georges Lascelles Pic grandson of King George V Marion Stein Pic
1st Baron Charles Lasham British politician, Maya Helen Allman ???
Guri Lie Zeckendorf Pic daughter of 1st Secretary-General of the United Nations, William Zeckendorf, Jr Pic
Charlotte Mailliard Swig Pic American socialite, wife of Secretary of Labour/Treasury/State George Schultz, Melvin Swig Pic
Ana Lozanic Pic  daughter of Sima Lozanic Vojislav Marinkovic Pic
Volya G. Malenkova doughter of Malenkov Vladimir Shamberg
Princess Margaret Pic younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II Earl Antony Armstrong-Jones Pic Jewish mother
Sister of Prince Menshikov Pic Portuguese-born Russian state/military administrator, (Jewish father) Count Anton de Vieira Pic Jewish father
Caroline Morton daughter of 36th Secretary of Navy, Henry Guggenheim
Ben Mulroney Pic Canadian television host, son of Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Jessica Mulroney Pic
Elisabeth Murdoch Pic Australian-born British busnesswoman, daughter of Ruppert Murdoch Matthew Freud Pic
Nela Mlynarsky RWF Pic daughter of Polish conductor, violinist Emil Mlynarsky Arthur Rubinstein Pic
Natisa Nast American artist, daughter of Conde Montrose Nast - magazine publisher Gerald Warburg Pic
Mark Obama Ndesandjo Pic half-brother of President Barack Obama 
Michel Ney 3rd Duc d'Elchingen Grandson of Marshall Ney, Napoleon's general Paule Heine
2 daughters of Walther Nernst Nobel Prize in chemistry (1920)
Prince Frederick Nicholas son of Prince Frederick Victoria Lucinda Mancroft
Gwendolyn Parker daughter of justice Baron Parker Sir George Schuster Pic
6th Earl Michael Parsons Pic Irish peer, Countess Anne Messel Pic
Dona Maria Isabel Patino Pic daughter of Antenor Patino & 3rd Duchess of Durcall Sir James Goldsmith Pic Jewish father
Marquess John Paulet Pic Caroline Marks Abraham Hoffnung - father
Caroline von Paulus Pic French actress, fashion model, singer, great neace of General Paulus (Stalingrad) Serge Gainsbourg Pic
Cecilia Pinera daughter of president of Chili Sebastian Pinera, Richard Levy
Olga Polanskaya RWF Pic daughter of Dmitry Polanskij Prime Minister of Russia 1958-62 Ivan Dykhovichny Pic RWF
Marquess John Pratt Pic Countess Marjorie Pratt Anna Isabella Cassel - mother
Sigrid Rausing Pic Swedish philanthropist, (convert to Judaism) granddaughter of Ruben Rausing Eric Abraham
Angela Rawlinson daughter of Baron Peter Rawlinson, Attorney General for England and Wales Baron Charles Montagu Pic
Shauna Redford Pic daughter of Robert Redford Eric Schlosser Pic
Baroness Marguerite de Reuter Pic European aristocrat, Baron Oliver Reuter
Lance Reventlow Pic British-born entrepreneur, tacing driver, playboy, son of Barbara Hutton Jill St. John Pic
Andrey Rimsky-Korsakov RWF son, biographer  of Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Yuliya Veysberg RWF
Nadezhda Rimsky-Korsakov RWF Pic daughter of Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Maximilian Steinberg Pic
7th Duke of Richelieu descendandt of cardinal Richelieu, first minister under Louis VIII Princess Alice Heine Pic
Tony Rodham Pic American political consultant, brother of Hillary Clinton, Nicole Boxer Pic
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr Pic American lawyer, politician, fifth child of president Franklin D. Roosevelt, Felicia Schiff Warburg Sarnoff
Nerina Runge Courant daughter of German mathematician Carl Runge Richard Courant Pic
26th Baron Edward Russell British peer, Dorothy Meyrick Meyrick
Edwina Sandys-Kaplan Pic British-born American sculptor, granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill, Richard Kaplan Pic
Jean Sarkozy Pic son of French president Nicholas Sarcozy Jessica Sebaoun-Darty Pic
Lisa Schadow daughter of sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow Eduard Bendemann Pic
Gogo Schiaparelli Pic Italian socialite, daughter of fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, Robert Berenson
Lila Schwarzenberg Pic daughter of Prince Karel Schwarzenberg, Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs 2007-09 Peter Morgan Pic
Ariadna Scriabina RWF HW Pic daughter of composer Alexander Scriabin, (convert to Judaism) Daniel Lazarus
Rene Magen
David Knout Pic
Penny Seeger folk singer, half-sister of Pete Seeger John Cohen Pic
Ludmila Semyonova daughter of academician Nikolai Semyonov (Nobel Prize in chemistry) Vitaly Goldansky Pic
Tariq Sharif son of Egyptian actor Omar Sharif Debbie ExLink
Talia Shire RWF HW Pic Italian American actress, sister of Francis Ford Coppola Jack Schwartzman Pic
David Shire Pic
Mona Simpson Pic American novelist, essayist, biological sister of Steve Jobs Richard Appel Pic
Duchess Wallis Simpson Pic American socialite, wife of Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor Ernest Simpson Pic
Leonid Sobinov RWF Pic daughter of opera singer Leonid Sabinov Lev Kassil Pic
Henry Somerset Pic grandson of 8th Duke of Beaufort, Lady Katherine Beauclerck Jewish paternal grandgather
Anastasio Somoza Debayle Pic daughter of president of Nicaragua Carolina Somoza  James Minskoff Sterling
Konstantin Stanislavsky RWF Pic daughter of Russian/Soviet theater director Kira,  Robert Falk Pic
Baron Edward Strachie Pic British politician, (Jewish maternal great grandfather) Constance Braham Jewish paternal grandfather
Alexander Graf von Stauffenberg Pic German historian, brother of Claus Graf von Stauffenberg, leader of plot against Hitler, Melitta von Stauffenberg Jewish father
Ludmila Stravinsky RWF Pic daughter of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, Yuri Mandelstam
Franz (Son of Richard Strauss) RWF Pic son of German composer, conductor Richard Strauss, Alice von Grab
Alexander Svanidze Russian/Soviet politician, brother-in-law of Joseph Stalin, Maria Svanidze
Claudia Taylor Brod Pic granddaughter of president Lindon Johnson (convert to Judaism) Steven Silvers
Donna Olimpia Torlonia Pic granddaughter of Queen Ena of Spain Paul-Annik Weiller Pic
Wanda Toscanini RWF Pic daughter of the conductor Arturo Toscanini Vladimir Horowitz Pic
Aureliya Townes Pic sister of Nobel Prize winner Charles Townes, Arthur Schawlow Pic
Lyubov Tretyakova Pic daughter of Pavel Tretyakov Leon Bakst Pic
Ivanka Trump RWF Pic American socialite, fashion model, daughter of Donald Trump, (convert to Judaism) Jared Kushner Pic
Vanessa Trump RWC Pic American actress, model, (Jewish father), daughter-in-law of Donald Trump. Donald Trump, Jr
Elizabeth Turner daughter of British banker, botanist, antiquairy Dawson Turner, Sir Francis Palgrave Pic
Gloria Vanderbilt RWF HW Pic American actress, socialite, daughter of Reginald Vanderbilt, mother of Anderson Cooper, Sidney Lumet Pic
Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart Pic British socialite, daughter of 8th Marquess of Londonderry, Sir James Goldsmith Pic Jewish father
Lady Jane Vane-Tempest-Stewart Pic daughter of Marquess Robin Vane-Tempest-Stewart Baron Max Rayne Pic
John Walgrave brother of 7th Earl George Walgrave Countess Frances Braham Pic Jewish father
7th Earl George Waldegrave British Peer, Countess Frances Braham Pic Jewish father
Lady Georgiana Mary Walpole descendant of Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Joseph Wolff Pic
Earl Robert Warpole Pic son of Prime Minister Robert Warpole (lover) Hannah Norsa Pic
Lady Jane Wellesley Pic daughter of 8th Duke of Wellington (partners) Loyd Grossman Pic
Baroness Jenny von Westphalen RWF Pic sister of Baron von Vestphalen, Interia Minister of Prussia 1850-58 Karl Marx Pic
Nannie Wickliffe daughter of governor Charles Wickliffe, David Levy Yulee Pic
Lord Frederick Windsdor Pic son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent Sophie Winkelman Pic Jewish father
9th Viscount Patrick Wingfield Pic British peer, Viscountess Sheila Claude Beddington
5th Baron Thomas John Wynn British peer, Denisa Josephine Malpuech Lazar Braun - father
Sir Charles Maurice Yonge Elspeth - daughter of marine zoologist, Bruno Touschek Pic Jewish mother
Princess Helena Of Yugoslavia Pic daughter of Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, Thierry Gaubert Pic
Ahmet Zappa Pic American musician, son of Frank Zappa, Selma Blair Pic
Our Jewish Aristocracy
Nobel Prize Winners Jewish Spouces
Christian Anfinsen RWF HW Pic American chemist, Nobel Prize (1972) (convert to Judaism)
Oscar Arias Pic president of Costa Rica 1986-90 2006-10, Nobel Prize in Peace (1987) Suzanne Fischel Pic
Emil von Behring Pic German physiologist, Nobel Prize (1901) in Medicine Else Spinola ExLink1 ExLink2
Carl Ferdinand Cori Pic Czech-born American biochemist, Nobel Prize Winner Gerty Cori Pic
Paul Dirac HW Pic British theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics 1933 Margit Wigner
Enrico Fermi RWF HW Pic Italian-born American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics (1938) Laura Capon Pic
Gerhard Herzberg Pic German-born Canadian physicist, chemist, Nobel Prize in chemistry Louise Oettinger
Hermann Hesse Pic German poet, novelist, painter, Nobel Prize in Literature (1946),
Victor Hess RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American physicist, Nobel Prize winner (1936)
Willis Lamb RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1955) Bruria Kaufman Pic
Doris Lessing RWF Pic Persian-born British novelist, Nobel Prize in Literature (2007) Gottfried Lessing
Thomas Mann RWF HW Pic German author, Nobel Prize winner in Literature (1929) Katharina Pringsheim Pic
Jacques Monod RWF Pic French biologist, Nobel Prize (1965) in Medicine, Odette Monod-Bruhl
Andrey Sakharov RWF HW Pic Russian physicist, Nobel Prize winner Yelena Bonner Pic Jewish mother
Albert Schweitzer RWF HW Pic German/French philosopher, musician, physician, Nobel Peace Prize (1952) Helene Bresslau Pic
Amartya Sen RWF HW Pic Indian-born economist, Nobel Prize winner, Eva Colorni
Emma Rothschild Pic Jewish father
Wole Soyinka Pic Nigerian novelist, Nobel Prize Winner in Literature 1986, (sister in Law) Susan Soyinka Pic
Gustav Stresemann RWF HW Pic German Chancellor, Foreign Secretary 1923-29 , Nobel Peace Prize 1926 Kate Kleefeld Pic
Torsten Wiesel Pic Swedish scientist, Nobel Prize in Medicine (1981), Jean Stein Pic
Other Scientists Jewish Spouces
Tatyana Afanasyeva RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian Dutch mathematician, Paul Ehrenfest Pic
Alois Alzheimer RWF HW Pic German psychiatrist, neuropathologist, Cecilie Geisenheimer
Victor Ambratsumian RWF Pic Soviet Armenian scientist, son-in-law of Grigory Shajn, Grigory Shajn Pic
Alice Ambrose Pic American philosopher, Morris Lazerowitz
Emil Artin RWF Pic Austrian-born American mathematician, Natalie Jasny Jewish father
William Ayrton Pic British physicist, electrical engineer, fellow of Royal Society Hertha Ayrton Pic
Shiva Ayyaadurai Pic Indian-born American scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, Fran Drescher Pic
Cornelia Bargmann RWF Pic American neurobiologist, Richard Axel Pic
Karl Heinrich Bauer German physician,
Karl Beth Pic German-born psychologist of religion, Marianne Beth Pic
Homi Bhabha Pic Indian-born philosopher, scholar, Jacqueline Bhabha Pic
Heinrich Blucher Pic German poet, philosopher, Hannah Arendt Pic
Mary Boas Pic American mathematician, physicist, Ralph P. Boas, Jr Pic
Christian Bohr Pic Danish phisiologist, Ellen Adler
Leonard Bosack Pic American technology company co-founder, Sisco, Sandra Lerner Pic
Karl Buhler Pic German psychologist, Charlotte Buhler Pic Jewish father
Ananda Coomaraswamy Pic Ceylonese philosopher, historian, indologist, Luisa Runstein
Sophia Darialova Soviet/Russian cardiologist, Arcady Wainer Pic
Chandler Davis Pic American-Canadian mathematician, writer, educator, Natalie Zemon Davis Pic
Geoffrey Denton Pic British economist, Marika Marton
Peter Dervan Pic American chemist,  Jacqueline Barton Pic
Cecile DeWitt-Morette RWF Pic French physicist, mathematician, Bryce DeWitt Pic Jewish father
Lejeune Dirichlet RWF HW Pic German mathematician,    Rebecka Mendelssohn Bartholdy Pic
Michael Doyle Pic American international relations scholar, Amy Gutmann Pic
Marie-Josee Drouin Pic American economist, philanthropist, Henry Kravis Pic
Howard Edwards Pic American mathematician, Betty Rollin Pic
Paul Erman Pic German physicist, Caroline Hitzig
Haleh Esfandiari Pic Iranian American academic, Shaul Bakhash Pic
Franz-Serafin Exner Pic Austrian philosopher, Charlotte Dusensy
Sandra Faber RWF Pic American astronomer, Andrew Faber
Richard Flawel Pic British molecular biologist, Madlyn Nathanson
Ernst Freudenberg German pediatrician,
Jane Gallop Pic American literary theorist, Dick Blau Pic
Drew Gilpin Faust Pic American historian, president of Harvard University 2007- Charles Rosenberg Pic
Edward Glaeser Pic American economist,  ??? Nancy Shwartz
Anne Fausto-Sterling Pic American biologist, sexologist, Paula Vogel Pic Jewish father
Roger Ferguson, Jr Pic American economist,   Annette Nazareth Pic ???
Anton Flettner Pic German aviation engineer, inventor, Lydia Feudenberg Flatter
Elizebeth Friedman RWF Pic American crypanalyst, author, William Friedman Pic
Kurt Friedrichs Pic German-born American mathematician, Nellie Bruell Pic
Anton von Frisch Pic Austrian urologist, Marie Exner
Uta Frith RWF Pic German-born British developmental psychologist,  Chris Frith Pic
Sir Alan Gardiner Pic British egyptologist, Lady Hedwig Gardiner Jewish father
James Gilligan Pic American psychiatrist, author, Carol Gilligan Pic
Amadeus Grabau Pic German American paleontologist, geologist, Mary Antin Pic
J.B.S. Haldane Pic British geneticist, evolutionary biologist, Charlotte Haldane Pic
Baron Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall Pic Aistrian orientalist, first president of Austrian Academy of Sciences, Caroline von Hehikstein
Karl Haushofer Pic German general, geographer, geopolitician, Martha Mayer-Doss Jewish father
Hans Hellmann Pic German theoretical physicist, Victoria Bernstein
Carl Hempel RWF HW Pic German-born American  writer, philosopher, Diane
Eva Jewish father
Gertrude Henle Pic German-born American virologist, Werner Henle Pic Jewish grandfather
John Hennessey, Jr Pic American academic, educator, Madeleine Kunin Pic
Walter Henning Pic German orientalist, Maria Polotzky
Fritz Houtermans Pic Polish-born German nuclear physicist, Charlotte Riefenstahl
Beatrix Hamburg Pic American psychiatrist, David Hamburg Pic
Ernest Jones Pic British neurologist, psychoanalyst, biographer, Katheine Jokl
Isabella Karle Pic American scientist, Jerome Karle Pic
Nannerl Keohane Pic American political scientist, president of Duke University, Robert Keohane Pic ???
Marian Koshland Pic American bacteriologist, immunologist, Daniel Koshland, Jr Pic
Patricia Kuhl Pic American psychologist, Andrew Meltzoff Pic
Grace de Laguna American philosopher, Theodore de Laguna Pic partialy Jewish
Eleanor Leacock Pic American anthropologist, Richard Leacock Pic ???
Friedrich Merkel RWF Pic German physician, pathologist, Henle
Karl Meissner Pic German-born American physicist, Janka Kohn
Cathleen Synge Morawetz Pic Canadian-born American applied mathematician, Herbert Morawetz
Hanna Neumann Pic German Australian mathematician,    Bernhard Neumann Pic
Chiarra Nappi Pic Italian physicist, Edward Witten Pic
Vincent Ostrom RWF Pic American political scientist,   Elinor Ostrom Pic Jewish father
Arthur Beck Pardee Pic American biochemist, Ruth Sager Pic
Antonina Priohotko RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet physicist, Aleksandr Leipunsky Pic
Paul Pulewka Pic German pharmacologist,
Robert Putnam HW Pic American political scientist, (convert to Judaism) Rosemary
Georg Hermann Quincke German physicist, Rebecca Riess
Otto Rainbow German classical scholar,
Pasko Rakic RWF Pic Serbian-born Ameican neuroscientist, Patricia Goldman-Rakic Pic
Christina Romer RWF HW Pic American economist, chairman of  Council of Economic Advicers 2008- David Romer Pic
Mary Elllen Rudin Pic American mathematician, Walter Rudin Pic
William Russell Pic American geneticist, recipient of Fermi Award Liane Russell Pic
Saskia Sassen RWF Pic Dutch American sociologist, Richard Sennett Pic
Pelageya Shajn RWF Pic Soviet/Russian astronomer, Grigory Shajn Pic
Tatyana Shaposhnikova RWF Russian mathematician, translator, Vladimir Mazya Pic
Otto Shmidt RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet mathematician, geographer, geophysicist, astronomer, Vera Shmidt Pic Jewish mother
Margarita Goloskover
Barbara Simons Pic American computer scientist, James Simons Pic
Ljubo Sirc Pic Serbian-born British economist, (engagement) Katja Boh Pic
Eliot Slater British psychiatrist, Lydia Pasternak Slater
Alvy Ray Smith Pic American experimental filmmaker, co-founder of Pixar, Alison Gopnik Pic
Hertha Sponer Pic German physicist, chemist, James Franck Pic
Eduard Strasburger RWF Pic Polish-born German plant cytology botanist, Alexandra Julie Jewish father
Shirley Tilghman Pic Canadian-born American biologist, president of Prinston University 2001- Joseph Tilghman
Anne Treisman RWF HW Pic British psychologist, cognitive scientist, Daniel Kahneman Pic
Virginia Trimble Pic American astronomer, Joseph Weber Pic
Rudolf von Urban Austrian psychiatrist, psychologist, Fritzi Rosali Perzicaner
Aleksandr Vishnevsky RWF Pic Russian/Soviet military surgeon,
Josiah Wedgwood American physician, paediatric immunologist, Ruth Wedgwood Pic Jewish father
Josef Weninger Pic Austrian anthropologist,
Otto Westphal German ophthamologist, Karoline Friederike Heine
Hermann Weyl RWF Pic German mathematician, Helene Joseph
Deirdre Wilson Pic British linguist, cognitive scientist, Theodore Zeldin Pic
Mitchell Wilson American physicist, novelist, Stella Adler Pic
Stanley Wojcicki Pic Polish-born American physicist, Esther Wojcicki Pic
Zinaida Yermolyeva RWF Pic Russian/Soviet microbiologist, epidemiologist, Lev Zilber Pic
Senior Officials
Huma Abedin Pic American deputy chief of Staff, aide to  Secretary of State, Anthony Weiner Pic
Esther Brimmer Pic Assistant Sectretary of State for International Organisation Affairs 2009- Steven Beller
Kurt Campbell Pic Assistant Sectretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs 2009- Lael Brainard Pic ???
Nancy-Ann DeParle Pic Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy administration Obama Jason DeParle Pic
Maria Echaveste Pic American presidential advicer,  Clinton (convert to Judaism)
Mathea Falco Pic Assistant Sectretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Peter Tarnoff Pic
Patrick Kennedy Pic Under Secretary of State for Management Mary Swope
Allasdair Liddell Pic British health official, Jenny Abramsky Pic
Alyssa Mastromonaco Pic Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations 2011- administration Obama David Krone Pic
Capricia Marshall Pic Chief of Protocol (State Department) Robert Marshall
Samantha Power RWF Pic Senior Director for Multirateral Matters Cass Sunstein Pic
John Rogers Under Secretary of State for Management Deborah Lehr
Gillian Sorensen Pic Senior Advicer and National Advocate of  United Nations Foundation, Ted Sorensen Pic
Kalyan Sundaram Pic Indian civil cervant, Indira Sher-Gil Jewish mother
Ellen Tauscher Pic Under Secretary of State of Arms Control and International Security William Tauscher Pic
Melanne Verveer Pic Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues Philip Verveer
Directors, Producers, Screenwriters, Playwrights   Jewish Spouces
Daniel Abineri Pic British songwriter, playwright, television actor, Claudia Rosencrantz Pic
JoAnne Akalaitis Pic American theater director, writer, Philip Glass Pic
Yves Allegret RWF Pic French film director, Simone Signoret Pic Jewish father
Lewis Allen Pic American film/theatrical producer, Jay Presson Allen Pic
Goffredo Allesandrini RWF Pic Egyptian-born Italian director, Anna Magnani Pic Jewish mother
Paul Anderson RWF HW Pic American film director/producer, screenwriter, Maya Rudolph Pic Jewish father
Sylvia Anderson Pic American television producer/writer, voice actress, Gerry Anderson Pic
Michael Attenborough Pic British theater director, Jane Seymour Pic Jewish father
Robert Alan Aurthur Pic American screenwriter, director, television producer, Beatrice Arthur Pic
Reza Badiyi Pic Iranian-born American film director, Barbara Turner Pic
Grethe Barrett Holby Pic American producer, stage director, choreographer, playwright, Arthur Elgort Pic
Martin Bell Pic American photographer, Mary Mark
Martin Bergman Pic British producer, writer, director, Rita Rudner Pic
Carol Black Pic American screenwriter, producer, Neal Marlens Pic
Susan Borowitz Pic American producer, writer, Andy Borowitz Pic
Robert Boyle Pic American art director, production designer, Bess Taffel Pic
Charles Brabin Pic American film director, screenwriter, Theda Bara Pic
Albert Broccoli French film producer, Gloria Blondell Pic
Ken Burns RWF Pic American documentary filmmaker, Amy Stechler
Julie Deborah Brown
Tim Burton RWE Pic American film director/producer, writer, artist, ??? Helena Bonham Carter Pic 3/4 Jewish mother
Anne Buydens RWC Pic German-born American producer, (convert to Judaism) Kirk Douglas Pic
Ed Bye Pic British film/television producer/director, Ruby Wax Pic
Gabriel Byrne RWF HW Pic Irish actor, film director/producer, Ellen Barkin Pic
Andy Cadiff Pic American television director/producer, Susan Diol Pic
James Cameron HW Pic Canadian film director/producer, screenwriter, editor, inventor, Gale Hurd Pic Jewish father
Carla Cipriani Pic Italian screenwriter, Tinto Brass Pic
Jack Clayton Pic British film director, Haya Harareet Pic
Tricia Cooke Pic American film editor, Ethan Coen Pic
Sofia Coppola RWF HW Pic American film director, actress, producer, screenwriter, Spike Jonze Pic Jewish father
Barbara Corday Pic American television executive, writer, producer, Roger Lowenstein Pic
Barney Rosenzweig Pic
Richard Curtis RWF Pic British screenwriter, record producer, film director, Emma Freud Pic Jewish father
Henry deMille Pic American playwright, dramatist, Matilda Beatrice deMille Pic
Polly Draper RWF Pic American actress, screenwriter, playwright, producer, director, Michael Wolff Pic
Louise Fleck Pic Austrian film director, Jacob Fleck Pic
Anne Flournoy Pic American writer, producer, film director, Mark Green Pic
Maya Forbes Pic American screenwriter, tlevision producer, Wallace Wolodarsky Pic
M.J. Frankovich Pic American film producer, Binnie Barnes Pic Jewish father
Goran Gajic Pic Serbian film/television/theater director, Mira Furlan Pic Jewish mother
Harold Grieve Pic American film art director, interior designer, ??? Jetta Goudal Pic
Matt Groening RWF Pic American screenwriter, producer, cartoonist, Deborah Caplan
Stephen Gyllenhaal Pic American film director, poet, Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal Pic
Albert Hackett Pic American screenwriter, playwright, Frances Goodrich Pic
Taylor Hackford Pic American film director, Lynne Littman Pic
Hugh Hadson Pic British film director, Maryam d'Abo Pic Jewish father
Lee Hall Pic British playwright, screenwriter, Beeban Kidron Pic
Lorraine Hansberry Pic American playwright, author, Robert Nemiroff
Sir David Hare Pic British playwright, theater/film director, Lady Nicole Farhi Pic
Veit Harlan Pic German film director, actor, Nazi propagandist, Dora Gerson Pic
Lady Josephine Hart Pic Irish writer, theatrical producer, television presenter, Baron Maurice Saatchi Pic
Chris Hegedus Pic American documentary filmmaker, Donn Alan Pennebaker Pic
Norma Heyman Pic British film producer, actress, John Heyman Pic
Willard Huyck Pic American screenwriter, producer, director, Gloria Katz Pic
Wiard Ihnen Pic American art director, Edith Head Pic
Michael Jackson British television producer, executive Rachael Horovitz Pic Jewish father
Milena Jelinek Pic Czech American screenwriter, playwright, Frederick Jelinek Pic
Rudolf Jugert Pic German film director, Katja Julius
Sarah Kernochan Pic American screenwriter, producer, cartoonist, James Lapine Pic
Robert King Pic American television writer/producer, Michelle King Pic
Ken Kwapis Pic American film/television director, screenwriter, Marisa Silver Pic
Claire Labine Pic American soap opera writer, producer, Paul Avila Mayer Pic Jewish father
Allie Light Pic American film producer/director/editor, ??? Irving Saraf Pic
Christopher Lloyd Pic American screenwriter, producer, Arleen Sorkin Pic
Jayne Loader Pic American director, writer, Robert Kirshner Pic
Eddie Mannix Pic American film studio executive, Toni Mannix Pic Jewish father
Jessie Marion Pic American film editor, granddaughter of Elena Verdugo Dean Cameron Pic
Laila Marrakchi Pic Moroccan film director, Alexandre Aja Pic
Scott Marshall Pic American film director,
Jacques Martin Pic French television host, producer, Cecilia Attias Pic Jewish father
Violet McComas Pic American script supervisor, Sam Newfield Pic
Deepa Mehta Pic Indian-born Canadian film producer, screenwriter,   Paul Saltzman Pic
Mike Mills Pic American film/music video director, graphic designer, Miranda July Pic
Rina Mimoun Pic American television writer, producer, Scott Weinger Pic
Hollingsworth Morse American film/television director, Sandra Gould Pic
Sir Trevor Nunn Pic British theater/film director, Janet Suzman Pic
William Orr Pic American television producer,   Joy Page Pic Jewish mother
Linda Otto Pic American producer, casting director, director, Alan Lansburg Pic
Brian de Palma RWF Pic American film director, Gale Hurd Pic Jewish father
Nikolas Papatakis Pic Ethiopian-born Greek film director, Anouk Aimee Pic Jewish father
Hutch Parker Pic president of Twentieth Century Fox Rebecca Pollack Pic
Frank Perry Pic American stage/film director, producer, screenwriter, Eleanor Perry Pic
Barbara Goldsmith Pic
Jon Peters Pic American film producer, Lesley Warren Pic
J.J. Philbin Pic American television producer/writer, Michael Schur Pic
Michael Phillips Pic American film producer, Julia Phillips Pic
Nicholas Pileggi Pic American author, film producer, screenwriter, Nora Ephron Pic
Dick Powell RWF Pic American singer, actor, producer, director, studio boss, June Allyson Pic  ???
Joan Blondell Pic Jewish father
Robert Pulcini Pic American film director, Shari Springer Berman Pic
David Rabe Pic American screenwriter, playwright, Jill Clayburgh Pic Jewish father
Charles Randolph Pic American screenwriter, producer, Mili Avital Pic
Jay Roach RWC Pic American film director, producer, (convert to Judaism) Susanna Hoffs Pic
Stefano Rulli Italian screenwriter, film director, Clara Sereni Pic
Roald Sagdeev RWF Soviet American physicist, Tema Frank-Kamenetskaya
Walter Salles Pic Brazilian film director/producer, billionaire, (Jewish discent) Maria Klabin Pic
Martin Scorsese RWF Pic American director, producer, screenwriter, actor, film historian, Laraine Marie Brennan
American director, producer, screenwriter, actor, (partners 1989-97) Illeana Douglas Pic
Susan Shilliday Pic American screenwriter, Marshall Herskovitz Pic
Douglas Sirk Pic German-born American film director,
Avdotya Smirnova RWF Pic Russian screenwriter, film director, author, Anatoly Chubais Pic Jewish mother
Sergei Solovyov Pic Russian director, producer, writer, actor, Tatyana Drubich Pic
Vera Stroyeva RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet film director, screenwriter, Grigori Roshal Pic
Kurt Sutter RWF Pic American screenwriter, film director, producer, actor, Katey Sagal Pic Jewish father
Yelizaveta Svilova RWF Pic Russian filmmaker, film editor, Dziga Vertov Pic
Quentin Tarantino Pic American filmmaker, actor, Daniella Pick
Astra Taylor Pic Canadian-born American documentary filmmaker, Jeff Mangum Pic
Jim Taylor Pic American screenwriter, Tamara Jenkins Pic
Duke Vincent Pic American television producer, Pamela Hensley Pic
Sandy Welch Pic British television writer, screenwriter, Stephen Poliakoff Pic
Peter Whitehead Pic British writer, filmmaker, Dido Goldsmith Jewish paternal grandfather
Desmond Wilcox Pic British documentary filmmaker, (convert to Judaism) Esther Rantzen Pic
Gareth Wigan Pic British film producer, studio executive, Georgia Brown Pic
Judy Wilson American casting director, Gene Gutowski Pic
Paul Junger Witt American  film/television producer, Susan Harris Pic
Karl Wittfogel Pic German-born American playwright, historian, sinologist,
Bryce Zabel Pic American television producer, director,  writer, Jackie Zabel
Darryl Zanuck RWF HW Pic American film producer, director, writer, Virginia Fox Pic
Lili Zanuck Pic American  producer, Richard Zanuck Pic Jewish mother
Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr RWF HW Pic American Broadway impresario, director, producer, Anna Held Pic
Randall Zisk Pic American television director/producer, Jennifer Grant Pic
Sara Zwilling Pic American  film producer, television writer, Boris Sagal Pic
Musicians Jewish Spouces
Lucy Aharish RWC Israeli presenter, Tsahi Halevi Pic
Irina Allegrova RWC Pic Vladimir Blecher
Adele Anthony Pic Australian American violinist, Gil Shaham Pic
Mira Awad RWC Pic Israeli singer, Kosta Mogilevich
Bela Bartok RWF Pic Hungarian composer, pianist, Ditta Pasztory-Bartok Pic
Therese Behr RWF Pic German opera singer, Artur Schnabel Pic
Ralph Benatzky RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian composer, Josma Selim Pic
Melanie Hoffmann
Nicolay Berezowsky Pic Russian-born American violinist, composer, Alice Newman
James Bernard Pic British film composer, Paul Dehn Pic
Johan Berwald Swedish violinist, conductor, composer, Mathilda Berwald Pic
Georges Bizet RWF HW Pic French composer, pianist, Genevieve Halevy Pic
Ritchie Blackmore Pic British guitarist, songwriter, Candice Night Pic
Paul Bowles Pic American composer, translator, Jane Bowles Pic
Liona Boyd Pic Canadian guitarist, composer, singer/songwriter, John Simon Pic
Adolf Busch Pic Pic German-born violinist, composer, conductor,
Rosanne Cash Pic American singer/songwriter, daughter of Johnny Cash John Leventhal Pic Jewish father
Robert Chen Pic Taiwanese-born violinist, composer, conductor, Martha Argerich Pic Jewish mother
Phil Collins Pic British singer/sonwriter, drummer, pianist, Jill Tavelman
Will Marion Cook Pic American composer, violinist, Abbie Mitchell Pic Jewish father
Larry Coryell Pic American jazz fusion guitarist, Julie Nathanson
Danielia Cotton RWC Pic American rock singer, songwriter, (convert to Judaism) Sam Roberts
Luigi Dallapiccola Pic Croatian-born Italian composer, Laura Luzzatto
Sherri DuPree Pic American singer/songwriter, Chad Gilbert Pic
Max Bemis Pic
Steven Dutoit Pic Swiss conductor, Martha Argerich Pic Jewish mother
The Edge Pic Irish musician, guitarist, backing vocalist, keybordist, U2, Morleigh Steinberg Pic
Amanda Forsyth Pic South African-born Canadian cellist, Pinchas Zukerman Pic
Bob Geldof RWF HW Pic Irish singer/songwriter, political activist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Paula Yates Pic Jewish biological father
Inara George Pic American singer/songwriter, Jake Kasdan Pic
Neil Giraldo Pic American guitarist, Pat Benatar Pic
Woody Guthrie Pic American folk musician, Marjorie Mazia
Charlie Haden Pic American double bassist, ExLink
Paul Hindemith RWF HW Pic German composer, conductor, violist,  Gertrud Rottenberg
Liam Howlett RWF Pic British keyboardist, Natalie Appleton Pic
Arvid Jansons Latvian conductor, Iraida Jansons
Maurice Jarre RWF Pic French composer,  conductor, Francette Pejot Jewish mother
Alain Johannes Pic American guitarist, Natasha Shneider Pic
Bill T. Jones Pic American artistic director, choreographer, dancer, Arnie Zane Pic
Mick Jones RWF Pic British guitarist, songwriter, record producer, Ann Dexter-Jones
Quincy Jones RWF HW Pic American music impresario, trumpeter, Peggy Lipton Pic
Herbert von Karajan Pic American conductor, Anita Sauest Jewish grandfather
Daisy Kennedy Pic Australian-born concert violinist, Benno Moiseywitsch Pic
Simon Kirke RWF Pic British rock drummer, Lorraine Dellal Pic
Tikhon Khrennikov RWF Pic Russian/Soviet composer, pianist,   Klara Vaks
Sterfanos Korkolis Greek composer, pianist, Linda Pic
Stephen Kovacevich Pic American pianist, conductor, Martha Argerich Pic Jewish mother
Richard Kruspe RWF Pic German guitarist, Caron Bernstein Pic Jewish father
Lora Kvint RWF Pic Soviet/Russian composer, songwriter,
Joan La Barbara Pic American vocalist, composer, Morton Subotnick Pic
Marielle Labeque RWF Pic French pianist, Semyon Bychkov Pic
Franz Lehar RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Austrian operettas composer,   Sophie Paschkis
Donovan Leitch Pic British musician, Enid Stulberger Pic
Franz Liszt RWF Pic Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist, Countess Marie d'Agoult Pic Jewish maternal grandfather
M.I.A. Pic American artist, musician, Benjamin Brewer Pic
Ziggy Marley Pic Jamaician musician, Orly Marley Pic
Winston Marshall Pic British musician, Dianna Agron Pic Jewish father
Chris Martin RWF Pic British singer/songwriter, instrumentalist, Gwyneth Paltrow Pic Jewish father
Sophie Menter RWF Pic German pianist, composer, David Popper Pic
Ian McLagan Pic British keyboard instrumentalist, Kim Moon Mclagan Pic
Julia Migenes Pic British opera singer, mezzo-soprano, Peter Medak Pic
Keith Moon Pic British drummer, Kim Moon Mclagan Pic
James Moreland Pic American musician, vocalist, Courtney Love Pic Jewish maternal grandmother
Joanna Newsom RWF Pic American harpist, pianist, vocalist, songwriter, engagement Andy Samberg Pic
Mitja Nikisch RWF Pic German-born pianist, dance band leader, Nora Gregor Pic
Penny Nichols Pic American folk musician, songwriter, Harry Shearer Pic
Yoko Nozaki Pic Japanese pianist, Emanuel Ax Pic
Luigi Nono Pic Italian composer, Nuria Schoenberg Pic
Ozzy Osbourne RWF HW Pic British singer/songwriter, Sharon Osbourne Pic
Fito Paez Pic Argentine rock and roll pianist, singer/songwriter, lyricist, Cecilia Roth Pic
Sir Andrzej Panufnik Pic Polish composer, pianist, conductor, Camilla Jessel
Maria Pakhomenko Pic Belarusian-born Soviet singer, Alexander Kolker
Jacqueline du Pre Pic British cellist, (convert to Judaism) Daniel Barenboim Pic
Dory Previn Pic American singer/songwriter, lyricist, Andre Previn Pic
Sergei Prokofiev Pic Ukrainian-born Russian composer, pianist, conductor, Mira Mendelssohn
Dewey Redman Pic American jazz saxophonist, Lidija Pedevska-Redman
Noel Regney Pic French songwriter, Gloria Shayne
Josephine de Reszke Pic Polish opera singer, soprano, Baron Leopold Kronenberg Pic
Marquis Joaquin Rodrigo Pic Spanish composer, virtuozo pianist, Marcuise Victoria Kamhi Pic
Roxy Saint Pic American singer, musician, video producer, director, Josh Evans Pic
Rodion Shchedrin RWF Pic Soviet/Russian composer, pianist, Maya Plisetskaya Pic
Carl Schuricht Pic German/Polish-born conductor, Maria Banz ExLink
Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling Pic German composer Dusza vo Hakrid
Alexander Scriabin Pic Russian composer, pianist, Tatiana de Schloezer ExLink
Gladys Shelley Pic American lyricist, composer, Irving Rosenthal
Dmitri Shostakovich RWF Pic Russian/Soviet composer,  Irina - third wife Jewish mother
Xiao Shuxian Chinese composer, music educator, Hermann Scherchen Pic
Andy Simionescu Pic American violinist, Pamela Frank Pic
G.E. Smith RWF Pic American guitarist,   Gilda Radner Pic
William Grant Still Pic American composer, Verna Arvey Pic
Johann Strauss II RWF HW Pic Austrian composer, Waltz King (Jewish paternal great-grandfather) Adele Deutsch ExLink
Kay Swift Pic American composer,  James Warburg Pic
  not married couple (10 years) George Gershwin Pic
Alexey Surkov Pic Russian/Soviet songwriter:lyricist, Sophia Krevs
James Taylor RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Carly Simon Pic Jewish father
Libby Titus Pic American singer/songwriter, actress, concert producer, ??? Donald Fagen Pic
Aladar Toth RWF Pic Hungarian musicologist, music critic, Annie Fischer Pic
Mary Travers Pic American singer/songwriter,  Bary Feinstein
Joe Walsh Pic American guitarist, songwriter, actor, Marjorie Bach Jewish father
Greg Wells Pic American songwriter, record producer, Louise Goffin Pic
Robbie Williams Pic British singer/songwriter, ocasional actor, Ayda Field Pic Jewish mother
Eric Whitacre Pic American composer, conductor, Hila Plitmann Pic
Joan Whitney Kramer Pic American singer/songwriter, Alex Kramer Pic
Brian Wilson Pic American pop musician, Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford Pic
Keri-Lynn Wilson Pic Canadian conductor, Peter Gelb
Chely Wright Pic American country music artist, songwriter, Lauren Blitzer
Dan Zanes Pic American musician,   Paula Greif
Stuart Zender Pic British bassist, songwriter, record producer, Melanie Blatt Pic
Lawyers, Judges Jewish Spouces
Charles Black Pic American legal scholar, Barbara Aronstein Black Pic
Eve Brenslike Pic American legal scholar, Richard Primus Pic
Amy Chua Pic American legal scholar, Jed Rubenfeld Pic
Susan Dlott Pic American federal judge, Stanley Chesley Pic
Grace Dorney Koppel American attorney, Ted Koppel Pic
Wyatt Earp Pic American front lawman, Josephine Earp Pic
Stefan Ehrenkreutz Polish legal historian, Tekla Zweibaum
Gil Garcetti Pic American politician, District Attorney, Sukey Roth
Sir Henry Hodge Pic British solicitor, Judge, Lady Margaret Hodge Pic
Neal Katyal Pic US Solicitor General Joanna Rosen
Friedrich Kessler Pic German-born American legal scholar, Eva Jonas
Dexter Letinen Pic American attorney, legal scholar, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Pic Jewish mother
Margaret Marshall Pic South African-born American judge, Anthony Lewis Pic
Ignacia Moreno Pic US Assistant Attorney General for Environment and Natural Resources 2009-, Robert Begotka
Thomas Perez RWF Pic US Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Division 2009-, Ann Marie Staudenmaier
Thomas Perrelli Pic US Associate Attorney General 2009-, Kristin Joy Lucius
Toni Rembe Pic American lawyer, Arthur Rock Pic
Marjorie Rendell Pic American federal judge, Ed Rendell Pic
Laurie Robinson Pic US Assistant Attorney General for Justice Programs, Sheldon Krantz
Ken Starr RWF Pic American Solicitor General 1989-93, Alice Mendell
Silda Wall Spitzer Pic American attorney, Eliot Spitzer Pic
Jastine Thorton Pic British barrister, child actress, Ed Miliband Pic
Sir Alan Ward Pic British Judge, Lord Justice of Appeal Helen Ward Pic
Helene White Pic American federal judge, Charles Levin
Beth Wilkinson Pic American lawyer, prosecutor, David Gregory Pic Jewish father
Writers, Poets, Journalists, Broadcasters     Jewish Spouces
Bella Akhmadulina RWF Pic Soviet/Russian poet, writer, translator, Boris Messerer Pic Jewish father
Jani Allan Pic South African columnist, broadcaster, Gordon Schachat
Christiane Amanpour HW Pic interrnational correspondent of CNN James Rubin Pic
Leonid Andreyev Pic Russian playwright, ??? ExLink
Rosa Maria Assing German poet, writer, educator, translator, David Assur
W.H. Auden Pic British poet, (marriage of convinience) Erika Mann Pic Jewish mother
Louis Aragon RWF Pic French poet, novelist, founder of surrealism, Elsa Triolet Pic
Stanislaw Baczynski Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born writer, literary critic, journalist, Stefania Zielenczyk
Amiri Baraka Pic American writer, Hettie Cohen Pic
Michael Barone Pic Ameican political analyst, pundit, Joan Shorenstein Pic
Dave Barry RWF Pic American author, columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner, Michelle Kaufman Pic
Sam Barry Pic American author, columnist, musician, Kathi Kamen Goldmark Pic
Maria Bartiromo Pic American author, television journalist, Jonathan Steinberg Pic
Sally Belfrage Pic American journalist, writer, Bernard Pomerance Pic
Nina Berberova Pic Russian writer, Vladislav Khodasevich Pic Jewish mother
Sally Beauman Pic British author, Alan Howard Pic Jewish father
Simone Bienne Pic British journalist, media personality, Simon Monjack Pic
Kai Bird Pic American author, columnist, biographer, Susan Goldmark
Lady Caroline Blackwood Pic British writer, Lucian Freud Pic
Lesley Blanch Pic British writer, fashion editor, history writer, Romain Gary Pic
Kate Bolduan Pic American broadcast news analyst, (convert to Judaism) Michail David Gershenson
Marianne Zoff Pic half-Jewish
Laure de Broglie Pic French journalist, Georges Kiejman Pic
Geraldine Brooks RWF Pic Australian writer, (convert to Judaism) Tony Horwitz Pic
Gail Lumet Buckley Pic American author, daughter of Lena Horne Sidney Lumet Pic
Angus Calder Pic British writer, historian, educator, Jenni Calder Pic
Lady Jeanne Campbell Pic British socialite, journalist, Norman Mailer Pic
Teresa Carpenter Pic American author, Pulizer Prize Steven Levy Pic
Juju Chang RWC Pic American television journalist, (convert to Judaism) Neal Shapiro Pic
Connie Chung Pic American journalist, news personality, (convert to Judaism) Maury Povich Pic
Cheryl Cohen-Greene Pic American sexual therapist, author, (convert to Judaism) Michael Cohen
Melanie Craft RWF Pic Americal novelist, Larry Ellison Pic Jewish mother
Danielle Crittenden RWC Pic Canadian-born American journalist, (convert to Judaism) David Frum Pic
Laura Dave Pic American novelist, Josh Singer Pic
Russell Davenport American publisher, writer, Fortune managing editor, Marcia Davenport Pic
Francis Davis Pic American journalist, author, jazz critic, Terry Gross Pic
Lydia Davis Pic American writer, translator, Paul Auster Pic
Annabel Davis-Goff Pic American novelist, Mike Nichols Pic
Cecil Day-Lewis RWF Pic Irish poet, Jill Balcon Pic
Guy Debord Pic French philosopher, writer, gamr designer, film director, Michele Bernstein Pic
Samuel Delany Pic American author, critic, scholar, Marilyn Hacker Pic
Margaret Diesendorf Pic Austrian-born Australian linguist, poet, editor, translator, educationist, Walter Diesendorf Pic
Alexander Fadeyev RWF Pic Soviet writer, (lovers) Margarita Aliger Pic
F. Scott Fitzgerald RWF Pic American author, (partners, lovers) Sheilah Graham Westbrook Pic
Flavie Flament Pic French television host, Benjamin Castaldi Pic
Lucille Fletcher Pic American film/radio/television screenwriter, author, Bernard Herrmann Pic
James Fox British journalist, Bella Freud Pic Jewish father
Lady Antonia Fraser RWA Pic British author, biographer,   Harold Pinter Pic
Nancy Freedman Pic American feminist novelist, child actress, Benedict Freedman Pic
Liza Fromer Pic Canadian co-host of Breakfast television, (convert to Judaism) Josh Gerstein
Dmitry Furmanov RWF Pic Soviet writer, revolutionery, military/political figure, Anna Steshenko RWF Jewish mother
Arcady Gaidar RWF Pic Russian/Soviet writer, Ruva-Leah Solomyanskaya RWF
Timur Gaidar RWF Pic Soviet/Russian rear admiral, writer, journalist, (Jewish mother) Bazhova Jewish father
Judith Gautier Pic French poet, historical novelist,   Catulle Mendes Pic Jewish father
Jessica Gavora Pic American writer, speechwriter, policy advicer, Jonah Goldberg Pic Jewish father
Richard Gehman Pic American author, ??? Estelle Parsons Pic
Yuri German RWF Pic Latvian-born Soviet writer, playwright, screenwriter, Tatyana Rittenberg
Amitav Ghosh Pic Indian author, Deborah Baker Pic
Sandra Gilbert Pic American literary critic, Elliot Gilbert
Doris Kearns Goodwin Pic American author, biographer, Richard Goodwin Pic
Oskar Graf RWF Pic German author, sister of  Manfred George Pic
Peter Greenough Pic American journalist, editor,   Beverly Sills Pic
Gail Gregg Pic American artist, photographer, journalist, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr Pic
Willian Lyngsay Gresham Pic American novelist, Joy Davidman Pic
Savannah Githrie Pic American journalist, attorney, Michael Feldman Pic
Sebastian Haffner Pic German journalist, author, historian,
Sam Hall Pic American television writer, Grayson Hall Pic
Virginia Hamilton Pic American children's books author, Arnold Adoff
Ernest Hemingway RWF HW Pic American author, journalist, Martha Gellhorn Pic 3/4 Jewish
Laurie Hibberd RWF Pic Canadian television personality, television host, (convert to Judaism) Michael Gelman Pic
Geoffrey Hill Pic British poet, Alice Goodman Pic
Juliette Hohnen Pic American journalist, Steven Weber Pic
Karen Elliott House Pic American journalist, Peter Kann Pic
Susan Howe American poet, scholar, essayist, critic, Harvey Quaytman Pic
Mary Hynes Pic Canadian radio/television broadcaster, Randy Starkman Pic
Ted Hughes Pic British poet, Assia Wevill Pic
Siri Hustvedt Pic American novelist, essayist, Paul Auster Pic
Mary Jacoby American physician, writer, suffragist, Abraham Jacobi Pic
Rula Jeabril RWC HW Pic Israeli journalist, screenwriter, writer, Artur Altschul, Jr
Peter Jennings Pic Canadian American journalist, news anchor,   Kati Marton Pic
Milena Jesenska RWF Pic Czech-born journalist, writer, editor, translator, Ernst Pollak
Mor Jokai Pic Slovak-born Hungarian novelist, politician, Bela Nagy Pic
Alex Jones Pic American talk radio host, filmmaker, Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Rudolf Kassner RWF Pic Chech-born Austrian writer, essayist, translator, cultural philosopher,
Valentin Kataev RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet novelist, playwright, Esther Kataev Pic RWF
Yuliy Kim RWC Pic Russian bard, composer, poet, songwriter, Irina Yakir Pic Jewish father
Jamaica Kincaid RWF Pic Antiguan-born American novelist, (convert to Judaism) Allen Shawn Pic
John King Pic American journalist, television reporter, anchor, (convert to Judaism) Dana Bash Pic
Nigel Kneale Pic British television writer, Judith Kerr Pic
Greta Knutson Pic Swedish modernist artist, art critic, poet, writer, Tristan Tzara Pic
Oleksandr Korniychuk RWF Pic Ukrainian Soviet playwright, literary critic, state official, Sharlotta Varshaver
Kelly Lange Pic American journalist, William Friedkin Pic
Margaret Larkin American writer, poet, singer/songwriter, journalist, Albert Maltz Pic
Aaron Latham Pic American journalist, writer, libbretist, Lesley Stahl Pic
Sandra Lee Pic American cooking show host, author, Bruce Karatz Pic
Margaret Leech Pic American historian, fiction writer, biographer, Ralph Pulitzer Pic Jewish father
Sharmagne Leland-St John Pic American poet, actress, Richard Sylbert Pic
Desmond Leslie Pic Britiah pilot, writer, film maker, musician, Agnes Bernelle Pic
Doris Lessing RWF Pic Persian-born British novelist, Nobel Prize in Literature (2007) Gottfried Lessing
C.S. Lewis Pic British novelist, poet, literary critic,  Joy Davidman Pic
Sir Nicholas Lloyd Pic British broadcaster, newspaper editor, Eve Pollard Pic
H.P. Lovecraft Pic American author, Sonia Greene Pic
H.T. Lowe-Porter Pic American translator, playwright, (great maternal grandmother of Boris Johnson), Elias Avery Lowe Pic
Annie Lowrey Pic American business journalist, Ezra Klein Pic
Dorothy Lucey Pic American actress, entertainment reporter, television news anchor, David Goldstein
Joan Lunden RWC Pic American journalist, author, television host, (convert to Judaism) Michael Krauss
Michelle Malkin Pic American blogger, political commentator, author, businesswoman, Jesse Malkin
Heinrich Mann RWF HW Pic German author,    Maria Kanova
Thomas Mann RWF HW Pic German author, Nobel Prize winner in Literature 1929 Katharina Pringsheim Pic
Vladimir Mayakovsky RWF Pic Russian poet, (lovers) Lilya Brik Pic
Christina McCall Pic Canadian political writer, Peter Newman Pic
Frank McCourt Pic American writer, Pullitzer Prize Ellen Frey
Terry McDonell Pic American managing editor of sports Illustrated, Joan Raffeld
Eileen McGann Pic American political author, newspaper columnist, commentator, Dick Morris Pic
Suzy Menkes Pic British-born American fashion reporter, (Jewish father, convert to Judaism) David Spanier
Anastasia Michaeli RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli politician, model, businesswoman, (convert to Judaism)
Diane Middlebrook Pic American biographer, poet, teacher, Carl Djerassi Pic
Keith Miles Pic British writer, Judith Cutler Pic
Jason Miller Pic American playwright, actor,   Susan Bernard Pic
Jessica Mitford Pic British author, journalist, political compainer, Robert Treuhaft
Suzanna Moore Pic American writer, actress, Richard Sylbert Pic
Jeanne Moreau RWF Pic French actress, singer, screenwriter, director, William Friedkin Pic
Paul Muldoon Pic Irish poet, Pulitzer for poetry Jean Hanff Korelitz Pic
Robert Musil Pic Austrian writer, Martha
Vladimir Nabokov RWF HW Pic Russian American novelist, Vera Nabokov Pic
Christopher Noxon Pic American writer, journalist, Jenji Kohan Pic
Maggie O'Farrell Pic British novelist, William Sutcliffe Pic
Joice Carol Oates Pic American author, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Charles Gross Pic
Christine Ockrent Pic Belgian journalist, Bernard Kouchner Pic Jewish father
Deborah Orr Pic British journalist, Will Self Pic Jewish mother
Agnieszka Osiecka Pic Polish poet, songwriter, Daniel Passent Pic
Rhodri Owen British radio/television presenter, Lucy Owen Pic
Yevgeny Petrov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet writer, Valentina Gryunzayd Pic
Evelyne Pisier Pic French academic, writer, Bernard Kouchner Pic Jewish father
Agneta Pleijel Swedish novelist, poet, journalist, playwright, literary critic, Maciej Zaremba Pic
Isabel Preysler RWF Pic Filipino-born Spanish journalist, television host, model, socialite, Julio Iglesias Pic Jewish mother
Martha Raddatz Pic American television reporter, ABC News, Julius Genachowski Pic
Craig Raine Pic British poet, critic, Ann Pasternak Slater Jewish mother
Erich Maria Remarque RWF HW Pic German author, Paulette Goddard Pic Jewish father
Denys Rhodes Rachel Gurney Pic
Craig Rice Pic American author, Lawrence Lipton Pic
Jack Richardson Pic American writer, playwright, Anne Roiphe Pic American writer, journalist,   
Rudolf Rocker RWE Pic German-born American writer, anarchist,    Milly Witkop Pic
Nick Ross Pic British radio/television presenter, Sarah Caplin Pic
P.J. O'Rourke Pic American political satirist, journalist, author, Amy Lumet Pic Jewish father
Maria Sansone RWC Pic American journalist, television presenter, Josh
William Saroyan Pic Armenian American author, Carol Grace Pic
Marilyn vos Savant Pic American magazine columnist, author, lecturer, playwright, Robert Jarvik Pic
Diane Sawyer Pic American television reporter, Mike Nichols Pic
Friedrich von Schlegel Pic Ferman poet, critic, scholar, Dorothea von Schlegel Pic
Nina Serrano Pic American writer, poet, storyteller, Saul Landau Pic
Mark Shand Pic British travel writer, consevationist, Clio Goldsmith Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
Delia Sherman Pic Japanian-born American fantasy writer, editor, Ellen Kushner Pic
David Shipley Pic American journalist, editor, speechwriter, Naomi Wolf Pic
Alan Sillitoe Pic British writer, Ruth Fainlight Pic
Daniel Silva HW Pic American author, (convert to Judaism) Jamie Gangel Pic
Konstantin Simonov Pic Russian/Soviet author, Yevgenia Laskina
Mikael Soderberg Pic Swedish writer, Eugenie Soderberg Pic
Lady Leonora Speyer Pic American poet, violinist,  Sir Edgar Speyer Pic
Paul Spike Pic American author, editor, journalist, Alexandra Shulman Pic
Axel Springer Pic German newspaper publisher, Axel Springer SE, Martha Else Meyer half Jewish
Catherine Storr Pic British children's writer, Baron Thomas Balogh Pic
Elizabeth Strout Pic American novelist author, Pulitzer 2009 Martin Feinman
Seumus O'Sullivan Pic Irish poet, editor,   Estella Solomons Pic
Vladimir Tendryakov Pic Russian short story author, novelist,
Blair Tindall Pic American oboist, performer, speaker, journalist, Bill Nye Pic
Count Aleksei Tolstoy RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet writer, public figure, Sophia Dimshits-Tolstaya Pic
Marina Tsvetaeva RWF Pic Russian/Soviet poet, Sergei Efron Pic Jewish father
Konstantin Vanshenkin RWF Pic Soviet/Russian poet, songwriter:lyricist, Inna Goff Pic
Elizabeth Vargas Pic American television journalist, co-anchor of World News Tonight, Marc Cohn Pic
Boris Vasilyev Pic Russian writer, screenwriter, Zorya Pollack
Carl Van Vechten RWF Pic American writer, photographer, Fania Marinoff Pic
Meredith Vieira Pic American journalist, television personality, game show host,  Richard Cohen Pic
Andrei Voznesensky RWF Pic Soviet/Russian poet, publicist, painter, architect, Zoya Boguslavskaya Pic Jewish ???
Alex Wagner Pic American journalist, political commentator, Sam Kass Pic
Mark Whitaker Pic Executive VP (CNN), managing editor in CNN Worldwide, Alexis Gelber
Charmion Von Wiegand Pic American journalist, abstract painter, art critic, Joseph Freeman Pic
Marjorie Williams Pic American reporter, writer, columnist, Timothy Noah Pic
Dame Anna Wintour RWF Pic British-born American journalist, editor-in-chief of Vogue 1988- David Shaffer Pic
Thomas Wolfe Pic American novelist, Aline Bernstein Pic
Virginia Woolf RWF Pic British author, feminist, Leonard Woolf Pic
Audrey Wurdemann Pic American poet,   Joseph Auslander Pic
Jose Yeglesias Pic American novelist, journalist, Helen Yeglesias
Sergei Yesenin RWF Pic Russian poet,   Nadezhda Volpin Pic RWF
Yevgeny Yevtushenko Pic Russian poet,   
Elizabeth Young Pic American actress, Joseph Mankiewicz Pic
Paula Zahn Pic American journalist, television news anchor, Richard Cohen
Nexhmie Zaimi Pic Albanian-born American journalist,  Henry Margolis
Fareed Zakaria Pic Indian-born American journalist, author, Paula Throckmorton Zakaria ???
George Zebrowski Pic Austrian-born American scince fiction author, Pamela Sargent Pic
Historians, Scholars, Administrators     Jewish Spouces
Louis Althusser Pic Algerian-born French philosopher, Helene Rytman
Douglas Bennet Pic president of Wesleyan University 1995-2007 Susanne Klejman
Mary Berenson Pic American art historian, Bernard Berenson Pic
Charles Boxer Pic British historian, Emily Hahn Pic
Otto Brendel Pic German-born American art historian, archaeologist, Maria Weigert
Franz Brentano Pic German philosopher, psychologist, Ida Lieben Brentano
Ilene Busch-Vishniac Pic American-born engineer, president of University of Saskatchewan 2012- Ethan Vishniac Pic
Richard Cloward Pic American sociologist, Frances Fox Piven Pic
Jocelyn Crowley Pic American scholar, public policy, Alan Colmes Pic
Marcus Cunliffe British historian, academic, Mitzi Cunliffe Pic
Katherine von Drachenberg Pic Mexican-born tatoo artist, television personality, Oliver Peck Pic
Joseph Duffey Pic American educator, president of American University 1991-93 Anne Wexler Pic
William Durant RWF Pic American historian,  Ariel Durant Pic
Robert Dynes Pic president of University California System Frances Hellman Pic
Drew Gilpin Faust Pic American historian, president of Harvard University 2007- Charles Rosenberg Pic
Eugene Genovese Pic American historian,  Elizabeth Fox-Genovese Pic Jewish mother
Danko Grlic Pic Croatian philosopher, humanist, Eva Grlic Pic
Sebastian Haffner Pic German-born journalist, author, historian,
Alfred Rupert Hall British historian of Science, Marie Boas Hall
Hajo Holborn Pic German-born American historian,     Annemarie Bettmann ExLink
Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones Pic British classical scholar, Mary Lefkowitz Pic
Werner Jaeger Pic German classical scholar,
Donald Kennedy Pic president of Stanford University 1980-92 Robin Kennedy
Nannerl Keohane Pic American political scientist, president of Duke University, Robert Keohane Pic ???
Krystyna Kersten Pic Polish historian, Adam Kersten Pic
Mario Mafai Pic Italian painter, Antonietta Raphael Pic
Fawn McKay Brodie Pic American historian, biographist, Bernard Brodie Pic
Hendrik Willem van Loon Pic Dutch-born American historian, journalist, Frances Goodrich Pic
Heather Munroe-Blum Pic Canadian administrator, Principal of McGill University Len Blum Pic
Eileen Power Pic British economic historian, Sir Michael Postan Pic
Jean-Francois Revel Pic French politician, philosopher, journalist, academician, Claude Sarraute Pic Jewish mother
Lyndal Roper Pic British historian, Nicholas Starghardt Jewish father
Georg Rosen Pic Iranian-born German orientalist, ambassador in Uruguay, (Jewish paternal/maternal grandmothers)
Peter Self Pic British political scientist, Elaine Self
Hans Speier Pic German-born American sociologist, Gargoyle
Stephan Thernstrom Pic American history scholar, Abigail Thernstrom Pic
Shirley Tilghman Pic Canadian-born American biologist, president of Prinston University 2001- Joseph Tilghman
Viacheslav Volgin Pic Russian historian, vice president of Russian Academy of Sciences, Volpyan
Kurt Weitzmann Pic German-born American art historian, Josepha Weitzmann-Fiedler
Artists, Architects Jewish Spouces
Joseph Abboud Pic American fashion designer, Lynn Weinstein
Josef Albers RWF Pic German-born American artist, Anni Albers Pic
Ali Alborzi Pic Iranian-born American photographer, Josie Maran Pic
Chris Van Allsburg Pic American author, chilldren's books illustrator, (convert to Judaism) Lisa Van Allsburg
Lubov Azria Pic Ukrainian-born American fashion designer, Max Azria Pic
Rudolf Belling Pic German sculptor,
Louise Bourgeois Pic French artist, sculptor, Robert Goldwater Pic
Zoe Buckman Pic American photographer, David Schwimmer Pic
Will Burtin Pic German American graphic designer,  Hilda
Lena Constante Pic Romanian artist, essayisy, memoirist, Harry Brauner Pic
Robert Crumb RWF Pic American comics artist, Aline Kominsky-Crumb Pic
Robert Delaunay Pic French artist, sculptor, Sonia Delaunay Pic
David Emanuel HW Pic British fashion designer, Elizabeth Emanuel Pic
Max Ernst RWF HW Pic German-born American painter, sculptor, graphic artist,  Peggy Guggenheim Pic
Prince Egon von Furstenberg Pic Swiss-born fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg Pic
Katharina Galor RWC Pic German-born Israeli archaeologist, Oded Galor
Michael Steinberg
Maria Gorokhova RWF Russian-born Soviet painter, Lev Yudin Pic
Gustav Graef RWF German painter, Francisca Liebreich
Bill Griffith Pic American cartoonist, Diane Noomin Pic
Mojciech Gryniewicz Pic Polish sculptor, Alice Gryniewicz
Hector Guimard Pic French architect, Adeline Oppenheim
Suzana Gullo Pic Brazilian fashion designer, Marcos Mion Pic
Dorothy Hammerstein Pic Australian-born American interior designer, Oscar Hammerstein II Pic Jewish father
Al Hansen Pic American artist, Audrey Ostlin Hansen Pic Jewish mother
Wilhelm Hensel Pic German painter, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel Pic
John Hubley Pic American artist, art director, animator, Faith Hubley Pic
Betty Jackson Pic British fashion designer, David Cohen
Bill Jones American photographer, installation artist, Ardele Lister
Frida Kahlo HW Pic Mexican painter, Diego Rivera Pic Jewish mother
Tessa Kennedy Pic British interior designer, (Jewish maternal grandgather) Elliott Kastner Pic
Erich Klossowski Pic French painter, art historian, Baladine Klossowska Pic Elisabeth Spiro
Fumiko Kometani Pic Japanian author, painter, (convert to Judaism) Josh Greenfeld Pic
Natalie Koussevitskaya RWF Pic Russian sculptor, Serge Koussevitzky Pic
Fritz Kredel Pic German graphic designer, illustrator, Judith Kredel Brown - daughter
Nikolai Kuprianov RWF Pic Polish-born Soviet painter, Vera Kagan-Shabshai Pic
Karl Langer Pic Austrian-born Australian architect, Gertrude Langer Pic
Maya Lin Pic Americasn designer, artist, Daniel Wolf Pic
Jason Little Pic American cartoonist, Myla Goldberg Pic
Adolf Loos Pic Czech-born Austrian architect, Claire Beck Loos Pic
Guillermo Ortiz Martinez Pic Governor of Banco de Mexico Margie Simon
William McDonough president of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York 1993-2003 Suzanne Clarke Falk ???
Adele Morales Pic American painter, memoirist, Norman Mailer Pic
Inge Morath Pic Austrian-born American photographer,  Arthur Miller Pic
Robert Motherwell RWF Pic American painter, printmaker, editor, Helen Frankenthaler Pic
Francoise Mouly RWC Pic French-born American publisher of Row Books & Graphics, (convert to Judaism) Art Spiegelman Pic
Bruce Nauman RWF Pic America artist,  Susan Rothenberg Pic
Michael Netzer Pic American Israeli artist, (convert to Judaism) Elana Joseph
Costantino Nivola Pic Italian sculptor,    Ruth Guggenheim
Georgia O'Keeffe RWF Pic American artist, Alfred Stieglitz Pic
Pablo Picasso RWF Pic Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramosist, stage designer, (lover 9 years) Dora Maar Pic Jewish father
Jackson Pollock RWF Pic American painter, Lee Krasner Pic
Oscar de la Renta HW Pic Dominican Republic-born American fashion desigher, Annette Engelhard Pic Annette de la Renta
Gustav Richter German portrait painter, Cornelia Richter (Meyerbeer)
Sylvie Rivillion French sculptor, Ariel Moscovici Pic
Ursula von Rydingsvard Pic German-born American sculptor, Paul Greengard Pic
Eero Saarinen Pic Finnish American achitect,    Aline Bernstein Saarinen Pic
Ruy Sanchez Blanco Pic Chilean-born photographer, Raquel Zimmermann Pic
Ricardo Scofidio American architect, Elizabeth Diller Pic
Radomir Stevic Ras Sebian painter, designer, Eva Ras Pic Jewish father
Theresa Thornycroft British sculptor, Alfred Ezra Sassoon
Valerie Vasques Pic American hairdresser, Andrew Dice Clay Pic
Robert Venturi Pic American architect, Denise Scott Brown Pic
Peter Walker Pic American landscape architect, Martha Schwartz Pic
Wes Wilson Pic American artist, Eva Bessie
Ivan Yefimov RWF Pic Russian/Soviet painter, graphic artist, Yefomov doll theater, Nina Simonovitch
Marguerite Zorach Pic American painter, textile artist, graphic designer, William Zorach Pic
Businessmen Jewish Spouces
Marcus Agius RWF Pic British financier, chairman of Barclays, Katherine de Rothschild
Jeffrey Bewkes Pic American CEO 2008- , chairman 2009- of Time-Warner, Peggy Brim Pic
David Bradley Pic chairman of Atlantic Media Company, Katherine Brittain
Howard Gould Pic American financier,    Grete Mosheim Pic Jewish father
Helen Gurley Brown Pic American author, publisher, businesswoman, David Brown Pic
Robert Daly Pic American business executive, Carole Bayer Sager Pic
Sir John Davis British businessman, Dinah Sheridan Pic Jewish father
Jerry Della Femina Pic American advertising executive, restaurateur, Judy Licht Pic
Timber Dick Pic American businessman, inventor, IRIS engine, Annette Tillemann-Dick Pic
Jamie Dimon Pic chairman, CEO of JP Morgan Chase & Co, Judith Kent Pic
Kingman Douglass Pic American investment banker,   Adele Astaire Pic Jewish father
Katherine Farley Pic American senior managing director of Tishman Speyer, ??? Jerry Speyer Pic Jewish father
Howard Gould https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Gould#/media/File:Howard_Gould_(1871-1959)_portrait.jpg Pic American financier,    Grete Mosheim
Bowman Gray, Sr Pic American president/chairman of R. J. Raynolds Tabacco Company, Nathalie Lyons Gray
Diane Greene Pic Ameican chief executive, director of Google, Mendel Rosenblum Pic
Griffin Guess Pic American record producer, talent manager, Marisa Miller Pic
Khwaja Abdul Hamied Pic Indian businessman, founder of Cipla, Luba Derczanski
Carl Hans Pic German businessman, chairman of Volkswagen 1982-93 Marisa Steel Jewish father
Conrad Hilton, Sr HW Pic American businessman, founder of Hilton hotels chain,    Zsa Zsa Gabor Pic
Thayer Hobson Pic Chairman of William Morrow and Company, Laura Hobson Pic
Henry Jackson Pic British American businessman, Stacey Jackson Pic
James Johnson American businessman, political consultant, Maxine Isaacs
John Judd British motorsports designer, Helen Shapiro Pic
Neeraj Khemlani Pic Executive VP, Deputy Group Head, Hearst Entertainment, Heather Cabot
Sonia Lee Korean-born entrepreneur, Philippe Kahn Pic
Frank Mccourt Pic American businessman, McCourt Group, Jamie McCourt Pic
Francoise Bettencourt Meyers Pic French busnesswoman, author, L'Oreal, (convert to Judaism) Jean-Pierre Meyers Pic
Tommy Mottola Pic American head of Sony Music Entertainment, (convert to Judaism) Lisa Clark
Elisabeth Murdoch Pic Australian-born British busnesswoman, Matthew Freud Pic
Hutch Parker Pic president of Twentieth Century Fox Rebecca Pollack Pic
Richard Parsons Pic American chairman of Citigroup 2009- , Laura Ann Bush Pic
Carlo Alessandro Puri Negri Pic Italian business executive, Pirelli, Clio Goldsmith Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
Karen Richardson Pic American software busnesswoman, social networking, Jon Rubinstein Pic
Ariane de Rothschild Pic El Salvador-born French businesswoman, banker, Baron Benjamin de Rothschild Pic
Scott Sassa Pic president of Hearst Corporation Ellen Sassa Pic
Jes Staley Pic CEO of JP Morgan Chase investment-banking devision,
Patricia Stonesifer Pic Ameican business executive, Michael Kinsley Pic
Eric Swanson Pic American secretary of BATS Global Markets, Shana Madoff Pic American atorney,
Anne Sweeney Pic American president of Disney-ABC Television Group, Phillip Miller
Mark Thompson Pic British-born Director-General of the BBC 2004-12, Jane Blumberg
Alisher Usmanov RWF HW Pic Uzbek-born Russian businessman, Irina Viner Pic
Hans Wehrmann Pic German entrepreneur, economist, Giulia Siegel Pic
Sports Figures Jewish Spouces
Alexander Alekhine RWF Pic World Chess Champion Grace Alekhine Pic
George Allen RWF Pic American football coach, Henrietta Lumbroso
Anna Arkhipova Pic Russian basketball player, Shabtai Kalmanovich Pic
Jean-Pierre Beltoise Pic French racing driver,
Rod Carew Pic American baseball player, Marilyn Levy
Jack Dempsey Pic American boxer, World Champion 1919-26 (Jewish grandmother) Estelle Taylor Pic
Albena Denkova Pic Bulgarian ice dancer, Maxim Staviski Pic
Chuck Finley Pic American baseball pitcher, Tawny Kitaen Pic
Mardy Fish Pic American tennis player, Olympic medalist, Stacey Gardner Pic
Richard Fox Pic British-born Australian slalom canoeist, Myriam Fox-Jerusalmi Pic
Georgia Frontiere Pic American football team owner, Carroll Rosenbloom Pic
Frank Gifford Pic American television sports announcer, Kathie Lee Gifford Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
George Herbert Allen Pic American football coach, Henrietta Lumbroso
Eleanor Holm Pic American swimmer, Billy Rose Pic
Alexander Ivanov Pic Russian-born American chess grandmaster, Esther Epstein Pic
Joan Olav Koss Pic Norwegian olimpian speed skater, Belinda Stronach Pic
Irina Lobacheva Pic Russian ice dancer, Ilia Averbukh Pic
Igor Luzhkovsky Russian swimmer, Marina Shamal
Bam Margera Pic American skateboarder, television personality, Missy Rothstein Pic
Bob Nystrom Pic Sweden-born American ice hockey player,
Brian O'Driscol Pic Irish ragby player, Amy Huberman Pic Jewish father
Veronica Pershina Pic Soviet pair skater, Igor Shpilband Pic
Tigran Petrosian Pic Georgian-born Soviet chess grandmaster, Rona Avinezer
Olga Rubtsova Pic 4th Woman World Chess Champion Abram Polyak
Bela Szepes Pic Hungarian skier, athlete, graphic designer, journalist, Maria Szepes Pic
Tatiana Tarasova RWF Pic Russian figure skating coach, Vladimir Krainev Pic Jewish mother
Dara Torres RWF HW Pic American swimmer, (Jewish father, convert to Judaism) Itzkak Shasha
Alexander Zaitsev Pic Russian figure skater, Olympic Champion, Irina Rodnina Pic Jewish mother
Anna Zatonskih RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American chess Woman grandmaster, Daniel Fridman Pic
Radoslaw Wojtaszek Pic Polish chess Grandmaster, Alina Kashlinskaya Pic
Socialities Jewish Spouces
Frederic Prinz von Anhalt Pic German-born American socialite, Zsa Zsa Gabor Pic
Susan Blanchard Pic American socialite, lyricist, theatrical producer, Michael Wager Pic
Amanda Burden Pic American socialite, Steve Ross Pic
Patricia Duff RWA Pic American political activist, socialite, (convert to Judaism) Ronald Perelman Pic
Mike Medavoy Pic
Kathleen Garman Pic British socialite, Sir Jacob Epstein Pic
Brynne Gordon Pic Australian television personality, socialite, actress, fitness instructor, Geoffrey Edelsten Pic
Henry Hill Pic American mobster, (convert to Judaism) Karen Friedman
Margarita Louis-Dreyfus Pic Russian-born Swiss socialite, Robert Louis-Dreyfus Pic Jewish father
Ellin Mackay Pic American socialite, writer, Irving Berlin Pic
Babe Paley Pic American socialite, William Paley Pic
Santa Montefiore RWC Pic British author, socialite, (convert to Judaism) Simon Sebag-Montefiore Pic
Princess Lee Radziwill Pic American socialite, public relations executive, interior decorator, Herbert Ross Pic
Mandy Rice-Davies RWC Pic British courtesan, model, film/television actress, (convert to Judaism) Rafael Shaul Pic
Enza Sambataro Pic American socialite, Kevin Youkilis Pic Jewish father, mother convert
Lady Serena Dunn Rothschild Pic American socialite, Baron Jacob Rothschild Pic   
Venetia Stanley RWC Pic British aristocrat, socialite, (convert to Judaism) Edwin Samuel Montagu Pic
Alva Vanderbilt Pic American socialite, feminist, Oliver Belmont Pic
Mary Hayward Weir Pic American heiress, socialite, Jerzy Kosinski Pic
Others Jewish Spouces
Guy Aldred Pic British anarchist communist, Rose Witkop Pic
Brooke Ashley Pic South Korean-born American pornstar, Paul Reubens Pic
Lucie Aubrac Pic French resistance member, Raymond Aurbac Pic
Mario Batali Pic American chef, riter, restaurateur, media personality, Susi Cahn
Julian Bond Pic American social activist, Pamela Horowitz
Charles Boyd Pic American four-star general of US Air Force, Jessica Mathews Pic
Campbell Brown HW Pic American TV personality, (convert to Judaism) Dan Senor Pic
Pedro Alvares Cabral RWC Pic Portuguese explorer, discoverer of Brazil, Isabel de Castro
Constantin Cotacuzino Pic Romanian aviator, fighter ace, Nadia Gray Pic
Julie Chen Pic American television personality, news anchor, producer, Leslie Moonves Pic
Cheryl Cohen-Greene Pic American sexual therapist, author, (convert to Judaism) Michael Cohen
Tom Colicchio Pic American celebrity chef, restaurateur, Lori Silverbush
Les Crane Pic American radio/television personality, Tina Louise Pic
Kevin Danaher Pic American anti-globalization activist, Medea Benjamin Pic
Joice Davidson Pic Canadian American television personality, ??? David Susskind Pic
A.J. Discala Pic American talent agent, Jamie-Lynn Sigler Pic
Don Fabrique Alfonso RWC Spanish aristocrat, iligitimate son of king Alfonso XI, Poloma
Jodie Evans Pic American political activist, author, documentary film producer, Max Palevsky Pic
Kim Filby RWF Pic Indian-born Soviet spy, senior officer of British intelligence, Litzi Friedman Pic
Anton Flettner Pic German aviation engineer, inventor, Lydia Freudenberg Flettner
Lajos Gavro RWF Pic Romanian-born Hungarian internationalist, Soviet commander of Brigade, Anna Steshenko RWF Jewish mother
Jim Goad Pic American publisher, Debbie Goad Pic
John Gotti Pic American mobster, boss of Gambino Crime Family Victoria Gotti
Daniele Graciela Pic Argentine-born American dancer, choreographer, theater director, Jules Fisher Pic
Admiral Aleksey Greig Pic Scottish-born Russian admiral, commander of Black See Fleet, Yulia Greig
William vanden Heuvel Pic American attorney, diplomat, businessman, author, Jean Stein Pic
Denis Hills Pic British traveller, author, adventurer, Dunia Lesmian
Joel Horlen Pic American baseball pitcher, (convert to Judaism)
Karl Jaspers RWF Pic German psychiatrist, philosopher, Gertrud Jaspers
Marion Jorgensen Pic American civil leader, philanthropist, Milton Bren Pic
Mark Kelly Pic American astronaut, Gabrielle Giffords Pic Jewish father
Beate Klarsfeld Pic German-born political activist, Serge Klarsfeld Pic
Slavko Kvaternik RWF Pic Minister of Armed Forces of the Independent State of Croatia 1941-43, Olga Frank
Bob Magee Pic Canadian radio personality, Jeanne Beker Pic
Jacques Maritain RWF Pic French philosopher, ambassador to Vatican,