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Immanuel Fabelinsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet physicist, Fabelinsky Immanuel
Henry Faber American mayor of Montgomery, Alabama 1875, Faber Henry
Bela Fabian Pic Hungarian politician, Fabian Bela
Laszlo Fabian RWC Pic Hungarian canoer, 10,000 meters Fabian Laszlo 
Laurent Fabius RWF HW Pic prime minister of France 1984 President Of National Assembly Fabius Laurent 
Michael Fabricant Pic British Conservative MP 1992- , Fabricant Michael 
Solomon Fabricant RWF American economist, Fabricant Solomon 
Lev Fabrikant RWF Russian-born Soviet construction engineer, Fabrikant Lev
Valentin Fabrikant RWF Pic Russian physicist, Fabrikant Valentin 
Adila Fachiri Pic Hungarian violinist, Fachiri Adila
Emil Fackenheim HW Pic German philosopher, Fackenheim Emil
Francis Factor Ameican owner of Max Factor Cosmetics, Factor Francis 
John Factor Polish-born American gangster,  Factor John 
Rachel Factor RWC Pic American singer, dancer, actress, (convert to Judaism) Factor Rachel
Samuel Factor Canadian Liberal MP 1930-45, Factor Samuel 
Max Factor, Jr Pic American president of Max Factor, Factor, Jr Max 
Max Factor, Sr RWE Pic Polish-born American businessman, father of modern make up, Factor, Sr Max 
Lillian Faderman RWC Pic Latvian-born American historian, writer, Faderman Lillian 
Clifton Fadiman Pic American literary critic, author, television/radio personality, Fadiman Clifton 
Liora Fadlon RWC Pic Israeli singer, Fadlon Liora 
Alan Faena Pic Argentine hotelier, real estate developer, fashion designer, Faena Alan 
Isaak Faerman RWC Pic Uzbek-born Soviet engineer, coach, Faerman Isaak 
Princess Fafzia-Latifa of Egypt Pic Monte Carlo-born granddaughter of King Faruk of Egypt, (Jewish mother) Fafzia-Latifa of Egypt
Jeffrey Fagan Pic American legal scholar, ??? Fagan Jeffrey 
Myron Coureval Fagan Pic American writer, film/stage producer/director,  Fagan Myron Coureval
Donald Fagen RWF Pic American rock musician, singer/songwriter, Fagen Donald 
Jeff Fager Pic American executive producer, chairman of CBS News, Fager Jeff 
Dan Fagin Pic American journalist, Fagin Dan
Ronald Fagin RWF Pic American computer scientist, Fagin Ronald
Avraham Fahn RWA Pic Austrian-born Israeli botanist, Fahn Avraham 
Nachman Fahrner Pic French-born Israeli guitarist, songwriter, (convert to Judaism) Fahrner Nachman
Doron Failes RWC Pic Israeli military judge, major general, Failes Doron 
David Faiman Pic British-born Israeli engineer, physicist, Faiman David
Benjamin Fain Pic Ukrainian-born Russian Israeli physicist, Fain Benjamin 
Harry Fain American family law attorney, Fain Harry 
Sammy Fain Pic American composer, songwriter, Fain Sammy 
Yury Fain RWC Pic Russian geologist, Fain Yury 
Belu-Simion Fainaru Pic Romanian-born Israeli sculptor, Fainaru Belu-Simion 
Ludwig Fainberg Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli mobster, Fainberg Ludwig 
M.M. Fainberg Fainberg M.M. 
Mikhail Fainberg RWF Russian architect, Fainberg Mikhail 
Vladimir Fainberg RWF Soviet/Russian physicist, Fainberg Vladimir
Yakov Fainberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet physicist, Fainberg Yakov 
Naomi Fainbrun-Dothan RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israel botanist, Fainbrun-Dothan Naomi 
Joe Faine Australian radio presenter, Faine Joe
Elias Faingersh HW Pic Russian-born Swedish jazz trombonist, Faingersh Elias 
Aida Faingezicht Weisleder RWC Pic Costa Rican politician, journalist, MP ,Minister of Culture Faingezicht Weisleder Aida
Sara Faingezicht Weisleder RWC Polish-born Costa Rican ambassador to Brazil 2000-06, Peru 2006- , Faingezicht Weisleder Sara
Hugo Faingold RWC Pic Uruguayan politician, vice president 1998-2000, Faingold Hugo 
Hugo Faingold RWC Pic Uruguvayan Vice President 1998-2000, Faingold Hugo 
Ruth Fainlight Pic American poet, writer, translator, librettist, Fainlight Ruth 
Evgeny Fainshmidt RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian engineer, inventor, Fainshmidt Evgeny
Abram Fainshtein RWF Pic Russian political figure, engineer, Fainshtein Abram
Samson Fainsilber Pic Romanian-born French film actor, Fainsilber Samson 
Aleksandr Fainsimmer RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet film director, Fainsimmer Aleksandr 
Merle Fainsod American political scientist, administrator, ??? Fainsod Merle 
Abram Fainstein RWC Pic Soviet ambassador to Italy 1922-23, Fainstein Abram 
Grigory Fainstein RWC Pic Russian geologist,   Fainstein Grigory 
Norman Fainstein Pic American president of Connecticut College 2001-06, Fainstein Norman 
Gordon Fair sanitary engineering, ??? Fair Gordon 
Ron Fair Pic American songwriter, record producer, Fair Ron 
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr Pic American actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Fairbanks, Jr Douglas 
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr RWF Pic American actor, screenwriter, director, producer (Jewish father) Fairbanks, Sr Douglas 
Sandra Faire Pic Canadian producer, ??? Faire Sandra 
Charles Fairman political scientist ??? Fairman Charles 
Linda Fairstein Pic American feminist author, prosecutor, Fairstein Linda
Israel Faitel German court jew, Berlin, Faitel Israel 
David Faitelson Pic Israeli-born Mexican sports journalist, Faitelson David
Percy Faith RWF Pic Canadian-born American bandleader, orchestrator, composer, Faith Percy 
Sheila Faith British politician, Conservative MP 1979-83, EMP 1984-89, Faith Sheila
Marianne Faithfull Pic British singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) Faithfull Marianne 
Jacques Faitlovitch Pic Polish-born French anthropologist, orientalist,    Faitlovitch Jacques 
Angel Faivovich Pic Chilean senator, leader of the Communist Party, Faivovich Angel 
Georgy Faivush RWC Pic Russian-born Soviet botanist, Faivush Georgy 
Kasimir Fajans RWF Pic Polish-born German American chemist, isotopes protactinium, Fajans Kasimir 
Maksymilian Fajans RWF Pic Polish artist, lithographer, photographer, Fajans Maksymilian
Prince Fakhruddin of Egypt Pic Moroccan-born grandson of King Farouk of Egypt, (Jewish mother) Fakhruddin of Egypt
Brad Falchuk RWF Pic American television writer, film producer/director, Falchuk Brad 
Evan Falchuk Pic American chairman of United Independent Party, Falchuk Evan 
Nancy Falchuk Pic American president of Hadassah Women Organisation 2007- , Falchuk Nancy 
Georg Falck RWF Polish-born German architect, builder, Falck Georg
Mark Falcoff American political scientist, policy consultant, historian, ??? Falcoff Mark 
Franca Faldini Pic Italian actress, writer, journalist, Faldini Franca
Leopoldo Falicov Pic Argentine-born American theoretical physicist, Falicov Leopoldo 
Pinhas Falik-Reicher RWN Pic Romanian-born impresario, Falik-Reicher Pinhas
Jason Falinski Pic Australian politician, MP , Falinski Jason 
Avner Falk Pic Israeli clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, psychobiographer, Falk Avner 
Bernhard Falk Pic German politician, MP 1910- , Falk Bernhard 
David Falk Pic American sports agent, Falk David 
Julien Falk Pic French composer, Falk Julien 
Lee Falk Pic American comics writer, playwright, theater director/producer, Falk Lee 
Miksa Falk RWN Pic Hungarian publicist, chief editor, Falk Miksa 
Peter Falk RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, Falk Peter 
Richard Falk HW Pic American international law scholar, human rights activist, Falk Richard 
Robert Falk RWF Pic Russian painter, Falk Robert 
Sigmund Falk Falk Sigmund
Lisa Falkenberg Pic American columnist, Falkenberg Lisa 
Julius Falkenstein Pic German film actor, Falkenstein Julius
Adin Falkoff Pic American computer scientist, Falkoff Adin 
Anatoly Falkovich RWF Pic Azerbajani-born Soviet stage/film actor, Falkovich Anatoly
Boris Falkovich RWC Uzbek-born People's Commissar of  for Uzbekian Soviet Repiblic 1938-41,  Falkovich Boris 
Joel Baer Falkovich Ukrainian-born Yiddish playwright, (karaite) Falkovich Joel Baer
Saveliy Falkovich RWC Russian engineering scholar, Falkovich Saveliy 
Sofia Falkovitch RWC Pic German singer, cantor, Falkovitch Sofia 
Nancy Falkow Pic American singer/songwriter, Falkow Nancy 
Stanley Falkow RWF Pic American microbiologist, immunologist, Falkow Stanley 
George Falkowski RWF Soviet/Russian cardiologist, Falkowski George
Paul Falkowski Pic American biological oceanographer, Falkowski Paul
Bernard Fall Pic Austrian-born American war correspodent, historian, political scientist, Fall Bernard 
Leo Fall RWF Pic Austrian operettas composer, Fall Leo 
F.G. Falsky Soviet military factory director, Falsky F.G. 
Noah Falstein Pic American video game designer, producer, Falstein Noah
Gabor Faludi Pic Hungarian theater director, Faludi Gabor 
Susan Faludi Pic American journalist, author, Faludi Susan 
Gyorgy Faludy RWF Pic Hungarian poet, writer, translator, Faludy Gyorgy 
Ovitz family Pic Romanian-born circus artists, family Ovitz 
Oksana Fandera RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian actress, (Jewish mother) Fandera Oksana 
Isidor Fankuchen HW Pic American cristallographer, Fankuchen Isidor 
Gino Fanno Pic Italian mechanical engineer, Fanno Gino 
Marco Fanno Pic Italian economist, Fanno Marco
Enrico Fano RWC Italian senator 1890- , Fano Enrico 
Gino Fano RWF Pic Italian-born mathematician, Fano Gino 
Giulio Fano Italian physiologist,   Fano Giulio 
Guido Fano Pic Italian composer, pianist, conductor,   Fano Guido 
Marquis Joseph da Fano Fano Joseph da
Robert Fano RWF Pic Italian-born American computer scientist, convolutional codes, Fano Robert 
Ugo Fano RWF Pic Italian-born American physicist, Fano Ugo 
Berta Fanta Pic Czech-born salon holder, literary/intellectual figure, Fanta Berta
Leo Fantl Pic Czech-born South African father of business computing, Fantl Leo 
Jonathan Fanton Pic American President  of AAAS, 2014- ,???  Fanton Jonathan 
Semyon Farada RWC Pic Russian stage/film actor,   Farada Semyon 
Odon Farago Pic Hungarian actor, film, theater director, Farago Odon
Vera Farago Hungarian actress, Farago Vera
Martha Farah Pic American cognitive neuroscientist, Farah Martha 
Joao Faras Portuguese astrologer, astronomer physician of King Manuel I of Partugal, Faras Joao
Andy Farber Pic American composer/arranger, saxophonist,   Farber Andy 
Barry Farber Pic American journalist, talk show host, Farber Barry 
Bernie Farber Canadian CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress 2005- , Farber Bernie 
Celia Farber Pic American journalist, author, Farber Celia 
Daniel Farber Pic American lawyer, academic administrator, Farber Daniel 
Debora Farber RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian neurophysiologist, psychologist, pedagogue, Farber Debora 
Emmanuel Farber Canadian pathologist, ??? Farber Emmanuel 
Hillary Farber Pic American legal scholar, Farber Hillary 
Manny Farber Pic American film critic, painter, Farber Manny 
Marvin Farber RWF Pic American philosopher, Farber Marvin
Mitch Farber Pic American guitarist, vocalist, Farber Mitch 
Sidney Farber RWF Pic American physician, cancer researcher, pathologist,   Farber Sidney 
Stacey Farber Pic Canadian-born American television actress, Farber Stacey 
Viola Farber Pic German-born American dancer, choreographer, Farber Viola
Harold Farberman Pic American composer, conductor, Farberman Harold 
Rafail Farbman RWC Pic Russian-born revolutionery, 1st Secretary of the Communist Pary of Ukraine 1920, Farbman Rafail
Heschel Farbstein Polish politician, Deputy of Seim, 1928- , Farbstein Heschel
Joshua Farbstein Polish merchant, industrialist, zionist, politician, MP 1919-30, Farbstein Joshua 
Leonard Farbstein Pic American representative, 1957-1961, Farbstein Leonard 
Neil Farbstein Pic American president of Vulvox Nanobiotechnology, Farbstein Neil 
Annie Fargue Pic Belgian-born French television actress, theatrical producer, Fargue Annie 
Ben Zion Farhi RWC Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli military jurist, major general, Farhi Ben  Zion
Moris Farhi Pic Turkish-born British author, Vice President of 2001- Farhi Moris 
Lady Nicole Farhi Pic French-born Algerian British fashion designer, Farhi Nicole
Moses Farissol RWF Medieval mathematician, astronomer,   Farissol Moses 
Benjamin Farjeon RWF Pic British playwright, journalist, author, Farjeon Benjamin 
Eleanor Farjeon RWF Pic British author, (Jewish father) Farjeon Eleanor 
Harry Farjeon Pic American-born British composer, (Jewish father) Farjeon Harry 
Herbert Farjeon Pic British playwright, librettist, theater critic, (Jewish father) Farjeon Herbert 
Joseph Farjeon Pic British writer, journalist, playwright, (Jewish father) Farjeon Joseph 
Akos Farkas Hungarian-born cinematographer, Farkas Akos
Alessandra Farkas Pic Italian-born American journalist, writer, Farkas Alessandra
Gyula Farkas RWC Pic Hungarian mathematician, physicist, Farkas Gyula 
Imre Farkas Hungarian canoer, 10,000 meters Canadian pairs Farkas Imre 
Istvan Farkas Pic Hungarian painter, publisher, Farkas Istvan
Karl Farkas Pic Austrian actor, cabaret performer, Farkas Karl 
Leonardo Farkas Pic Chilean businessman, philanthropist, Farkas Leonardo
Mihaly Farkas RWC Pic Hungarian Minister of National Defence 1948-53, Farkas Mihaly 
Ruth Farkas Pic American ambassador to Luxembourgian 1973-76, sociologist, Farkas Ruth 
Vladimir Farkas RWC Pic Hungarian security officer, Farkas Vladimir 
Amit Farkash RWF Pic Canadian-born Israeli television actress, singer, Farkash Amit
Yaakov Farkash RWA HW Hungarian-born Israeli caricaturist, illustrator, Farkash Yaakov 
Reka Farkashazi Pic Hungarian stage/television actress,  presenter, Farkashazi Reka 
Tivadar Farkashazy Pic Hungarian humorist, author, journalist, Farkashazy Tivadar 
Zsigmond Farkashazy Pic Hungarian politician, MP Farkashazy Zsigmond 
Orit Farkash-Hacohen HW Pic Israeli politician, lawyer, Farkash-Hacohen Orit 
Jordan Farmar HW Pic American basketball player, (Jewish mother) Farmar Jordan 
Mylene Farmer Pic Canadian-born French singer/songwriter, actress, Farmer Mylene 
Perry Farrell Pic American singer/songwriter, musician, Farrell Perry 
Ronan Farrow Pic American activist, journalist, lawyer, (Jewish father) Farrow Ronan 
Domunique Farrugia RWC Pic French actor, film director, screenwriter, producer, humorist, Farrugia Domunique 
Sandro Fasini RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet French painter, photographer, (Jewish father) Fasini Sandro
Gerald Fasman Pic American biochemist, Fasman Gerald 
Jon Fasman Pic American mistery author, journalist, Fasman Jon 
Maxine Fassberg RWC HW Pic General Manager of Intel Israeli subsidiary Fassberg Maxine 
Steven Fassberg HW Israeli linguist,   Fassberg Steven 
Howard Fast RWF HW Pic American historical fiction writer, political activist, novelist, Fast Howard 
Jonathan Fast Pic American novelist, educator, Fast Jonathan 
Julius Fast Pic American author, Fast Julius 
Adolfo Fastlicht Pic Mexican owner of Cinemex, Fastlicht Adolfo 
Andrew Fastow Pic American  executive, CFO of Enron, Fastow Andrew 
Fat Mike Pic American singer/songwriter, bassist, Fat Mike
Elena Fatalibekova RWC Pic Russian woman chess grandmaster, psychologist, Fatalibekova Elena 
Mitch Fatel Pic American stand-up comedian, Fatel Mitch 
Issachar Fater RWF Pic Polish-born Israeli conductor, musicologist, critic, Fater Issachar
Gil Fates American television producer/director, stage/television actor, game show host, Fates Gil 
Laika Fatien Pic French jazz singer, (Jewish mother) Fatien Laika 
Paul Fatt British neuroscientist, Fatt Paul 
Leon Faucher RWF Pic French economist, polititian, French Prime Minister 1851, Faucher Leon 
Sir George Faudel-Phillips RWC Pic British Lord Mayor of London 1896-97, Faudel-Phillips George
Judy Faulkner Pic American founder of Epic Systems, Faulkner Judy 
Joseph Faull Canadian botanist, mycologist, ??? Faull Joseph 
Lucie Faure Pic French novelist, wife of French Prime Minister Edgar Faure, Faure Lucie
Louis Faurer Pic American street photographer,  Faurer Louis 
Arthur Fauset Pic American civil rights activist, anthropologist, folklorist, educator, (Jewish mother) Fauset Arthur
Boris Fausto Pic Brazilian historian, political scientist,   Fausto Boris 
Johann Fauveau Pic French marital artist, kickboxer, Fauveau Johann
Jon Favreau RWF HW Pic American actor, director, screenwriter, comedian, (Jewish mother), Favreau Jon 
Luis Favre Pic Argentine-born Brazilian journalist, political activist, Favreau Luis
Nat Faxon Pic American actor, comedian, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) Faxon Nat 
Frances Faye Pic American jazz singer, pianist, Faye Frances 
Herbie Faye Pic American film/television actor, comedian,    Faye Herbie 
Michael Fayer Pic American chemical physicist, Fayer Michael 
Yuri Fayer RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian conductor, Fayer Yiri 
Markiel Fazylov RWF Pic Uzbek-born Soviet Checkers grandmaster, Fazylov Markiel 
Kenneth Fearing Pic American poet, writer, editor, (Jewish mother), Fearing Kenneth 
Alere Feather Pic American professional wrestler, Feather Alere 
Leonard Feather HW Pic British record producer, jazz pianist, composer, jazz critic, Feather Leonard 
Yankel Feather Pic British painter, Feather Yankel
David Featherman American social scientist, ??? Featherman David 
Baroness Lynne Featherstone RWC Pic British Liberal MP 2005- , Featherstone Lynne 
Ivan Fecan Pic Canadian CEO/president of CTVglobmedia, Fecan Ivan 
Ercole dei Fedeli RWC Italian goldsmith, sword engraver, Fedeli Ercole dei
Naftali Feder HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, Feder Naftali 
Simon Federbusch Polish politician, MP 1922-27, Federbusch Simon 
Herbert Federer RWF Pic Austrian-born American mathematician, Federer Herbert 
David Federman Israel Petrochemical Enterprises Ltd Federman David 
Jerome Federman French writer, Federman Jerome 
Raymond Federman Pic American postmodernist writer, Federman Raymond 
Wayne Federman Pic American comedian, writer, actor, Federman Wayne 
Ami/Michael Federmann HW Pic Israeli businessman, Elbit Systems (45%), Federmann Ami/Michael 
Vitaliy Federmesser Ru8ssian general director of Kondopoga, Federmesser Vitaliy 
Paul Federn Pic Austrian-born American psychoanalyst, Federn Paul 
Anthony Federov Pic Ukrainian-born American singer, (Jewish mother) Federov Anthony 
Barbara Fedida American executive VP of CBC News, Fedida Barbara 
Samuel Fedida British telecommunication engineer, inventor 1971 of Viewdata, Fedida Samuel 
Joanne Fedler Pic Australian author, women's rights activist, Fedler Joanne
Anthony Fedorov Pic Ukrainian-born American singer, actor, (Jewish mother) Fedorov Anthony
Vasyl Fedoryshyn Pic Ukrainian wrestler, Fedoryshyn Vasyl 
Eugene Feenberg Pic American physicist, theory of atomic energy, Feenberg Eugene 
Solomon Feferman RWF Pic American mathematician, philosopher, Feferman Solomon 
Itzik Feffer RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, writer,    Feffer Itzik 
Leon Feffer Pic Brazilian founder of Susano Papel e Celulose, Feffer Leon 
Charles Fefferman RWF Pic American mathematician, Fields Medal (1978), Fefferman Charles 
Dan Fefferman Pic American church leader, religious freedom activist, Fefferman Dan
Don Fefferman Amerrican church leader, religious freedom activist, Fefferman Don
Robert Fefferman American mathematician, Fefferman Robert 
George Feher Pic Slovak-born American biophysicist, Bell Labs magnetic resonance, Feher George 
Ilona Feher HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli violinist, Feher Ilona 
Fred Fehl Pic Austrian-born American photographer, Fehl Fred 
Philipp Fehl Pic Austrian-born American art historian, artist, Fehl Philipp
Raina Fehl Pic Austrian-born American writer, educator, art historian, Fehl Raina
Brendan Fehr Pic Canadian actor, Fehr Brendan 
Donald Fehr Pic American chairman of Major League Baseball Payers Association 1986-2009, Fehr Donald 
Oded Fehr RWF HW Pic Israeli film/television actor, Fehr Oded 
Don Fehrenbacher American historian, ??? Fehrenbacher Don 
Hans Feibusch Pic German-born British  painter, sculptor, Feibusch Hans 
Zicman Feider Pic Romanian acarologist, entomologist, Feider Zicman
Giora Feidman RWF HW Pic Argentine-born clarinetist, Feidman Giora
Gerald Feierstein Pic American ambassador to Yemen 2010- Obama Pakistan 1976-78 Tunis 1983-85 , Feierstein Gerald
Ricardo Feierstein Pic Argentine author, Feierstein Ricardo 
Halley Feiffer RWF Pic American actress, playwright, Feiffer Halley 
Jules Feiffer Pic American cartoonist, author, Feiffer Jules 
Paul Feig RWF Pic American television actor/director/producer/sreenwriter, (Jewish father) Feig Paul 
David Feige Pic American lawyer, legal commentator, author, Feige David 
Uriel Feige RWF HW Pic Israeli computer scientist, cryptographer, Feige Uriel 
Yosif Feigelson Pic Latvian-born American cellist,   Feigelson Yosif 
Armand Feigenbaum RWF Pic American quality control expert, Feigenbaum Armand 
Donald Feigenbaum Pic American quality control expert, Feigenbaum Donald
Edward Feigenbaum RWF Pic American computer scientist, artificial intelligence, Feigenbaum Edward 
Mitchell Feigenbaum RWF Pic American mathematical physicist, chaos theory, Feigenbaum Mitchell 
Victor Feigenbaum State Prize 1999 aircraft Feigenbaum Victor 
William Feigenbaum Pic Belgian-born American statistician, journalist, politician, Feigenbaum William 
Dov Feigin RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli sculptor, Feigin Dov
Leonid Feigin RWF Pic Soviet comoser, violinist, Feigin Leonid 
Mark Feigin RWE Pic Russian politician, lawyer, Feigin Mark
Moisey Feigin RWF Pic Polish-born Russian artist, Feigin Moisey
Ralph Feigin Pic American pediatrician, ??? Feigin Ralph
Sarah Feigin Pic Latvian-born Israeli composer, music educator, Feigin Sarah
Vladimir Feigin RWC Pic Polish-born Soviet Deputy People's Commissar for Feigin Vladimir
Yakov Feigin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born economist, Feigin Yakov 
Fritz Feigl HW Pic Austrian-born Brazilian chemist, analitical chemistry, Feigl Fritz 
Herbert Feigl HW Pic Austrian-born American philosopher, Feigl Herbert 
Moshe Feiglin RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,   Feiglin Moshe
Jeno Feiks Hungarian painter, Feiks Jeno 
Jeffrey Feil Pic American real estate developer, Feil Organisation, Feil Jeffrey 
Bruce Feiler Pic American journalist, author,  Feiler Bruce 
Dror Feiler Pic Israeli-born Swedish musician, artist, activist, Feiler Dror
Hertha Feiler RWF Pic Austrian film actress, (Jewish grandfather) Feiler Hertha
Benny Feilhaber Pic Brazilian-born American soccer player, (Jewish father) Feilhaber Benny 
Benny Fein American gangster,  Fein Benny 
Bernard Fein Pic American stage/film actor, television producer, screenwriter, film director, ??? Fein Bernard 
Bruce Fein American lawyer, constitutional/international law, Fein Bruce 
Ellen Fein Pic American author, Fein Ellen 
Leonard Fein American co-founder/editor  of Moment Magazine, Fein Leonard 
Maria Fein Pic Austrian stage/film actress, Fein Maria 
Monica Fein RWC Pic Argentine politician, MP 2007-11, mayor of Rosario 2011- , Fein Monica
Nat Fein Pic American photographer, Fein Nat 
Rashi Fein Pic American health economist, Fein Rashi
Robert Fein Pic Austrian weightlifter, lightweight, Fein Robert 
Abraham Feinberg chairman of Weizmann Institute of Science 1972-76, Feinberg Abraham 
Avshalom Feinberg Pic Israeli spy against Turkey, Feinberg Avshalom 
Charles Feinberg Pic American biblical scholar, Feinberg Charles 
Evgeny Feinberg RWF Pic Azerbajani-born Russian nuclear physicist,    Feinberg Evgeny 
Felix Feinberg British chemist, chemical engineering, Feinberg Felix 
Gerald Feinberg Pic American physicist, futurist, Feinberg Gerald 
Joel Feinberg Pic American philosopher, Feinberg Joel 
Kenneth Feinberg Pic American lawyer, Special Master for Executive Compensation, (US Treasury), Feinberg Kenneth 
Reuben Feinberg American president of Jefferson State Bank, Feinberg Reuben 
Samuil Feinberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian composer, pianist, Feinberg Samuil 
Saveliy Feinberg RWF Pic Georgian-born Soviet physicist, Feinberg Saveliy 
Sheldon Feinberg American cantor, Feinberg Sheldon 
Stephen Feinberg Pic American founder/CEO of Cerberus Capital Management, Feinberg Stephen 
Vladimir Feinberg RWE Soviet film director, screenwriter, Feinberg Vladimir
Wilfred Feinberg American appeals judge, Feinberg Wilfred 
Yisrael Feinberg RWC HW Pic Israeli mayor of Petah Tikva 1966-78, Feinberg Yisrael
Ada Feinberg-Sireni RWC HW Pic Italian-born Israeli politician,   Feinberg-Sireni Ada 
Naomi Feinbrun-Dotan RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli botanist, Feinbrun-Dotan Naomi 
William Feindel Pic Canadian Chancellor of Acadia University 1991-96, ??? Feindel William 
Alexander Feiner Pic computer science, engineering, ??? Feiner Alexander 
Leon Feiner Pic Polish lawyer, bundist, Feiner Leon
Uzi Feinerman RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,   Feinerman Uzi 
Dannah Feinglass Pic American comedian, actress, Feinglass Dannah 
Arye Feingold HW Feingold Arye 
David Feingold RWA HW American-born Israeli biochemist,    Feingold David 
Henry Feingold Pic American historian,  Feingold Henry
Marko Feingold Pic Slovak-born Austrian Feingold Marko
Mei Feingold Pic Israeli singer, composer, actress, Feingold Mei 
Murray Feingold Pic American pediatrician, geneticist, Feingold Murray
Russ Feingold Pic American senator 1993-2010, Feingold Russ 
Susanne Feingold French resistance member, journalist, Feingold Susanne 
Andreas Feininger Pic French-born American photographer,  Feininger Andreas 
Lyonel Feininger HW Pic German American painter, caricaturist, comic strip artist, Feininger Lyonel 
Richard Feinman Pic American biochemist, ??? Feinman Richard
Sigmund Feinman RWF Pic Moldovan-born actor, entrepreneur, director, playwright, Feinman Sigmund
Uri Feinman HW Pic Israeli singer, Feinman Uri 
Jose Pablo Feinmann Pic Argentine philosopher, writer, playwright, TV host, Feinmann Jose Pablo
Nathan Feinsinger Pic American legal scholar, Feinsinger Nathan 
Alan Feinstein Pic American philanthropist, mail-order, internet promoter, Feinstein Alan
Alvan Feinstein Pic American clinician, researcher, epidemiologist, Feinstein Alvan
Amiel Feinstein American mathematician, information theory, Feinstein Amiel 
Andrew Feinstein Pic South African politician, MP  Feinstein Andrew
Barry Feinstein Pic American photographer, Feinstein Barry
Charles Feinstein Pic South African-born British economist, economic historian,   Feinstein Charles 
Dianne Feinstein RWF HW Pic American senator, mayor of San Francisco 1976-88, Feinstein Dianne 
Elaine Feinstein RWF HW Pic British poet, novelist, playwright, biographer, translator, Feinstein Elaine 
Harley Feinstein Pic American drummer, Feinstein Harley
Harold Feinstein Pic American photographer, Feinstein Harold 
Irving Feinstein American mobster, Feinstein Irving 
Jeffrey Feinstein Pic American flying ace, Feinstein Jeffrey 
John Feinstein Pic American sportswriter, commentator, Feinstein John 
Joseph Feinstein Pic electronics engineering, Feinstein Joseph 
Lee Feinstein Pic American ambassador to Poland 2009-12 Obama Feinstein Lee 
Leila Feinstein Pic American television news anchor, (Jewish father)  Feinstein Leila 
Leonard Feinstein American co-founder 1971/co-chairman of Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc, Feinstein Leonard 
Michael Feinstein Pic American singer, pianist, Feinstein Michael 
Michnel Feinstein Polish politician, MP 1922-27, Feinstein Michnel 
Rachel Feinstein Pic American actress, stand-up comedian, (Jewish father) Feinstein Rachel 
Miriam Feirberg RWC HW Pic Israeli mayor of Netania 1998- , Feirberg Miriam 
Bruce Feirstein Pic American  screenwriter, (???) Feirstein Bruce 
Herbert Feis RWF Pic American economist, historian, Feis Herbert 
Felix Feist Pic American film/television director, Feist Felix 
Felix Feist American MGM sales executive, Feist Felix 
Gene Feist Pic American stage actor, theater director, theatrical producer, Feist Gene 
Leo Feist Pic American music publisher, Feist Leo 
Sigmund Feist RWE Pic German scholar, historical linguist, educator, Feist Sigmund
Carl Feit Pic American medical research scientist, Feit Carl 
Walter Feit RWF Pic Austrian-born American mathematician, Feit Walter 
Dina Feitelson RWA Pic Austrian-born Israeli educator, scholar, Feitelson Dina 
Douglas Feith  HW Pic American Under Secretary of Defense for Policy,  Feith  Douglas 
Lipot Fejer RWF Pic Hungarian mathematician, Fejer Lipot 
Anatol Fejgin Pic Polish intelligence officer, Fejgin Anatol
Ferenc Fejto Pic Hungarian-born French journalist, political scientist, Fejto Ferenc 
Raphael Fejto Pic French actor, director, author, (Jewish descent) Fejto Raphael
Michael Fekete RWA HW Pic Hungarian/Serbian-born Israeli mathematician, Fekete Michael 
Eric Felberg American  screenwriter, graphic designer, Felberg Eric
Saul Feldberg Pic Canadian furniture manufacrurer, Global Group, Teknion, Felberg Saul 
Bernard Feld Pic American nuclear physicist, Feld Bernard 
Eliot Feld Pic American dancer, choreographer, actor, Feld Eliot 
Fritz Feld Pic German-born American actor,    Feld Fritz 
Hans Feld German film critic,    Feld Hans 
Irvin Feld Pic American founder of Feld Entertainment, impresario, music promoter, Feld Irvin
Kenneth Feld Pic American owner, CEO of Ringing Brothers Barnum and Baiuley Circus Feld Kenneth 
Leo Feld Austrian librettist, playwright, stage director, author, Feld Leo
Rudi Feld German-born American art director, Feld Rudi
Steven Feld Pic American anthropologist, ethnomusicologist, linguist, ??? Feld Steven 
Judy Feld Carr Pic Canadian musicologost, human rights activist, Feld Carr Judy
Jacques Feldbau Pic French mathematician, Feldbau Jacques
Aleksandr Feldbaum RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian scientist, engineering, Feldbaum Aleksandr 
Stanley Feldberg American co-founder/president of Zayre Corp, T.J. Maxx, Feldberg Stanley 
Wilhelm Feldberg Pic German-born British physiologist, biologist,  Feldberg Wilhelm 
Chai Feldblum Pic American legal scholar, activist, Feldblum Chai 
Ilya Feldblum State Prize Sc 1978 Feldblum Ilya 
Victor Feldbrill Pic Canadian conductor, violinist, Feldbrill Victor 
Moshe Feldenkrais RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli inventor of the Feldenkrais method, Feldenkrais Moshe
Hershey Felder Pic Canadian pianist, stage actor, playwright, composer, producer, Felder Hershey 
Raoul Felder Pic American lawyer, Felder Raoul 
Leon Feldhendler Pic Polish resistance fighter, Feldhendler Leon
Abraham Feldhuns Latvian linguist, translator, Feldhuns Abraham 
Andrew Feldman British poker player, philanthropist, Feldman Andrew
Baron Andrew Feldman Pic British Conservative politician, co-chairman of Conservative Party, Feldman Andrew
Barbara Feldman Pic American columnist, internet guru, Feldman Barbara 
Baron Basil Feldman Pic British Conservative politician, Feldman Basil
Ben Feldman RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, Feldman Ben 
Bob Feldman American founder/president of Red House Records, Feldman Bob 
Boris Feldman RWE Pic Russian-born checkers grandmaster, Feldman Boris 
Boris Feldman RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, komkor, Feldman Boris 
Charles Feldman Pic American film producer, talent agent, founder of Famous Artists, Feldman Charles 
Constantin Feldman RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet revolutionery, playwright, translator, writer, Feldman Constantin
Corey Feldman RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, Feldman Corey 
David Feldman Pic British legal scholar, judge, Feldman David 
David Feldman Pic American comedy writer, comedian,    Feldman David 
Donna Feldman Pic American model, actress,   Feldman Donna 
Eduard Feldman RWC Soviet judge, Feldman Eduard 
Eva Feldman Pic American neurologist, Feldman Eva
Ferdinand Feldman Pic Polish stage actor, Feldman Ferdynand 
Gary Feldman American physicist, ??? Feldman Gary 
George Feldman American ambassador to Luxembourgian 1967-69, Feldman George 
Guy Feldman Israeli ambassador to Eritrea 2010-13, Nigeria 2016-18, Feldman Guy
Harry Feldman Pic American baseball player, Feldman Harry 
Harvey Feldman Pic American ambassador to Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands 1979-81, Feldman Harvey 
Heinrich Feldman British businessman, Feldman Heinrich 
Herman Feldman RWC Pic American military commander, major general, air force, Feldman Herman 
Irving Feldman Pic American poet, literary scholar,  Feldman Irving 
Jack Feldman Pic American composer, lyricist, Feldman Jack 
Jacob Feldman American founder of Commercial Metals Company, Feldman Jacob 
Jacob Feldman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet composer, songwriter, Feldman Jacob 
Joel Feldman Canadian mathematical physicist, Feldman Joel 
Josef Feldman Polish historian, Feldman Josef 
Josh Feldman Pic American actor, writer, Feldman Josh 
Judith Feldman American telivision writer, producer, ??? Feldman Judith 
Julia Feldman Pic Russian-born Israeli jazz vocalist, composer, educator, Feldman Julia 
Krystyna Feldman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Polish stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) Feldman Krystyna 
Lee Feldman American singer/songwriter, musician, Feldman Lee
Liz Feldman Pic American comedian, actress, producer, writer, Feldman Liz
Marcus Feldman RWF HW Pic Australian-born American mathematical biologist, Feldman Marcus 
Martha Feldman Pic American ethnomusicologist, ??? Feldman Martha 
Martin L.C. Feldman Pic American district court judge, district of Louisiana Feldman Martin  L.C.
Marty Feldman RWF Pic British actor, comedian, Feldman Marty 
Matthew Feldman Pic American politician, mayor of Teaneck, Feldman Matthew
Maxine Feldman Pic American singer/songwriter, Feldman Maxine
Meyer Feldman American lawyer, founding partner of Ginsburg, Feldman & Bress, Feldman Meyer 
Michael Feldman RWC Pic Israeli molecular cell biologist, Feldman Michael 
Michael Feldman Pic American radio host,  Feldman Michael 
Michael Feldman Pic American public relations and communications consultant, Feldman Michael 
Mike Feldman Pic Canadan deputy mayor of Toronto 2003-06, Feldman Mike
Mindy Feldman Pic American film/television actress, Feldman Mindy 
Miroslav Feldman RWE Pic Croatian poet, writer, Feldman Miroslav
Moisey Feldman RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military executive, major general, Feldman Moisey 
Morton Feldman RWF Pic American composer, Feldman Morton 
Moshe Zeev Feldman HW Pic Austrian-born Israeli politician,    Feldman Moshe Zeev
Myer Feldman Pic American speechwriter to JF Kennedy, counsel to Johnson,  Feldman Myer 
Nick Feldman Pic British singer, bass guitarist, Feldman Nick 
Nikolay Feldman RWC Pic Russian/Soviet military commander, Rear Admiral, Feldman Nikolay 
Noah Feldman Pic American author, legal scholar, Feldman Noah 
Ofer Feldman Pic Israeli-born Japanese psychologist, Feldman Ofer
Oleg Feldman State Prize 2000 Feldman Oleg 
Oleksandr Feldman RWE Pic Ukrainian businessman, politician, AVEK, Feldman Oleksandr 
Phil Feldman American producer, Feldman Phil 
Pyotr Feldman RWF Pic Azerbajani-born Soviet political military commissar, major general, Feldman Pyotr
Reuven Feldman RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician,   Feldman Reuven 
Sandra Feldman Pic American president of American Federation of Teachers 1997-2004, Feldman Sandra 
Scott Feldman Pic American baseball pitcher, (Jewish father) Feldman Scott 
Shane Feldman Pic Canadian actor, Feldman Shane
Shaul Feldman HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli neurologist, Feldman Shaul 
Simon Feldman Polish politician, MP 1922-27, Feldman Simon 
Stuart Feldman Pic American computer scientist, ??? Feldman Stuart 
Tibor Feldman Pic American film/television/stage actor, Feldman Tibor 
Victor Feldman Pic British jazz musician, pianist, Feldman Victor 
Vladimir Feldman RWF Pic Soviet NKVD officer, komdiv, Feldman Vladimir 
Walter Feldman Brazilian politician, MP Feldman Walter 
Yael Feldman Israeli-born American literary critic, Feldman Yael 
Yulia Feldman RWC Pic Russian-born Israeli singer, composer, bandleader, Feldman Yulia 
Zinovy Feldman Russian composer, Feldman Zinovy
Zinovy Feldman RWF Soviet cinematographer, film director, ??? Feldman Zinovy 
Zur Feldman CEO of StarBand, satellite Internet service provider Feldman Zur 
Eddie Feldmann American film producer, television writer, Feldmann Eddie 
Else Feldmann Pic Austrian writer, playwright, poet, journalist, Feldmann Else
Fabio Feldmann Pic Brazilian politician, enviromentalist, Feldmann Fabio
Sir Marc Feldmann RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Australian British immunologist,rheumatologist, rheumatoid arthritis,  Feldmann Marc
Peter Feldmann RWC Pic German politician, mayor of Frankfurt 2012- , Feldmann Peter 
Tovah Feldshuh RWF Pic American actress, singer, playwright, Feldshuh Tovah 
Al Feldstein Pic American cartoonist, author, illustrator, Feldstein Al 
Aleksandr Feldstein State Prize Sc 1993 ??? Feldstein Aleksandr 
Beanie Feldstein Pic American actress, Feldstein Beanie 
Cemach Feldstein Pic Lithuanian educator, Feldstein Cemach
David Feldstein RWC Pic Russian psychologist,    Feldstein David 
Felix Feldstein State Prize 1999 ??? Feldstein Felix 
Jack Feldstein Pic Australian animator, screenwriter, Feldstein Jack
Mark Feldstein American artist, photographer, Feldstein Mark 
Martin Feldstein RWF HW Pic American economist, Feldstein Martin 
Pavel Feldt RWF Pic Russian composer, conductor, Feldt Pavel 
Ruben Felgaer RWF Pic Argentine chess grandmaster, 2004- , Felgaer Ruben 
Mark Felger RWF Russian/Soviet architect, Felger Mark
Raymond De Felitta Pic American film director, writer, musician, (Jewish mother) Felitta Raymond  De
Arthur Felix Polish bacteriologist, serologist, Felix Arthur 
Herbert Felix Pic Czech-born Swedish founder of AB Felix, Felix Austria, Felix Herbert 
Iacob Felix RWF HW Pic Czech-born Romanian physician,  Felix Iacob 
Lia Felix French actress, Felix Lia 
Rachel Felix RWF Pic French stage actress, Felix Rachel 
Yehuda Felix HW Israeli talmud researcher, Felix Yehuda 
Clay Felker Pic American co-founder 1968 of New York Magazine, Felker Clay 
Norman Fell HW Pic American film/television actor, Fell Norman 
Sam Fell Pic British film director, screenwriter, animator, voice actor, Fell Sam
Eugen Viktor Feller Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Croatian pharmacist, entrepreneur, (Jewish father) Feller Eugen Viktor
Ron Feller HW Pic Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Feller Ron 
Shneur Feller HW Romanian-born Israeli legal scholar, Feller Shneur 
Sid Feller Pic American conductor, arranger, Feller Sid 
William Feller RWF Pic Croatian-born German American mathematician, probability theory, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Feller William 
David Fellman Pic American legal scholar, ??? Fellman David
Eric Fellner RWC Pic British film producer, Fellner Eric 
Jakab Fellner Pic Czech-born Hungarian architect, Fellner Jakab
Sandor Fellner Hungarian architect, Fellner Sandor
William Fellner Pic Hungarian-born American economist, Fellner William 
Shoshana Felman RWF American academic, ??? Felman Shoshana 
Joseph Fels Pic American soup manufacturer, philanthropist, Fels Joseph 
Samuel Fels American businessman, phlanthropist, Fels Samuel 
Willi Fels Pic German-born New Zealand  merchant, collector, philanthropist, Fels Willi
Leopold Felsen Pic German-born American physicist, engineer, Felsen Leopold 
Martin Felsen Pic American architect, Felsen Martin 
Mikhoel Felsenbaum Pic Moldovan-born Yiddish novelist, poet, playwright, Felsenbaum Mikhoel
Daniel Felsenfeld Pic American composer, writer, Felsenfeld Daniel 
Gary Felsenfeld Pic American molecular biologist, Felsenfeld Gary 
Joseph Felsenstein RWF Pic American evolutionary biologist, Felsenstein Joseph 
Lee Felsenstein RWC Pic American designer of Osborne-1, Felsenstein Lee 
Yevgeny Felsner RWC Pic Soviet engineer, designer, Felsner Yevgeny 
John Felstiner Pic American literary scholar, translator, poet, Felstiner John 
William Mark Felt FBI Associate Director Deep Throat in Watergate affair Felt William Mark
Sidney Feltenstein American CEO/chairman of A & W Restaurants, Feltenstein Sidney 
Jon Feltheimer RWC Pic American co-chairman/CEO of Lions Gate Entertainment, Feltheimer Jon 
Art Feltman Pic American politician, Feltman Art 
Jeffrey Feltman Pic American Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs 2009- , Feltman Jeffrey 
Oscar Feltsman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet composer, songwriter, Feltsman Oscar 
Vladimir Feltsman RWF Pic Russian American pianist, Feltsman Vladimir 
Vanessa Feltz Pic British journalist, broadcaster, television presenter, Feltz Vanessa 
Yerakhmiel Felzenshtein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli hero of Soviet Union, Felzenshtein Yerakhmiel 
Heinz Fenchel HW Pic German-born Israeli art ditector, architect, Fenchel Heinz
Tom Fenchel Danish marine biologist, Fenchel Tom
Werner Fenchel Pic German-born Danish  mathematician,    Fenchel Werner 
Hillel Fendel Pic Israeli journalist, author, editor, rabbi, Fendel Hillel 
Fania Fenelon Pic French cabaret singer, pianist, composer,    Fenelon Fania 
Felix Feneon Pic Italian-born French anarchist, art critic, art dealer, ??? Feneon Felix 
Haimi Fenichel Pic Israeli artist, sculptor,   Fenichel Haimi
Otto Fenichel Pic Austrian-born American psychologist, Fenichel Otto 
Samuel Fenichel Pic Hungarian traveler, explorer, Fenichel Samuel 
Siegmund Feniger German scholar, author, buddhist monk, Feniger Siegmund 
Susan Feniger Pic American chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, radio/telvision personality, Feniger Susan
Herman Fenigsztejn Polish Yiddish film/stage actor, Fenigsztejn Herman 
Meir Feningstein Pic Israeli drummer, vocalist, Kaveret, Feningstein Meir 
Pablo Fenjves Pic Venezuelan-born American screenwriter, ghostwriter, Fenjves Pablo 
George Fenneman Pic Chinese-born American radio/television announcer, game show host, radio personality, Fenneman George
Richard Fenno, Jr Pic American political scientist, ??? Fenno, Jr Richard 
Danny Fenton British film producer, Fenton Danny 
Leonard Fenton Pic British actor, director, painter, Fenton Leonard 
Paul Fenton HW British-born French orientalist, Fenton Paul 
Adolf Fenyes Pic Hungarian painter, Fenyes Adolf
Miksa Fenyo RWC Pic Hungarian Minister of Trade and Commerce 1918, Fenyo Miksa 
Lorand Fenyves HW Pic Hungarian-born Russian  Israeli Canadian violinist, Fenyves Lorand 
Rahela Ferari Pic Serbian film actress, Ferari Rahela 
Leon Feraru Pic Romanian-born American poet, literary historian, translator, Feraru Leon 
Brenda Ferber Pic American author of children's literature, Ferber Brenda
Edna Ferber RWF Pic American novelist, author, screenwriter, playwright, Ferber Edna 
Herbert Ferber Pic American painter, sculptor, Ferber Herbert 
Ludmila Ferber Pic Brazilian singer/songwriter, worship pastor, writer, Ferber Ludmila
Mel Ferber Pic American television director/producer,    Ferber Mel 
Tzvi Ferber Pic Lithuanian-born British rabbi, Bible commentator, Ferber Tzvi
Philip Ferdinand Polish-born British hebraist, Ferdinand Philip
Jeremy Ferdman Pic Canadian film/television/stage actor, Ferdman Jeremy 
Tatiana Ferdman RWC Pic Rusian/Soviet tennis player, Ferdman Tatiana 
Lenka Ferencak Slovenian actress,   Ferencak Lenka 
Benjamin Ferencz Pic Romanian-born American lawyer, Ferencz Benjamin 
Sandor Ferenczi RWF HW Pic Hungarian psychologist, psychoanalyst, Ferenczi Sandor 
Spike Feresten American television writer, comedian, televisian personality, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Feresten Spike 
Zsuzsa Ferge Pic Hungariah sociologist, Ferge Zsuzsa 
Eugene Ferkauf American founder 1948 of EJ Korvette, Ferkauf Eugene 
Moisey Ferkelman RWN Pic Georgian-born Soviet composer, Ferkelman Moisey
Danielle Ferland RWF Pic American stage/fil/televicion actress, singer, ??? Ferland Danielle
Lawrence Ferlinghetti RWF Pic American poet, painter, (Jewish mother) Ferlinghetti Lawrence 
Betty Ferm American novelist, Ferm Betty 
Gizelle Fernandez Pic Mexican-born American television journalist, (Jewish mother) Fernandes Gizelle
Giselle Fernandez Pic Mexican-born American television journalist, (Jewish mother) Fernandez Giselle
Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, historian, Fernandez de Oviedo Gonzalo 
Henry Fernbach German/Polish-born American architect,   Fernbach Henry
Rosina Fernhoff Pic American stage/fim/television actress, Fernhoff Rosina
Louis Ferrante Pic American mobster, (convert to Judaism) Ferrante Louis 
Manuel Ferrara Pic French pornographic actor, Ferrara Manuel
Aldo Ferraresi Pic Italian violinist, (Jewish mother) Ferraresi Aldo 
Elena Ferrari RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet intelligence officer, Ferrari Elena 
Jean Ferrat Pic French singer/songwriter, poet, author,   Ferrat Jean 
Sky Ferreira Pic American singer/songwriter, model actress, (Jewish maternal descent), Ferreira Sky 
William Ferris Pic American author, scholar, Ferris William 
Daniel Ferro Pic American opera singer, bass-baritone, Ferro Daniel 
Pero Ferrus Spanish medieval poet, (converso) Ferrus Pero 
Alessandro Fersen Pic Polish-born Italian playwright, film/stage/television actor, theater director, author, Fersen Alessandro
Shmuel Fershko HW Pic Polish-born Israeli American pianist, composer, songwriter, Fershko Shmuel
Sir Alan Fersht Pic British chemist, protein folding, Fersht Alan
Herman Feshbach RWF Pic American nuclear physicist, Feshbach Herman 
Murray Feshbach Pic American economist,  Feshbach Murray 
Ludwig Flesch von Festau Festau Ludwig Flesch von
Leon Festinger RWF HW Pic American social psychologist, cognitive dissonance, Festinger Leon 
Inge Fetrinelli Pic German-born Italian photographer, Fetrinelli Inge 
Kenneth Fetterman Pic American computer criminal,  Fetterman Kenneth 
Martin Fettman Pic American astronaut, pathologist, Columbia 1993, Fettman Martin 
Stephan Feuchtwang Pic German-born British anthropolgist, Feuchtwang Stephan 
Edgar Feuchtwanger Pic German-born British historian, Feuchtwanger Edgar 
Leon Feuchtwanger RWF HW Pic German American novelist, playwright, translator, Feuchtwanger Leon 
Ludwig Feuchtwanger Pic German lawyer, author, Feuchtwanger Ludwig
Cy Feuer Pic American producer, director, theater owner/operator, Feuer Cy 
Lewis Feuer American sociologist, Feuer Lewis 
Michael Feuer American founder 1988/CEO/chairman of OfficeMax, Feuer Michael 
Carole Feuerman Pic American hyper-realist sculptor, ??? Feuerman Carole
Emanuel Feuermann RWF HW Pic Polish Austrian American cellist,  Feuermann Emanuel 
Aaron Feuerstein American CEO of Malden Mills, Feuerstein Aaron 
Bedrich Feuerstein Pic Czech architect, painter, essayist, Feuerstein Bedrich
Mark Feuerstein Pic American film/television actor, writer, producer, director, Feuerstein Mark 
Reuven Feuerstein RWA HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli psychologist, Feuerstein Reuven 
Albert Feuerwerker Pic American sinologist, ??? Feuerwerker Albert 
Antoinette Feurerwerker French jurist, resistance member, Feurerwerker Antoinette 
David Feurerwerker Pic Swiss-born French history scholar, rabbi, Feurerwerker David
Alon Feurerwerker Pic Brazilian journalist, FeuRWFerker Alon
Vera Feyder Pic Belgian writer, comedian, Feyder Vera 
Paul Feyerabend Pic Austrian-born American philosopher of science, Feyerabend Paul
Buddy Feyne Pic American composer, songwriter:lyrisist, Feyne Buddy 
Joan Feynman RWF Pic American astrophysicist, Feynman Joan
Richard Feynman RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1965), Feynman Richard 
Revecca Fialka RWF Belarusian-born revolutionery, Fialka Revecca
Yakov Fialkov RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet chemist, Fialkov Yakov 
Yuri Fialkov RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet chemist,   Fialkov Yuri 
Emanuele Fiano Pic Italian architect, politician, Fiano Emanuele 
Amos Fiat RWC Pic Israeli computer scientist, cryptographer, Fiat Amos 
Zelda Fichandler Pic American founder/director of theater, Arena Stage,          Fichandler Zelda 
Jacobo Ficher Pic Ukrainian-born Argentine composer, conductor, Ficher Jacobo 
Jacob Fichman RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli poet, literary critic, novelist, Fichman Jacob 
Niv Fichman Pic Israeli-born Canadian film producer, actor, director, Fichman Niv
Grigory Fichtengolz RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet mathematician, Fichtengoltz Grigory 
Mikhail Fichtenholz RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet violinist, Fichtenholz Mikhail 
Andy Fickman RWF Pic American film/television/stage director, screenwriter, Fickman Andy 
Morris Fidanque de Castro RWC Pic American Governor of Virgin Islands 1949-54, Fidanque de Castro Morris 
Ruvim Fidel RWF Pic Kazakh-born mountain engineer, Fidel Ruvim 
Eugene Fidell Pic American lawyer, president of National Institute of Military Justice, Fidell Eugene 
Roman Fidelski Polish engineer, politician, Minister Fidelski Roman
Eugene Fidler Pic Moldovan-born French painter, ceramist, Fidler Eugene 
Jimmie Fidler Pic American goosip columnist, radio-television personality, Fidler Jimmie 
Michael Fidler British Conservative MP  1970-74, mayor of Prestwich, Fidler Michael 
Arthur Fiedler HW Pic American conductor, Fiedler Arthur 
Franz Fiedler Polish historian, Fiedler Franz
Fred Fiedler RWF Austrain-born American psychologist, ??? Fiedler Fred 
Jay Fiedler Pic American football player, Fiedler Jay 
Leslie Fiedler Pic American literary critic, playwright, Fiedler Leslie 
Roberta Fiedler Pic American representative, 1981-1987, Fiedler Roberta 
Michael Friedsam Pic American philanthropist Fiedsam Michael 
Doug Fieger Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father), The Knack, Fieger Doug 
Geoffrey Fieger Pic American legal commentator, (Jewish father) Fieger Geoffrey 
Connie Field Pic American director, producer, president of Clarity Films, Field Connie 
E.J. Field British neuroscientist, Field E.J. 
Edward Field Pic American poet, editor, Field Edward 
Frank Field Pic American meterologist, television anchor, Field Frank 
Frank Field American chemist,  ??? Field Frank 
Irwin Field American CEO/chairman 2001- of Liberty Vegetable Oil Company, Field Irwin 
Lawrence/Eris Field American founder/principal of NSB Associates, real estate, Field Lawrence/Eris 
Mervin Field Pic American pollster, Field Mervin 
Michel Field Pic French journalist, television presenter, philosopher, novelist, Field Michel 
Ron Field Pic American director choreographer, dancer, Field Ron 
Storm Field American meterologist Field Storm 
Samuel Fielden Pic American anarchist, Fielden Samuel 
Jim Fielder Pic American bassist, Fielder Jim 
Nathan Fielder Pic Canadian writer, comedian, television actor, Fielder Nathan 
Fenella Fielding Pic British film/television actress,  Fielding Fenella 
Jerry Fielding Pic American composer, conductor, musical director, Fielding Jerry 
Arthur Fields Pic Irish street photographer, Fields Arthur 
Benny Fields Pic American singer, voudeville performer, Fields Benny 
Bernard Fields Pic American microbiologist, virologist, Fields Bernard 
Bertram Fields American lawyer, entertainment law,    Fields Bertram 
Buddy Fields Austrian-born American songwriter, Fields Buddy
Danny Fields Pic American music journalist, record producer, Fields Danny 
Dorothy Fields HW Pic American composer, songwriter:lyricist,  lyricist, librettist, Fields Dorothy 
Freddie Fields Pic American film producer, talent agent, Creative Management Associates, Fields Freddie 
Herbert Fields Pic American librettist, screenwriter, actor, Fields Herbert 
Irving Fields Pic American pianist, songwriter, Fields Irving 
Jackie Fields Pic American boxer, Fields Jackie 
Joseph Fields American playwright, screenwriter, theater director, film producer, Fields Joseph 
Kathy Fields Pic American actress, photographer, (Jewish father) Fields Kathy 
Lew Fields Pic American actor, comedian, theater manager/producer, Fields Lew 
Mark Fields RWF Pic American president/CEO of Ford Motor Company, Fields Mark 
Mitchell Fields Pic Romanian-born American sculptor, Fields Mitchell 
Scott Fields Pic American jazz guitarist, composer, bandleader, Fields Scott
Shep Fields Pic American bandleader, Fields Shep 
Sidney Fields Pic American comedy actor, writer, Fields Sidney 
Totie Fields Pic American comedian, actress, Fields Totie 
Stephen Fienberg Pic Canadian-born American apllied mathematician, Fienberg Stephen 
Harvey Fierstein RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, playwright, librettist, screenwriter, Fierstein Harvey 
Irving Fierstein Pic American painter,   Fierstein Irving 
Anton Fig Pic South-African-born American drummer, Fig Anton 
Yury Figatner RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet political figure, Figatner Yury 
Eva Figes Pic German-born British novelist, Figes Eva
Orlando Figes Pic British historian of Russia, Figes Orlando
Nikolai Figner RWF Pic Russian opera singer, tenor, ??? Figner Nikolai
Vera Figner RWF Pic Russian revolutionary, ??? Figner Vera 
Yevgenia Figner RWF Pic Russian revolutionary, ??? Figner Yevgenia
Dennis Figov Pic Zambian mayor of Luanshya, Figov Dennis
Dina Fijalkowska Polish Yiddish actress, Fijalkowska Dina
Jacobo Fijman RWE Pic Moldovan-born Argentine poet, Fijman Jacobo
Marian Filar Pic Polish-born American pianist virtuozo, Filar Marian
Wilhelm Filderman HW Pic Romanian senator 1927- , Filderman Wilhelm 
Abraham Filene American businessman, philanthropist, Filene, Filene Albert 
Edward Filene Pic American businessman, philanthropist, Filene, Filene Edward 
Mike Filene Pic American actor, film director, Filene Mike
William Filene American founder 1881 of Filene, Filene William 
Leo Filer HW Pic Argentine-born Israeli director, screenwriter, actor, Filer Leo 
Leonid Filippov RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Filippov Leonid 
Deb Filler Pic New Zealand stage actress, Filler Deb
Louis Filler Pic Moldovan-born American historian, Filler Louis
Yully Filler RWF Soviet/Russian architect, Filler Yully
Daniel Filmus RWC Pic Argentine Secretary of Education, Science & Technology 2003-07 (Jewish father) Filmus Daniel 
Robert Filner HW Pic American representative 1993- , Filner Robert 
Sarah Fimm Pic American singer/songwriter, Fimm Sarah
Aleksandr Fin RWF Pic Soviet engineer, designer,    Fin Aleksandr 
Manuela Fingueret Pic Argentine writer, educator, journalist, Fin Manuela
Jakob Finci RWE Pic Croatian-born Bosnia and Herzogovina's ambassador to Switzerland, Finci Jacob 
Joseph Finder Pic American thriller writer,    Finder Joseph 
Pawel Finder Pic Polish politician, first secretary of PRP 1943-44, Finder Pawel 
Alan Fine HW Pic American author, executive coach, consultant, speaker, Fine Alan
Arthur Fine Pic American philosopher of science, Fine Arthur 
Benny Fine Pic American writer, director, producer, actor, Fine Benny
Bernie Fine Pic American basketball coach, Fine Bernie 
Courtney Fine RWF Pic American actress, singer, screenwriter, Fine Courtney
Glenn Fine Pic American Inspector General of Justice Department 2000-11, Fine Glenn 
Irving Fine RWF Pic American composer, Fine Irving 
Jacob Fine American surgeon, hospital administrator, ??? Fine Jacob 
Jeanna Fine Pic American pornogaphic actress, erotic dancer, Fine Jeanna 
Larry Fine HW Pic American comedian, actor, Fine Larry 
Lois Fine Pic Canadian playwright,   Fine Lois 
Morris Fine Pic American metalurgist, materials scientist, Fine Morris 
Morton Fine American screenwriter, Fine Morton 
Nathan Fine American mathematician,  ??? Fine Nathan 
Rafi Fine HW Pic American writer, director, producer, actor, Fine Rafi 
Reuben Fine RWE HW Pic American chess grandmaster, Fine Reuben 
Ruth Fine Pic Argentine-born Israeli literary critic, Fine Ruth
Sidney Fine Pic American historian, Fine Sidney 
Sidney Fine Pic American lawyer, politician,1951-1956 Fine Sidney 
Steven Fine Pic American historian, Fine Steven
Sylvia Fine Pic American lyricist, composer, producer, actress, Fine Sylvia 
Harvey Fineberg Pic American physician, epidemiologist, president of Institute of Medicine 2002-14, Fineberg Harvey 
Joseph Fineberg RWF Pic British political figure, Fineberg Joseph 
Larry Fineberg Canadian playwright, Fineberg Larry 
Aryeh Finegold RWC HW American founder Mercury Interactive, co founder/chairman Orsus Solutions, Finegold Aryeh 
Ben Finegold RWF Pic American chess grandmaster, ??? Finegold Ben 
Martin Finegold Pic British co-founder/CEO of Cambridge Place Investment Management, Finegold Martin 
Mei Finegold RWF Pic Israeli singer, Finegold Mei 
Oliver Finegold Pic British journalist, Finegold Oliver
Howard Fineman Pic American chief political columnist, Fineman Howard 
Meredith Fineman Pic American blogger, Fineman Merdith
Uri Fineman Pic Israeli singer, composer, Fineman Uri
Hagar Finer RWC Pic Israeli boxer, Finer Hagar 
Herman Finer Romanian-born British political scientist, Finer Herman 
Sir Morris Finer Pic British lawyer, judge, Finer Morris
Samuel Finer Pic British historian, political scientist, Finer Samuel 
Karen Finerman Pic American television personality, broadcast news analyst, Metropolian Capital Advisors, Finerman Karen 
Wendy Finerman Pic American producer, Finerman Wendy 
Israel Finestein British Deputy Judge of the High Court, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Finestein Israel 
Pete Finestone Pic American drummer, Bad Religion, Finestone Pete 
Sheila Finestone Pic MP 1984-99, senator, Minister Finestone Sheila 
Judith Fingard Canadian historian, ??? Fingard Judith 
Bill Finger RWC Pic American comics writer, Finger Bill 
Gregory Finger Pic Russian businessman, Digital Sky Technologies, Finger Gregory 
Maurice Fingercwajg Pic French resistance fighter, Fingercwajg Maurice 
Sally Fingerett Pic American folk singer/songwriter, Fingerett Sally 
Eric Fingerhut Pic American representative, 1993-1995, Fingerhut Eric 
Sheva Fingerova RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Yiddish stage actress, Fingerova Sheva
Gavin Fingleson Pic South African-born Australian baseball player, Fingleson Gavin 
George Fingold Pic American Attorney General of Massachusetts 1953-58, Fingold George
Aaron Fink Pic American guitarist, Fink Aaron
Cathy Fink Pic American singer, guitarist, banjo player, Fink Cathy 
Erik Fink Pic American legal scholar, Fink Erik 
Gerald Fink RWF Pic American geneticist, Fink Gerald 
Ida Fink RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli author,    Fink Ida 
Joshua Fink Pic American CEO of Enso Capital, Fink Joshua 
Laurence Fink Pic American businessman, CEO/chairman of BlackRock, Fink Laurence 
Leon Fink American labour historian, Fink Leon 
Leon Fink American labor historian, ??? Fink Leon 
Lev Fink RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scientist, Fink Lev 
Mathias Fink RWF Pic French physicist, ??? Fink Mathias 
Matthew Fink Pic American record producer, keybordist, songwriter, "Doctor Fink" Fink Matthew 
Baron Stanley Fink Pic British hedge fund manager, Man Group Plc, Fink Stanley 
Theodore Fink Pic Australian politician, Victoria state MP Fink Theodore 
Uri Fink Pic Israeli comics artist, illustrator, Fink Uri 
Alan Finkel Pic Australian Chancellor of Monash University 2007- , Finkel Alan 
Alexander Finkel RWF Pic Israeli chess grandmaster, Finkel Alexander 
David Finkel Pic American journalist, Finkel David 
Ella Finkel Pic Australian science journalist, Finkel Ella 
Fyvush Finkel RWF Pic American film/television actor, Finkel Fyvush 
George Finkel Pic French-born American television sports producer/director, Finkel George 
Maurice Finkel RWF Moldovan-born American Yiddish theater actor, architect, Finkel Maurice 
Moishe Finkel RWF HW Pic Yiddish theater performer, actor, Finkel Moishe 
Raphael Finkel RWF Pic American computer scientist, Finkel Raphael
Shelly Finkel Pic American music/boxing promoter, Finkel Shelly 
Shimon Finkel RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli stage actor, Finkel Shimon 
Margalit Finkelberg RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli classical studies scholar, Finkelberg Margalit 
Dorothy Finkelhor Pic American president of Point Park College -1971, Finkelhor Dorothy 
Paul Finkelman Pic American legal scholar, historian, Finkelman Paul 
Andrey Finkelshtein RWF Pic Soviet/Russian astronomer, Finkelshtein Andrei
Moisey Finkelshtein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, radio locators, Finkelshtein Moisey
Moisey Finkelshtein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, radio locators, Finkelshtein Moisey 
Tevel Finkelshtein RWN Pic Belarusian-born Soviet agronomist, Finkelshtein Tevel
Alan Finkelstein American biophysicist, ??? Finkelstein Alan 
Aleksey Finkelstein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet biologist, engineer, ??? Finkelstein Aleksey 
Amy Finkelstein RWF Pic American economist, Finkelstein Amy 
Anthony Finkelstein Pic British software engineer, Finkelstein Anthony
Arthur Finkelstein Pic American political consultant, Finkelstein Arthur 
Baron Daniel Finkelstein Pic British journalist, politician, editor, Finkelstein Daniel 
David Finkelstein Pic American physicist, quantum and space-time theory,    Finkelstein David 
Gila Finkelstein RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,   Finkelstein Gila 
Heinrich Finkelstein HW Pic German pediatrician, Finkelstein Heinrich
Israel Finkelstein RWC HW Pic Israeli archaeologist, Finkelstein Israel 
J. J. Finkelstein American historian, Finkelstein J. J.
Jerry Finkelstein American publisher of New York Law Journal, Finkelstein Jerry 
Louis Finkelstein American academic administrator, 20th century conservative Talmud scholar, Finkelstein Louis 
Meir Finkelstein Pic American cantor, composer, Finkelstein Meir
Menahem Finkelstein RWC Pic Israeli military jurist, major general, Finkelstein Menahem 
Norman Finkelstein RWF HW Pic American historian, political scientist, author, Finkelstein Norman 
Raymond Finkelstein Pic Australian judge of Federal Court of Australia  1997- , Finkelstein Raymond 
Richard Finkelstein Pic American immunologist, Finkelstein Richard 
Rick Finkelstein American vice chairman/COO of Universal Pictures, Finkelstein Rick 
Robert Finkelstein American theoretical physicist, Finkelstein Robert 
Salo Finkelstein Pic Polish-born mental calculator, Finkelstein Salo
Samuel Finkelstein Pic Polish painter, Finkelstein Samuel
Tamara Finkelstein Pic British civil servant, permanent secretary at the Department of Environment, Food, Rural Affairs, Finkelstein Tamara 
Vladimir Finkelstein RWE Ukrainian-born physical chemist,   Finkelstein Vladimir 
William Finkelstein Pic American television writer, producer, ??? Finkelstein William 
Rose Finkelstein Norwood Pic Ukrainian-born American labor organizer, Finkelstein Norwood Rose 
Ozeri Finkelsteinas RWF Lithuanian politician, Finkelsteinas Ozeri
Alain Finkielkraut RWF HW Pic French essayist, philosopher, Finkielkraut Alain
Carrie Finklea Pic American soap opera actress,    Finklea Carrie 
Danny Finkleman Pic Canadian journalist, radio host, Finkleman Danny 
Ken Finkleman Pic Canadian film/television actor, screenwriter, producer, Finkleman Ken 
Maxwell Finland Pic Ukrainian-born American scientist, Finland Maxwell 
Erwin Finlay-Freundlich RWF Pic German astronomer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Finlay-Freundlich Erwin 
Abi Finley Pic British stage/television actress,  Finley Abi 
Sir Moses Finley RWF HW Pic American-born British historian,  Finley Moses
Ronald Finn Pic British-born medical researcher, Finn Ronald 
William Finn Pic American composer, lyricist, librettist, Finn William 
Eli Finnish Pic Israeli actor, comedian, Finnish Eli
Sir Montague Finniston British indusrialist, chairman of British Steel, Finniston Montague
Baron Geoffrey Finsberg Pic British Conservative  MP 1970-92, Finsberg Geoffrey
Itzhak Fintzi RWF Pic Bulgarian film/stage actor, Fintzi Itzhak 
Aldo Finzi Pic Italian classical composer, Finzi Aldo 
Aldo Finzi RWC Pic Italian undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Mussolini MP  -1928, Finzi Aldo 
Christopher Finzi Pic British conductor, Finzi Christopher
Gerald Finzi Pic British composer,   Finzi Gerald 
Giuseppe Finzi RWC Italian politician, senator, Finzi Giuseppe 
Leo Finzi Pic Italian engineer,   Finzi Leo 
Mario Finzi Pic Italian musician, Finzi Mario
Samuel Finzi Pic Bulgarian-born German stage/film actor, Finzi Samuel 
Giuseppina Finzi-Magrini Pic Italian opera singer, soprano, Finzi-Magrini Giuseppina 
Fiorenzo Fiorentini Pic Italian actor, screenwriter, composer, Fiorentini Fiorenzo
Andrew Fire RWF HW Pic American geneticist, Nobel Prize (2006), Fire Andrew 
Paul Fireman Pic American founder/chairman/CEO of Reebook International, Fireman Paul 
Abraham Elimelech Firer RWA HW Pic Israeli rabbi, contribution to society, Firer Abraham Elimelech
Oleg Firer Pic Ukrainian-born American businessman, entrepreneur, Firer Oleg
George Firestone Pic American Secretary of State of Florida 1979-87, Firestone George 
Jay Firestone Pic Canadian film/television producer, Firestone Jay 
Shulamith Firestone Pic Canadian-born American feminist scholar, writer, Firestone Shulamith 
Wayne Firestone Pic American community professional, president/CEO of Hillel, Firestone Wayne
Semyon Firin RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet NKVD officer, intelligence oficer, komdiv, Firin Semyon 
Abraham Firkovich RWN Pic Ukrainian-born leader of Crimean Karaites, Firkovich Abraham 
Ruth First Pic South African anti-apartheid activist, First Ruth 
Sam Firstenberg Pic Polish-born Israeli American film director, Firstenberg Sam
Israel Fisanovich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born submarine officer, Hero of Soviet Union, Fisanovich Israel 
Edith Fisch American legal scholar, Fisch Edith 
Harold Fisch HW Pic British-born Israeli literary scholar, literature researcher, Fisch Harold 
Nathaniel Fisch Pic American plasma physicist, Fisch Nathaniel
Robert Fisch Pic Hungarian-born American pediatrician, Fisch Robert
Gerald Fischbach Pic American neurobiologist, Fischbach Gerald 
Daniel Fischel Pic American legal scholar, administrator, ??? Fischel Daniel 
Harry Fischel Pic American businessman, philanthropist, Fischel Harry 
Henry Fischel Pic German-born American judaic scholar, Fischel Henry
Jack Fischel American historian,  Fischel Jack
Robert Fischell RWC Pic American physicist, inventor, bioengineer, Fischel Robert 
Edna Fischel Gellhorn Pic American suffragist, reformer, (Jewish father) Fischel Gellhorn Edna 
Astrid Fischel Volio RWC Pic Costa Rican politician, Minister of Education, Vice President 1998-2002, Fischel Volio Astrid 
Adam Fischer RWF Pic Hungarian conductor, Fischer Adam 
Adolph Fischer Pic German-born American anarchist, Fischer Adolph 
Alain Fischer Pic French pediatric immunologist, gene therapy, Fischer Alain
Alfred Fischer German-born American scientist, geology ??? Fischer Alfred 
Annie Fischer RWF HW Pic Hungarian pianist, Fischer Annie 
Betsy Fischer American senior executive producer of NBC News, Fischer Betsy 
Bobby Fischer RWF HW Pic American chess grandmaster, World Champion WC 72-75, Fischer Bobby 
David Fischer Pic American economic historian,  Fischer David 
David Fischer Pic American Vice President of Advertising in Facebook, 2010- , Fischer David 
Edmond Fischer RWF Pic Chinese-born Swiss American biochemist, Nobel Prize (1992), (Jewish father) Fischer Edmond 
Eduard von Fischer RWC Pic Austrian major general, Fischer Eduard von
Eva Fischer Pic Croatian-born artist, Fischer Eva
Ignjat Fischer Pic Croatian architect, Fischer Ignjat
Irene Fischer RWC Pic Austrian-born mathematician, geodesist, special fields, geogesist, Fischer Irene 
Israel Fischer Pic American representative, 1895-1899, judge, Fischer Israel 
Ivan Fischer RWF HW Pic Hungarian composer, conductor, Fischer Ivan 
Jan Fischer RWC HW Pic Czech Prime Minister 2009-10 (Jewish father) Fischer Jan 
John Fischer Pic Belgian-born jazz pianist, composer, painter, sculptor, Fischer John 
Joseph Fischer Hungarian architect, politician, MP , Minister Fischer Joseph 
Joseph Fischer Americasn CEO of InClone Systems, Fischer Joseph 
Kate Fischer Pic Australian actress, model, (convert to Judaism) Fischer Kate 
Kurt Rudolf Fischer Pic Austrian-born Czech Chinese philosopher, Fischer Kurt Rudolf
Louis Fischer HW Pic American journalist, biographer, Fischer Louis 
Margit Fischer Pic Swiss-born wife of president of Austria 2004- , Fischer Margit
Maurice Fischer RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to France 1949-50, Turkey 1953-57 , Italy 1961-65, Fischer Maurice
Michael Fischer Pic American computer scientist, ??? Fischer Michael
Michael M. J. Fischer Pic American anthropologist, Fischer Michael M. J.
Moric von Fischer RWC Pic Hungarian co-founder 1839 of Herend, porcelain, Fischer Moric 
Oskar Fischer Pic Czech psychiatrist, neuropatholodist, Fischer Oscar
Paul Gustav Fischer Pic Danish painter, Fischer Paul Gustav
Ruth Fischer RWF Pic German Leader of German Communist Party, ( Jewish father) Fischer Ruth 
Samuel von Fischer Pic German founder 1886 of S. Fischer Verlag, Fischer Samuel von
Stan Fischer American historian, broadcaster, Fischer Stan 
Stanley Fischer RWF HW Pic Zimbabwean-born American Israeli economist, Governor of Bank of Israel 2005-13, Fischer Stanley 
Theodor Fischer Romanian politician, MP, Fischer Theodor 
Vera Fischer Pic Croatian sculptor, Fischer Vera
Yosef Fischer RWC HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli politician,   Fischer Yosef 
Adolf Fischhof Pic Hungarian-born leader of Viennese revolution 1848, MP Fischhof Adolf
Joseph Fischhof Pic Czech-born Austrian pianist, composer, musicologist, Fischhof Joseph
Robert Fischhof Austrian pianist, compser, Fischhof Robert
Baruch Fischhoff Pic American academic, Fischhoff Baruch 
Eric Fischl Pic American painter, sculptor, Fischl Eric 
Patric Fischler Pic American actor, Fischler Patric 
Stan Fischler Pic American sportswriter, broadcaster, author, hockey historian,    Fischler Stan 
Leopold Fischman Latvian politician, MP 1922-25, Fischman Leopold
Aaron Fish Canadian businessman, inventor, Fish Aaron
Bradley Fish Pic American-born Israeli singer, guitarist, banjoist, Fish Bradley 
Gennady Fish RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet author, translator, screenwriter, Fish Gennady
Jon Fish American executive VP/CFO of The Ad Council Fish Jon 
Lawrence Fish American chairman, CEO of Citizens Financial Group, ??? Fish Lawrence 
Morris Fish HW Pic Canadian Supreme Court Justice 2003- , Fish Morris 
Stanley Fish Pic American literary theorist, legal scholar, Fish Stanley 
Tamar Fish Nachshon Lithuanian-born Israeli writer, novelist, Fish Nachshon Tamar
Dan Fishbach Pic American theater director, producer, Fishbach Dan
Dan Fishback Pic American performance artist, playwright, singer/songwriter, Fishback Dan
Michael Fishbane Pic American biblical scholar, theologian, Fishbane Michael 
Alexander Fishbein RWF Pic American grandmaster, Fishbein Alexander
Anatoly Fishbein RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, inventor, Fishbein Anatoly 
Einat Fishbein HW Pic Israeli journalist, television presenter, Fishbein Einat 
Paul Fishbein Pic American editor of AVN, Fishbein Paul 
Susie Fishbein Pic American food writer, Fishbein Susie 
Dave Fishberg Pic American jazz pianist, vocalist,    Fishberg Dave 
Danielle Fishel RWF Pic American film/television actress, television personality, Fishel Danielle 
Tovy Fishel RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian architect, sculptor, Fishel Tovy
Vladimir Fishelev RWC Pic Russian engineer, Fishelev Vladimir 
Abram Fisher RWF Pic Soviet engineer, Fisher Abram 
Allan Fisher British founder 1979/chairman/CEO of Holmes Place Health Clubs, Fisher Allan 
Amy Fisher Pic American pornographic actress, journalist, (Jewish father) Fisher Amy 
Bernard Fisher Pic American clinical cancer researcher, Fisher Bernard 
Carrie Fisher RWF HW Pic American actress, screenwriter, novelist (Jewish father), Fisher Carrie 
Daniel Fisher Pic British-born American physicist, (Jewish father) Fisher Daniel 
David Fisher Pic Israeli-born Italian Israeli architect, Fisher David
David Fisher American Director for Business Transformation Agency, Fisher David 
David Fisher American businessman, Fisher Investment Group, Fisher David 
Donald Fisher Pic American co-founder of Gap Inc., Fisher Doris 
Doris Fisher Pic American co-founder of Gap Inc., Fisher Doris 
Doris Fisher Pic American singer/songwriter, Fisher Doris 
Dudu Fisher HW Pic Israeli American cantor, singer, Fisher Dudu 
Eddie Fisher RWF Pic American singer, entertainer, actor, Fisher Eddie 
Frances Fisher RWF Pic British-born American actress, (Jewish paternal descent) Fisher Frances 
Franklin Fisher RWF Pic American economist, Fisher Franklin
Fred Fisher Pic German-born American songwriter, music publisher, Fisher Fred 
Gas Fisher New Zealand philanthropist,  fashion entrepreneur, Fisher Gas 
George Fisher Pic American legal scholar, Fisher George 
Giora Fisher HW Pic Israeli mayor of Haifa 1993, active Fisher Giora 
Harold Fisher Pic chemical engineering, ??? Fisher Harold 
Herman Fisher American co-founder 1930 Fisher-Price <Mattel Fisher Herman 
Isla Fisher RWF HW Pic Australian British actress, model, author, (convert to Judaism) Fisher Isla 
Ivana Fisher Pic Croatian conductor, Fisher Ivana
J.W. Fisher Pic American arts patron, Fisher J.W.
Jerome Fisher American co-founder/chairman of Nine West Group, Fisher Jerome 
Joely Fisher RWF Pic American stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) Fisher Joely 
John Fisher Pic American main shareholder Gap Inc., Fisher John 
Kenneth Fisher Pic American founder/chairman/CEO 1986- of Fisher Inestments, Fisher Kenneth 
Lee Fisher RWC Pic American Ohio State Attorney General 1991-95, 2007- , Fisher Lee 
Marvin Fisher American composer, Fisher Marvin 
Mary Fisher Pic American political activist, artist, author, Fisher Mary
Matthew Fisher Pic American physicist, (Jewish father) Fisher Matthew 
Matthew Fisher Pic British organist, harpichordist, singer/songwriter, Procol Harum, Fisher Matthew 
Max Fisher HW Pic American Advisor to Nixon 1969-70, Marathon Oil, United Brands, Fisher Max 
Michael Fisher RWF Pic British American physicist, chemist, mathematician, Fisher Michael 
Michael Fisher American Pensylvania State Attorney General 1997-2004, Fisher Michael 
Michael Fisher Pic British American physicist, chemist, mathematician, Fisher Michael 
Miles Fisher Pic American film/television actor, musician, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Fisher Miles
Morris Fisher Pic American rifle shooter, Fisher Morris 
Philip Fisher Pic Ameican stock investor, Motorolla, Fisher Philip 
Red Fisher Pic Canadian sports journalist, Fisher Red
Richard Fisher Pic American president of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 2005- , (Jewish father) Fisher Richard 
Robert Fisher Pic American co-owner of Gap Inc., chairman, Fisher Robert 
Ronen Fisher HW Pic Israeli journalist, lawyer, television presenter, Fisher Ronen 
Baron Samuel Fisher British president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews 1973-79, Fisher Samuel
Sandra Fisher Pic American-born British painter, Fisher Sandra 
Shmuel Fisher HW Pic Polish-born actor, entertainer, comedian, songwriter, Fisher Shmuel
Todd Fisher Pic American actor, director, cinematographer, (Jewish father) Fisher Todd
Tricia Fisher RWF Pic American actress, singer, (Jewish father) Fisher Tricia 
William Fisher Pic American co-owner of Gap Inc., Fisher William 
Sir Woolf Fisher Pic New Zealand businessman, philanthropist, Fisher Woolf
Yan Fisher RWC Pic Kyrgyzian politician, Vice Prime Minister 1993-94, Fisher Yan 
Yan Fisher RWC Pic Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgistan 1993-94, Fisher Yan 
Yona Fisher HW Pic Israeli art designer/critic, Fisher Yona 
Zachary Fisher Pic Russian American real estate developer, philantropist, Fisher Brothers, Fisher Zachary 
James Fishkin RWF Pic American political scientist, educator, ??? Fishkin James 
Aida Fishman Pic Costa Rican politician, MP ,Minister of Culture Fishman Aida 
Alex Fishman Pic Israeli journalist, Fishman Alex
Alfred Fishman American medical scholar, Fishman Alfred 
David Fishman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, Fishman David
Gerald Fishman Pic American astrophysicist, ??? Fishman Gerald 
Hal Fishman Pic American television news anchor, television journalist, Fishman Hal 
Jay Fishman Pic American chairman/CEO of The St. Paul Travelers Cos, Fishman Jay 
Jerald Fishman American CEO/chairman of Analog Devices, Inc, Fishman Jerald 
Jon Fishman Pic American drummer, Phish, Fishman Jon 
Joshua Fishman RWF Pic American linguist, Fishman Joshua 
Lazar Fishman RWM Pic Moldovan-born Soviet military commander, major general, Fishman Lazar 
Louise Fishman Pic American abstract painter, Fishman Louise 
Mark Fishman American cardiologist, Fishman Mark 
Michael Fishman Pic American actor, Fishman Michael 
Mikhail Fishman RWF Pic Russian journalist, television presenter,                     Fishman Mikhail 
Peter Fishman RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian sculptor, painter, Fishman Peter
Steve Fishman American real estate developer, Boston, Fishman Steve 
Yakob Fishman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born military engineer, intelligence officer, major general, Fishman Yakob 
Yakob Fishman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born military engineer, intelligence officer, major general, Fishman Yakov 
Luis Fishman Zonzinski RWC Pic Costa Rican politician, Minister of Public Security, second Vice-President 2002-05, Fishman Zonzinski Luis
Zachary Fisk Pic American applied physicist,  ??? Fisk Zachary 
Lori Fisler Damrosch Pic American legal scholar, Fisler Damrosch Lori 
Misha Fisszon American-born Polish Yiddish actor, Fisszon Misha
Danny Fiszman Pic British bisnessman, Star Diamonds Group, director of Arcenal Football Club, Fiszman Danny 
F. Fiszman German real estate developer, Fiszman F. 
Grzegorz Fitelberg RWF Pic Latvian-born Polish conductor, composer, violinist,    Fitelberg Grzegorz 
Jerzy Fitelberg Pic Polish American composer, Fitelberg Jerzy
Charles Fiterman RWC Pic French politician, Minister of Transport 1981-84, Fiterman Charles 
Alice Fitoussi Pic Algerian singer, musician, Fitoussi Alice 
Gregory Fitoussi Pic French film/television actor,   Fitoussi Gregory 
Jean-Paul Fitoussi HW Pic Tunisian-born French economist, Fitoussi Jean-Paul 
Boris Fitterman RWF Pic Russian chief designer of car plant, Fitterman Boris 
Lisa Fittko Pic Hungarian resistance member, Fittko Lisa 
Lorna Fitzsimons Pic British Labour MP 1997-2005,  Fitzsimons Lorna 
Marshall Fixman Pic American physical chemist, Fixman Marshall 
Audrey Flack Pic American photorealist painter, sculptor, Flack Audrey 
Diane Flacks Pic Canadian actress, screenwriter, playwright, Flacks Diane 
Edith Flagg Pic Romanian-born American fashion designer, Flagg Edith 
Josh Flagg Pic American real estate agent, media personality, Flagg Josh
Efrem Flaks RWF Pic Soviet singer, bass, Flaks Efrem
Yury Flakserman RWC Pic Soviet Deputy People's Commissar for education1818-, Flakserman Yury 
Aron Flam Pic Swedish-born stand-up comedian, screenwriter, Flam Aron 
Harry Flam Pic Swedish economist, Flam Harry 
Herb Flam Pic American tennis player, Flam Herb 
Herbert Flam Pic American tennis player, Flam Herbert 
Leopold Flam Pic Belgian philosopher, Flam Leopold 
Golde Flami Pic Ukrainian-born Argentine film/television/stage actress,  Flami Golde 
Bud Flanagan Pic British comedian,    Flanagan Bud 
Simha Flapan Pic Polish-born Israeli historian, Flapan Simha
George Flash RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli politician,  Flash George 
Tamar Flash Pic Israeli computetional neuroscientist, Flash Tamar 
Edward Flatau RWF Pic Polish neurologist, Flatau Edward
Charles Flato American writer, soviet agent, Flato Charles 
Stanislaw Flato Pic Polish inteligence officer, diplomat, Flato Stanislaw
Alfred Flatow RWC Pic German gymnast, Flatow Alfred 
Gustav Flatow RWC Pic German gymnast, Flatow Gustav 
Ira Flatow Pic American radio/television journalist, television host,   Flatow Ira 
Shmuel Flatto-Sharon HW Pic Polish-born French Israeli businessman, Flatto-Sharon Shmuel 
Joel Flaum American appeals judge, Flaum Joel 
Josephus Flavius RWF HW Pic Ancient Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus
Alfred Flechtheim Pic German-born British art dealer, art collector, journalist, publisher, Flechtheim Alfred 
Ossip Flechtheim Pic Ukrainian-born German jurist, politican scientist, author, humanist, Flechtheim Ossip 
Bela Fleck Pic American bluegrass musician, banjo, Fleck Bela 
Jacob Fleck Pic Austrian film director, producer, screenwriter, Fleck Jacob 
Ludwik Fleck RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli biologist, sociologist, historian of science, philosopher, Fleck Ludwik 
Stephen Fleck German-born American psychiatrist, Fleck Stephen 
Gary Fleder Pic American film director/producer, screenwriter, Fleder Gary 
Richard Fleeshman Pic British child actor, singer/songwriter,  (Jewish father) Fleeshman Richard 
Edmond Fleg RWF Pic Swiss-born French author, poet, historian, Fleg Edmond 
Julian Flegenheimer RWF Pic Swiss architect, designer, Flegenheimer Julian 
Alfred Flehtheim Pic German art dealer, art collector, journalist, publisher, Flehtheim Alfred
Aaron Fleischacker founder of Golden Gate  Paper Box Corporation, Fleischacker Aaron 
Ari Fleischer HW Pic Press secretary to the President George Bush  Fleischer Ari 
Cornell Fleischer Pic American turkologist, historian of Islam, Fleischer Cornell 
Dave Fleischer Pic Polish-born American animated cartoon pioneer, Fleischer Dave 
Ezra Fleischer RWA HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli poet, literary scholar, historian, Fleischer Ezra 
Lawrence Fleischer Pic American attorney, sports agent, Fleischer Lawrence 
Lou Fleischer Ameican composer, animator, Fleischer Lou
Max Fleischer RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian architect, Fleischer Max
Max Fleischer HW Pic Polish-born American pioneer of animated cartoon, film director, Fleischer Max 
Michael Fleischer American vice chairman of Warner Music Group, strategy and operations, Fleischer Michael 
Nat Fleischer Pic American boxing writer, Ring Magazine, Fleischer Nat 
Richard Fleischer RWF Pic American film director, Fleischer Richard 
Robert Fleischer Pic American physicist, geophysicist, ??? Fleischer Robert 
Ruben Fleischer RWF Pic American film director, producer, Fleischer Ruben 
Ernst von Fleischl-Marxow Pic Austrian physiologist, physician, Corresponding, Fleischl-Marxow Ernst von
Julius Fleischmann Pic American mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio 1900-05 Fleischman Julius 
Paul Fleischman Pic American children's author, Fleischman Paul
Sid Fleischman RWF Pic American children's books author, Fleischman Sid 
Charles Fleischmann American founder of Fleischmann Yeast Company, Fleischmann Charles 
Martin Fleischmann RWC Pic Czech-born British chemist, Fleischmann Martin 
Maximilian Fleischmann Czech-born American manufacturer, Fleischmann Maximilian 
Robert Fleischmann Pic American researcher, Fleischmann Robert 
Trude Fleischmann Pic Austrian-born American photographer,  Fleischmann Trude
Felix Fleischner Pic Austrian-born American physician, radiologist,   Fleischner Felix 
Bruce Fleisher Pic American golfer, Fleisher Bruce 
Leon Fleisher RWF HW Pic American pianist, conductor, Fleisher Leon 
Herbert Fleishhacker American president of Anglia California National Bank, Fleishhacker Herbert 
Alex Fleishman RWF Ukrainian-born hero of Soviet Union,  ??? Fleishman Alex
Joel Fleishman Pic American first senior vice president of Duke University, Fleishman Joel 
Veniamin Fleishman RWE Pic Russian/Soviet composer, Fleishman Veniamin 
Joel Fleishman  American political scientist, academic administrator,  Fleishman  Joel 
Paul Fleiss Pic American pediatrician, money launderer, Fleiss Fleiss
Heidi Fleiss HW Pic American Holywood "Madam",   Fleiss Heidi 
Joseph Fleiss Pic American mathematician, statistician, biostatistician, Fleiss Joseph 
Mike Fleiss Pic American producer, writer, Fleiss Mike 
Noah Fleiss RWF Pic American film/television actor, Fleiss Noah 
Bernhard Fleminger Romanian politician, MP, Fleminger Bernhard 
Rodman Flender Pic American actor, writer, director,producer, Flender Rodman
Barthold Fles Pic Dutch-born American literary agent, author, translator, editor, publisher, Fles Barthold 
George Fles Dutch translator,     Fles George 
Louis Fles Pic Dutch businessman, author, activist, Fles Louis
Michael John Fles Pic American poet, editor, musician, Fles Michael John
Carl Flesch RWF HW Pic Hungarian German violinist, teacher, Flesch Carl 
Jacob Flesch German pediatrician, Flesch Jacob 
Max Flesch German anatomist, gynecologist, Flesch Max
Rudolf Flesch Pic Austrian-born American author, readability expert, Flesch Rudolf 
Siegfried Flesch Pic Austrian sabre fencer, Flesch Siegfried 
Senya Fleshin Pic Ukrainian-born American photographer, anarchist, Fleshin Senya 
George Fletcher American lawyer, ??? Fletcher George 
Martin Fletcher Pic British journalist, broadcaster, Fletcher Martin 
Joe Flexer American-born Canadian trade unionist, communist activist, Flexer Joe
Abraham Flexner Pic American reformer of medical education,  Flexner Abraham 
Eleanor Flexner Pic American scholar, writer, feminist, Flexner Eleanor
James Flexner Pic American writer, historian, biographer, (Jewish father) Flexner James 
Louis Flexner Pic American biochemist, Flexner Louis 
Simon Flexner RWC Pic American pathologist, bacteriologist, administrator,  Flexner Simon 
Samson Flexor RWE Pic Moldovan-born French Brazilian artist, Flexor Samson
Vladislav Fliarkovsky RWF Pic Russian journalist, Fliarkovsky Vladislav 
Theodore Flicker Pic American screenwriter, producer, director, actor, Flicker Theodore 
Benedek Fliegauf Pic Hungarian film director,   Fliegauf Benedek
Yakov Flier RWF Pic Russian pianist, teacher, Flier Yakov 
Robert Fliess psychoanalyst, Fliess Robert 
Wilhelm Fliess RWF Pic German otolaryngologist, psychoanalyst, Fliess Wilhelm
Neil Fligstein Pic American sociologist, ??? Fligstein Neil 
Moshe Flimann RWC HW Pic Russian/Ukrainian-born Israeli mayor of Haifa 1969-73, Flimann Moshe
Hila Flitman HW Pic Israeli opera singer, soprano, Flitman Hila 
Josh Flitter Pic American film/television actor, Flitter Josh 
Salo Flohr RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Czech chess grandmaster, author, Flohr Salo 
Jason Flom Pic American music industry executive, CEO of Lava Records, Flom Jason
Joseph Flom Pic American lawyer, corporate attorney, Flom Joseph
Joseph/Scott Flom Flom Joseph/Scott 
Leonard Flom Pic American ophthalmologist, inventor, Flom Leonard 
Yehezkel Flomin HW Pic Israeli politician,   Flomin Yehezkel 
Max Florence Pic Lithuanian-born American entrepreneur, bootlegger, Florence Max 
Moshe Florentin HW Pic Israeli linguist,   Florentin Moshe 
Isaac Florentine RWF Pic Israeli-born American film director/producer, marital arts expert, screenwriter, Florentine Isaac 
Mihail Florescu RWC Pic Romanian-born engineer, chemist, politician,minister of Oil and Industries, Florescu Mihail
John Florio Pic Italian linguist, translator, (Jewish father) Florio John 
Michelangelo Florio Italian-born pastor, Florio Michelangelo
Irving Florman Polish-born American ambassador to Bolivia 1949-51, Florman Irving 
Milton Florsheim Pic American founder/chairman of Florsheim Shoes, Florsheim Milton 
Karnit Flug RWF Pic Israeli economist, governor of Bank of Israel 2013- , Flug Karnit
Noah Flug Pic Polish-born Israeli economist, diplomat, human rights activist, Flug Noah 
Simon Flug Pic Ukrainian-born Russian poet, lyricist, author, Flug Simon 
Mary Flug Handlin American historian,  Flug Handlin Mary
Alan Flusser Pic American fashion designer, writer, ??? Flusser Alan 
David Flusser RWF HW Pic Austrian-born Israeli scholar, religious studies, Flusser David 
Vilem Flusser RWF HW Pic Czech-born Brazilian philosopher, writer, journalist, Flusser Vilem
Brandon Flynn Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) Flynn Brandon 
Sean Flynn-Amir Pic American television actor, Flynn-Amir Sean 
Georgy Flyorov RWF Pic Soviet nuclear physicist, (Jewish mother) Flyorov Georgy
Arnoldo Foa Pic Italian film actor, director, painter, sculptor, Foa Arnoldo 
Barrett Foa Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Foa Barrett 
Carlo Foa Italian physiologist, pathologist, endocrinologist, Foa Carlo 
Edna Foa Pic Israeli-born Anerican psychologist, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress, Foa Edna 
Eugenie Foa Pic French writer, Foa Eugenie
Pio Foa Pic Italian politician, senator, pathologist, Foa Pio 
Vittorio Foa Pic Italian politician, trade unionist, journalist, MP Foa Vittotio 
Ivan Focht Pic Croatian/Bosnian philosopher, mycologist, Focht Ivan
Jeno Fock RWF Pic prime minister of Hungary 1967-75  ??? Fock Jeno 
Aranka Fodor Pic Hungarian opera singer, mezzo-soprano, Fodor Aranka
Gabor Fodor Pic Hungarian-born American chemist, medical researcher, (Jewish mother) Fodor Gabor 
Gyula Fodor Hungarian architect, Fodor Gyula
Jerry Fodor RWF HW Pic American cognitive scientist, philosopher, Fodor Jerry 
Franklin Foer Pic American journalist, editor of New Republic, Foer Franklin 
Joshua Foer Pic American journalist,    Foer Joshua 
Charles Foerberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born puppets theater actor, Foerberg Charles 
Yeshayahu Foerder RWC HW Pic German-born Israeli politician,   Foerder Yeshayahu 
Shirley Foessler Pic Canadian writer, Foessler Shirley
Alabert Fogarasi Pic Hungarian philosopher, politician, Fogarasi Alabert
Arthur Fogel Pic American chairman of Global Music, Fogel Arthur 
Barry Fogel Pic American neuropsychiatrist, behaviral neurologist, Fogel Barry 
Daniel Fogel Pic American president of University of Vermont 2002-11, Fogel Daniel 
Jeremy Fogel American federal judge, Fogel Jeremy 
Joshua Fogel Pic American sinologist, historian, translator, Fogel Joshua
Lawrence Fogel RWC Pic American computer scientist, evolutionary programing, Fogel Lawrence 
Robert Fogel RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (1993) Fogel Robert 
Seymour Fogel RWF Pic American painter, ??? Fogel Seymour 
Shawn Fogel Pic American singer/songwriter, Fogel Shawn
Susanna Fogel Pic American screenwriter, producer, director, Fogel Susanna 
Yakov Fogel RWC Pic Russian engineer,    Fogel Yakov 
Dan Fogelberg HW Pic American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist,  Fogelberg Dan 
Dan Fogelman Pic American screenwriter, producer, actor, Fogelman Dan
Eva Fogelman Pic German-born American psychologist, writer, filmmaker, Fogelman Eva
John Fogelman Pic American literary agent, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Fogelman John 
Uzi Fogelman HW Israeli Supreme Court Justice 2009- ,  Fogelman Uzi 
Yuly Fogelman RWF Soviet cinematographer, film director, ??? Fogelman Yuly 
Adam Fogelson American chairman of Universal Pictures, Fogelson Adam 
Lazar Fogelson RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet cardiologist, Fogelson Lazar
Sergey Fogelson RWF Pic French-born Soviet engineer, executive, Fogelson Sergey 
Solomon Fogelson RWF Pic Soviet poet, songwriter:lyricist, Fogelson Solomon 
Victor Fogelson RWF Soviet editor, Fogelson Victor 
Wolfgang Foges British publisher of British Printing Corporation, Foges Wolfgang 
Jared Fogle Pic American television personality, fitness guru, Subway Restaurants, Fogle Jared 
Dan Fogler HW Pic American voice actor, stund-up comedian, musician, Fogler Dan 
Isi Foighel RWC Pic German-born Danish politician, scholar, Minister of taxes, Foighel Isi 
Raymonde Folco Pic French-born Liberal MP 1997-2004 Folco Raymonde 
Andor Foldes Pic Hungarian-born American  pianist, Foldes Andor
Dezso Foldes RWC HW Pic Hungarian saber fencer, Foldes Deszo 
Eva Foldes Hungarian author, epic works, Foldes Eva 
Francis Foldes Pic Hungarian-born American anesthesiologist, Foldes Francis
Maria Foldes Pic Romanian-born Hungarian playwright, Foldes Maria 
Leslie Foldy Pic Slovak-born American theoretical physicist, Foldy Leslie
Judah Folkman RWF Pic American scientist, cancer angiogenesis Folkman Judah 
Roy Folkman RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Folkman Roy
Dominique Folloroux-Quattara wife of president of Ivory Coast  2011- Folloroux-Quattarra Dominique
Ari Folman RWF Pic Israeli film director, screenwriter, film score composer, Folman Ari 
Lola Folman Pic Polish singer, composer, Folman Lola 
Samuel Folz American mayor of Kalamazoo, Folz Samuel 
Yefim Fomin RWN Pic Belarusian-born Soviet political commissar, Fomin Yefim 
Janos Fonagy RWC Pic Hungarian jurist, politician, minister of Transport and Water management 2000-02, Fonagy Janos
Naum Fonarev RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, inventor, Fonarev Naum 
Ilya Fondaminsky RWF Pic Russian politician, author, leader of SR Party, Fondaminsky Ilya 
Benjamin Fondane RWF HW Pic Romanian-born French poet, screenwriter, literary critic, Fondane Benjamin 
Eric Foner RWF Pic American marxist historian, Foner Eric 
Henry Foner Pic American social activist, songwriter, Foner Henry 
Nancy Foner Pic American sociologist, educator, Foner Nancy 
Jack Foner Pic American historian, Foner  Jackie
Moe Foner Pic American labor leader, Foner  Moe
Philip Foner Pic American labor historian, communist political activist , Foner  Philip 
Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal Pic American screenwriter, film producer, Foner Gyllenhaal Naomi 
Daniel de Fonseca HW Hungarian private physician of Prince of Budapest 1672-1740 Fonseca Daniel
Isaac Aboab da Fonseca Pic Portuguese-born  Dutch scholar and Kabbalist, first Rabbi in the Americas Fonseca Isaac Aboab da
Lyndsy Fonseca Pic American actress, (Jewish father) Fonseca Lyndsy 
Lev Fontalin RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet biologist, immunologist, Fontalin Lev 
Richard Foos American co-founder of Rhino Records, Foos Richard 
June Foray Pic American actress, Foray June 
Fred Forbat Pic Hungarian-born German architect, Forbat Fred
Joseph Forbes American mayor of Oak Park, Mich, 1967, Forbes Joseph 
Leo Forbstein Pic American conductor, film musical director,    Forbstein Leo 
Aleksander Ford RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Polish film director,  Ford Aleksander 
Harrison Ford RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) Ford Harrison 
Luke Ford Pic Australian-born American porn gossip columnist, journalist, blogger, (convert to Judaism), Ford Luke 
Terence Ford Pic American actor, photographer, (Jewish mother) Ford Terence
Amanda Foreman RWF Pic British-born American biographer, Foreman Amanda
Carl Foreman RWF HW Pic American screenwriter, film producer, director, Foreman Carl 
Jonathan Foreman Pic British-born American journalist, film critic, Foreman Jonathan 
Milton Foreman American Major General, Foreman Milton 
Todd Foreman Pic American co-owner of Atlanta Hawks, Foreman Todd 
Yuri Foreman RWC Pic Belarusian-born Israeli boxer, Foreman Yuri 
Oded Forer RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Forer Oded
Shuki Forer HW Pic Israeli politician, mayor of Rehovot, Forer Shuki 
Maria Forescu RWF HW Pic Romanian opera singer, film actress, Forescu Maria 
Antonia Forest Pic British children's author, Forest Antonia 
Emma Forest Pic British-born American journalist, novelist, screenwriter, Forest Emma
Count Maurice de Forest HW Pic French-born British politician, MP 1911-18, motor racing driver, Forest Maurice de
Lady Lynn Forester Pic American-born enterpreneur, wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Forester Lynn 
Alexander Forgach Hungarian actor, theater director, Forgach Alexander
Stefan Foris Pic Romanian General Secretary of Romanian Communist Party 1940-44, Foris Stefan 
Aleksandr Formalsky RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, Formalsky Aleksandr 
Ira Forman Pic American executive director of National Jewish Democratic Council 1996-2010, Forman Ira 
Milos Forman RWF Pic Czech-born American director, (Jewish father) Forman Milos 
Paul Forman Pic American historian of science, ??? Forman Paul
Phillip Forman Pic American lawyer, appeals judge, Forman Phillip 
Angelo Formiggini Pic Italian editor, publisher, Formiggini Angelo
Allan Forrest Pic American silent film actor, Forrest Allan 
Emma Forrest Pic British-born journalist, novelist, screenwriter, Forrest Emma 
Helen Forrest Pic American jazz vocalist, Forrest Helen 
Maureen Forrester RWF HW Pic Canadian opera singer, (convert to Judaism) Forrester Maureen 
Viviane Forrester Pic French writer, novelist, literary critic, Forrester Viviane 
Daniel Forrugia RWC Pic French actor, film director, screenwriter, producer, humorist, Forrugia Daniel 
Grete Forst Pic Austrian opera singer, soprano, Forst Grete 
Danny Forster Pic American television host, producer, architect, Forster Danny 
Theodore Forstmann Pic American chairman/CEO of International Management Group, Forstmann Theodore 
John Forsythe RWF Pic American stage/film/television actor, Forsythe John 
Abe Fortas Pic American Supreme Court Justice 1965-1969. Fortas Abe 
Meyer Fortes Pic South African-born British social anthropologist, Fortes Meyer 
Franco Fortini Pic Italian poet, writer, translator, literary critic, (Jewish father) Fortini Franco 
Alessandro Fortis RWF HW Pic Italian prime minister of Italy 1905-06, Fortis Alessandro 
Rami Fortis RWC HW Pic Israeli rock singer, guitarist, Fortis Rami 
Fortuna Pic Brazilian singer/songwriter, Fortuna
Jose Fortunati RWC Pic Brazilian mayor of Porto Allegre 2010- , Fortunati Jose 
Yakov Forzun RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli hero of Soviet Union, Forzun Yakov 
Lukas Foss RWF HW Pic German-born American conductor, composer, pianist, Foss Lukas 
Martin Foss German-born American philosopher, scholar, Foss Martin 
Ben Foster RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) Foster Ben 
Jon Foster HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) Foster Jon 
Phil Foster Pic American actor, performer,   Foster Phil 
Samu Foti Hungarian gymnast, Foti Samu 
Eric Fottorino Pic French journalist, writer, Fottorino Eric 
Jean-Pierre Foucault Pic French radio personality, television/radio host, Foucault Jean-Pierre 
Achille Fould RWF Pic French Minister of Finance 1849-51, 1851-52 1861-67 Minister of Culture 1852-61 Fould Achille 
Beer Leon Fould French founder 1813 of Fould-Oppenheim Bank,  Fould Beer Leon
Baroness Helene Fould-Springer socialite, painter, Fould-Springer Helene
S.H. Foulkes Pic German-born British psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, Foulkes S.H.
Alan Fowler Pic American applied physicist, ??? Fowler Alan 
Kim Fowley RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, radio presenter, record producer, (half-Jewish not biological father) Fowley Kim 
Charles Fox RWF Pic American songwriter:composer, film score composer, Fox Charles 
Charles Fox Pic American psychologist, Fox Charles 
Christine Fox RWC Pic American Deputy Secretary of Defense, Fox Christine 
Erika Fox British music educator, composer, Fox Erika
Eytan Fox RWF Pic American-born Israeli film director, screenwriter, Fox Eytan 
Gerson Fox German-born American founder 1847 G. Fox & Co, Fox Gerson 
Herbert Fox American chemist, Fox Herbert 
Jackie Fox Pic American bassist, attorney, Fox Jackie
Janet Fox Pic American actress,    Fox Janet 
Jessica Fox RWC Pic French-born Austalian canoer, (Jewish mother) Fox Jessica 
Joel Fox Pic American cantor, Fox Joel 
John Fox Pic British statistician, Fox John 
Jon Fox Pic American attorney, tepresentative 1995-1999, Fox Jon 
Maurice Fox Pic American geneticist, molecular biologist, Fox Maurice 
Michael Fox British-born Israeli lawyer, Herzog, Fox & Neeman, Fox Michael 
Paula Fox RWF Pic American novelist, Fox Paula 
Richard Fox Pic British celebrity chef, broadcaster, author, Fox Richard 
Sam Fox Pic American founder 1976/chairman/Ceo of Harbour Group Industries, ambassador to Belgium, Fox Sam 
Schuyler Fox American guitarist, Fox Schuyler 
Seymour Fox American fashion  entrepreneur, Fox Seymour 
Shayna Fox Pic American voice actress, Fox Shayna 
Sheldon Fox Pic American architect, Fox Sheldon 
Sidney Fox RWF Pic American film actress, Fox Sidney 
Sidney Fox Pic American biochemist, Fox Sidney 
Sonny Fox Pic American children's show host, executive, Fox Sonny 
Sylvan Fox Pic American journalist, Fox Sylvan 
Virginia Fox RWF Pic American actress,    Fox Virginia 
William Fox RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American film producer, moovie mogul, Fox Film Corporation, Fox William 
Evelyn Fox Keller Pic American physicist, author, feminist, philosopher of science,    Fox Keller Evelyn
Frances Fox Piven Pic Canadian-born American sociologist, political scientist, Fox Piven Frances
Rosalind Fox Solomon American photographer, Fox Solomon Rosalind 
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese RWF Pic American historian, feminist, (Jewish mother) Fox-Genovese Elizabeth 
Myriam Fox-Jerusalmi RWC Pic French canoer, K-1 Slalom Fox-Jerusalmi Myriam 
Abraham Foxman RWF Pic Polish/Belarusian-born American director of the Anti-Defamation League, Foxman Abraham 
Amy Foxx-Orenstein Pic American gastroenterologist, ??? Foxx-Orenstein Amy 
Leo Frachtenberg American anthropologist, linguist, Frachtenberg Leo 
Eduardo Fradkin Pic Argentine-born American physisist, ??? Fradkin Eduardo 
Efim Fradkin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian physicist, Fradkin Efim 
Irving Fradkin Pic American optometrist, Fradkin Irving 
Mark Fradkin RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian composer, songwtiter, Fradkin Mark 
Semyon Fradkin Soviet head of  Fradkin Semyon 
Hana Fradkina RWF Pic Soviet chemist, Fradkina Hana 
Mikhail Fradkov RWF HW Pic Russian prime minister 2004-07, (Jewish father) Fradkov Mikhail 
Pavel Fradkov RWC Pic Deputy Director of Russian president office, Fradkov Pavel 
Yefim Fradkov RWF Pic Russian-born hero of Soviet Union, Fradkov Yefim 
Abraham Fraenkel RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli mathematician, Fraenkel Abraham 
Albert Fraenkel Pic German physician, lungs, heart, Fraenkel Alberto
Aviezri Fraenkel RWC HW Pic German-born Israeli mathematician, scholar, Fraenkel Aviezri 
Boris Fraenkel Pic French politician, translator, Fraenkel Boris
Eduard Fraenkel HW Pic German-born British philologist, Fraenkel Eduard 
Baron Anton Eduard Fraenkel Polish-born Fraenkel Eduard 
Ernst Fraenkel Pic German-born American political scientist, Fraenkel Ernst 
Ernst Fraenkel RWF German linguist, Fraenkel Ernst 
Eugen Fraenkel Pic German pathologist, bacteriologist, Fraenkel Eugen
Gottfried Fraenkel Pic German-born American entomologist, Fraenkel Gottfried 
Heinz Fraenkel-Conrat RWF Pic German/Polish-born British American biochemist, Fraenkel-Conrat Heinz 
Aleksandr Fraerman State Prize 1995 Fraerman Aleksandr 
Ruvim Fraerman RWN Pic Soviet author, Fraerman Ruvim
Malcolm Frager Pic American piano virtoso artist, Frager Malcolm 
Robert Frager Pic American social psychologist, Frager Robert 
Morry Fraid Pic Australian managing director of sportslight Stores Ply, Fraid Morry 
Jose Frajtag Pic Brazilian architect, writer, Frajtag Jose 
Bishop Vilmos Fraknoi RWF Pic Hungarian historian,    Fraknoi Vilmos
Celia Franca Pic British-born Canadian dancer, choreographer, ballet teacher, National Balet of Canada, Franca Celia 
Dovi Frances Pic Israeli-born American entrepreneur, financier, Frances Dovi
Immanuel Frances Italian poet, rabbinical scholar, Frances Immanuel
Baron Abraham Franchetti Franchetti Abraham 
Baron Alberto Franchetti Pic Italian opera composer,    Franchetti Alberto
Arnold Franchetti Pic Italian-born American composer, Franchetti Arnold 
Baron Leopoldo Franchetti RWC Pic Italian publicist, politician, MP, senator, Franchetti Leopoldo
Baron Raimondo Franchetti Pic Italian expolrer, aristocrat, Franchetti Raimondo
Baroness Afdera Franchetti Pic Italian-born American aristocrat, Franchetti  Afdera
Michael Francies Pic Israeli-born British solicitor, Francies Michael 
Bob Francis Pic Egyptian-born Australian talk radio host, radio personality, Francis Bob
Joe Francis Pic American film director, Francis Joe 
Sam Francis Pic American painter, printmaker, ??? Francis Sam 
Alfred Francis Pribram Pic Czech-born Anglo-Austrian diplomatic historian, Francis Pribram Alfred 
Adolphe Franck RWF Pic French lawyer, philosopher, Kabbalah, Franck Adolphe
Albert Franck RWC French military, colonel general, Franck Albert 
James Franck RWF HW Pic German-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (1925) Franck James 
Louis Franck Pic Belgian lawyer, politician, Governor of National Bank of Belgium 1926-37 Franck Louis 
Mikko Franck HW Pic Finnish conductor, Franck Mikko 
Mikko Franck HW Pic Finnish conductor, violinist, Franck Mikko 
Thomas Franck German-born American international law scholar, Franck Thomas 
Aik Franco American co-owner of New York Yankees, Franco Aik 
Dave Franco RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) Franco Dave 
Francisco Franco RWC Pic Spanish head of state 1936-75, (Jewish descent) Franco Francisco 
James Franco RWF HW Pic American actor, director, screenwriter, producer (Jewish mother) Franco James 
Tom Franco Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) Franco Tom 
Andre Francois Pic Hungarian/Romanian-born French cartoonist, sculptor, Francois Andre 
Sam Franiel American real estate developer, Detroit, Franiel Sam 
Adolph Frank RWF Pic German-born chemist, engineer, businessman, created the potash industry, SKW Trotsberg AG, Frank Adolph 
Anne Frank RWF Pic Dutch Holocaust victim, diarist, Frank Anne 
Anthony Frank United States Postmaster General 1988-92, Frank Anthony 
Barney Frank HW Pic American representative 1981- , Frank Barney 
Bruno Frank RWN Pic German author, poet, dramatist, screenwriter, Frank Bruno 
Claude Frank HW Pic German-born American pianist, Frank Claude 
Daniel Frank HW American athlete, long jump, Frank Daniel 
Demeter Frank Czech-born Frank Demeter
Elizabeth Frank Pic American author, literary scholar, Frank Elizabeth 
Eve Frank RWF Pic Bulgarian-born daughter of Jacob Frank, Frank Eve
Gabriela Frank Pic American composer, pianist, (Jewish father) Frank Gabriela 
Georgy Frank RWF Moldavian-born Soviet/Russian oncologist, pathologist, Frank Georgy 
Gerold Frank Pic American author, ghostwriter, Frank Gerold
Gleb Frank RWF Pic Russian biophysicist, Frank Gleb 
Hannah Frank Pic British artist, sculptor, Frank Hannah 
Herz Frank Pic Latvian-born Israeli filmmaker, screenwriter, Frank Herz
Ilya Frank RWF HW Pic Russian physicist, Nobel Prize (1958) (Jewish father) Frank Ilya 
Baron Jacob Frank RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born self-proclaimed messiah, Frank Jacob 
Jane Frank Pic American painter, sculptor, mixed media artist, Frank Jane 
Jean-Michel Frank Pic French interior designer, Frank Jean-Michel 
Jerome Frank Pic Americal appeals judge, legal philosopher, Frank Jerome 
Jerome Frank Pic American psychiatrist, Frank Jerome 
Joanna Frank Pic American film/television actress,    Frank Joanna 
Joe Frank Pic French-born American radio personality, Frank Joe 
Joe Frank Pic American mayor of Newport News 1996-2010, Frank Joe 
John Frank Pic American football player, restoration sudgeon, Frank John 
Josef Frank RWF Pic Austrian Swedish architect, designer, Frank Josef 
Joseph Frank Pic American literary scholar, Dostoyevsky, Frank Joseph 
Josip Frank Pic Croatian lawyer, politician, MP Frank Josip 
Leo Frank RWF Pic American lynching victim; his murder led to the setting up of the Anti-Deflamation Leage, Frank Leo
Lisl Frank Pic Czech-born singer, dancer, actress, Frank Lisl
Magda Frank Pic Hungarian-born Argentine sculptor, Frank Magda 
Mary Frank Pic British-born American painter, sculptor, Frank Mary 
Melvin Frank Pic American screenwriter, film producer, film director, Frank Melvin 
Mikhail Frank RWF Pic Russian/Soviet mathematician, Frank Mikhail 
Milton Frank Pic French-born American ambassador to Nepal 1988-89, Frank Milton 
Nathan Frank Amerecan representative, 1889-1891, Frank Nathan 
Nathaniel Frank physicist ??? Frank Nathaniel 
Pamela Frank Pic American violinist, Frank Pamela 
Paul Frank Pic American cartoonist, fashion/graphic designer, Frank Paul 
Philipp Frank RWF H Pic Austrian-born American physicist, mathematician, philosopher, Frank Philipp 
Pierre Frank Pic French politician, Trotskyist leader, Frank Pierre
Ralph Frank Pic American ambassador to Nepal 1997-2001 Croatia 2003-06, ??? Frank Ralph 
Ray Frank Pic American jewish religious leader, Frank Ray
Reuven Frank Pic Canadian-born American broadcast news pioneer, Frank Reuven 
Reuven Frank Pic American president of NBC News, Frank Reuven 
Richard Frank American president 1993-94 Walt Disney Studios, Frank Richard 
Robert Frank RWF HW Pic Swiss-born American director, art photographer, Frank Robert 
Semyon Frank RWF Pic Russian religious philosopher, Frank Semyon 
Sidney Frank American co-founder 1972 of Sidney Frank Importing Co,  Frank Sidney 
Waldo Frank Pic American novelist, social historian, literary/social critic,   Frank Waldo 
Ya'akov Frank HW Pic Israeli politician,   Frank Ya'akov 
Baron Frank Schon Austrian-born British industrialist, Frank Schon Baron 
Harriet Frank, Jr Pic American screenwriter, film producer, Frank, Jr Harriet 
Gilbert Frankau Pic British novelist, Frankau Gilbert 
Ronald Frankau Pic British radio comedian,     Frankau Ronald 
Rosemary Frankau Pic British actress, (Jewish father) Frankau Rosemary 
 Frankel Polish banker in Warsaw late 1800 Frankel  
Alona Frankel Pic Polish-born Israeli writer, ilustrator, Frankel Alona
Benjamin Frankel Pic British composer, musician, film score, Frankel Benjamin 
Bethenny Frankel RWF Pic American sports announcer, television personality, natural food chef, (Jewish father, mother convert) Frankel Bethenny 
Charles Frankel Pic American philosopher, Frankel Charles 
Charlotte Frankel German archaeologist, Frankel Charlotte 
Dan Frankel British Labour MP 1935-45, Frankel Dan 
Dave Frankel Pic American journalist, weather, news anchor, Frankel Dave 
David Frankel RWF Pic American director, screenwriter, executive producer, Frankel David 
Elkan Frankel courtjew 1703-12 Frankel Elkan 
Evan Frankel American real estate developer, East Hampton, Frankel Evan 
Gene Frankel Pic American stage actor, theater director, Frankel Gene 
Glenn Frankel Pic American journalist, Frankel Glenn 
Hans Frankel Pic German-born American sinologist, Frankel Hans
Hermann Frankel Pic German-born American classical scholar, Frankel Hermann 
Jeffrey Frankel Pic American economist, ??? Frankel Jeffrey 
Jonah Frankel RWA HW German-born Israeli talmudic studies scholar,   Frankel Jonah 
Jonas Frankel German/Polish-born businessman, banker, philanthropist, Frankel Jonas
Justin Frankel Pic American computer programmer, Frankel Justin 
Leo Frankel Pic Hungarian revolutionary, founder of Hungarian General Labour Party 1880 Frankel Leo 
Lester Frankel American statistican, ??? Frankel Lester 
Lois Frankel RWC Pic American representative, 2012- , Frankel Lois
Louis Frankel Swedish banker, Commercial bank, Frankel Louis 
Mark Frankel Pic British actor, Frankel Markus 
Martin Frankel Canadian-born American financier, Insurance fraud, racketeering, money laundering, Frankel Martin 
Marvin Frankel American district judge, District of New York Frankel Marvin 
Maurice Frankel Pic British director of Freedom of Information in United Kingdom, Frankel Maurice
Max Frankel Pic German-born American journalist, executive editor,  Frankel Max 
Max Frankel German classical scholar, philologist, epigrapher, librarian, Frankel Max 
Sir Otto Frankel RWF Pic Austrian-born Australian geneticist, Frankel Otto
Richard Frankel American biophysicist, physicist, ??? Frankel Richard 
Robert Frankel Pic American thoroughbred horse trainer, Frankel Robert
Rudolf Frankel RWF Pic German/Polish-born architect, Frankel Rudolf 
Samuel Frankel Polish banker, S. M. Levy Heritiers, Frankel Samuel 
Samuel Frankel RWC Pic American military commander, Rear Admiral, Frankel Samuel 
Scott Frankel Pic American composer, musical director,   Frankel Scott 
Stan Frankel Pic American computer scientist, Frankel Stan 
Stuart Frankel American real estate developer, Stuart Frankel Development Company, Frankel Stuart 
William Frankel Pic British newspaper editor, Jewish Chronicle, Frankel William 
William Frankel German fighter pilot, Frankel William 
Al Franken RWF Pic American radio host, comedian, actor, political commentator, politician, Franken Al 
Peter Franken Pic American physicist, Franken Peter 
Rose Franken Pic American author, playwright, Franken Rose
Steve Franken Pic American film/television actor, Franken Steve 
Alvin Frankenberg American lawyer, politician, Frankenberg Alvin
Isidor Frankenburg Pic British mayor of Salford 1905, Frankenburg Isidor
Wolf Frankenburger German politician, lawyer, MP 1849-59 Frankenburger Wolf 
Moritz Ludwig Frankenheim RWF German physicist, cristallogropher, geographer, Frankenheim Moritz Ludwig
John Frankenheimer RWF Pic American director, (Jewish father) Frankenheimer John 
Karl Frankenstein RWA HW Pic German-born Israeli psychologist, pedagogue,    Frankenstein Karl 
Helen Frankenthaler RWF HW Pic American abstract artist, Frankenthaler Helen 
Dana Frankfort American painter, ??? Frankfort Dana 
Eduard Frankfort HW Pic Dutch painter, Frankfort Eduard 
Henri Frankfort RWF Dutch egyptologist, archaeologist, orientalist, Frankfort Henri
Harry Frankfurt American philosopher, ??? Frankfurt Harry 
Samuil Frankfurt RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet military factory director, major general, Frankfurt Samuil 
William Frankfurt railroad entrepreneur, Frankfurt Wiliam
David Frankfurter RWF HW Pic Croatian-born, assossinated Gauleiter Gustloff Wilheim Switzerland Frankfurter David 
Felix Frankfurter RWF HW Pic American Supreme Court Justice 1939-1962, Frankfurter Felix 
David Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian physicist, Frank-Kamenetsky David 
Israil Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet physiologist, egyptologist, biblical scholar, Frank-Kamenetsky Israil 
Maksim Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Pic Russian biophycist, Frank-Kamenetsky Maksim
Maxim Frank-Kamenetsky RWC Pic Russian-born Soviet American  biophysicist, Frank-Kamenetsky Maxim 
Viktor Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet minerologist, crystalologist, Frank-Kamenetsky Viktor 
Zachary Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet ophtalmologist,  Frank-Kamenetsky Zachary 
Felix Frankl RWF Pic Austrian-born Soviet physicist, Frankl Felix 
Ludwig August von Frankl Pic Czech-born Austrian writer, poet, Frankl Ludwig August von
Paul Frankl Pic Czech-born German American art/architectural historian, Frankl Paul
Peter Frankl Pic Hungarian-born French mathematician, street performer, Frankl Peter 
Peter Frankl RWF Pic Hungarian-born British pianist, (Jewish father) Frankl Peter 
Viktor Frankl RWF HW Pic Austrian neurologist, psychoanalyst, logotherapy, Frankl Viktor 
Wilhelm Frankl RWC Pic German fighter ace, Frankl Wilhelm 
Alice Franklin British feminist, Franklin Alice 
Andrew Franklin British publisher/managing director of Profile Books Ltd, Franklin Andrew 
Bonnie Franklin HW Pic American stage/television actress, Franklin Bonnie 
Edward Franklin Pic German-born American immunologist, Franklin Edward 
Ellis Arthur Franklin British merchant banker, Franklin Ellis Arthur
Gary Franklin Pic German-born American film critic,    Franklin Gary 
Harris Franklin American mayor of Deadwood, South Dakota Franklin Harris
Hugh Franklin Pic British politician, suffragist, Franklin Hugh 
Joe Franklin Pic American radio/television host, actor, Franklin Joe
Leonard Franklin British Liberal MP 1923-24,     Franklin Leonard 
Lumley Franklin Pic British-born Canadian mayor of Victoria, British Columbia 1865- Franklin Lumley
Marc Franklin Pic American legal scholar, ??? Franklin Marc 
Melissa Franklin Pic Canadian-born American particle physicist,   Franklin Melissa 
Micah Franklin Pic American baseball player, (Jewish father) Franklin Micah 
Nelson Franklin Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Franklin Nelson 
Pearl Franklin president of Hadassah Women Organisation Franklin Pearl 
Rosalind Franklin RWF HW Pic British biophysicist, stractual viorology, DNA Franklin Rosalind 
Selim Franklin Pic Canadian legislator, Franklin Selim
Ursula Franklin German-born Canadian metallurgist, research physicist, (Jewish mother) Franklin Ursula 
Dave Franklyn American songwriter, lyricist,   Franklyn Dave 
Jill Franklyn Pic American film/television writer, ??? Franklyn Jill 
Nahan Franko Pic American violinist, conductor, concert promoter, Franko Nahan 
Sam Franko Pic American violinist, conductor, Franko Sam 
Daniel Franks court jew, French and Indian War Franks Daniel 
Hercs Franks HW Pic Latvian-born Soviet director,   Franks Hercs 
Lynne Franks Pic British women's rights activist, public relations, Franks Lynne 
Paul Franks Pic American philosopher, writer, Franks Paul
Robert Frankston RWF Pic American inventor of electronic spreadsheet program co-founder of VisiCalc Frankston Robert 
Don Fransisco Pic Chilean American game show host, Sabado Gigande, Fransisco Don 
Seth Frantzman Pic American journalist, writer, Frantzman Seth 
Ulrich Franzen Pic German-born American architect, Franzen Ulrich
Karl Franzos Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian novelist, Franzos Karl 
Clara Fraser Pic American co-founder of Freedom Socialist Party, Radical Woman, Fraser Clara 
Etty Fraser Pic Brazilian actress, Fraser Etty 
Julius Fraser Pic Hungarian-born American writer, Fraser Julius 
Malcolm Fraser RWC Pic Australian prime minister 1975-82 (Jewish maternal grandmother) Fraser Malcolm 
Julius Frauenstadt Pic Polish-born German philosopher, Frauenstadt Julius 
Lusy Frazer Pic Conservative  MP 2015- , Frazer Lusy 
Stephen Frears HW Pic British film director, (Jewish mother), Frears Stephen 
Stan Freberg Pic American author, recording artist, aninartion voice actor, radio personality, Freberg Stan 
Sir Walter de Frece Pic British theater impresario, politician, Frece Walter de
Baron Frederic Emile d'Erlanger German-born banker, consul, (Jewish father) Frederic Emile d'Erlanger Baron 
Edward Fredkin RWF Pic American computer scientist, artifical intelligence, Fredkin Edward 
Sandra Fredman Pic South African-born British legal scholar, ??? Fredman Sandra 
Paula Fredriksen RWC HW Pic American historian, (convert to Judaism) Fredriksen Paula 
Alan Freed RWF Pic American DJ, music promoter, "Rock and Roll father", (Jewish father) Freed Alan 
Arthur Freed HW Pic American film producer, songwriter:lyricist, Freed Arthur 
Bert Freed Pic American film/television actor, Freed Bert 
Dan Freed American mathematician, ??? Freed Dan 
Daniel Freed Pic American legal scholar, Freed Daniel 
Donald Freed Pic American playwright, novelist, screenwriter, actor, Freed Donald
Isadore Freed Pic Belarusian-born American composer, Freed Isadore 
Jack H. Freed Pic American chemist, Freed Jack H.
James Ingo Freed RWF Pic German-born American architect, Freed James Ingo
Leonard Freed Pic American documentary photojournalist,   Freed Leonard 
David Freedberg South African-born art historian,  Freedberg David 
Irwin Freedberg Pic American dermatologist, Freedberg Irwin 
Mia Freedberg Australian columnist, author, blogger, media consultant, television personality, Freedberg Mia
Sydney Freedberg Pic American art historian, curator, Freedberg Sydney 
Jonathan Freedland Pic British journalist, Freedland Jonathan 
Mark Freedland Pic British legal scholar, Freedland Mark 
Michael Freedland British biographer, journalist, broadcaster, Freedland Michael
Mike Freedlander Pic Australian politician, MP 2016- , Freedlander Mike 
Abraham Freedman American appeals judge, Freedman Abraham 
Barnett Freedman Pic British artist, Freedman Barnett 
Benedict Freedman Pic American novelist, mathematician, Freedman Benedict 
Benjamin Freedman Pic American anti-communist, anti-zionist, businessman, Freedman Benjamin 
Bernard Fridman RWC Pic Lithuanian Minister for Jewish Affairs 1923 Freedman Bernard 
Daniel Freedman RWF American psychiatrist, ??? Freedman Daniel 
Daniel Freedman Pic American physicist, mathematicain, supergravity, Freedman Daniel 
Daniel X Freedman Pic American psychiatrist, educator, biological psychiatry, Freedman Daniel X
David Freedman Pic American statistician, ??? Freedman David 
David Freedman RWF Pic Romanian-born American playwright, biographer, librettist, Freedman David 
David Noel Freedman Pic American biblical scholar, author, editor, archaeologist, Freedman David Noel
Eric Freedman Pic American legal scholar, Freedman Eric 
Gerald Freedman Pic American theater director, librettist, lyricist, Freedman Gerald
Harry Freedman Pic Canadian composer, Freedman Harry 
James Freedman Pic American President  of AAAS, Freedman James 
James Freedman Pic president of Darthmouth College 1987-98 Freedman James 
Jonathan Freedman Pic American journalist, Freedman Jonathan 
Sir Lawrence Freedman Pic British historian, Freedman Lawrence 
Marcia Freedman RWC HW Pic American-born Israeli politician,   Freedman Marcia 
Martin Freedman Canadian judge, Freedman Martin 
Max Freedman Pic American songwriter, Freedman Max 
Mia Freedman Pic Australian journalist, columnist, author, blogger, media consultant, Freedman Mia
Michael Freedman RWF Pic American mathematician, Fields Medal (1986), poincare conjecture, (Jewish father) Freedman Michael 
Mimi Freedman Pic American documentary filmmaker,  Freedman Mimi 
Monroe Freedman Pic American legal scholar, Freedman Monroe 
Paul Freedman Pic American historian, ??? Freedman Paul 
Robert Freedman Pic American screenwriter, playwright, Freedman Robert 
Ronald Freedman Pic American sociologist, demography, Freedman Ronald 
Russell Freedman Pic American biographer, author, Freedman Russell 
Samuel Freedman Canadian clinical immunologist, Freedman Samuel 
Samuel Freedman Canadian Chief Justice in Monitoba 1971-83 Freedman Samuel 
Samuel Freedman Chancellor of University of Manitoba 1959-68 Freedman Samuel 
Samuel Freedman Pic American author, journalist, Freedman Samuel 
Skott Freedman Pic American singer/songwriter, Freedman Skott 
Stuart Freedman Pic American nuclear physicist,  Freedman Stuart 
Toby Freedman American physician, Freedman Toby
Wendy Freedman RWF Pic Canadian American astronomer, cosmologist, Freedman Wendy 
Aaron Freeman American journalist, stand up comedian, author, cartoonist, blogger, (convert to Judaism) Freeman Aaron
Arthur Freeman Lithuanian-born American writer, communist, Freeman Arthur 
Bud Freeman Pic American saxophonist, bandleader, Freeman Bud 
Cassidy Freeman Pic American actress, musician, (Jewish father) Freeman Cassidy 
Cynthia Freeman Pic American novelist, Freeman Cynthia 
Dave Freeman Pic American advertising executive, Freeman Dave 
David Freeman British solicitor, Freeman David
Deena Freeman Pic American stage/television actress, Freeman Deena 
Gillian Freeman Pic British writer, Freeman Gillian 
Hadley Freeman Pic American British journalist, Freeman Hadley 
Harry Freeman Ukrainian-born American journalist, writer, Freeman Harry 
James Freeman American assistant editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal, Freeman J